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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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usefulness we're able to maintain your building and sidewalks and we're fine doing so in the future. this is an expense we couldn't afford and we've hired someone that lives in the neighborhood on the block to help us maintain the sprrp sidewalks a couple of times a week so that's what we're comfortable with if we're part of the cv d we couldn't continue to pay him that's unfortunate. also i have two object to the business model of the cv d it appears to be a model where the city services are prioritized organized organization. and i think a better solution is to hire city employees to
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actually perform those services >> thank you any public comment on that item on the opposition of the formation of the cv d okay. seeing none i'd like to make a couple of concluding remarks and acknowledge one of our staff i want to thank the public who engaged and we'll find out the results there were a tremendous amount of vision and work that's gone into a period that lasted over a decade in particular ron and the other for their energy and vision and hundreds of volunteer hours over the years. i also want to thank other leaders within the neighborhood from chris to andrew and others who not only testified today but
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have for many years i want to close i asked our board to journey a few weeks ago in memory of shell he devoted his life to creating art walks and purely inhabits and greening activity and bringing a soccer field on top of a garage and others activities in our alleys. he was smomg someone who i hoped might have had an opportunity to staff the cv d and all of us we know his spirit is with the neighborhood as we hopefully move forward. with that, i'd like to take a moment to thank the mayor's office of economic workforce development who helped us to
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spearhead this and give her an opportunity to speak >> thank you president chiu and supervisor kim for your leadership on 0 the lower polk cv d and thank you to the staff they're my partners in crime judy son and others have been critical to this effort. i'd like to recognize kathy and others of m bs consultant. there are several departments that support those i'd like to recognize robert from the city attorney's office and others my colleagues lisa and to pay tribute to the late shell thomas and our work in our communities and his passion are a model for all of us thank you very much
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>> thank you i'd like to ask supervisor kim any further comments. >> it's great to see the support coming from the neighborhood and talking about the history of polk street to san francisco and how to work and preserve that and do a quick thank you to chris shulman forming from office of small business and jamie from larkin street employment and so on i didn't who kept up our work and most importantly want to acknowledge shell thomas for his vision i he worked hard on his project and thank you to him. >> colleagues any other comments without objection i'd like to close this public hearing and we'll tabulate the
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ballets that have been cast with the department of elections they'll tabulate and the board we'll continue the activities and when those are tabulated we're report on that publicly and move forward depending on the results of that election. with that, madam clerk why not go to 57 to 58 >> pursuant to a motion the board of supervisors will convene a committee for a public hearing to consider the resolution containing a report of diligent charges fore assessment costs by the dshg dock of department of building inspection for associated fees for building sections. >> so colleagues this is a report provide by the director of dbi that i want to ask the
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staff to summarize and then hear if the public. >> good afternoon president chiu and members. the department of building inspection we requested the special assessment for the properties. precisely transmitted to you what t what the delinquent charges to discuss their outstanding fees. the delinquent fees is a costs recovery tool i want to thank angela and rick for their support >> okay. colleagues unless there's questions we want to hear from the members of the public if you could line up on the right-hand side of the chamber you'll have two minutes to express our prospective please start with our name and
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address after the public comment you'll go out into the halfway and discuss more specifically around our case is an result will be brought back to the chamber so first member of the public. >> hello board. >> please speak into the microphone. >> hello board i'm renée i'm here on two matters i got a notice for the order numbers i assume that's with what you operate on. and one zero 637 a. and those have to do with a notice of violation that was posted by the department.
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i've had a lot of difficulty dealing with the department in trying to get clear information about how they process that with the order of clearing up that and the proper mailing from the departments this is why it is taking so long. they've been sending those notices to an incorrect address i'm trying to resolve those permit issues through a process that the department has for in-law units and bringing in-law units into compliance with the new legislation. my understanding of that from the department is that they wave those types of actions i've here to request this be waived and ending the final approval of the
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in-law unit. thank you very much. >> and again, i, please take a seat at the end of the hearing you'll meet with the dbi staff. >> next speaker >> thank you you president chiu and the honorable board of supervisors. i'd like to thank the board of supervisors for allowing 33 me to request the notice of violation imposed on my property to be closed. for the past couple of years i've made every effort to address and correct the code violations on my property on car street i've spoken to the department and obtained the necessary paperwork and provided the required documents. on some of the notices have been closed that i the department of
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building inspection and i continue to receive the code violations although i've been in compliance. my property if it becomes vacant or abandoned i'm required to fill out an application. the building is not nor has obedience vacant or abandoned. unfortunately due to health issues i was unable to maintain the exterior and cited for blight i take care of the blight and got to the necessary permit to may 16, 2014, to correct the violation with the exterior of any property during that time i continue to receive violation notices although the building
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ordinance shall not be considered vacant or banded if there's a permit for the property. i recently discovered by going to the department yesterday that there's 5 violations that i have on file and two of them was on rescinded or will be rescinded >> thank you very much. >> thank. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is ron daily. i'm here on a property 45, sir let's it was described as a result as i understand it was a result of neighbors complaints some 9 code violations were noted 3 of which spoke of
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abandoned property of private property on the premises. the premises are security by a fence nothing that's on the property has been abandoned it's continued for my use at some future time. several of the other violations are violations which could be cured without a permit there are there the monetary predicament e permit there was a hearing that approximately resulted in this assessment by the dbi some $1,300 the hamburger was conducted on july 9th. there was a scheduled hearing in
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june of 2013 i asked for an extension to allow me to do some investigation of the codes at the law library i was allowed on extension and from there another hearing was scheduled for july 9th, however, on july 3rd i had a total knee replacement and unable to attend the july 9th meeting it's my understanding that the results of the assessment came from the decision that was made on july 9th when i wasn't there. i was basic denied due process of law to - >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, board of supervisors my name is cove vacancy williamson i'm here representing the san francisco
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senators community organization. the address for the property is 164 will 54 kirk wood. this is a site of the heather's leon assistance center being null constructed to serve the citizens the san francisco senators was a 40 year history of community service it's been duly cited by the board of supervisors from the recreation life of the community. we have missed some mailings from the department of building inspection due to a wrong post office box we've cleared up that matter. we're here asking the board of supervisors our great representative if bayview
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supervisor cohen to be mindful of the work of the san francisco senators and to know that the site is not vacant or abandoned it's insured and secure and safe and clean. we've met with we've been with with the board we've met with the city attorney and put together a 20 day action plan to complete the construction we ask for the patience of the board of supervisors and the dbi as we continue our work thank you >> next speaker good afternoon. >> good afternoon president chiu i'm victory gilbert representing the property on howard street we've been buying for the last 40 years.
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it's on howard street between 5 and 6 street that was formerly a automobile repair shop i got a notice in 2012 shortly before i was downloading with cancer and i have missed meeting as the chemical therapy i'm here to ask for a 90 days extension to sort out the notices i've received and to look at the code infractions before i go it's been very, very difficult to get ahold of inspectors noted in the letters i haven't gotten phone calls returned except i tried for a inspector not did i respect i've left endless and
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endless messages i finally got to its secretary the issue at hand i had to personally appear at dbi to get a copy of a building permit i said i was handicapped with chemotherapy and would they mail it so i'm asking for an extension to sort it out. i want to give enlightenments to a woman and goib kathleen bird she was a code enforcement courteous and returned my calls and i think she should be acknowledged thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm sandy i'm representing a client on beach street i believe this is a mute point but make sure the
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interest was waved after the fee was received. thank you very much >> good afternoon. my name is is delores miller willard did care and the property is 1129 minnesota do street in the bayview district. i attended grammar school bayview school and grew up in that community and since that time i went to university got married and would go elsewhere. my sister since i was out of town my sister assumed responsibility of the property. and the property fell into disrepair after a fire. and my sister has gown through
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some changes. emotional because of loss of family members. currently, i live in los angeles and i have to come up here because she says they cannot emotional take care of the property. what i'm asking you understand the nature of the need but i need a little bit more time i can make atology payment today but need more time to get the property up to speed. i have no idea what i can do it have those notices removed from the property. thank you. >> thanks. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors
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i'm responding chang the owner on mission street i bought the building in 2010. and in 2014 of this year i received a notice of violation for an unsafe back retaining wall. approximately apparently this information was not on public records and our other issues were addressed those are the right of retaining wall not on the retaining order according to them i'm getting a letter of notice of violation to correct the problem that was not on anything i don't think i'm responsible they say since i bought the building it was my
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responsibility but after 10 years it wasn't addressed until now this is really a lack of organization of the dbi department. to enforce whatever they've first said it was a violation of. thank you. >> thanks. >> next speaker please step up. >> good afternoon. i'm here to represent property on clement street my name is is e republican this is an order to pay fines that are accessed for vacant or abandoned building. unfortunately, the inspector is on vacation he has the file and spiked my home it's not vacant or abandon he saw furniture
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inside of my home. so i'd like to request an extension until michael get back from vacation with actual dates he's come out and visited my property there are tenant living in substandard units i've been trying to evict them it's hard to get them out of the building it's not vacant or abandoned >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors i'm on - in the backside the other one before it was not last week that but, you know, and neighborhood they've come at me about i do
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something inside in the best side now i received that it's neat and the domination but it's i need more time to become i'm moving i'm not (inaudible). >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon board. my name is a merry beard i've got units in the hate ashbury at the property address. i believe that the assessment or the lean that's pending is extensive. and the problems arose out of a toilet replacement where the wax ring was two short that created a problem.
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so that's been repaired. i was required to pull a permit which i did do but they requested that i get a contractor to replace the toilet. this was not necessary for the remnant of the toilet so i'm asking we review the costs 13 hundred bucks. i've got limited resources if operating my building it's not like i can do the repairs at hand because of the limited resources so i need to talk with whoever the - to the department to wave should some of those fees. thank you. thank you. next speaker. and if any other members of the
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public who wish to speak step forward >> i - when my company purchased the property the street address is 2574, 31st avenue. and we have a dilemma where we receiving notices for code violation but the property under litigation the previous owner is suing the bank for wrongful foreclosure we don't know what to do to improve the property if we can we in dilemma not knowing how much to spend for the property. the violation was about the garage door wasn't without the
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permit. we were not really - the previous owner was evicted the property is in poor shape its not inhabitable we pay for the garage to provide security for the property. and we're being skrietd with a garage door without permit again it's not a garage door just to secure the building. i seek our advise what to do with the property technically it's i'm on title but it's under litigation. there's not much we can do thank you very much >> thank you are there any other members of the public who wish to speak our okay. at this point i'd like to ask dbi staff if you could precede outside and for members of the public who want to speak to our city staff
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you can do that at the end of those conversations we'll e he'll come back and make the changes. anything else you want to add >> no thank you very much. >> thank you. we'll take this item westbound the next half an hour to an hour. with that, why not going to our third order call do we need to take up 68 >> a motion to schedule the board of supervisors to challenge a meeting on july 29, 2014, at that p.m. to hold a public hearing to prove the contract between the department of public health and the san francisco aids foundation to provide hiv services and expend the contract term not to exceed approximately $14.7 million. before we hold the hearing we need to pass the vote members of
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the public should we sit as a committee as a whole seeing none, public comment is closed. on the motions call the roll >> on the motion to convene. >> supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. there are 11 i's arrest that the motion is approved call the next two items >> item 49 is a public hearing of persons interested in a revolution approving on amendment to the contract between the department of public health and the san francisco aids to expend the contract
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through 2016 not to exceed $14.7 million. okay. at this time we're going to open this hearing let me ask the department of public health please present us what this hearing is regarding >> good afternoon. i'm john we would like to thank you, thank you for the opportunity to extend this contract with the san francisco aids foundation. this contract is the being extend for population that are disprorpgs effected that i hiv and provides 12 thousand tests for men who have sex with men and african-american projects that includes the stonewall project for the clients with substance abuse problems as well as a special project within the castro for that.
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we hope that you'll approve that very important passage of services >> okay. and with that, physicals increase comments from the city staff members of the public who wish to speak with regards to this specific hearing. >> please step up. >> hello, i'm lair ed anyone i'm opposed to this being undetected we've found a cure for aids the san francisco aids foundation has been an approach and a foundation for me before i was like after i was facilitated for a black hiv man that was positive i left the foundation today a black man's group there's challenges it will be