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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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talk about that. >> we have a extremely frame there are two of those and go up to the lower floor and a beam that goes 0 across that forms this it's a stiffer and stronger so during the quarter the upper floor won't clarion and according the engineers and contractors it could be done in two weeks time easy. >> if you're a property owner with questions about the soft story retrofit program signs up to this on august 11th from 3 to 5 at the main public library and the dbi staff will be there the deadline for applications t is september 15th. for more information
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>> please, read the roll. >> director nolan. >> here. >> brinkman. >> present. >> lee. >> present. >> ramos is anticipated. >> rubke. >> present. >> you have a quorum and know that director heinieke will not be with you today >> before we move any father we have waited a year for you miss borden and so we are delighted that you are here, she was on the planning commission and is currently the director of the golden gate restaurant association in san francisco and we are delighted that you are here and i would like to warn you, and say?something?
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>> i am excited for spent six years in planning and contemplate how they will meet each other and i hope to be a resource on that. >> and we look forward to that. and serving with you. >> okay? >> be advised that the ringing of sound producing sound electronic devices are prohibit at the meeting any person responsible for one going off may be asked to leave the room. please, be advised cell phones set on vibrate do cause interference and request that they be turned off. >> item four, approval of the minutes of the june 24, and june 30th special meeting. >> moved to approved. >> second. >> all in favor? aye. >> thank you very much. >> next item? >> item five, communications and i would like to show you in memory of hail who was one of
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san francisco's outstanding citizens and a fearless advocate and a dear friend and i in the public life i have noticed and over the years i have observed that the persist ans is such an important virtue in advocacy and she has never stopped and she was a leader on behalf of the low income seniors and persons with disabilities and folks with low income in general and it is a loss to the city and with your consent, i will relay it to your daughters, okay. >> be advised there are a few modifications to the agendaing for 10.2 f, a shuttle bus, has been removed from the agenda, 10.4 j, there are two pieces to this. the establishment of the part time bus on haze street for commuter shuttle parking has been removed at the request of
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staff and remainder of 10.4 j, regarding a bus zone on van ness remains on the agenda and then when we get to item eleven, with regard to the procurement of the light rail vehicles there is a modification to the resolution that we will put before you for your consideration. >> also there will be no discussion of anticipated litigation in closed session. >> is there a motion? >> we are not there yet, mr. char man. we moved the items. >> six, introduction of new or unfinished business by board members? >> seeing none. >> all right, item seven, director's report. >> director lee. >> could we schedule a presentation of what is going on with the update on the cabin street? >> yeah, would that be all right? >> yeah, members consent? okay, a lot of activity going on in other cities around the country. >> yeah. >> and actually, and i am aware
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that south is and there is a final report that the staff is intending to bring to you hopefully at your august meeting. and so, that would be an appropriate time to... >> why don't we do that and wait until we get the august presentation is august meeting then? >> okay. >> that is fine. >> okay. >> okay. anything else? >> if not, item 7, director's report. >> good afternoon, director reskin. >> good afternoon and good to have you on board and members of the public and staff and i hope that the fact that you are trying to jump to the content calendar does not suggest that you are not interesting in hearing my report. we have a couple of special recognition awards that we would like to present and first i would like to ask the transit director john haily to come forward with a couple of
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operators. >> good afternoon, mr. haily. >> thank you, and good afternoon, board and it is my pleasure to introduce you to two of our finist operators. and first of all, mr. vernin abrams to my immediate right. twice in february we talked a lot about the safety culture alertness, what we all need to do to improve our safety of the system. and mr. abrams is the embodiment of that twice in the month of february. while, operating in the subway, first at powell and then at civic center and encountered a person in the track way. one of the most challenging things for an operator was to make sure that they are able to see things and react quickly, fortunately for all of us, mr. abrams did in those two cases
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and we had a very positive out come and the prevention of any kind of a serious problem. so, again, not once, but twice, i want to recognize him for his alertness, and safe driving actions. also, to my far right, is mr. delfin and he is one of those operators who has been with the system for 15 years. and he has worked in three or four different divisions. and as very much the embodiment of the customer service initiative that we all talk about. he is currently on the f-line, where he has lots of opportunities to impress the customers with his knowledge, with his communication skills, and he is doing so on a daily basis. and so because of his consistent workday in and day out and the extraordinary
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actions of mr. abrams we are pleased to recognize them and appreciate your support for their work. [ applause ] thank you all, for inviting me here to this recognition. and i appreciate it. and i am deeply humbled. and all of the operators would have done the same thing. you know? thanks. >> on behalf of the board of directors the entire agency and everybody in san francisco, thank you for your outstanding work, we really appreciate it, the best to you. >> thank you. >> well, i am just grateful to be here and i am 15 years healthy to be with the company and so i am totally grateful and i am going to continue to do it and i enjoy. and thank you. >> thank you, we appreciate your outstanding work, on behalf of the board and all of the people of the city, thank you very much. >> thank you, the only thing
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that i will add is they both have to leave because they have pieces of work to fill. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay and just for members of the public because the fire codes, anyone standing find a seat there are a few scattered seats and i know that a few people will leave after this. but if you could find a seat we will appreciate it. thank you. >> okay. director? >> i would like to ask the director robins to come forward to present the next special recognition award. >> good afternoon, chairman, and directors and mr. riskin, it is my privilege introduce adam, he is with all of the traffic calming programs, and expert in solving problems that arise from constituents from other agencies and resolving in the construction issues and one of the most recent projects was the temporary bulbs on 6th street just south of market
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street. and he has a great combination of ten nasty and patience that is required to make the projects come to fruition and he is also a mentor to the younger staff and also willing to help others and he is a real pleasure to work with and an asset to our agency and recently been accepted to the chamber of commerce, leadership san francisco program which is a very prestigious program for leadership and with that i am pleased to present this special recognition to adam gufter. [ applause ] >> congratulations, on behalf of the board thank you so much for your outstanding service. >> commissioner, and board members, welcome, director borden, it is my pleasure and an honor to represent the city and the agency and i have been with the city for 18 and a half years and i have seen a lot of changes and it has been a blessing to be part of a team
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that values, creating partnerships with other agencies and with the public and in kind of a environment of transparency, and integrity, and so, it is really an honor for me to be part of this team and to represent the city and the products that i work on. >> i would like to say a word or two. >> thank you very much and i first worked with adam years ago before i was on the board when he was helping the triangle neighborhood, association work on a project on that stretch of market street and we all know how challenging it can be to get anything approaching consensus with the neighborhood groups and in san francisco we did a fantastic job and i appreciate your hard work and your dedication and the calm manner in which you approached all of the pieces of that and the resolution that made everybody happy and so thank you for your hard work and your service. so next, you were called when
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this adopted a plan, two years years ago and the first goal was safety, safety of the entire transportation system and including workplace safety and one of the things that we have been doing to bring about a culture of safety in the agency is to recognize the best safety performance, throughout the agency. but the big award that you see up front there, is an award that is earned by the division of the agency that has the best safety performance each quarter and so i am happy to bring up one of our safety leaders, to present this award to our enforcement division. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. and members of the board i am honored to be here and to explain why enforcement division, has been the recipient of our safety work this caught quarter is because
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consistently without any break, there have been participating in our division of safety committee and the safety, supervisors have been offering safety topics relevant safety topics following on every single work related injury. and reporting them on timely manner to manage, and have been doing this for years and succeeded to reduce the number of frequency of injuries by 20 percent, from 2013 to date, and is continuing it is a good bench mark to follow and i would like to take a moment to introduce the manager of enforcement division who will be the recipient of the safety award in behalf of the enforcement division, he has been with us for 2013. and he came to us from san francisco, and the department of utilities. and he was a manager there, for at least eleven years.
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and managing their power, and water program, the strategy planning and since he has come to us it has been enhancement to our enforcement division and as a result it speaks for themselves mr. sami, please? >> thank you, sir. >> congratulations. thank you. >> on behalf of the great, great, work on behalf of the division. >> thank you so much. >> excuse me. it will be unfinished if i do not take a moment to introduce janice wo who is the face for enforcement and would you please join us here. [ applause ] she is the person behind the scene on the voluntary basis and participating in every meeting and has had a very active communication with me and others, and any time there is a work-related injury and enforcement she is the first one to inform me and do what we can do from the safety standpoint. >> and thank you. >> thank you.
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>> congratulations again. >> mr. riskin? >> so i just wanted to give you an update. and you will recall that you all approved both in the budget and via contract or the placement of all of the parking meters in san francisco and so just a little bit of an update on that, almost all of the multispace meters have been upgraded and we are now in the process and we have started the replacement of the single space meters and this is something that we are doing for a number of reasons but the primary reason being to make it easier to pay for parking. to make the meters easier to use. and for anybody who wants or needs to use them. and they are easier to use, because they accept all forms of payment. and including credit and debit cards and the sfmta parking cards as well as pay by phone and coins, and have the larger display screens which is a
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concern that we heard a lot from the older meters and importantly if you do pay by phone and it will show up on the meter display, which none of our existing meters did. and there is some technology cal flexibility that will allow us to have the meter service the mum pell purposes such as the part time and general meters pashing at other times and in the course of upgrading we are not making other changes to rates or time limits or anything else that would always be done separately through the action of the board or otherwise. but we are replacing all of the meters in the city, we should be done with that by february of 2015, and the folks that have been out in the neighborhood have seen them already and so we are glad to be able to report on that. and we have got good feedback so far, and but, by february 2015, all new meters in san francisco which is good news. and then, final item of my
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report. is disclosure of labor agreements. and just to catch everybody up, you will recall that we had a number of open labor contracts, for that were expiring on june 30th. and most of them all but two of them have already been finalized and approved by the mta board and we have two contracts with twu, the local 250 a for which we did not reach the resolution. we brought to you, a recommendation on june 30th. to reject the originally the original agreement to provide us time to work with 250 a. on a mutually acceptable agreement which i am happy to say that we have been able to do. and we did sunshine that agreement at that point. and however, in order to clarify some of the terms and impacts of the contract, we are sunshining a revised version today that in the big picture of the parameters are the same
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and still a three-year contract and still more or less the same wage progression, and pension contribution, and progression and offset, as well as all of the other same terms and conditions. but, this clarification did change some of the fiscal impacts and therefore, we are sunshining them again today for your consideration for approval on wednesday, june 30th after they sat for the charter required 15 days. i do want to just reemphasize and reacknowledge that it was really the leadership of mayor lee in engaging the leadership of mayor brown to step in and help to facilitate this final agreement which i believe is a very good agreement for both the agency and for the employees who are deserving of the benefits that come in this agreement based on the hard work that ne do as well as the fact that they have gone for the last three years without
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any wage increase. and also i want to thank again, the staff of the mta, and the city attorney's office and department of human resources and group that worked extraordinarily hard to get us to this resolution and i am happy to report that the employees representing both of these collective bargaining units voted yesterday to approve to ratify these contracts, so the only final step now is your approval on june 30th. so we have, i think, some paper copies available here today, these will be on our website today, for the 15-day review period. and that concludes my report. >> and say, the members of the board questions or comments? >> if i could circle back to the parking meters, and i am very excited to see the new meters rolled out as i am sure that everyone is, it is important to mention that we do see a lower citation rate with the new meters since it is easier to pay and i do hear people raving about the pay by phone with some regularity and
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it was funny that i was watching the news and they had old footage, and if we could keep in mind the bicycle parking issues around that, and i know that the new meters are slightly lower and i am hearing that some people are having problems locking the bikes to the lower meters and have suggested the modification that i believe that they have done in oakland when they have removed the meters to cap it and to add a loop and we know from the other areas that the bicycle parking can continue to be challenging in popular neighborhoods and the last thing that we want to do is lose any bicycle parking when we are working so hard to get enough. >> questions or comments? any member of the public? >> thank you. >> and we finally get to the next item is the citizen advisory committee. >> yes and i do not see mr. weaver here and so there will be no report. and the opportunity for the members of publicity to address
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the board on matters that are within the jurisdiction of the board and not on the agenda. we will start with hon su kim and you filled out a card for public comment followed by kristine rogers and anthony balister. >> good afternoon, and directors and president of the cab company. this past week, the city tax and limo system put a seize and desize on the lift vehicles trying to operate in the city. >> these companies that have technologies that the company likes, and is a technology that we all should be supporting which is booking of a vehicle through a app and we can see the vehicle and so forth. that is not the issue, the issues like the tlc has found is that taking your personal
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car and acting like a taxi cab without any medallion requirements and inspection of the vehicles is not in the industry. and today i am going to talk about the economic realities. right now, the idea for paying for the use of a medallion, when you have thousands of cars on the street doing the exact same thing is not sustain able, the values have gone down, and they will continue to go down. and they will continue to go down, a company like soto can only survive if we can make some sort of a profit and believe me there is an enormous demand for service and we can
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be profitable in a deregulated environment when i am not paying for the use of the med dallons it is not the issue here, a company like desoto in 90 days will have to transition to one that no longer uses med dallons if we do not change this environment, and i am not the only company and that is sadly is the reality today, thank you. >> speaker? >> kristine rogers followed by anthony balister and herbert winer. >> good afternoon, thank you. >> thank you for having the comment. >> and like my name is kristine rogers and i have been a resident of the valley for 14 years and san francisco for 25 years. and my comments today are in regards to two requests for modifications for the commuter shuttle pilot program and before i begin i want to establish that my neighbors i speak on behalf of my neighbors and i support the green
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initiative. and what the city is trying to do with the commuter shuttle pilot program and i want to mention that carly pain has done a great job in being very responsive to us. and i just want to thank her, and there is only one other person that can handle the band width and what i want to present today, is two petitions and they amount to two minor requests that relate to reducing traffic on the residential streets and moving one of the commuter stops and the first petition, really relates to the routing of the traffic of these large commuter buses. we are trying to, the first petition is to reduce the volume of commuter bus traffic, down one small residential street, in the valley and it is on 26, between castro and noe.
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our street supports the 24 electric bus running east and west and supports the fire station, running west. and we do not have the capacity to support all of the corporate buses let me just list out all of the buss that go down my street. >> we have google apple, e-bay and ride pal as well as other unmarked buses and we are talking about one residential street and our request is that we have these commuter buses use alternative streets and at a minimum we ask to reduce the commuter buses on this street and limit it to one way, and eliminate the double decker fuel-driven buses. anthony balis.
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te. r followed by herbert winer and then john todd, yeah. >> good afternoon, >> good afternoon, chairman and directors, and i am here to say that i am not happy about the out come of the vote yesterday. i campaigned very hard to fend for it. and i was i got hired for those, and the sfmta for october of 2011 and i am glad that it was advice and so that we get equal pay and i appreciate that very much. and as i said in mr. haily that june second, i did work, on my days off for tuesday and wednesday, and that monday, i worked and that tuesday and wednesday i need a day off because i could come in here and hold my head up high and talk to you and have you listen to me if i were to, you know, got sick, and so, here i do appreciate it and i want to think that the way that the out come came is because i presented my numbers to the
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board. and every saw it and they asked me if we had a firmly and apologized and said that the numbers were correct and we are like a family and we argue. but we are good. you know? and i want to thank you, and thank you very much. and you know it was great. >> two things that i wish to say for one thing the whole problem for the muni drivers could have been prevented if the proposal was from the start and no members of this board or no executive, or anyone in a position of administration would have agreed to that contract. and it was a lowsy contract, and you created a problem with the city transportation and as a passenger i don't appreciate
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it and you should have been ready from the word go. and the second is about the seats being disabled on the buses this is for safety reasons and i can understand it because if there is a fence, and a break, and the people can go forward and be injured because there is no means of safety. and conversely, you have another problem. on the seats. and that are horizontal. there are right angles to the seats. >> if it comes to a sudden people can be hurt and you have to take the appropriate means it preserve those seats on the sxwus what is going to happen? are the seats permanently disabled? this is a great disservice for the public. and you have to do something about it. and maybe it is not the responsibility of the board. it is the responsibility to the manufacturer and you have to get on their case because those disabled seats mean that four less seats for passengers on
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the bus if anything is disabled it is the policy of the manufacturer and that should have been addressed when the buses were purchased and so do something about it and i really want to see mta get on it and i don't want to see it stand for more trouble, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> john. >> it is john tosha. >> hi, i own a small business on geary street. and the pet supplies and i got to tell a quick story as everyone knows there are sistering going on all over the city and we are right on geary street and it is going right on geary street and which blocked off the entire parking lot and the businesses on geary street,
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all of a sudden, their customers had nowhere to park and we had 7 parking meters right in front of the businesses, and so, i contacted a small business administration kathleen, and commissioner who then contacted director, and who then contacted and then i told him the problem, and thanks to the director riskin's department, everybody got together, and was able to put 50-minute parking right in front of our store, for all of the businesses there. or so our customer cans come in, can come out, and because they have nowhere else to park and our business would have been in deep, deep trouble. and so, thanks to the sfmta director, and his staff and the small business commission and this is a perfect example of the sfmta who does not really involve themselves in the small business but is concerned about the small business, and i


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