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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2014 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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this is history as also repeats itself that's why at taking place we must remind people of the hatred and prevent it from happening what happened in the holocaust must be m my not be repeated ever >> (clapping) thank you leah that was terrific she'll be speaking a little bit later. now to give the rest of the history the pink triangle. we have the grand marshall melanie she's going to tells what's happening in africa she's an attorney and a human rights
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advocate and s has a human rights advocacy firm >> thank you. hi everybody and thank you for being here. hello maliciously and thank you it's wonderful to see you a big thank you for o to peaking this is a tremendous land use & economic developmently important thing looking at that pink triangle on the one hand we've made strides in iceland and israel many countries punish homosexual and now homosexuality protective we have we have the twin peaks that's an u.s. bancorp citizen particularly across the decades we can't ignore. 81 years ago on may 6, 1933,
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nazi ransacked places and researched the records this year the u began ransacked the projects leading to its e itself closer in 18934 a special division of getting stop had a list of gaze and lesbians. in 2012 the u began minister rated workshops detaining lgbt people and preparing his individuals and organization in 1936, the combating of homosexuals happened and in february 2014 they had a homosexual act to combat
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homosexual are prison terms back in the 1930s that was called pursue 41 and now in 2012 on our watch we're riding the crest of a wave with a potential it all stops with lives and scapegoating of x are termination getting rid of occurring homosexuality or letting the general populace attack people by mob justice or prison it's getting rid of homosexuality. after the u gallon act was signed red are pepper magazine out 2 hundred of unbegan homosexuals sending people out and those people were barbed and evicted and beaten and
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threatened with mob justice overnight. i have a question for you imagine if i had access to the internet as we as a jewish population invited people to san francisco to attend a jewish festival and minimal if they said no, no we're going we're not going to give you a vies because we're afraid you're not going to go back home this is what happened this week at pride our state department denied the people from aefb to have vies to come because they were afraid they'd go home to a country that prosecuted them 1968 or. if you speak to the state department they'll say they were
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following the law it's more complicated but i want to assert the way our russian law work this is no part here for our lgbt brothers and sisters in africa only a few of the privileged may council meeting i look at the symbol and see how we've come to bottle lists pride to insure we'll never forget i could be shocked into thinking we're won but loans we've got darkrooms across africa we're not winning my gathering was turned away and thanks to a festivity it that saved my grand pop it was thanks to
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extraordinarily times that potato people put up measures as we - are we going to let the awe nickels of the lgbt in africa happen on our watch? >> no. but what good is it if we ignore thank you very much (clapping.) well done thank you. >> you know i want to give a special thanks to patrick for what he's done i don't know if you know the platform this is from the south africa gold exchange and it acknowledges the notable peace prize i think this is very special at this
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fantastic event thank you all everybody (clapping) thank you so much (clapping.) thank you so much melanie that was incredible and that incredible gift what an honor i'm very, very thankful. we're honored to have mayor ed lee here in san francisco today. he married my my husband and i in his office and we sent 50 goats up on twin peaks to make sure you don't get poison ivory hopefully no one has poison okay. and we're glad to have
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mayor ed lee >> (clapping) >> thank you patrick. >> thank you to you and everything that you do for you city. gosh it's time to celebrate but what a wonderful recount a serious understanding of our history of the pink triangle what it means. is really the foundation why we feed to celebrate our pride in san francisco this historical count should not be forgotten you can only celebrate in san francisco we have a rich history of struggle for the lgbt community. it wasn't too long ago we have riots and barriers that were so thick no one could see a way forward unless we embraced each other's love and created the feminine. i'm so proud of the family of
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elected officials i get a chance to work with we're working hard to make sure we have an lgbt community but do all the things necessary to make sure it grows and is protected and really make sure we enjoy the richness the struggles in the past this is why we celebrate so well, when your nation and the u.s. postal service create the first harvey milk stamp that put us together on the national map (clapping) and there's a lot to celebrate we're working hard to make sure our housing needs are coming up and we want to acknowledge the hard work senator leno and others together with us to make sure that we prevent the wrongful evictions that occur in the city it effects the lgbt
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communities i'm also to proud that every time there is the unfortunate cuts in hiv i aids funding we work hard with nancy pelosi to prevent that but when it happens beyond our control our city gills i fills gaps we do this through supervisor campos and supervisor scott wiener and others working together to make sure our board and mayor are working strong to fill those gaps there's so much to do with the gaps we're talking to president obama with the occurring of aids as that time comes nearing near we're going to make sure we bridge the gaps and people live strong rich lives there's so much to be
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proud of you was happy with pacific whispered in my area to get the goats up to the hill so we can have the pink triangle flourish and make sure monthly the pink triangle flourishes but we'll have over one million people in the city to continue to educate them san francisco is no longer a community of lgbt we have to be the example for the rest of the country and the rest of the world we'll continue to do that (clapping) also on the cutting-edge this city is a great city because of the diversity we can't be a great city unless the talent of all our community are unleashed whether a trans community or our
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gee gay lesbian transgender community so i'm proud to celebrate let's get on with a whole weekend of celebrating thank you very much (clapping.) thank you mayor ed lee. i just notice we have another dignitary that last year speaking the president of the board of supervisors president chiu (clapping) we're honored to have senator mark leno that has spoken at all our ceremonies we're thankful for that. thank you senator >> thank you patrick and pauline and all who have come out our freedom band. >> wow. (clapping.) we want to thank lou and
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thrilling who knew there were so many pink flowers in san francisco. and also thank our volunteers that got up to make sure our triangle was on twin peaks i don't know how patrick got everyone up so early (laughter) >> those are not balloons they're coming condoms. >> but looking at the pink flowers and pink champaign and the marching band and family and friends you would think we're celebrating someone's birthday. >> yeah. we are. >> we'll have things later in life by the fact we're commiserating the torture abuse and initialtion of homosexuals
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in nazi europe really speaks a lot to the nature and the strength and the resilience of our lgbt community who else would take a symbol of mocky and recreate it as a national symbol of pride that's our community and that's what we're celebrating and no one else does it like we do, of course, it's the fighting anniversary of the stonewall unrising in gwen irrational new york but we understand it started in 1966 at the compton cafeteria so new york has nothing on us i
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reminded people when the new york protective passed equal marriage rights at the urging of governor coming month it was after california protective it is your led the way, of course, their mayor demand their protective it is your put a bill on their desk a mayor with violation and come passion a governor but, of course, our governor didn't even know the meaning of the drums so - >> oh. >> it's a cheap shot i take it whenever i can (clapping.) we gave 5r7bd schwarzenegger a gift he didn't know but congratulations to our grand marshall and thank you elected family of san francisco maliciously mr. mayor thank you for joining us everyday and a
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proclamation i would be remiss patrick scott has his bathroom walls covered now he's covering his bathroom ceiling and next one will be for the 20th anniversary thank you so much. >> (clapping) >> i assure you no one has been in my bathroom and who knew that tom wasn't the only comedian. >> so speaking of tom we're going to have a special introduction from one of his colleagues larry. >> oh, no (clapping.) (laughter.) >> how many of you have seen tom spearhead before that's it i
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said it and tom said oh, no brilliant public school. i'm going to try really hard not to be an ass holy have to say back in the very early 80s when was the gay cancer not even aids tom and the late great gentleman get together to do something special i've also said this and will als also say this if it wasn't for ron and tom there would not be me and margaret gomez on and on of what came out of the valencia rose it was created by this gentleman over here (clapping.) tom tom i'll never forget it once we forget our history we're doomed as a community.
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i've spent time over the years fist slapping though i think we're a bunch the faction groups that don't talk to each other i'm tied of you saying negative things about nellie queen there wouldn't have a been a stone wall we must remember our history and the gay comedy to the minute is this gentleman over here i've loved him for over thirty years and continue to love him my husband he's a loud old italian man we going both are he didn't take crap 2, 3, 4 from anyone he makes sure that things are done he's a bright light we're for a very, very long time.
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he organized the gay taverns union of san francisco that's how far this guy goes back it's my honor to bring my old friend i say oldie don't get to see enough that's why i ask i please do this. ladies and gentlemen, the god montgomery mother of gay comedy tom (clapping) >> i'm sorry we're italians we're going to start crying i'm going to move on. >> well, there you are. it's also an honor to be here a washington obviously in putting this condoms into blockages i
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didn't know it's a sex party and you had to invite the goats really >> (laughter). . so speaking of goats sacramento the town time forgot the lgbt community has really done a wonderful job integrating and you know, we talk about things that the mayor don't if you're talking immigration policy the lgbt are there if you're talking about health care the lgbt are there are and the housing, you know, housing in san francisco is kind of like me it's highly deservable but not envelope to go all around (laughter) >> and leah evoked a lot of
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times it's wonderful in the city this is this way to over sex lists everything and at my age meaning getting lucky is where you parked the car per person able to so you the seeds of of our culture we have a fabulous lgbt culture in the art or actual kinds of expression that makes our city better harvey milk t said that was important to connect the dots and harvey milk look forward who would have thought i have 3 beautiful granddaughter's. this is my last year in the assembly but i'm going to come home to us and really be around
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and involved as you know someone said you're getting up there die want to retire i said well, i feel like the he would sex working t worker it's not the worker it's the job (clapping.) wow. (clapping.) nothing like a come up of funny italians in the house thank you assemblyman i said it once before in american people introduction all of my donates in the early 80s were van ness rose and tom it's great to have
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them here (clapping) i have been remiss you didn't introduce the person who arranged all the beautiful flowers still here? >> tyler. tyler there he is >> tyler could you come up here and take a bow. >> yeah. (clapping.) there's 15 hundred individual flowers plus a whole arm of both detectives and the other things so thank you so much. welcome one our your straight allies jooebl assemblyman phil
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king. >> well, it's also tough to follow tom can we give him one round of applause it's a pleasure to work with you. this is one of my favorite events it personifies so much of what san francisco is about. we fit and have to pay homage to the community that came before us our history but also as an incredible industry to come together to celebrate and san francisco is this amazing place so many of us are not from here most of us come here gateways because of what the city symbolizess and it's a place where you can be user and be part of the community and find
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like-minded people in the times we find disagreement we find a way to get things done and also to make room for the next group of folks that are trying to find their way into it san francisco. and for that i'm so proud to be one of the representatives in sacramento and inspires our san francisco values not only the lgbt community but every single one of our community that at times needs help or assistance or needs to have a voice. and for that i just wanted to thank patrick and after the wallpaper collection we'll be happy to thank you for everything that you do every year to bring this together
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>> (clapping) >> thank you that's very nice. thank you, thank you assemblyman king this is wonderful thank you very much. we're very pleased to have the treasurer of the city and county of san francisco jose cisneros >> thank you. good morning i'm excited to be here to honor the volunteers that put up this incredible symbol when i think about the incredible weekend we used to celebrate i want to note that one of the important things we do this weekend we make ourselves and our community viable what better way to be visible with a 2 hundred foot symbol in san francisco.
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congratulations to you. all of us support the community and personally i'm proud of the fact i've been an open gay public official for decades here in san francisco. happy weekend everyone (clapping.) thank you treasurer cisneros. please welcome the president of the board of supervisors david chiu >> good morning to our farther gov.. i think for all of us this is one of our farther event let me ask you a question how many of you were not born in san francisco. whether your senator mark leno born in new york or scott wiener
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in new jersey or jose and i from boston or supervisor campos from lance we're the beacons for the rest of the world for the diversity the idea that today, we have a symbol that's a beacon for the rest of the world is a symbol that used to stand for had a and for intolerance and death the fact we'll turned that around is an incredible day i'm honored and delighted to be part of it thank you patrick for your leadership and let's go celebrate with the goats and flours happy pride weekend everyone (clapping.) thank you supervisor chiu please welcome supervisor david campos >> thank you no one can top the
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comedy of tom, i won't try i'll make a couple of points this is a special day for me as a kid born in guatemala mall i think of the kids still in guatemala who are gay and can't be who they are there are countries that's the case it's true in this country and region in the bay area we've come far but we haven't come far enough as much as the lgbt community has accomplished most of the communities don't have the rights we enjoy in san francisco and within california there are those who don't be enjoy the right here in san francisco we're going to hear from a workman's comp woman meeting here today was an amazing experience like antonio frank
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talked about what happened in the holocaust and gave a glimgs it's amazing it takes a young woman to talk about how we have is a ways to go and that's from julie why in the bay area in this is this day and age a trans woman that goes to school high school was bullied and targeted. and what happened is that instead of going after the people that are that bullying here and abusing her you had the local district attorney when they stride to defend herself they filed criminal charges against her this is high blood pressure in 2013-2014 in the bay area so the fact she's here tells us we still have a ways to go but


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