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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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in welcoming our chief greg suhr >> would we could design out bad behavior (laughter) it's a pleasure to be here i want to thank the mayor and supervisor tang and the other 10 members of the board for their commitment to devotional to having zero traffic fatalities in san francisco. this is literally what is happening when a plan comes together there's 3 pieces to vision zero enforcement that is the responsibility of the police department and i want to give a shout out to the captain for their officers of the san francisco police department have issued 15 hundred sized since the pedestrian fatalities h that occurred back in february and the last injury in march.
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since then there hadn't been one and the awareness piece took over we have not had that and having had the mayor to find the money to get this thing in place to control it by a traffic signal the officers from the carville station could go about doing other things we're being smarter by controlling it there mechanisms we continue to do the enforcement and awareness piece we need the city to demonstrate it's priority by affording the monies to mta and dpw we couldn't do that without our partners of walk sf or the bike coalition to make san francisco a quickly changing city all the time that much of a safer place we're excited to be a part of it
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and can't wait for the lights to go and a on and please if this seems like a good idea we can go forward okay. whatever you can do in the meantime the enforcement w will be there but pits pennies on the dollars for 15 hundred folks. thank you (clapping.) thank you, chief another part of the city family is our partner the transportation improvements throughout the city is the county transportation authority i want to welcome up the executive director tilly chang >> good afternoon. i'm tilly chang with the transportation authority we work for the 11 members of the board of supervisors to administer the half hour penny call prop k we want to extend our
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congratulations to director reiskin and his team and acknowledge mayor lee's leadership and supervisor tang's in improving the pedestrian safety and transportation authority san francisco has spoken loud and clear are maintaining safety is our priority with the help of our partners across the city family i want to congratulate the community and neighborhood for about advocating for those improvements at yorba but along the crossroad is a high injury corridor we really need to focus in terms of the xevenlgs be not only for the enforcement the traffic signals but also to be supported by enforcement and countdowns and other feevenz we provide to be part of the effort and thank to the community for you're planning support today as well as in the fall thank you.
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>> (clapping) >> director chang mentioned the community and neighborhoods it's at&t the voices of the people of san francisco that make sure they can get around the city safely city of working with our communities and neighborhoods and our strrlz and advocates that we're going to be able to get this bond passed in november and be able to make our streets safer. one of our london breed partners our goal to eliminate traffic fatalities we're pleased to be joined by it's executive director nicole sxhigd >> thank you all for being here and a special thanks to mayor ed lee in vision zero and supervisor tang for pedestrian safety along sunset boulevard
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and director reiskin and director chang and chief suhr for helping to implement vision zero. walk san francisco is a pedestrian organization we work to advocate for safer better streets in san francisco we worked with the city and our community partners to announce the goal of vision zero earlier this year and since then it's been incredible to see the city agencies that have come together and that's really important and inspiring symbol that our city staff and agencies and elected officials are dedicated to what is best for the community in this case eliminating traffic facilities in 10 years. everyday there is about one
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million trips taken in san francisco whether you're driving, biking over and over transit all of our trips start and end with walking unfortunately 3 people are hit by cars a day while walking in san francisco. as director reiskin mentioned are profitableable we're at the corner where one appreciable accidents happened it's incredible to see the city put in a signal to help prevent collisions and lower the speedometer on this boulevard and have signals on all intersections those are the sort of projects that community members want to see more of you know that engineering piece of vision zero. i also wanted to highlight as
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many others did that campaign xab that and chief suhr have been incredible they've been here on sunset to make sure the enforcement is happening. as we head to november walk san francisco we support of the geobonds and this is the central piece to achieving vision zero. i want to thank personally the mayor and supervisor tang for this bond it couldn't come soon enough and encourage all san franciscans to support sfm this bond going forward and no families and no families and citizens have to endure another accident in san francisco we know their prosperityable we we can prevent them through this
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bond and coordinate the actions across the city departments i look forward to mayor ed lee turning on the signal >> (clapping) and you notice commissioner tang wasn't walking fast yesterday she completed the marathon to raise san francisco a safer place great credit to her for that we have a role in making san francisco safer you don't have to run a marathon but don't get distracted by a text message while you're walking or biking and be mindful had you go to the pole about the opportunities you have not to raise our taxes and make the investment to keep the
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city safe in order for that measure to get on the ballot we need the mayor to sign that was approved by the board of supervisors. at this point, we're going to ask the mayor to sign the ordinance and flip the switch >> i want to thank dpw for this beautiful desk (laughter) all right. there it is (clapping.) yeah. are you ready for the flipping of the switch?
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okay >> (laughter). >> how about a count down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> happy new year
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(clapping) >> okay good morning, everyone. . i'm dr. you won't marshall. the executive director of the boys club with the radio program a member of the san francisco police commission welcome to the san francisco housing authority congratulation ceremony. we shall here to distribute the graduates of the san francisco
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unified school district who live in public housing. we we kickoff this on sunday night when the mayor and i hosted 3 of the young people on the streets radio program it was great and continuing it today with the celebration here at the city hall honoring the young people and their families. so we're a little bit late looifrmg i'm going to move the program on let me get right to it and bring you the mayor of city and county of san francisco mayor edwin lee >> (clapping) >> thank you, joe. commissioner marshall or as i call the head of street soldiers in san francisco welcome everyone. at city hall i wanted to make sure you felt city hall's appreciation for the efforts
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that those students have accomplished. you know, i know it's not easy growing up in our public housing developments. i know that from perm experience but i also know this in running the city for over 23 years in various forms we've been out there at the shared responsibility with our parents and the housing authority to make things better and now a group of wonderful agencies like our scapegoat and our public works department and public utilities commission a lot of youth groups through our various programs. to try to help you make a better success in our lives i've very proud of the students here today because we want to be of help the city officially wants to help you.
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i pernicious want to help you as well that's why i appeared this weekend with joe on the street soldiers program to acknowledge the successful students i've got to meet 3 of the esmeralda and jackie and their so articulate i know i think you're going to go well beyond your dreemz i see in you the spark of success and i want to say thank you to the entire group of agencies that are sitting here with me beginning with board president david chiu our school board and assistant superintendant gerrero is here and our wonderful housing authority and its commission is here we have so many community groups from the school board to the community agencies that want to see you succeed and naeksz in addition
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to recognizing our efforts in graduating this 2014 year we're making sure that we introduce you to ail the different resources so you understand that it you are full residents of our city and making sure you succeed so how about a good paying summer job anyone want a good paying job yeah. well, we've got those jobs to transition you i want you to think about your college ability as well because the differences in income between someone that graduates from college and someone that didn't it's over one million dollars in our professional life so join the million dollar club and make sure you take care of that if it's not immediately very soon in the future we have good paying summer jobs thirty
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percent of them transfer into year random jobs our police departments is helping out as well as our building inspection is helping out all the wonderful agencies the mayor's office and we want to take care of your health to your education to our economics of having a job because we know that it is a lot of barriers in front of you and want to erase those barriers today is an appreciation for your families and friends and make sure you success i want to say thank you to the parents the brothers and sisters the public housing association that's here represented here because everybody is trying to make sure you succeed. i also want to say a great thank
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you to the community-based agrees awhile you've been students we wanted to make sure your safe and successful as students make sure our connecting u.s. bancorp up with the j v s or street youths all the agencies to make sure we're working with you throughout those years we're going to be there from all of this time to when you hopefully graduate from college but in between job opportunities are there. and i'm going to ask you that when you become the multi billionaire success stories come hire me when i have to have another job at the sometime. but also to say again, it really takes a village of a lot of people to create success you're our shining stars graugsz
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congratulations to you and remember this moment i was reminded 44 kwloorgz i graduated from high school and got to go up to my high school and see all the other people that have gone through i looked at that as a pro tem time when i i was trying to understand what's good morning in the real world how can i make sure my petitions with the passions but i was remembered a lot of people needed me my family my brothers and sisters wanted to be sure they had someone to invest in and say look i may have had a hard time by i want my brother or sister or sibling to succeed. you've got a lot of people
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banking on and to be successful but people who invest in you want you to succeed and do everything possibly. congratulations to the 2014 our public housing graduates thank you four getting through all the barriers and thank you to you're famous and friends >> thank you to all the city agencies and the departments here helping make sure that success is real keep the doors of opportunity open for your friends talk about this to your other classmates congratulations to you for being here (clapping). >> i'd like to introduce barbara smith the executive director of the san francisco housing authority
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(clapping). >> thank you, thank you. good morning, everyone. well, it's very exciting for the housing authority to be here. we are filled with pride and prier pleasure to celebrate our accomplishment from high school today. you've all learned one of the most important things in life pursue your dreams clearly demonstrated your willing to take action and be precedent and not give up despite roadblocks. you've learned there's always a way through and around obstacles when you pursue our options and keep that confidence and will to reach for your dreams and stay trying true to your dreams we're truly proud of you thank you for
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reaching our goals and pursuing our dreemz. now i get to do one of the most exciting parts of this celebration and that is to provide scholarships for the graduates and those are on behalf of the housing authority. so i'll call that marcus, marcus. (clapping.) marcus congratulations go he's from albany he's our senior who graduate from chapter high school and going off to tech college in susan vail on a scholarship i know that his mom and family are especially proud of you today and everyday for
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your accomplishments >> thank you (clapping). >> and now i'd like to call up angela martinez from plaza east (clapping) she's one of our seniors that graduated tb june jordan on her way to ucla in the fall (clapping). >> your mom and family are especially proud of your accomplishments and your radio debut on sunday night with the mayor. congratulations and willing to you (clapping) yes. jacqueline from west brook i think she's not here yet; is that right? we have another person from pa
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terror annex (clapping) she's one of the our seniors that graduated from the academy and is going off to i'm sorry that's jackie barns she graduated fromgalactia low high school living in the dorms at the cal state hayward in the fall (clapping) your mom and family are very proud of user you and congratulations and guideline to you (clapping) esmeralda rodriguez from alice griffith (clapping) all right. our senior that graduated from phillip and salisbury ton high school going off to 70 state and
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esmeralda had her debut with the mayor on sunday we're proud of your accomplishments and our mom olympic is here and our family is proud of you congratulations (clapping) so do we actually have the scholarships i'm looking at we'll be providing those to you. okay. so we'll be providing those to you shortly and congratulations. (clapping.) >> don't worry folks the money is going to come i'll make sure the money is coming. a lot of folks absolutely i next, we have this management you've been president of the
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board of supervisors i think you've been president there longer than than i have been in the plod police department >> good morning who's excited for the class of 2014. i know there are a lot of folks to thank but i'm going to ask a couple of individuals to stand up can all of you who are apparent of students could you please stand up to be recognized. thank you (clapping) i had to do that because i think for monthly anyone to graduate you discounting do not appreciate until years later how much sacrifice it took to be parents. i'm so excited for the class of
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2014 the future is in your hands i look at you, you represent not only the diversity of san francisco but the diversity of the world. and when i look at the audience of your adult partners i see the future youths i see for example, the teachers here and among you will be teachers that will educate the next generation of san franciscans i see the men in uniform including the excessively you'll keep the city safe we have leaders from the business and nonprofit community and among you will be future leaders of the same organizations and at some point mayor ed lee and i are going to be out of a job is he the braefgs will move on so on behalf of the board of supervisors i want to say anyhow


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