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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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employing people to go out and see if people are violating these ridiculous things, right, rather than focusing on the major tax he that we already have and kind of accept the taxes we should be charging. so, you know, i think that simply taxing something that looks at a database and reports a price is an absurd thing when there's weights and measures and things like that involved, maybe it's more -- certainly there might be a certification. if there is a certification, it needs to be paid for. i have a real problem with this and i think we should be looking at other municipalities that have either avoided this or minimized it. and any fee should strictly pay for essential, you know, inspection if, in fact, we need inspection. >> commissioner riley? >> yes, thank you. do you have a clear definition of point of sale?
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because when we were [speaker not understood] legislation four years ago, we were thinking about safeway and key stores, we weren't thinking about small mom and pop grocery stores. he >> well, from what i got was the -- i think its was the second or third slide that point of sale stations, which is the point of sale systems, shall include a [speaker not understood] that uses universal product code scanner, price look-up codes r, or any other system that relies on retrieval of of electronically stored information to complete a transaction ~ and that's where it gets broad, i guess, on that last point because it just -- yeah, what is that looking at the electronically stored information. but that's the definition it gives at the state level and
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the local level. so, that's what we have to work with. >> it doesn't include restaurants, too, right? >> yeah. >> because now when you go to restaurant, they key in whatever you order and [speaker not understood], and at the end when you check out and they punch the total, so, that would include all the small restaurants as well. >> even square, i guess the square technology of -- you have to have look-up the price on your ipad and they have a connector and they swipe your credit card. so, i don't know if they can go around -- i'm sure they wouldn't want to go around inspecting each individual person that has an ipad using square technology. so, it makes it a little bit broad, a little bit tough to figure out everything that they are trying to include in the definition. >> and maybe that's one thing we should look at for the future. >> commissioner dwight?
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>> well, i mean, i suppose you could just say, well, i'm not using it as a point of sale device. i'm using it it as an inventory control device because that same scanner is used in the warehouse or on the shelf when i do my inventory, i'm going to go around and scan everything. i am not involved in a retail transaction. i'm merely involved in the, in the act of counting and accounting for inventory. and, so, if my quote-unquote point of sale activity is strictly to track inventory, you know, or is for purposes of managing inventory and incidentally i get a total of the transaction, you know, maybe there is a work around there of some kind. i just -- it's mind boggling that point of sale technology -- that the use of technology to make your business more efficient like this and control your inventory is subject to a tax.
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>> i would agree. my comment, i had a question for you because i agree with commissioner dwight as well. i think it can be very difficult. and commissioner riley made a good point about defining what that component is. with that being said, a pos system being inspected now in san francisco? i know the weight machines, we're talking pos as well right now? and to commissioner tour-sarkissian's point, some of them don't even know. is that being caught on a personal and secure taxes as far as the equipment? is that completely separate or is that, again, another tax? or registration fee, do we know? >> so, the department of public health under the weights and measures is the one that licenses the pos system. it doesn't impact them.
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>> so, when the commission first heard this, and i think -- and i think commissioner dwight -- commissioner dooley was on the commission at the time. when we first heard it, the idea was i think they're first going to roll it out to the larger businesses and then start rolling it out to the smaller business he. and, so, i'm not sure if i'm answering your question. if i'm not fully answering it, let me know. >> if you have a retail license, that's going to be a trigger and if you're a restaurant that's going to be a trigger because they know eureffect i havely a food -- >> and i think -- and they're getting information. so, if you purchase a pos system or maybe inventory system then those -- they can get the names of the businesses that are using those inventory systems. i think that's how they find out for some, you know --
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>> i don't know how they'd find out. you can buy a pos system from amazon. there's no government registration -- [multiple voices] >> in terms of we can ask the department of public health. i mean, i've given them those list of questions to present to you but reiterated. so, but again, it's been in this last year that we've been contacted by small businesses that give you the example of the hair salon. >> right. >> she use he a certain pos system and, so, i think that's common in that industry. she has 10 products. you know, there is not a high use of inventory for her to keep track of and for her customers to keep track of in terms of what the price of the goods are. we're contacted by a couple retailers in hayes valley. so, you know, it's a question of we're looking at -- as a
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relatively, i'd say a relatively new regulation. so, it is completely separate from your unsecured property tax. >> okay, all right, thank you. any other commissioners? questions? comments? thank you, [speaker not understood]. for your presentation, well done. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, commissioner? next item. >> next item, commissioners, is the director's report and in your packet is the director's report. there is not anything new to report in terms of city programs, initiatives. i would like to let you know that the small business leadership group that meets quarterly with the mayor has been meeting with the contract monitoring division and the
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office of contract administration, and today we met -- i joined them meeting with ben rosenfield and naomi kelly to take a look at ways to increase and improve local purchasing with small businesses. and i do know that there is -- i think supervisor david chiu is looking at doing some revisions to the 14 b ordinance and also the mayor and naomi kelly reported back a couple months ago, have done -- have conducted some outreach workshops to lbes to get their recommendations on ways of which to improve and make it easier for lbes, sbes to do business with the city. the formula retail, so, the planning heard both of the items at the thursday, july 17th meeting.
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the planning commission is going to continue to support the planning department's recommendations around the number of entities that will trigger formula retail. and at this point i think there will be two kind of parallel pieces of legislation for the board of supervisors, then, to finally bring together. the planning department formally introduced their ordinance last week and, so, technically this should come back before the commission and i will, you know, let me know if you'd like to hear it again. if you don't, you don't have to. but that's to decide in the next week or two. and then i have a list of recently introduced legislation that should be coming before you at our next commission meeting and then a status of
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different pieces of legislation that was heard by the commission, though the commission did not hear the interim zoning controls around landmark buildings and pdr. but since this was the topic thats was brought up as a matter of concern, just to let you know that that item, the mayor has signed that into law last week, i believe. and then lastly, i just want to report that we now have our 10th -- our second 10th staff member [speaker not understood], and she started last tuesday. so, as of today we have now opened the office back to full service counter hours monday through friday, 8:00 to 5:00. and there's no updates on any particular workshops or presentation that staff is conducting. with that, that's it for now. >> thank you, regina.
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any questions for regina? [speaker not understood]. next item. >> next item is the president's report, but we do not have president adams here. so, that will continue on to the next meeting. item number 7 is the vice president's report. >> nothing to report at this time. >> item number 8, commissioners reports. >> commissioners? >> [speaker not understood]. >> okay, next item. >> item number 9, general public comment. this allows members of the public to comment generally on all matters within the commission's purview, and suggest new agenda items for the commission's future consideration. >> is there any member of the public that would like to make a general comment? seeing none. >> we are now on item number 10, new business. this allows commissioners to introduce new agenda items for future consideration by the commission.
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>> commissioner dooley. >> i'd like to bring up a situation at the san francisco flower market. as you know, i am a florist and there is concern among the tenants of the flower market and the florist community in terms of ensuring that there would be no interruption of this business which is not only a $90 million a year pdr, but that also doesn't include the at least 500 small businesses that are florists in this town that rely on an uninterrupted flow of goods and services in someplace that can be reached conveniently. so, both vendors and florists have asked me to bring this to our attention in terms of working with the -- with them to make sure that there are a number of possibilities that could come up, relocating people all to one area, is the
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type of industry that needs to have everyone in the same place. they are concerned about rents being raised once the new office building is in. they're concerned about lack of parking. they're concerned about construction interruptions. and, so, you know, this is a major small business industry and i feel very strongly that we need to get together with the tenants and florists to work out what the possible mitigationses are going to be and make sure that this goes forward in a way that does not impact this major pdr business in san francisco. we're the second-largest flower market in california and one of the largest in the united states. so, it's not a small thing to be messing with these people. >> what is the plan for the property?
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>> it has been sold. the first half -- the flower market has two market street, one traditionally known as the italian market which is in the front, and then in the back there is the traditional japanese market. the italian market has been sold to a developer to build offices. and this is -- this is a lot of vendors that are inside. and even though they're making comments about making sure that it won't get rid of the flower market -- as i say, this is an industry that is open every day that cannot afford interruptions to their industry. and, you know, as a major employer of middle class people in this town, they are very concerned because obviously no one was notified. none of the tenants -- >> it opens early, right? that represents a potential conflict where this industry
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meets residential and office -- well, is a residential development going to go in, mixed use? >> i don't know if it's mixed use or not. but as it is, for example, the parking area for the flower market is extremely limited and is very hard even during holidays to get people in and out. so, basically we just need to look at working with -- with everyone before the building starts. >> is it zoned pdr? >> it is pdr. >> how many tenants -- >> there are 100 tenants in the one that's been sold. then you can say that represents each business has anywhere from 2 to 20 employees. these are all fairly well paid middle class positions. apparently the japanese market is teetering on whether they will be sold. the last part of the market is zoned by the sabatinis and they
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already said they want to sell their property and build an office building. so, we're looking at hundreds and hundreds of jobs. and not only that, as i say, an industry where i know myself as a florist, we go there every day. we don't just go there at 2 o'clock in the morning. it's the type of on-demand business that you go when you need something. and, you know, there's a lot of concerns. this is an industry we do not want to see leaving san francisco. >> so, maybe we can -- is there some -- is there someone who would be informed enough to come present to us about what the -- what's happening there and what the likely scenarios are? >> right now not yet, but i just wanted to bring this to the attention, that everyone's listening, and it's all drifting. the deal with the sale of the italian -- the italian market apparently will close by the
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end of the year. but what we're looking for is to get a jump on knowing what the accommodations -- because i mean, if they're going to be building a major building where there is a one-story building right now, this is going to create a huge disruptions and displacement. >> right, but rather than speculate on this here because we can do this all day, i think there is an action item to deliver to staff, and that is to see if we can't identify a person or persons who have some, you know, maybe it's a couple of difficult reerthctionv people. someone from planning, someone from even the present landlords or the new landlords so that we can have a presentation as to what the proposals are. ~ different any proposal would have to go through planning. >> right. >> so, i think we -- if we can get out ahead of -- letting planning know that we have another situation coming, not unlike showplace square situation where we have an area that is zoned pdr that we're
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attempting to preserve the pdr uses there, and understand what the potential threats to that might be and whether there -- you know, what the potential outcomes are. so. >> well, i think we should be in contact with the buyer, the developer. >> okay. >> let's put it to staff to find out. [multiple voices] >> there are a number of people -- >> ask for a presentation. >> just one last question. has there been any communication with the supervisor's office at all? >> no. >> okay. >> yeah, let's let the supervisor know as well. that's who -- >> kim. >> that's in district 6? okay. >> brannan and sixth. >> yeah. >> commissioner dwight. >> yes, i have some new business i'd like to propose. i would like to propose that we schedule a presentation from the san francisco super bowl 50 host committee at the chamber of commerce. we recently heard from keith bruce who is the ceo of that
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committee, and they are establishing a formal outreach for small business to try and identify business opportunities for small and local businesses, the two being not necessarily the same. and, so, they have a presentation. i think we should reach out to them and ask them to come -- may or may not be keith bruce, but someone from his office, and hopefully we can get -- do a little bit better than we did with the america's cup on this one. so, it's a big event and it's not too far away. >> all right. [speaker not understood]. >> any other new business? >> also we need contact information. >> i think you already did. >> seeing none, next item. >> all right, item number 11 is adjournment. do we have -- >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> and it is 3:25. the meeting is adjourned. [adjourned]
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. >> good morning and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority for thursday july 10. i would like to acknowledge sfg tv which makes all of the meetings online and on the website and transskypes all of the meeting. can we take roll call? director deal is not here today and director nuru. >> present.
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>> director. >> present. >> director. >> present. >> director. >> here. >> chair kim. >> here. >> you have a quorum. >> welcome. i would like to welcome our new member to the group muhammad nuru and excited to have you join our board. so is there any communications or new or old business from the board? >> none that i am aware of. >> seeing none we will move on to number five the executive director's report. >> good morning everyone. i would like to wish our chair a happy birthday. >> thank you. >>i would like to welcome our new director, welcome director. as a tradition every summer i would like to introduce our summer interns. this is the only meeting they can come and introduce themselves to the board because we typically recess in august. we're
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delighted to be in the sixth year of internships and we work with the san francisco unified school district and a number of community based organizations and the young community developers and horizon unlimited the mayor use and education program and the japanese youth council to name a few. we also work with the college students and the objective is encourage students interested in engineering, community outreach and finance to participate in the program. this summer we have 10 interns on the projects two school and other college students. our two college interns are from the north and east bay and i would like to invite them to come up and introduce yourself. >> hi. my name is mar sitta
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pool and an intern from and the [inaudible] dwelling complex located in the mission. i am a senior at balboa high school and excited to work on the program with a female executive director. >> thank you. >> good morning. my name is win winston nu and a high school senior and i work with program management team. what i enjoy most about being in this internship this summer is being able to learn how to interpret construction drawings as well as going out to the field to see these drawings come to life. thank you. >> good morning. i am allen troy. i'm a senior at san francisco university high school
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next year. i'm an intern from urs and working with permanent management and program controls team. this summer i have been working on the street vacations and learned to read legal descriptions all of the facets that go into that. >> good morning. i am reid sanbarb and interning and go to the bay school of san francisco and a rising junior there and i am excited to be on this project because it's having such an amazing change on the city skyline. thank you. >> hi. my name is zach moore i grew up in california. i am interning with web corthis summer and go to school in boston called went worth. i am excited to work on this project
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because it's going to have an impact on california and others for many, many generations. >> hi i am jerra and a high school at rucker builders and a rising senior [inaudible] in academic high school and i am excited for this program because [inaudible] for me -- for my future an engineer. thank you. >> hi. i am cowees jones and i am here for webcorand i am excited about this program because i recently graduated from tierra nova high school and i am going to college and i'm very excited for this program because i never thought of construction before but once i got into this internship i love
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it now, and i am very excited and i want to go to college for construction management now and this program has inspired me. thank you. >> hello i am vincent ham. i'm going to be a rising senior at walburke and i currently am [inaudible] of instruction. something i find interesting we work as a team together with a lot of different companies. i find that fascinating. thank you. >> good morning. i am reggie and upcoming senior at gateway high school and intern with a construction company and i am excited and i like coming to the office and i like hearing the stories that help me and give me tips for my future. thank you. >> hello. i am jordan gillis. i am interning this summer and
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into my third year studying civil engineering at berkeley and what is exciting is the scale and the historic value. it will be on the skyline for a hundred plus years. >> thank you directors and that's the intern pool for this summer. it's rewarding for us as well as the interns. now with respect to the rooftop park i wanted to provide an update to open the park concurrent with the transit center in the fall of 2017. i want to emphasize it is a critical and necessary part of the trans bay center program and no one has contemplated or not building it or delaying. quite the opposite. a significant part of the infrastructure has been awarded and remaining elements are needed for the structure. we are working with the mayor's office and now with director
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neuroyou and itty opens with the transit center. we will come back with a report in the fall directors as we explore in the meantime all of the available funding options and now i would like to ask steve humphries of webcore to provide an update on the phase one schedule for construction. >> good morning. i am steve from webcor/obayashi. this is an update on the construction schedule for phase one terminal. base the on the june 2014 complease date -- i'm sorry schedule update that was submitted to tjpa last week we plan to commence in early october the steel plan and the current status of the fabrication and detail support that for the structural steel. without mitigation the phase
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one transit center with the rooftop park would open at the end of 2017. that is rather than october 2017 which is the current complease date. to be clear the schedule provided last week shows december 28 date of substantial completion opposed to october 23. that is without any mitigation andee we have some strategies they will present that will get us back on track. we're over three months into construction on the project. the highest risk work is behind us and the work in the field is going well and i think there is a very good opportunity to complete the project on time. so some of the schedule mitigation measures that we have implemented to date just want to quickly run over that. as you probably recall a year ago this past march we received
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structure steel bids. there was one bid substantially over budget and we elected to rebid it and it took time and incurred a three month delay to the project however we worked with tjpa to work in the purchase order than the package and we mitigated that delay. we did invoicing and recovery measures for the concrete package. that has been mitigated and could have been a five month delay. we have received approval for a water proofing substitution and that's actually approved project for the project and in the best interest of the project to do that and we mitigated a potential two month delay in the process of doing that as well. we in conjunctiit


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