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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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gentlemen, welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and parking horticulture commission. >> director brinkman. director lee. director nolan and chair we have quorum. item 3 announcement of prohibition of sound like pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a. item 34 >> we wanted to congratulate director borden congratulations we're delighted you're here this is the first time we've had a
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full house arrest communications. >> mr. chair you want me to call. >> on the special calendar approving this transport operations to june 30th and item 6 is the collective bargaining union local 258 with respect to the extension of the term june 30th, 2017. >> any public comment on that item? >> yes. one member of the public has so indicated. >> good afternoon. good afternoon director nolan and director reiskin i'm a muni coach operator i still get nervous when i come here i'm in support of contracted and a lot of the members want this they were in in favor of this they voted for it is a way of moving
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forward and as far as the economics we're changed but the original contract is not changed we have a strong spirited leader we could have gotten more done as far as the whole contract and i'm in support of this but i want to see a little bit more with the contract done with the work conditions and new equipment and so and about the new operators coming in and gain top pay in the fifth year after 4 years after 2 years of working in the city here and, you know, they deserve top pay we want to keep them if another public transit agency is going to match our top pay then they might go
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somewhere else anyway, we have a good group of people i want to see the transit operators we deal with the people all the time we've got a lot of residential buildings and sales force and officers could have important people coming in and we need more operator thank you very much i support this contract >> is there another motion open the contract. >> i move the contracts if i may take 30 seconds. >> a second first. >> second. >> go ahead. >> i want to thank our staff from the director reiskin all the way down to our negotiating teams and everyone that worked to really thread an appropriate battle to act as management to get a good deal for the citizens of this city but at the same
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time to recognize the value of our employees to be positive and to promote them and not undermine the respect we have for the work and you ed. >> your staff did it and i congratulate you for that. >> director reiskin you wish to say anything. >> i'd echo the accomodation if the staff as well the city attorney's office and mayors lee and brown for the completion those agreements respecter good agreements for the agency and with very strongly recommend our approval. is there a motion and second all in favor, say i. opposed? so anything else >> that concludes the business before you. >> it is the new record isn't
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it. >> the last one was 12 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> wow, it certainly wasn't that much. >> we're adjourned. thank
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>> thank you for gathering here today for this wonderful event. looks like the rain is going to hold off hopefully prayerfully. i am robert cowan and a pastor
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and we're here and we are blessed to have many of our city officials including the mayor who is going to come and speak in a few moments as soon as everyone is gathered. it's great to see everybody. what a great compilation of folks. the children aren't paying attention as it should be. how is the food? >> great. [applause] >> sip did a wonderful job with the barbecue. let's give them a hand. [applause] . a street violence intervention program. they did a wonderful job with the barbecue and the hamburgers and hot dogs and if you go away hungry you must be on a diet so water further delay let's welcome our mayor, mayor lee. [applause] >> thank you. thank you reverend. thanks for being here as well and blessing us. good
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evening everyone. welcome to herst play ground in sunnydale. i am grateful to the chief and supervisor cohen and park and rec and juvenile justice here. we have so many departments that worked together to make sure that this place is safe and we welcome everybody back here. i know that everybody feels the tragedies of things that happened a few weeks ago, but this community is strong because of its people, but saying we want to bring people back to our own park. this is the people's park right here at herst play ground and we want to make sure on this national night out not only do we celebrate across the
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city but we bring people out to their parks, to our parks, to our neighborhood to celebrate to reclaim the areas we want to be safe and collaborate with our youth and employment organizations, our education institutions to work together with seniors and families to make sure that there is no place in the city that is unsafe and particularly here, so i want to say thank you to everybody for coming out tonight, and that this should be yet another beginning, not just this one night. this is everybody's park. this is where the kids can feel safe to play where the parents can bring them out and watch over them where all the different agencies can have and create programs that support them. where our seniors can have a walk and feel the vibrancy of the city and invest
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in play grounds like this. you like this new play ground? yeah. [applause] and soon we will get the sand out of that play area and replace it with some good things that don't have the sand in them. we're going to continue investing in this neighborhood and in the people especially but i want to say again thank you to supervisor cohen. your wonderful leadership out here working with us. thank you to tamika moss and the program working with the residents of sunnydale and the community. thank you to all of the different agencies. i know public works is out here doing the fiscal things with rec and park but we're all here to invest in the people that live out here and i want to say thank you again to the police department. you are -- all of you are on the front lines helping us not just with your service but also making sure that community policing leads our effort here, and how about
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creating more jobs for our youth making sure we do the right thing because it's not just about police services. it's about youth services. making sure our public health is supported out here. give people the recovery that they need. helping with services -- our youth organizations, our health and human services program, our jobs program working together to make our community strong. this is for everyone. it's not just prevent crime. it's about encouraging people to fulfill their whole lives richly. this is what this play ground means to me and i plan to be out here often and embrace our kids and grow up freely strongly safely in our neighborhood. thank you everybody for being out here tonight. [applause] >> thank you sir. all right.
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you know advisory board for the police is the one that organized this. we really want to thank the mayor and the police chief for bringing all these resources together so that all that you can see came together. we are also blessed to sur police chief here so let's welcome our police chief suhr. >> thanks reverend. [applause] >> i got to thank the ingleside sea path as well and acknowledge the captain over there for coordinating with park and rec. how about the rides and jumping things? this is exactly how national night out is supposed to be. this is a national event. it's all across the country and it's just great that this year again after having such a sad event that occurred up the block just last month this year -- this is bigger
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than last year. we were here last year and i don't think there is anyway it was bigger than this so it's great to see everyone came back to the play ground where kids and community should always be able to go and we and the mayor and the rest of the city agencies here are committed to this neighborhood and this park should be for the kids and the community, not just on national night out but any night of the work to come and enjoy so there will be cops here regularly. soon enough they will be using this clubhouse as a place they use as the base of operations and there's not -- i can't say enough how much time we want to spend with the young people in san francisco and for all of the people that contributed tonight and for the mayor and his leadership supervisor cohen, the district
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attorney, and others and i think you jinxed us with saying the rain isn't coming and have a good time and next year will be even better. >> thank you sir. we are blessed to have the supervisor for district 10 so let's welcome supervisor cohen. >> hello family. hello. what a beautiful day. my god we couldn't have prayed for something better than this. thank you for everyone for coming out. thank you. because you know what national night out is about? it's very simple. it's one night when cities all around the country come together to say we're taking back our parks, taking back our streets, taking back our cities, taking it back from the violent crime element and reclaiming it as a safe haven for the community. there are people here that deserve some recognition. i want to recognize the community
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partners and specifically list up ms. ruth jackson sitting here in the green. this woman deserves serious recognition and love. i want to recognize the fact that we have a true community. you look around here we've got sano ans, asian pacific islander community, the chinese community, african-americans, caucasians. we have literally the physical man festation of what makes san francisco biewsm. we have the latino community. this is incredible. we have young people. we have seniors this. is exactly what this is about and what visitation valley is about and i want to thank all of the sponsors and partners who made this possible and all of my friends out there in the back serving and grilling and packaging food and giving from their hearts and that's what this is about. this is a labor of love so remember that as we
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continue to have a good time tonight. i am malia cohen. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much and we have -- blessed to have our district attorney here, district attorney gas con. >> thank you reverend and mayor and malia. the essence of community is the ability to come together and have good people use the open space, and today not only are we celebrating people coming together and using this park, but also we're celebrating the fact that as a community we refuse to allow violence to define us. we as a community are coming together, neighbors, police officers, supervisors, the district
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attorney's office, our probation because we refuse to allow our community to be defined by the worse moment -- by a bad moment of violence, so i am very proud of being here today. this park is a wonderful place. it's a place that we want to want to make sure the community uses and we are committed to ensuring this is a safe place for all to play. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. i also want to recognize rec and park for really providing so much of what you see here, the table and the chairs and the bouncy houses and that thing, whatever it is. it's been fantastic and a blessing with being accommodating and with this we have a closing prayer. this will go on to 8:00 o'clock but
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we want god's blessing on this park and now to forever only things happen to you. we ask you for your spirit here and god rebuke all violence and evil from this area. we pray in the name jesus. we know you can do it. have grace and amen. thank you very much. [applause] from. >> so good morning, everyone so so much for coming out open a beautiful san francisco summer day blessed by the weather and blessed by having you here to celebrate what is a milestone and an critically important project for transportation for
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san francisco and only for the distant future but the day the central subway opens that will provide serve for san francisco on my way here i was unable to get on the first stops it was crowded did a b x was packed to the gills a that's exactly the capacity this project will bring to the city from again from the day it opens but for the next generation for all the growth in san francisco particularly to the esdz of san francisco where the t line runs we're happy to be here. a big project didn't happen overnight it takes years and in this case decades of hard work and vision it takes leadership, it takes a lot of technical diligence and engineering and any member of the public wish to speak on this item and a lot of people too many to be able to
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thank today but know that a lot of people spent a lot of work trying to marking make this happen. i do want to acknowledge in particular our funding partners leslie from the transit administration and tilly chang in the transportation arthur i don't know if anyone is here from the metropolitan transportation system but we have one representative here we have caltrain a lot of folks working to make that happen and particularly our federal senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein and nancy pelosi has been a great champion of this project. we couldn't have done this without her. and i do want to acknowledge the u.s. department of transportation starting from secretary norman who's been that he beginning up to our secretary
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jonathan fox and a lot of support from our federal leaders to make sure this project happen it is on the ground project it is years of work from a lot of people in the city and county family i'm happy to ask you to join me in welcoming our mayor, mayor ed lee >> thank you edward reiskin and congratulations. i'm sdlltd to be here with our board president david chiu and i'm sure he's 4th of july which successor team a head and supervisor wiener the district supervisor where i live in that's good as well and you're right i know ed mentioned all the agencies that have been
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working together and the county the m t c and the liaison representative for caltrain thank you and the board but most important with this milestone i want to thank the community leaders in chinatown and the north telegraph hill they've been pushing this and the signs in the back finishing the subway delighted to see that that that reenforces a decision about 20 or 25 years ago, thirty years ago we were struggling because we already knew the thirty line was filled ed described and people telling us we've got to improve the transportation system north and south here in the city. this toounl of the two machines today is a mill stoop because
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literally if you get our right hat on the south central team allows you to see the big alma which is the names of machines have their heads in the retrieval shed to indicated the most part of toounl is finished. it's been about a year worst the drilling underneath and quietly doing its work but the boring part the actual tunnel 8 thousand feet plus a mile and a half through the city reaching south of muscone and the towns and streets underneath union square and through chinatown and now here to north beach. this is a racket mile sown and i
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want to thank all the people working on the centralized subway project all the laborers and locals and all the labor family of san francisco. mike is here as well the construction trade unions all knocking on wood making sure that is the safety project for all the workers because it is a wonderful project and an expensive one but one that is well worthy san francisco. i can't say enough about the community leader that advocated for this they were able to convinces our leader pelosi and senator financing to get the money with the help of the president obama but it has always been the community leaders and groups working with our city planning and now i see the president of the planning commission we've got more planning to do in the city a
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with the leadership i'm working with the board we want you to make sure that it would think of the pronlsz the next two years is serious investments road refargz as well as pedestrian safety we've got to work on that and the street designs to make sure they're designed properly for all of the different modes of transportation so we have reflected in the two year budget very serious contributions to that and, of course, our big decision to make hopefully with all the residents this november $500 million general obligation bond that didn't increase the property tax in san francisco and yet gives $500 million to our municipal transportation system. i want to thank our san francisco mta and the board here today for their lisp in all of
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that. transportation is a series expensive matter we have to complete all the transportation systems to make our city work without that and housing and the business relationships that we make we won't see a positive future all of those things have to work together so people can live and work here and get to their jobs. i look forward to working with everyone the careers recorders get all the increased property taxes that will generate from this system to pay for things in the city. thank you everyone for the success of this project and keeping us constantly focused on the infrastructure in our city. thank you very much (clapping) thank you mr. mayor you can hear the former project director talking about the tunnel how
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important this type of kind of important infrastructure a project of this size you don't see above the ground. the leadership for this project really all infrastructure in the city a lot of it comes from our board of supervisors and i'm pleased to say that every time an action came green before the board of supervisors related to this project it was adapted by unanimous support by the board of supervisors. that leadership has been consistent and instead of through the project we're lucky to have the president of the board of supervisors who represented the district where a lot of the construction is happening. throughout this project there's lumps along the road president
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chiu as stood firm in support of this project many moving forward and it's fair to call him one the chief architects of the plan that actually got us standing here today instead of standing out in front of columbus avenue bill clinton by brokering this to get it off the public right-of-way we had less disruption to the public and facilitated or exceeded the work he exceeded that but the project that is overall done here today. thank you bringing up president chiu >> good morning north beach i've never been so happy to see
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a massive hole in the ground i want to welcome our heaviest things weighing seven hundred and 50 tons welcome to the oldest and most historic neighborhoods of our city they've traveled over one and a half miles each and moving one hundred and 14 cubic yards of dirt yaefrd on time and on budget pr i want to take a moment yes give it a hand on time and budget. >> i want to join mayor ed lee and thanking the leaders who 3 decades ago talked about the density neighborhood outside of manhattan building a new ground subway thank you to the vice presidents and the men and women who are wearing the hard hats
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and the community from our leaders in chinatown to north beach to telegraph hill and russian hill you came together a few years ago to this site when the theatre needed to be the place where the machines came about and thank you and our colleagues for moving those projects forward i want to say i have a vision that's shared by which i want to thank our colleagues that put together the idea our work is not done we've finished phase within 0 and two but need to move forward with phase 3. with respect able to get our subway we were with phase two from union square underneath to knob hill but we need to finish e


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