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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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and the community from our leaders in chinatown to north beach to telegraph hill and russian hill you came together a few years ago to this site when the theatre needed to be the place where the machines came about and thank you and our colleagues for moving those projects forward i want to say i have a vision that's shared by which i want to thank our colleagues that put together the idea our work is not done we've finished phase within 0 and two but need to move forward with phase 3. with respect able to get our subway we were with phase two from union square underneath to knob hill but we need to finish the subway all the way down to
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the bay does montage so thank you, again, for this amazing announcement we've got a lot of work to do by the year 2019 but we'll connect 16 million visitors in the fisherman's wharf and i look forward to working with you to get that done. thanks for being here >> thank you president chiu. members of our board of supervisors serve in multiple different capacities in addition to being one of the strongest advocates for transportation investment in the city i particularly in the investment in muni and supervisor wiener serves on the transportation commission and serves as at the vice chair of the community transportation authority so, please welcome scott wiener to
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the mike to say a few words (clapping.) >> morning i had a similar experience that edward reiskin had this morning i got on the subway at castro station and remember thinking that will be nice to switch over to the strool subway instead of walking i got on the 45 and basically was hanging off the edge of the bus i jousted getting to know a number of chinatown residents but it would have been nice to hop on the subway and had more capacity. we know that san francisco is growing we know we're having one hundred and 50 thousand residents $2 million residents in 2040 and can't assume everyone is going to have a car we don't have the space we have
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too much congestion we have to expand our public transportation capacity and that means adding to what we have and adding new lines like the central subway we have to make sure this extends to fisherman's wharf mayor ed lee is an advocate for the project and president chiu and our community transportation authority because of the sales tax transportation funding thank you to the voters has provided more $120 million including 43 millions for those boring machines it's been a great collaboration i want to close by saying there's a narrator in the press about the major transportation whether high speed rail or the central subway or the downtown extension and boy it's will expensive and
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sometimes, it comes in more expensive then you thought >> boy controversy in terms of alignment and lawsuits so people say it's not worth it back off and let people keep driving for cars and creating for congestion in the city that's not the way to think about it there's not a major transportation project that hadn't taken longer than you thought the golden gate park had more than one hundred lawsuits can you imagine if we hadn't built that we need to stay the course and extend it to fisherman's wharf from this site thank you. >> (clapping) >> i think we can all support that. the mayor mentioned property tax
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we're not here to talk about property tax but it's important one that muni gets the biggest set aside of general fund so as the general fund gross the muni services grow and property takes are our revenues they're important to the operations of muni and property tax are important when we issue new depth like the $500 million bond we do it in a way that didn't increase property tax we're able to do that because we're growing the tax basis so there is no more property base so we're very happy to be joined by our careers recorder in here previous jobs o job in the board of supervisors she helped with the proposals to keep them
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going. please help me in welcoming carmen chu >> i'm glad when people see me they see dollars and money. anyway, i'm happy to be here i didn't have the same experience scott or drerlg had i drove many in my car there's a lot of construction 2, 3, 4 this city there's no better way to get people out of their cars to have a transportation system that's topnotch and connected and having representatives like this the folks way out in the avenues i can minimal they have a hard time getting to the downtown think of the places that will be corrected through the central subway i can't think of a better way to get people out of their
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cars i want to get out here and celebrate and see the hole in the ground but thank you to the public leaders when the subway want first thought of its for the people to get behind this project when there was no advocate and there were community members fiat for the money to be in place when there was no money those are the heross so thank you to all those folks who have done that. thank you >> (clapping) >> thank you carmen there's a lot of folks that worked on the ground a lot of county leaders if not for them this wouldn't have gotten the start. when it comes to actually
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getting the project done the hard decisions will approving contracts and construction budget comes to the mta and we've had great leadership from our board there's the ones that have driven those i'm not sure if oars other leaders here but thank them and pleased to welcome up the chair of the sfmta tom northern california we have 6 here and hope to have 7 shortly we've been on the front line and people have talked about this and we've licensed. my job sorry about that an important with an we were told i had no reason to know that but
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boring machines are named after great women and ms. chronically is represent by her naive and would you come forward so we can see you clapping thank you very much for being here. dr. changing margaret was the countries first chinese-american physician and a sincere arrogant mother this is an identical boring machine the big optional let it had a constricted tunnel and representing her family is a family member come down and glad to be here on behalf of our board. (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. chair so one
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the great leaders the policing political leaders the folks behind me make a project happy someone got to do the project like all phases of the project the planning and design and construction is a collaborative system we've got a core team but the rest of the mta family from the dpw to the planning department to numerous other embodying bodies to community supporters particularly to the trades to labor and, of course, our private sights partners this is really a project of this scale is done with the public and private sector working together we've had great support our overall project management is done by a e coming the design work for the toounl by telecom and the construction of the
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tunnels being done by other folks and there's numerous folks that have put their blood and sweat and hopefully not too many tears i want to acknowledge matthew fouling letter and a resident engineer and others ben representing yeah. please give them a hand (clapping.) many people that have worked to bring this together in the leadership for someone living and brooethd this project for many, many years we're happy their family is still speaking to him this project has become a member of his family can't begin to convey the leadership that he brings to the project not only the project director but getting into the details and solving
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problems and making sure we get to point like today where we can celebrate a significant milestone please welcome john our project director (clapping.) good morning, everyone. this is a wonderful day for san francisco. you all have been invited today because you've played a special part in making this subway a reality thank you for your support. we did it. (clapping.) all right. so you're about to see the cutter heads of two tunnel boring machines that have completed a very long journey. we have mom chung to our right and big alma to our right actually reversed mom chang is a 25 one ton dynamic machine seven
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hundred and 50 ton monz machines there are beneath your feet. she launched in july and arrived june 2nd of this month now big alma she's built a tunnel and was lavender in november of last year and arrived on wednesday. those machines have excavated through one hundred and 13 stones of soil and rock and built linear feet of tunnel from fourth and harrison all the way up to the portal box here today. we have this work has been done primarily because of the dedication and support from our
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contract barnard they've driven tunnel over half the pace we originally thought one of the riskiest elements was the bar under crossing on market street mom had a two active tunnels. barnard did the work on thaigz of last year they've worked twenty-four hour to make that happen the same thing on friday and saturday and sunday that's the dedication we need to have a successful project barnard has earned our admiration (clapping) and we also before we visit the tunnel we have a surprise only two people know literally we
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have a literal toej token for the appreciation i've been blessed reiskin republican mentioned every project received the support of the board this project has been successful because of the leadership of mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors and my bottles edward reiskin and the director of transportation. mr. north korean the chairman of our mta board of directors and it makes my job easy so we have a token of appreciation a brace token mom chung and big al mass journey thank you (clapping) >> so i want to thank everybody
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for coming out we're going to allow some of the folks and that media so see this we can only do is a certainty up to the minute amount of people at that time, so thank you all so much for coming out
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>> yaerth preparedness is a way of life in san francisco san francisco we hope the new law requiring the upgrades is soft story building will help keep residents safe and sound. so bill tell me about the soft story building program what is it >> it's a program the mayor signed into law a year and a
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half ago the whole idea was to help homeowners strengthen buildings so they wouldn't collapse. >> does the soft story program apply to all buildings. >> it only applies to buildings built in a timeframe of 1978 and earlier it's aimed at wood framed building 3 or more stories and 5 are more units but the openings at the garage level and the street level are not supported in many buildings without the support in a major earthquake the professionals sent them to flatten and many are under rent control so everybody's advantage to do the work and make sure they're protecting their investments and tenants.
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>> nos have gone out to have thousand owners but fewer one one third have respondent and thousand might miss an important deadline in december let's talk worse case scenario. >> so first soft story walls the building will collapse and be a total loss. >> can you talk about the sfrelg in the retrofit. >> you want to think of this building like a rubber abandon in the upper 3 floors are a rid i do box and the earthquake the garage tends to really over the first floor is a very tough but flexible e flexible rubber abandon you would not drive the forces to the upper force so it
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goes into the plywood or steel frame. >> so here we are inside a soft story building can we talk about the kinds of repairs property owners might expect and it's a simple process we try to keep it that way so what's involved whether you install plywood to make a wall and cover it with the gossiping so many stellar it adds underneath e flexibility so during the earthquake you'll get movement but not collapse it gets strengthened more when we go to the doorway to the steel frame to support the upper floor. >> so potentially the wood and steel that sound like a straightforward process takes our odds of collapse from one in 4 to one in thirty.
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>> that's exactly right we're hoping people will move quickly and make this happen. >> great let's take a look at. >> so let's talk extremely frame talk about that. >> we have a extremely frame there are two of those and go up to the lower floor and a beam that goes 0 across that forms this it's a stiffer and stronger so during the quarter the upper floor won't clarion and according the engineers and contractors it could be done in two weeks time easy. >> if you're a property owner with questions about the soft story retrofit program signs up to this on august 11th from 3 to 5 at the main public library and the dbi staff will be there the deadline for applications t is
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september 15th. for more information good after
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gentlemen, welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and parking horticulture commission. >> director brinkman. director lee. director nolan and chair we have quorum. item 3 announcement of prohibition of sound like pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a. item 34 >> we wanted to congratulate director borden congratulations we're delighted you're here this is the first time


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