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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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gentlemen, welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and parking horticulture commission. >> director brinkman. director lee. director nolan and chair we have quorum. item 3 announcement of prohibition of sound like pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a. item 34 >> we wanted to congratulate director borden congratulations we're delighted you're here this is the first time we've had a
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full house arrest communications. >> mr. chair you want me to call. >> on the special calendar approving this transport operations to june 30th and item 6 is the collective bargaining union local 258 with respect to the extension of the term june 30th, 2017. >> any public comment on that item? >> yes. one member of the public has so indicated. >> good afternoon. good afternoon director nolan and director reiskin i'm a muni coach operator i still get nervous when i come here i'm in support of contracted and a lot of the members want this they were in in favor of this they voted for it is a way of moving
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forward and as far as the economics we're changed but the original contract is not changed we have a strong spirited leader we could have gotten more done as far as the whole contract and i'm in support of this but i want to see a little bit more with the contract done with the work conditions and new equipment and so and about the new operators coming in and gain top pay in the fifth year after 4 years after 2 years of working in the city here and, you know, they deserve top pay we want to keep them if another public transit agency is going to match our top pay then they might go
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somewhere else anyway, we have a good group of people i want to see the transit operators we deal with the people all the time we've got a lot of residential buildings and sales force and officers could have important people coming in and we need more operator thank you very much i support this contract >> is there another motion open the contract. >> i move the contracts if i may take 30 seconds. >> a second first. >> second. >> go ahead. >> i want to thank our staff from the director reiskin all the way down to our negotiating teams and everyone that worked to really thread an appropriate battle to act as management to get a good deal for the citizens of this city but at the same
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time to recognize the value of our employees to be positive and to promote them and not undermine the respect we have for the work and you ed. >> your staff did it and i congratulate you for that. >> director reiskin you wish to say anything. >> i'd echo the accomodation if the staff as well the city attorney's office and mayors lee and brown for the completion those agreements respecter good agreements for the agency and with very strongly recommend our approval. is there a motion and second all in favor, say i. opposed? so anything else >> that concludes the business before you. >> it is the new record isn't
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it. >> the last one was 12 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> wow, it certainly wasn't that much. >> we're adjourned. thank >> all right. thank you. everyone welcome to our regularly scheduled rules committee meeting. i'm katie tang and we have david campos and scott wiener and david chiu. and i want to thank our sf gov. tv. san francisco
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television staff. >> city clerk: please silence all cell phones devices. items acted upon today will appear on september 2nd agenda unless otherwise stated. >>supervisor katy tang: we have a special meeting today. first we need to excuse supervisors norman yee. >> without objection. madam clerk, please call item 1. city clerk: item 1: motion approving/rejecting the president of the board of supervisors', supervisor david chiu, nomination of kathrin moore to the planning commission, term ending july 1, 2018. clerk of the boardddcharter, section 4.105, provides that this nomination is subject to approval by the board of supervisors and shall be the subject of a public hearing and vote within 60 days from the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk of the board. if the board fails to act on the nomination within 60 days of the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk then the nominee shall be deemed approved. transmittal date: july city clerk: sf 11234 >>supervisor katy tang: madam clerk if you can call items 1-3 together. item 2: [appointment,
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planning commission - dennis richards] motion approving/rejecting the president of the board of supervisors', supervisor david chiu, nomination of dennis richards to the planning commission, term ending july 1, 2018. clerk of the boardd charter, section 4.105, provides that this nomination is subject to approval by the board of supervisors and shall be the subject of a public hearing and vote within 60 days from the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk of the board. if the board fails to act on the nomination within 60 days of the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk then the nominee shall be deemed approved. transmittal date: july 18,sf 21234 item 3: [appointment, board of appeals - bobbie wilson] motion approving/rejecting the president of the board of supervisors', supervisor david chiu, nomination of bobbie wilson to the board of appeals, term ending july 1, 2018. clerk of the boardd charter, section 4.106, provides that this nomination is subject to approval by the board of supervisors and shall be the subject of a public hearing and vote within 60 days from the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk of the board. if the board fails to act on the nomination within 60 days of the date the nomination is transmitted to the clerk then the nominee shall be deemed approved. transmittal date: july 18, 20144sf 31234 >>supervisor katy tang: thank you at this time i would like to give our board president an opportunity to speak on these items. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you madam chair and colleagues. i would like to thank you for attending this particular hearing. i would like to say a few words at the outset in support of the nominations that i have made today. first up is kathrin moore who i think all of you know. i have decided to nominate her to rea point her back to the planning commission for a third term. and given how in incredibly time intensive that position is for a volunteer position, i just wanted to thank her for here willingness to serve as what i know for all of our
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commissioners a significant labor of love. kathrin moore is an architect and urban designer and we have appreciated her expertise and her design that is for our noble character. she has plenty of experience planning and in design and how we as a city submit ourselves together and she has experience in every neighborhood and every corner of this city. i heard from many members of the public who reference her not just her deep knowledge but the fact that she knows so much history about what our city is about. i would like to encourage your support of her as we go through process. my second nominee to this planning commission is someone i wanted to choose who had i am mpeccable credentials.
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dennis richards has worked not only with the planning department but with neighborhood residents and communities. i think he fits that bill. this is someone who have board of supervisors has praufd and he served as a board member on the neighborhood valley association and also it was important for me to find someone who had a deep commitment and knowledge around historic preservation issues. i think some of you are aware of his leadership roles with 1800 market among with many of his achievements secure the status for the harvey milk camera shop and on board and treasurer on the heritage and dolores community services which provides services to individuals with hiv and aids among others. dennis is someone who has a
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tremendous reputation for standing up for neighborhoods and historic preservation and working very well to helping to build community consensus. i do think i saw briefly outgoing commissioner bill sugaya. i want to take a moment to thank him for his eight 8 years of service. [ applause ] as i have spoken to bill about this again, the planning commission as are many recommendations but particularly the planning commission is a labor of love and i want to thank you for the countless handout yours that you put into the job, your expertise, particularly around historic preservation and it helped me when i thought about why dennis richards would be the next person to serve. i want to thank you for your service. the third nomination is for a different body, but an
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incredible important one to our city. a little less known but has tremendous impact on our city. the board of appeals as many of you know, it provides final administrative review for appeals relating to many city determinations. the board appeals services such as granting and permits. as i thought about this particular nomination i wanted to suggest colleagues, someone who i knew could grasp the complicated details that come in front of the board of appeals. i have nominated bobbie wilson who professionally has had many first in her life. she grew up in public housing and went to
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columbia law school and worked with employment law issues in san francisco and became the first african american woman partner at perkins cue the first african american lesbian partners and one of the top lawyers in california which is status only to small subsection of our states attorneys among many other recognitions. i also want to highlight her background. she is selected for years working closely with terry stuart working with the san francisco's office which was a tremendous legal victory for our city. with that, i have no doubt that these are three individuals who will serve these bodies extremely well and with that, colleagues, i ask for your support and
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hopefully you will be able to move these individuals from this committee today onto the full board with full recommendation to the board next week. >> thank you. supervisor, did you want to speak before they come up? >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much. i'm very supportive of all of these three nominations. i want to thank president chiu on his very thoughtful and delivery process. coming up with the nominations and casting a very wide net in terms of soliciting input and making sure to solicit other information and i appreciate that process. these are very strong appointments and i want to reiterate that both of the planning commission and board of appeals, particularly the
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planning commission, it is a huge huge undertaking. i think if, i think i had lunch with commissioner wu about six 6 months after she took office and she will a test that it is quite an adjustment and sometimes rivals the board of supervisors in terms of the amount of energy and it's a wonderful community service. i'm very respectful of anyone who would do that for essentially no remuneration at all. and commissioner moore, i look forward to continue to work with you on various items and bobbie wilson is someone who i have respected enormously for many years. she's a really pilar in the lgbt community in general. but i really want to put in a strong word of support for dennis richards for the
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planning commission. dennis is someone who i have worked very closely with long before i was on the board of supervisors, when i was the president of the neighborhood association and he was the president of the triangle neighborhood association. the neighborhood association's in upper market have always worked very closely together and it was always such a pleasure working with dennis in that capacity and going onto the board of supervisors and colleagues as you know we rely on the leadership of those situations in working with our neighborhoods. dennis is someone who for many many years has been involved in pretty much every issue of significance in the castro upper market area and the market octavia plan area. he is someone who has very strong core values and strong convictions. we don't agree on everything, but when we do
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disagree, it's in a very thoughtful and respectful way. i would also say having worked with many leaders as have you different people take different approaches to revolving conflict. although dennis has held strong views, he's always taken and approach to trying to find an agreement, seeing if there is a consensus to be had and seeing both reflective on the neighborhood association and understanding there are times when you are going to have to disagree. so having worked with dennis on issues around formula retail and historic preservation and trying to address our housing crisis to producing housing and insisting on affordable housing and so forth, he is someone who brings not just the values but the negligent -- knowledge base and skill set as a planning commissioner. i would say it
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would be good to once again have a member of the lgbt community on the planning commission. we have not had a member of the community in a number of years and there are in fact a number of significant commissions that have no lgbt representation. so, considering the significance of the planning commission, it would be nice to have that representation again. so colleagues, i appreciate the opportunity. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you everyone for your comments. at this time i would like to bring up the actual nominees. if i can first call up commissioner kathrin moore. >> madam chair, i would a number of meetings scheduled this afternoon. i will not be able to sit through all of the proceedings. many of our colleagues are here in support of many of our commissioners and i want to share your engagement your perspective
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on why these individuals are appropriate for the service that they have been nominated for. i would like to thank everyone for their consideration. >> thank you. kathrin moore. >> >>commissioner dr. roscoe m. moore jr: thank you. i remember serving on the advisory committee when i was appointed in 2001. i also remember sitting on the design advisory committee which i served since 2005. as you are interested and if public needs to hear, i still continue to serve on both bodies. then today i'm speak wth unchanged conviction that as an architect i'm able to bring a broader perspective to the planning commission and able
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to discuss issues with the planning. i remain anchored in my profession, shaped and challenged by increasingly more difficult sets of circumstances both inside and outside of the city and by the ever present complexities of san francisco city planning. in my own work, mainly in other jurisdictions and other locals i often find myself sitting on the other side of the table and explaining to officials like yourself planning directors and commissions why good urban planning and designing are essential for the city and quality of life. today i find myself expanded and shaped by my past 8 years on the planning commission and by my professional skills remain my strength, i find that i have become a more consistent and stronger more compassionate voice for neighborhood
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concerns including ethnicity, race, sex you're -- sexual orientation and other types of other demographic qualities as a city at large. i'm with a balanced position with social environment equity are more important than merely economic considerations on their own. with an urgent awareness of the ever increasing imbalances of affordable housing, rising income gaps together with other issues, i believe that the balance has to be gained somehow and somewhere. the planning commission is working on many issues. you are taking the lead. however, we need to work together that our city
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as a whole can remain livable and our way of life can remain sustain able for all. to that end, my objective for serving on the planning commission are similar to those as stated before and they reflect my commitment to strong urban design and planning. to that end, one of my objectives is to continue broadening the among commissioners and the emotional component that often drives the influence of decision making. this requires that we have the kourj to engage in an authentic discussion and bring new when it comes to look at the trade off between social and environmental quit and economic benefits or between neighborhood focus and citywide planning. inclosing, i am honored to serve again and today i ask for your
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support. i'm firmly committed to bringing what i can to previous and enhance a stronger planning in san francisco and i would like to take this moment to thank those many supporters who have written or spoken on my behalf and those who might be speaking towards this for me today. thank you. >> thank you very much. any questions from the committee? no? all right. well, i have had a great opportunity to speak with you and also observe your work on the phalanges # -- planning commission. i want to thank you for that. at this time i would like to open up public comment for item no. 1 and first of all i will call up commissioner cindy wu, rodney fong and since they are here and i know they have other matters to attend to. as well as jim nick o and marlene
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morgan and jimey crawley. >> thank you supervisors. it's my pleasure to be here today. commissioner moore is a dedicated planning commissioner and she brings much experience need. i would like to thank her for agreeing to a third term a. it's a tough commission. i want to let you know that commissioner fong was not able to stay. we are in our hearing right now. he had to go upstairs. but he also wanted to lend his support. >> i will take commissioner fong's place. my name is commissioner sugaya. i'm
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here to support commissioner moore. all during that time, i think i have learned more about architecture and urban planning from ms. moore than i have had in my entire year on historic preservation. she's taught me a lot and also been a great commissioner on all aspects of our work. she's not just focused on urban design and architecture itself, but has tackled all the issues facing the planning commission head on and has always truly expressed what she believed in them. i congratulate her and look forward to having her on the commission another 4 years. i'm now going to take my thursdays and move it to friday and have a 3-day weekend. thank you very much. >> thank you again for your
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service. [ applause ] next speaker please. c'mon up to the podium. >> good afternoon, vice-chair tang, supervisor campos and those in an sense . i'm jill crowley from the neighborhood network founded by people with good planning and good government. we meet most fridays at city hall in the cafe. we meet with people
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hopefully connected to planning by supervisors, commissioners. they are decision makers usually. during the course of the years that we have been in operation we have interviewed everyone on the planning commission at least several times. commissioner moore has been outstanding. i personally have been interested in city planning in particular how planning commissioners perform their duties since the mid-90s. during those 2 decades, in my opinion, one commissioner stands above all others and that is commissioner kathrin moore. as already mentioned her qualifications are i mpeccable. not only is she an
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architect but an urban designer. she knows the planning code thoroughly oh and applies it with integrity and fairness. a. i wholeheartedly support her nomination for reappointment. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. before the next speaker, i'm going to call more cards. >> hello, i'm marlene morgan of the neighborhood association. i want to talk, we heard a lot about what the commissioners do to help neighborhoods. but i also want to talk about the role of the commissioners in working on major urban design projects. my involvement with subtle cmp involves newly built hospitals, three existing hospitals, urban plan,
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transportation plan, jobs plan, housing plan. the complexity of this kind of a project over 8 years. we needed the expertise of commissioner moore and commissioner sugaya, both of them to put this together. it needs someone who understand design, urban planning and then also the joint effort with planning commission and health commission working on changes in health care legislation and reform and technology. the end result of this kind of excellent assistance by this planning commission created two great hospitals. one at cathedral hill and saint lukes. i don't think we could have done this without commissioner moore. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much, supervisors, gym jim meek oh from south of market. the
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role of the planning commission is more than just approving one project after another in the name of projects. planning is more about people than projects. . progress is not about anything new. progress is something about improving the human condition. that's why we need kathrin moore four more years. regarding appointing dennis richards, i wholeheartedly support him. he's a first neighborhood class activist. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is grace shanahan, from the strong builders association. he's unable to be here to speak in support of commissioner
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moore's reappointment to the planning commission. kathrin moore's professional background as an architect sphere heads her focus in the decision making process. once she's comfortable with a project she's able to convince all of the participants and neighbors that a design height of a particular project is appropriate. commissioner moore has invested thousands of hours in the planning, design and rezoning processes that have played out in these chambers over these years. she can with experienced hand guide especially those that lack professional background. there will be commissioners who support a project's good design, but with commissioner moore's level of skill and expertise she's able to convince the neighbors eloquently that a project is well designed, complies with the guidelines and will incorporate well into


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