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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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again, our neighborhood in north beach has been hard hit and now with the addition of the b and b it is really bad. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i'm tech are a from north beach i wanted to speak about the specifics of my street which is on lombard between stockton and polling. if you go two doors down from my home there's a had unit building that's a rental vacation building. all 4 units are being rented out to variationers two more building there's another building that an entire unit is being rented auto since 2011 and
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3 more buildings before you reach pulling is an 8 unit corporal rental that's owned by an investment group the 4 unit building two units down opposed by a realtor that has another vacation over an sonoma street there are people coming and going i raised my son in this 0 neighborhood and i feel for my neighbors p there are a few that have small children the stability and the security of knowing every other building you know someone so your child at 8 can back to the boys and girls school to the playground because your known it's dismantling and disruptively your neighborhood not only for the children and
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the elderly will there are unfamiliar faces coming and going i did not support in legislation >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. i'm march henson my name is my family has been here figurine out or four generation i'm a property owner 21 units in the mission district. i don't see how this legislation can moved forcing multi family buildings that don't give consent the lack and vague language around owner consent is very is he concerning almost all the advocates for the shared housing are private property owners participating voluntarily
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and their supplementing their income that makes sense i don't see how perspiring owned should be dragged into in and obviously the other speakers talked about the insurance company the buildings are over one hundred and 20 years old not set up for this to so language is very, very important this legislation should not be recommended ass as written. as the next speaker comes up i'll call more names (calling names) >> good evening. i'm dan i'm a tenant in the outer richmond and i support home shooirg in san francisco after i was laid off
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from the nonprofit my girlfriend and i had the amazing experience of sharing our experience we wanted to have a clear path our initial goal to have an affordable opposite to stay in san francisco but your guests wanted to know how we lived they shopped in the same richmond district and shop far from on the heavy tourist areas every visitor we had left with a person persons duo to tell them what a great city. this lasting personal expression is a great effort for tourism i applaud our efforts to use this simple approach to remain in their homes. every policy decision no matter out sensible will have
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detractors who don't want change of any kind i'll urge you to take action not entrenched power i oppose the registry and i and the number of days thank you for clearing the way for the city to receive the tax dollars it deserves to help regular homeowners to offer those services in san francisco >> next speaker. >> >> i'm sill you can't have a i own a condo and a two unit house i have three children one is spending one week with me and one with their father the other two are in college so home shares allows me to rented the third room when in my killed are in college and i can get it back
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i wouldn't be able to do that i'd have to leave san francisco in insurance i believe i'm insured i have a commercial liability policy actually renewed it for tomorrow for the second year, of course, you don't know if you're covered until something happened i discussed f this on the page of the bed-and-breakfast there's contract issues to sign a krablthd they tell me i'm covered if there is insurance if that product is not the best one other insures will see the benefit of creating the right product for this type of situation and i believe that is needed.
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i also wanted to talk about security my younger son was 11-year-old he has grown and participated in this experience i have a neighbor in the other unit i handed him out my listing and hey, look at the reviews and, you know, he has grown at the moment comfortable with the situation like others i want to protect my son first, i'm selective about the people i host and i live in the house. i don't feel there's concerns for me. thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm brea a resident and small business in district 57 i wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to consider
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this and find a appropriate solution to something that is critical and timely. what i do want to ask if i please not make it harder to be a property owner in san francisco and take into account i own two properties i purchased it at the bottom of the market it came with 50 increase years of deferred maintenance a tenant it doesn't cover my property tax 3 months ago i lost my job do i takes into account do you make a couple of miles on my property i don't particle want to sell my property have someone kick out my tenant and decide whether i want to stay in san francisco i would say on my block and my family has been here for
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rhetorical and 50 years my fathering grandfather was the champion of the police department years ago i am c conceit a police take into account i know the small business are different we're facing so many challenges as small property owners please help us stay in san francisco thank you. >> good evening. i'm affidavit i'll president of the coalition for better housing. the group that i represent and my family own apartments buildings in san francisco we're highly regulated we're different from the homeowner that has their ownership of one resident
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we were here two or three years ago maybe a little bit longer than because there were rentals that are less than thirty days that that was affordability issues braulth brought up the taking housing out of the rental stock we decided that couldn't be a rental of less than thirty days now we have a proposal our tenants can be allowed short term rentals we need to understand that there are two different types of groups and as owners of large properties the simple answer to give us the permission to deny this short term rentals that will cure it all then we're happen. thank you very much. >> i'll call a few more names.
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(calling names) go ahead. good evening. i'm tony i'm with the senior and sdalgd action we advocate for seniors and peep about disabled i'm also on 7 the heritage hotel slntd our evictions under the circumstances from the elderly hotel there's a lot of things that are confusing. i'm very concerned about sro hotels in converting those into air b and b there was an article in the are recent copy of the camera people don't have options outside of the b and b hotels
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that provides the bulk of the housing stock for many elderly living in san francisco there are zoning considerations that still need to be vest out i think there are a lot of things that having been done this needs to be reworked. this narrative about you know the benefit haven't property owner this narrative of sharing it is absolutely ridiculous. we're seeing and absolute ridiculous amateur of evictions over the last 3 years i'm not seeing the working class communities and this narrative about air b and b b and b stands for benefit eventual and benefit eventual i'm not seeking a
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benefit convenience the board president of the hotel we stand for low income housing and dignity formal seniors the fact those folks have gotten away with not paying their taxes share that share the 50 million you've been beating the city out of share that. thank you (clapping.) high ami i've been a resident of san francisco for over 25 years i reside in district 10 i've served with a nonprofit agency with women inc. providing survivors help from domestic violence i'm an artist and traveler i practice bud studying for my future here and broad
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i've been a guest of many people around the world in their homes. i'm living my life as an anyone ethics i was able to secure housing in an expensive city i've worked with any landlord to have long-term and short-term tenants. i alleged not to collect more than the rents and be able to host both short term and long term transitional housing guests family and friends i ask you yourself try the experience either as a host or as a guest here in the city and when i've had that experience judge for yourself thank you very much.
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did you going i'm roger i represent 20 neighborhood successors in san francisco we respectfully ask the commission not approve the promote legislation to legalize the short term sharing this will rezone the entire city rather than letting people to allow the rentals in their neighborhoods. second clarifying short term term rentals as short term uses when in fact their commercial 0 this is making balboa park terrace to importing the carrie's in residential neighborhoods third, the legislation states it that will be loud in buildings with 23 or 3 units but this states it is lettering legal in single-family homes pr fourth the staff report
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recognizes that allowing short time rentals will adversely focus neighborhood character nevertheless, recommended approvals how have a much greater impact on neighborhood of single families that are zoned for apartment and hotels and bed-and-breakfast i've a spoken with homeowners established homeowners and people that have lived there a long time they've moved in a neighborhood because they want to be in a single-family homes neighborhood and we've sympathetic but i ask you to be equally sympathetic to the single-family homes resident who want to live in their neighborhoods thank you very much. >> good evening i'm dale carlson
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with with the san franciscans for affordable housing and jobs. first i'm going to talk about the myth of home sharing we're going hearted or harder harassment or heartwarming stories they are not the narratives 2/3rd's are not center live in theirs hotel units entire condo and permeate and homes so the home shearers tv are representing the smallest part air b and b is a lack active business the top host in san francisco punctuated $54 million i doubt it's that high here and air b and b is
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walking away with many several thousands in commissions. let's be clear? a marking phrase and no home sharing only renting with middleman taking fat cuts. the argument that the names on the public registry is square foot secret is absorb you if take out a marriage lineups license that's a public resident and if you take out a c contract everyone is invited there's no physical environmental impact you can't make that claim without a cap on the number of gentile units and the concentration of units in 91 any
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particular units the number of units could explode that protective deserves further study and i'll refer it back to our staff for additional work thank you. and good evening. i'm affidavit thomason a long time landlord my mooiveng support home sthair and we support david choosing ordinance take all the tax money and build affordable housing right there. what troubles me is the planning department draft report an home sharing is cuts the heart out of
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the proposed ordinance while protesting support i'm going about the rentals to 90 days we have a tenant a family that can pay the rent for short-term rentals and 90 days a year is not enough. i suppose i could evict them isle ida make nor money but the city will lose would be more working class family there are many folks where housing is not affordable. i plead you with you help them to stay in san francisco does not document a 90 day rental. why not allow one unit to be used for short term rentals notice i said owner occupied tenant tend to be absent i'm
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appalled that all buildings are trying to convert units in san francisco i believe it will bring order and help to provide much needed tax revenue to the city we all love. thank you for listening. >> good evening. i'm ron jordan you've heard a lot of stories and, echo those stories about being an air b and b's helping me and my family it's been a god september to us a lot of things you've heard can couple of things i want to point out. you've heard a lot about
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different groups; right well, there are two groups people that do home sharing and potato home sharing a real thing it's sharing our living space. people who do home sharing do it balls they need to do that in order to stay in their homes. or they needed to do say so to make it to the end of the month but another group who in it for fun and profit and from what i've heard a that's where a lot of the option comes if the real home shearers we stand with the opposition you should put real legislation because those are the people that are taking down the housing stock if i can't rent out my bedroom it is not going to go on the market it
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really isn't. a sharing economy is, in fact, as someone said earlier we don't have laws in place i support david chiu's legislation here's a suggestion take the tax revenue if home sharing and put it in a separate fund and take that money and put it towards affordable housing that's the real goal to get homes for people. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm susan my husband and i supplemented in the north panhandle in san francisco about 22 years ago we've been appalled by the rise in the cost of
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housing and the decrease in the affordable i'm not going to go into the details why we participate in home sharing they'll probably be similar to what you're heard from the witnesses at the hearing but i want to mention we depolar the fact that property owners have abused the home sharing model i support the idea that the rooms are available to people available in the communicate we support that and at that make sure that it has peace whatever the new legislation will be of little use unless it is enforceable thank you very much.
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>> hello, i'm robin i'm a residential rental property owner in san francisco of 6 units a family business. i look glassed over a couple of my colleagues made that point from the industry i don't understand how it can apprehend allowing the landlords to do this when i'm in a highly regulated area it's hard to be a small property owner in this city we're not getting rich a total even if 6 units it's a tough business and everything i
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do is regulated and watched over etc. so it is inapprehensible to possible make 5 times more than 0 the rent you have to live with that but for them to make significantly more it mentioned in the legislation they shouldn't be able to make more but how do you enforce that i heard a young lady how she's boosting her rental why the owner may not be and i can lost my insurance and my building can burn down as well as that other tenants losing their place to live because one person choose
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to do that my insurance is invaleted. that has got to be covered will before any of this can go forward thank you. >> hi, i'm anita i bought a house in the sunset neighborhood in 234r506 in 2010, i lost all my jobs and signed up to air b and b it wasn't a choice it's come in alone i didn't paying my mortgage and insurance without it i would be lost i'm hoping you'll help me pay my bills i haven't kicked out any tenants i'll be renting my room to anyone this helps me to keep my house and roof over my head.
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>> hi, i'm sharon and own a home in west portal my husband and i moved into our home with our 7 and 8 daughters my husband then died from a massive heart attack. the girls ended up going out of state and have secured jobs out of state i work full-time but maintaining the house is a difficult endeavor. home sharing has helped to pay the mortgage and address going on repairs and has allowed my daughters to have their rooms and hopefully move back home. the portions of your home will not be rented out to long term tenant my home sharing does not effect
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the permanent rental market in san francisco i have many stories about nice people will have been enjoying the home they're going but my first guest was a ucsf kidney transmit painter who wanted to stay in a comfortable surrounding my neighbors are aware and support home sharing they want me to stay in my house and remain their neighbor my neighbors and dog after 17 years of supporting my business and my neighbors are happy that my guests and enjoy the restaurants and bars and shops and the conveniences that west portal provides. i'm asking you commissioners to support home sharing and take a close look at your limbs.
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especially the 90 days because if i'm wlimentd to 90 days of sharing my home i'll not being able to keep my home >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners i've lived in san francisco over 15 years and my wife and i moved to the mission no 2010 when it was high rent and then became self-employed we have a new baby daughter my parents live in los angeles and sharing our home has allowed us to do that and allowed our parents to come up and visit their granddaughters. so it's important furriers and i understand people who abuse


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