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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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working with and brooke barker is here. there are various reasons why they won't prefor one property or qualify for individual properties. and some of it is eligibility some of that at the don't meet the developers eligibility criteria. and others have preference or choice they don't want to apply for some of the inclusionary opportunities that are available. we can - we are working on creating eligibility requirements that are across the board in the mayor's office of housing and community development properties.
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right now we have biscuits of affordable housing inclusionary heirs and we have the nonprofit developer driven one hundred percent affordable housing. and there are different eligibility requirements for each type of housing. our cop holders we find that they meet the requirements regarding income where you're going to take thirty percent of their income for sustainable rents. often those eligibility requirements are toucher in those buildings than in an inclusionary housing building. anecdotally i don't have the data on it >> yeah. >> we're working on that. >> thank you. >> we're working on e-cigarette
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that it is more consistent across affordable housing the eligibility requirements. >> do you think that this low level of participation is there like a chilling factor people are getting tired there's seven hundred people or seven hundred households and 17 and last year participate in the available lotteries there were not many is it fatigue because they're not folks are not getting in its why bother. >> possibly for some but others it's waiting for the right opportunities. >> ize okay. >> and the right neighborhoods. so but there's no guarantee >> there's no gee it's a lottery and by the cop holders it's a guarantee if you got your
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eggs in a right now sorry ducks in a row eggs in a basket. your - you are going to be they're not limit in the amount of units that will hold for a cop all 10 are going to get the units if there's 10 >> they have to qualify. >> and this so keep qualifying. >> that's why the marketing and preparation and the outreach and the preparation for the actual competition people are prequalified and ready so if the opportunity arises. >> the fact we've gotten 38 new certificates this year and half the year speaks to the fact that the program is still alive and
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well and people are applying and the word of mouth and they're looking forward to it their existed about it when they apply and some of them express you don't i didn't think i'd use this but this is my guarantee when my family left i'm able to come back when any family left. we're working on marketing consistent across the different level of affordable housing and as well as the eligibility remits i think one of the things jeff spoke to the earlier in his presentation we're working with our development partners to start marketing a little bit
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earlier maybe a lot earlier. and marketing in phases so the first phases you get the word out there and work with community development organization to help people get ready for an opportunity coming in a year or 18 months they have more time when the active marketing season starts they're there >> and we'll commitment looking forward to giving you a more independent reports on the obstacles and things we're seeing. >> looking forward it it. the only other point i know that one of the recommendations so to have the board of supervisors with respect to a review, you know, program after 3 years there's so many change in the last 3 years i think that 3 years is too long to have a
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report i prefer to have more regular reporting to make sure when you can about the problems you can nip them >> that's right. >> so what i have review period can we say- >> we planned to go back to the board after a year. >> okay. >> just to report and then actually do a program evaluation so it's an annual reporting but a review of the whole program. >> that's fine. >> it's basically, it's got a potential sunset. >> yeah. if it's perfect and the rent is fair and yeah. - >> what is is dream on or what is the saying. >> you never know ducks in a
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row. >> if after 3 years still they're not self-eviction what are we going to do. >> we'll keep on giving people preferences i guess and we'll hopefully there will be some in the next 3 years some legislation fix on the state level that will addresses what's happening. in some way i hope. yeah, that was going to be one of my questions about sxhart len these efforts it fell short of mark unfortunately >> any more questions. >> no. >> just a clarification commissioner rosales if i heard i cringe upper open and academy able to the class to include in
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the in addition to the 3 years review in the report whether to extend modify or cancel the program so we as we've heard it we can include that. >> yes. >> i don't know robert do there need to be a motion and second to change the clause. >> yes. >> to make it annual. it's an annual report niendz the 3 year review. so do we propose that i'm shooum u assuming we have a motion with the proposed amendment >> yeah. you could do that. >> can i make the motion. i move that we adapt the resolution with modification to the result clause to read resolve that the office of community from and
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infrastructure shall annually report okay. he let me see off the top shall review the application under this resolution within 3 years of its adaptation subject to annual an annual report or an annual staff report. that's not very articulate but i'm trying to get the report in before the final review any help council. hopefully. >> how about steadfast following an annual staff and i'm sorry you you've got to speak up. >> years of adoption following the annual staff report or after the annual staff report. >> yes. that works after the
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word adaptation after is staffer report. >> so within 3 years of its adaptation comma after the staff report comma to extend of adapt it. i make the motion >> it's been seconded by commissioner singh. please call roll >> commissioner annunciation our vote. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh. commissioner rosales. madam chair the vote is 3 i's >> excellent. thank you. >> thank you. next item, please. >> the next order of business item 6 public comment on non-agenda items. madam chair >> any speaker cards. >> a no one. any members of the public that wish to address the commission on matters of public comment
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>> i'm sorry yes. i noticeed that the slink age of the members. >> we went on a diet. >> did the mayor wish to appoint anymore. also i notice on the looking on the forward calendar nothing mentioned about the very important senate bill 1404 that relates to the issues you've talked about housing. this is quite interesting and quite how can i put it in a way that we the community have to lobby not in this hall but in the state capitol with governor jerry brown because it looks like he'll be around if for the
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fourth time in a row but audio effectively this 1404 obviously is going to be in the business of mayor ed lee and what he's doing now but the bottom line i think there should be a special hearing on this in the community for which this impacts the communities. on another keynote i'm sure you're aware of check our history i've been here requesting this commission come to the western edition to talk about the obligation and it's been i don't know why it's been hesitant but here president you've got hoof history in the western edition that will be appropriate that before this thing comes up i think you need to come to the community and hold the meeting right in the
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middle of our community so we'll have some empathy so this is on urban renewal i'm respectfully requesting that and let us come to you guys and do a presentation like everyone else to really show what we have been impacted by the urban renewal. as and mentioned before i am redeadlocking all my energy to put documents to assimilate to the world what i've viewed for the last 25 years a that's why i have not been here but when i took a break to put this together the game changes constantly here you call city hall i call is silly hall.
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>> thanks. any others speakers >> no altercated speakers. >> next item. the next order of business is report of the chair madam chair >> i don't have on extensive report but asked 40 by the mayor's office to distribute this mayor's office policy on attendance which i won't read into the record and this is by the commissioners and secretary essentially the mayor is communicating to all commissions the basic sending a message of studying consistent standards for commission attendance for 2014-2015.
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that's all i have. you have a copy >> the next order of business the report of executive director. a informational memoranda of the university of california san francisco ucsf for the ucsf mission bay project area. madam director >> thank you madam secretary commissioner members and for the members of the public each of those informational memorandums are on our website and certainly available for review and copies at the meeting. first an update you mean theirs vice chancellor laura presented their long term plan for mission bay around this time last year and really that long range is to guide they're planning and
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development of their compasses or compasses for the next year's for 20035 ucsf has developed been 82 percent of their campus to date as part of the long term plan that's coming out in draft form the last time it was updated was in 1997 before the redevelopment plan and owner participation agreements were adapted will guide ucsf development an opportunity for the public and other tdrs government agencies to have a say in their growth plans. as you've heard ucsf does a grateful business in mission bay and outside with the shoigz for blocks 33 and although the payments for the family house block 7 west related to ac/dc
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deals with even then they need more stacey's spaces to add additional you housing units that's in your memoranda and we can have ucsf come back their presenting their development plan before the city earthquake commission currently now. that concludes my presentation. on item a and b >> on the results of the initial phase of the selection of evaluating the transbay request for parole for the project area. madam director >> again, this is another informational memoranda that was in your packet we want to advise you since the commission approved and authorized the block 5 rfp we received had
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proposals at the end of the submission term at the end of the june after it was issued in april. those 4 proposals came from boston properties and ska log on block of you building it's 299 beale is the official name of the development in transbay. and j paul company and there's a potential item recommended to j paul company coming up on your calendar and a reality that kwirdz block 40. of the four developers there were significant criteria you set forth in our rfp based on the design excellence and purchase prize and compliance with the sbe and workforce contracting policies of the had develops ska log had the highest
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of 4 two or three 7 million from the mexico one that is boston and j paul and killing roadway were ranked and their prize accordingly, you have in our informational packets the selection criteria the detailed analysis from our third party and the real estate to help us take a look at the feasibility and the detailed comments from the plaintiff and how each the developments faired and based on selection planning including the transbay joint powers authority and our staff and others we're moving forward with bringing for your consideration and inclusive negotiation with ska leg in
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september that will set forth strict milestones >> i'm sure you're aware of all pro sale precedes go to the biography hole in the ground the joint powers authority he terminal and others fees to build your affordable housing with the streetscape program. that concludes my presentation. i'm available for questions and others from transbay are here to answer questions >> commissioners any questions. >> good job. >> we don't have questions quite yet. i just have two other announcements senate bill 1404 co-sponsored by the city and senator leno related to the
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housing obligates and the members of the public indicated it's made it through the protective progress for the consideration of the assembly floor and it's accepted to take place by mid-august. and then it gets sent to the governor for his refuse and consideration and he'll have until october 1st i believe to sign or veto the bill we're certainly active in those efforts and implementation of how to use those funds will certainly w be a policy matter to come before the commission >> can i have i mean, i have a related question i don't know if it's appropriate but it came to mind. do we have a lobby firm or do we use i mean do - what do we do
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with lobbying at the state capital >> this is a city supported bill in city as a lobbying firm shaw and loader went through the selection process and does the lobbying for the city even though we're not part of the city we advance the goals and objectives of this particular agency we're working with the mayor's office staff and the city of lobbyists in those efforts. >> okay. do we - yes next item >> the next ordering of business 9 commissioners questions or comments. >> do any other commissioners have questions or matters. >> what's the memo from the oh,
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the la send it's a fy i. >> yes. oftentimes the correspondence is sent to the ocii offices until the commission has directed outcomes to have another public address so any correspondence that comes for you, we immediately transmit to there is a meeting coming up so that particular corresponds relates to a warriors project we'll certainly packing take anything into account and advisement. >> any additional questions. >> no next item. >> the next item of business is closed session there's no item. >> and adjournment is next
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make. >> we're mak. >> we're . >> we're i. >> we'rt. item. >> we're >> welcome to the san francisco historic preservation meeting for wednesday, august 6th, 2014, the commission does not tolerate any out bursts and silence any mobile device and when speaking before the commission, if you care to state your name for the record and i would like to take roll. >> commissioners, first on your
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agenda, is the general public comment, at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public, that are within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the commission, except for the agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. >> and the public wish to speak on the item not on the agenda, come up to the podium. >> good afternoon, commissioners, what an opportunity, my beverly uptown i am the director of the san francisco violence con soar um, we leave at the corner of oak and goth and want to update you on activities that we have been doing around the golberg building and so we were here a few weeks ago and we wanted to update you. >> do you want to talk? >> why don't you go. >> okay. >> i will fill in. >> as you can see, in jackie
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hand there is a copy of one of the best selling coffee table books of the year it is called the art of rub gold berg, so she reached out to his grand dot ner new york city. we all used to be in the garment industry and we had a lot of things in common, so his daughter jennifer george the author of this book did a trunk show of her designs and a book signing for three days in her apartment last week. she is giving ten percent of her proceeds to us, all of us, to have a report done about the feasibility of historic status for the building and so we are super excited about it and i brought the copies for you but i wanted you to see, jennifer george is his grand daughter and this is her signing her book. this is a little gathering with david chiu, valley, from supervisor breed's office. we are going to have letters
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from them soon. and jackie myself and rub's grand daughter. and then sharon johnson, our friend who used to be at the department of status of women, and project homeless connect is a dear friend and so she was there as well and we want to show you how beautiful the clothes were at the trunk show. and so we were really excited about that and jackie hosted a dinner and a tea and maybe from that i should let jackie take over and tell you about the coverage that we received. >> thank you. >> thank you, so much. >> what we will do is start the clock over. >> sure, thanks so much. >> yes, we are very fortunate to get the nice coverage on the building as a result of our efforts with the building and with jek fer george the grand daughter. one of those was actually from the chronicle and so that is in your package. really nice coverage from them about the building and what we are trying to accomplish as well as coverage from the
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library, from some of their historic departments and the chronicle has agreed and i heard yesterday, from them, that they are going to come back and do a larger piece that will come out in the chronicle pink section later this month. and so we are really excited about everything that is happening with the building and we are going to continue to fight for the building. one of the things that came up was also, that from a number of landmark related people that came to the events, was that how much they also appreciated the inside of the building, where he used to work and live. and so we are going to make as many efforts as we can to try and landmark some portions of the inside of that second floor as well. which includes some parts of our apartment and bef verly's apartment, thank you so much for your continued support and efforts. >> thank you. >> any other member of the public wish to speak on an item not on the agenda. >> seeing none, we will move on.
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>> commissioners, that will place you under department matters, item 1, director's announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners, just want to call to your attention the residential pipeline report that is now being placed on the written director's report. it is something that we have been doing for a while as a result of legislation and request from the community and the board of supervisor to keep track of both number of units in the pipeline and those built and those entitled and we will do, and we update this information based on the numbers that we get from the department of building inspection on a quarterly basis. and just wanted to call to your attention that this will be an ongoing report in the director's report from here on in. that concludes my report thank you. >> thank you. >> item two, review of past events at the planning commission staff report and
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announcements? >> good afternoon, commissioners, tim fry, department staff. a couple of items to share with you this afternoon. first is in regards to the interim controls for office buildings in pdr districts this was legislation sponsored by cohen that went into effect on july 15 and for the purposes of the interim controls, conversion of a landmark building to an office use in a pdr use is subject to 18 months to continual use and authorization from the planning commission. and in addition to that, supervisor cohen also introduced legislation on july 29th, to amend the planning code to place vertical controls on office conversion in landmark buildings and pdr districts. this means that the new controls will dictate how many floors can actually be converted to office and a slightly more stricter control than what is currently in the planning code. we will


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