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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> are there any other members of the public that would like to make the comment at this time? >> seeing none, the public comment is closed and i just want to make a few comments, and i grew up in this city, and i have been actively engaged, and trying to help, support members of the community, and change lives, and yes, i represent district five, and i do it, but i do take offense that i am not someone who is
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thinking about members of the african american community, all over the city. a couple of weeks ago a friend that i grew up in the western community, who lived in the bay view hunter's point was killed in a tl. and african americans who i grew up with, many of them who grew up in the western edition, sadly have ended up in the tl, and substance abuse, and drug abuse, and homeless and sros and other places. and when i am in that area, and i am driving by or catching a bus down in that area, there is never a time that i don't see, a lot of the folks that are out there, that i don't know. that are not my friends that i don't say hey and wave and so on and so forth and in many instances i interact with those, i need a job, i need support, what can i do? well the job one stop, in the
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western edition, community is not just for the western edition, community, it is for anyone who is a san franciscan, who is looking for an employment opportunity, and i am out there, on the corners, and pushing people, to show up for these opportunities, and we have through the eoc and townsend and his work and getting the people the job opportunities who basically decide, you know what? i am ready and i want to do it and i am going to show up, what do i need to do and we have led them step by step, and not only that, we have city job opportunities funded readily available for them, and if they basically get to a point where they being employed, the point that i am making is, there is a lot of work, that is being done. and it is not just specific to a district, this is a city wide problem, there is a problem, when many of my friends, who i grow up with are dead are in jail, there is a problem in the city, when it is really difficult, when i am talking out, every single day and someone is looking for a job opportunity, or wondering what they can do or where they can
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live, in the city and county of san francisco. and this is not just a board of supervisors, problem, this is a city as a whole problem and this is a leadership problem and we can't be greety about me me me and my my my i want to basically do well with my business and not give back to do anything for anybody else. that is bigger issue here, when we are talking about the solutions we need to put it all out on the table and talk about what is happening now, and in the organizations that are funded and not doing the work, what is happening with those organizations and the poverty pimps who are getting millions of dollars to take care of our community and they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing we, have to all put that stuff aside, and figure out ways in which we can come together, as a community, and be responsible for making a difference for the people who need it the most. no, we can't, help everybody, and there is some people who we know, there are amazing workers out there, but can't pass the drug test in order to get a
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city job, and we know that we have folks in the community that need a little bit more help and a little bit more support and guidance, we need to figure out ways in which we can invest those dollars, appropriately, to get those folks ready because we don't want to send them to the hotel and have them fail, we want them to succeed and we want them to be working when we and the folks get off of the plane we want to see a diverse group of people and african american and we want to see them at the restaurant and hotel. business and business people all over the city, representing the african americans community, and so, when we talk about it we need to get the population ready, it is what i have actually been working on as a supervisor and i am proud of my work and i am proud of the fact that all of those folks that are out there working and advancing and cleaning up and doing things and dpw, some of those folks are from the hunter's point and some of them from the tl and
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the fillmore and they are from all over and we have a city wide problem that we need to address, and i think that supervisor cohen and i, we have been leading the way and doing what we can, and money is going to a lot of programs, all over the city. and we are trying to hold them accountable, but we are only two people and when you are bringing forth, information, and ideasing and solutions to this problem, we are open to that and we are toep to that but we will not be dictated to, we want to be a partner in this effort. we want to figure out how to work together to resolve this you. and we want to do it with facts and information and do it as a real partner. and so, i just want to make sure that we have to look at ourself and say what is the problem or the real solution,
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and so the opportunity is now. we have a board of supervisors, not just we have two on the board, but because we have other sympathetic members of the board who care about this issue and the time to deal with legislation is now, and the time to deal with the appropriate funding and appropriate planning and data collection and all of those things is now, but a big part of what is going to help us achieve that goal is strong leadership from the mayor's office, and strong support from his various departments who have the ability to effectively not only, implement this work, but hold folks accountable insure that the numbers meet the need and specifically, with the western edition, neighborhood access point, which is the job system in district five, which i know, many of you know about, we are checking, every single month to make sure that those 61 people that have gotten jobs through the problem and how many of them are employed after the next month and after the next month, and after the next month
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and yes we have lost two or three folks through this particular opportunity, and but we can't just say, here is the money, i got 61 people employed and all of a sudden we go back and none of them are employed because they are in temporary jobs, that is not what we should do as a city. we have to hold them accountable do the work that we are there to do and the funding that they are doing to get the people jobs or my job as supervisor it make sure that they are getting people jobs and people are keeping those jobs, one step at a time, one thing at a time and i appreciate you all being here and i appreciate the feedback and so now i want something tangible that i can work it as a legislator to pass the policy and figure out where we can get dollars from and how we can and where is the plan and where is the detailed plan as it relates? with that, i thank you all, again for coming, and i will turn it over to supervisor cohen.
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>> i want to close out and, thank you for those thoughtful remarks and i want to acknowledge a few people, i saw rhonda, and i want to acknowledge, moss and miller, and we have got fred, and casey and i don't know, thank you for leadership on this and helping me to coordinate all of this and i do have a request that this committee, continue this et em to the call of the chair to be sure that we can bring this back in a few months to be sure that we are meeting our goals, and that we are and we have an opportunity to continue this dialogue so that we can determine how much we have progressed and how much we have not. i would like to make that motion, and ask that the body make that motion. >> and thank you for hearing this item. >> okay. >> and so, thank you, so, president chiu? >> so, i am happy to as a member of the committee to make the motion, and let me just add
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the thanks to the members of the community, and to the important critical conversation, and this is not on the shoulders and not just on the shoulders of our african americans colleagues and i am happy to partner and to do as much lifting as needs to be done. >> and we, as a number of folks have said that we talk about this issue, but it is important for us to move beyond the talk and actually go through the results and see the progress and look forward to that work, that we are going to do and offer it the next time, and we will be able to report back on what has happened, and i am happy to make the motion for us to continue this item at the call of the chair. and thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. the item, and the motion has been made to continue this, with the item is the call of the chair. without objection, and item passes, thank you so much. all right, madam clerk, is there any other business before us. >> that concludes our business
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for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you. >> welcome to the san francisco historic preservation meeting for wednesday, august 6th, 2014, the commission does not tolerate any out bursts and silence any mobile device and when speaking before the commission, if you care to state your name for the record and i would like to take roll.
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>> commissioners, first on your agenda, is the general public comment, at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public, that are within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the commission, except for the agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. >> and the public wish to speak on the item not on the agenda, come up to the podium. >> good afternoon, commissioners, what an opportunity, my beverly uptown i am the director of the san francisco violence con soar um, we leave at the corner of oak and goth and want to update you on activities that we have been doing around the golberg building and so we were here a
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few weeks ago and we wanted to update you. >> do you want to talk? >> why don't you go. >> okay. >> i will fill in. >> as you can see, in jackie hand there is a copy of one of the best selling coffee table books of the year it is called the art of rub gold berg, so she reached out to his grand dot ner new york city. we all used to be in the garment industry and we had a lot of things in common, so his daughter jennifer george the author of this book did a trunk show of her designs and a book signing for three days in her apartment last week. she is giving ten percent of her proceeds to us, all of us, to have a report done about the feasibility of historic status for the building and so we are super excited about it and i brought the copies for you but i wanted you to see, jennifer george is his grand daughter and this is her signing her book. this is a little gathering with
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david chiu, valley, from supervisor breed's office. we are going to have letters from them soon. and jackie myself and rub's grand daughter. and then sharon johnson, our friend who used to be at the department of status of women, and project homeless connect is a dear friend and so she was there as well and we want to show you how beautiful the clothes were at the trunk show. and so we were really excited about that and jackie hosted a dinner and a tea and maybe from that i should let jackie take over and tell you about the coverage that we received. >> thank you. >> thank you, so much. >> what we will do is start the clock over. >> sure, thanks so much. >> yes, we are very fortunate to get the nice coverage on the building as a result of our efforts with the building and with jek fer george the grand daughter. one of those was actually from the chronicle and so that is in
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your package. really nice coverage from them about the building and what we are trying to accomplish as well as coverage from the library, from some of their historic departments and the chronicle has agreed and i heard yesterday, from them, that they are going to come back and do a larger piece that will come out in the chronicle pink section later this month. and so we are really excited about everything that is happening with the building and we are going to continue to fight for the building. one of the things that came up was also, that from a number of landmark related people that came to the events, was that how much they also appreciated the inside of the building, where he used to work and live. and so we are going to make as many efforts as we can to try and landmark some portions of the inside of that second floor as well. which includes some parts of our apartment and bef verly's apartment, thank you so much for your continued support and
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efforts. >> thank you. >> any other member of the public wish to speak on an item not on the agenda. >> seeing none, we will move on. >> commissioners, that will place you under department matters, item 1, director's announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners, just want to call to your attention the residential pipeline report that is now being placed on the written director's report. it is something that we have been doing for a while as a result of legislation and request from the community and the board of supervisor to keep track of both number of units in the pipeline and those built and those entitled and we will do, and we update this information based on the numbers that we get from the department of building inspection on a quarterly basis. and just wanted to call to your attention that this will be an ongoing report in the director's report from here on in. that concludes my report thank
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you. >> thank you. >> item two, review of past events at the planning commission staff report and announcements? >> good afternoon, commissioners, tim fry, department staff. a couple of items to share with you this afternoon. first is in regards to the interim controls for office buildings in pdr districts this was legislation sponsored by cohen that went into effect on july 15 and for the purposes of the interim controls, conversion of a landmark building to an office use in a pdr use is subject to 18 months to continual use and authorization from the planning commission. and in addition to that, supervisor cohen also introduced legislation on july 29th, to amend the planning code to place vertical controls on office conversion in landmark buildings and pdr districts. this means that the new controls will dictate how many floors can actually be converted to office and a
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slightly more stricter control than what is currently in the planning code. we will bring this proposed code amendments for your review and comment prior to the board of supervisor's hearing and at the last hearing, the hpc requested that we calendar a more robust discussion on the obligation of the criteria or the lack of criteria, and so we are going to calendar the discussion, along with the review of those proposed amendments at the same hearing, so we can have a much broader conversation about both of those topics. second item that i wanted to share with you as you are probably aware there was a fire on monday at the hotel and the hpc approved a major permit to alter for the rehabilitation for this year and the project being reviewed by the national park service for tax credit purposes and there is a crew, working around the clock to pump water out of the building and tablize the site we have
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been in contact with the property owners and as you may have seen in the paper, the architect did mention a lot of the finishes within the lobby appear to be in okay condition so that is good news and we will keep you posted on any additional repairs that may be required, as a result of the fire. third, item, on monday, tina and i attended the historic preservation fund meeting where kerri and cindy from the california office of historic preservation discussed statements and surveys and the methodology behind those types of documents and data collection, and the committee had a number of questions regarding the ohp's review of the historic context statements and survey and the city or the department's obligations under the certificated local government status and i had to leave that discussion early, but i have been in contact with
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the mayor's office and the fund committee to see if there was any sort of action items or resolution at the end of that discussion and i will certainly share those with you once i have them. just to give you some background, the primary request for this discussion came from the fund committee, a couple of years ago after the mission survey adoption, where there was a discrepancy between the city staff's recommendation and what the commission adopted. and then, the ohp also had some additional concerns. and so the fund committee wanted to get a better understanding of how each of the bodies was reviewing the survey findings and how we can improve the coordination in the future. >> if there are any action items i will let you know in the next hearing. >> also at the last hearing, the historic preservation commission, requested a status report on the results of your
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budget requests and the staff allocation and we are going to have a report at the next hearing on august 20th and go into more detail about the approved budget as it relates to the hpc. and then this past month i was on the east coast for two events, that i wanted just to quickly mention to you. one i was at the national alliance of preservation commission forum in philadelphia and it was a great opportunity for professionals in all areas of government, either state, local or federal level to share to network and to share, stories and discuss the topics and issues that were relevant to their cities, and as we have seen in other preservation conferences this year i think that there is an ongoing trend with the sorts of things that we are talking about how to produce the surveys efficiently and how to
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recognize the social and cultural heritage and how to expand the notion of how the preservation means and also at the state and federal levels and i am going to share some of the things that i have learned at that conference with you at a future date, but in addition, last week, along with the handful of other local government representatives i was invited to attend a training on the federal rehabilitation tax credit program and it was helpful to gain a better understanding but also how we as a city and as a commission can help to promote and facilitate use of that and it is certainly timely considering we are at the verge of adopting or the state on the merge of adopting a state historic tax credit and so those certainly will be used in conjunction in the future, and learned a lot about some of the pitfalls that some of states have with having a state credit and a federal credit and hopefully we can learn from
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some of those experiences. and making sure that our own tax credits work efficiently. but again, i am happy to provide the hpc or the public with the additional information on either event. and so that is a way to brain storm the improvements for our own program and i also want to mention kelley, and i am happy to announce that kelley wo ng accepted a position as a preservation planning on the code enforcement team and this was part of last year's budget and kelley was previously was a planner on the north east team and now moving to code enforcement and as was still working out the details of that position, and it is duties and responsibilities the over all intent is to provide applicants with more technical services and in particular, providing some expertise after permits have been issued or the cvas have been issued to help the
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applicants achieve the approval. but you will likely see her in the future but this new capacity and we will keep you abreast of her backfill, once the hiring process begins. and then finally, in response to public comment, i just want to mention to you that the gold berg building along with two other buildings that have recently been requested for landmark designation by the public will be brought to you at your next hearing. just for discussion of the information that we have received to date, whether or not they should be included on the work program, and over all process. and we are preparing the notification for the property owners and tenants at this time. so once the notice and everybody has been properly noticed we will have it on the 20th hearing and we will prepare a packet for you, and your next hpc packet. based on the information that we have received to date. >> so that concludes my
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comments, and if you have any questions, happy to answer them at this time, thank you. >> one more question on the pdr on a future date, any ideas? >> i don't know exactly when the legislation will be referred to us, because the board is in recess right now. in talking to the city trainer office we think that it will be early september. >> okay. >> maybe the first hearing or the third hearing in september is what we are aiming for right now. >> terrific thank you. >> i was interested tim in your discussion of the meeting for the historic fund committee. the discrepancy, i mean, what spured the topic, of discussion at the meeting was apparently the discrepancy between your evaluation of some aspect of mission delores and how shipo was looking at that and i was curious to know if it was substantive just in general terms and can you comment on
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that. >> sure, the mission, association, commission, to survey, of the mission delores neighborhood and the staff raised the concerns about the number of non-contributers that were included in the district and it was one very large district that was identified and we also thought that based on the themes identified in the historic context statement that there may be several districts rather than one large encompassing district and that is something that we brought to the commission at that time a number of years ago. and there was some disagreement about that, or what the district boundaries should be and what was the appropriate ratio from contributers to non-contributers, they said that we don't agree with either side but more work should be done because there is clearly something of significance there and so at this time, the community has hired katherine petrin to complete a national
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register nomination that will thoroughly evaluate where the district boundaries lie justifying those boundaries but also the ratio of contributers and non-contributers and we hope at that time we will have more solid footing to provide a positive recommendation. >> thank you. >> and last, one is on kelley's new position, and what are we calling that position? >> she will still be considered a historic preservation technical specialist but the job duties will lie with the code enforcement and zoning team and so she will be working on any code enforcement issues whether a member of the public calls and believes, you know, windows have been installed without a permit or not in compliance with the staff or commission's approval. but there certainly is an opportunity for us to expand or look at other ways that she can fulfill the duties or of this
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commission. >> we have the new conditions of approval saying that we are going to have staff go out and confirm before occupancy. >> correct. >> is kelley going to handle that capacity? is that her... >> hopefully. we have not gotten to the point. we have implemented site visits as part of conditions of approval for some time now and it has been occurring or as-needed basis by the staff planner and makes perfect sense to have kelley accompany that planner to make sure that the work is being completed according to the conditions. >> on those checks, and occupancy time, we will have the planner from the project go out and maybe kelley will assist? >> the site visits are not always occurring at the very end. sometimes they are occurring at the various milestones if we have to see a window mockup or a repair example. that is usually when the planners are out there in terms
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of coordinating with dbi and getting out there before the occupancy is issued, we are certainly opened to doing that and i think that we need to have a bigger conversation with dbi first. we occasionally do it, but, to be honest it has to and it usually happens with much larger projects, like downtown projects that have a long laundry list of approval. >> it is a hired consultant that we check in or something like that. >> exactly. >> it makes sense to do it as part of any c, of a and as we do it on a regular basis already. >> thank you, any other questions for mr. fry? >> seeing none we will move on. commissioners that will place you under the commission matters item three, president report and announcements. >> no report or announcements. >> item four, consideration of adoption draft minutes for the arc on july 16, and the regular hearing for july 16, 2014, i will point out one correction that was pointed out to me by
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the city attorney's office that karagin and the haden building was misspelled and will be corrected on page 2 of the regular hearing minutes. >> commissioners and apc members, any comments or corrections? >> yeah, i am fine with the arc minutes, and one question and one correction, on the hpc minutes. under item two, bullet two, about to henry adams. we talked about a land use committee hearing, july 7th, is that the correct date? could we just check and make sure that that was the correct date? >> under that first bullet? >> yeah, under two. >> i will look into that date. >> it is a monday that is when they have the land use. >> was it after or before. >> it was prior. >> okay that is finally fine then. under six, the disclosures if
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we could change under my disclosure from last time, element if you could spell out architectural group, in lieu of by his firm? >> certainly. >> great. >> thanks. >> commissioners? any other comments or corrections? >> and any member of the public wish to make a comment, correction on the either minute? seeing none we will close public comment and bring it back to the board. >> i move to adopt the minutes of the meetings on the 16th. >> i second. >> okay. >> on that motion, then commissions to adopt the meeting minutes for july 16, 2014, as corrected and amended, commissioner highland? >> yes, jonnck, yes. >> pearlman.


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