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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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burn down as well as that other tenants losing their place to live because one person choose to do that my insurance is invaleted. that has got to be covered will before any of this can go forward thank you. >> hi, i'm anita i bought a house in the sunset neighborhood in 234r506 in 2010, i lost all my jobs and signed up to air b and b it wasn't a choice it's come in alone i didn't paying my mortgage and insurance without it i would be lost i'm hoping you'll help me pay my bills i haven't kicked out any tenants i'll be renting my room to anyone this helps me to keep my
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house and roof over my head. >> hi, i'm sharon and own a home in west portal my husband and i moved into our home with our 7 and 8 daughters my husband then died from a massive heart attack. the girls ended up going out of state and have secured jobs out of state i work full-time but maintaining the house is a difficult endeavor. home sharing has helped to pay the mortgage and address going on repairs and has allowed my daughters to have their rooms and hopefully move back home. the portions of your home will
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not be rented out to long term tenant my home sharing does not effect the permanent rental market in san francisco i have many stories about nice people will have been enjoying the home they're going but my first guest was a ucsf kidney transmit painter who wanted to stay in a comfortable surrounding my neighbors are aware and support home sharing they want me to stay in my house and remain their neighbor my neighbors and dog after 17 years of supporting my business and my neighbors are happy that my guests and enjoy the restaurants and bars and shops and the conveniences that west portal provides. i'm asking you commissioners to
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support home sharing and take a close look at your limbs. especially the 90 days because if i'm wlimentd to 90 days of sharing my home i'll not being able to keep my home >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners i've lived in san francisco over 15 years and my wife and i moved to the mission no 2010 when it was high rent and then became self-employed we have a new baby daughter my parents live in los angeles and sharing our home has allowed us to do that and allowed our parents to come up and visit their granddaughters. so it's important furriers and i
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understand people who abuse this but we're do i go this legitimate mayor ed leely with our neighborhoods and the corner store owner they know on wednesday we go away and they're supportive and helpful so considering this legislation please recognize us for doing that and thanks so much. >> >> next speaker. >> hi my name is george aim a retained in san francisco for more than 40 years. i was agriculture to live in the city and paid a lot of money and special taxes i'm retired so that's an option maybe you can help me survive >> thank you.
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come on up i've got a lot more cards it seems like they're coming through the door we've got another 45 cards in my hand. (calling names) >> hi, i'm steven i'm the host and entrepreneurs as you might have heard the first years can be really, really hard. so when i heard about air b and b to offset my rents for the highest costs for my business
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but you really am happy about the service and it enables me to do a start up in the city and an b and b i found the mart is a great example of how people in the city come to the city to endure that makes the city great >> george good evening. i'm a tenant in the hate ashbury neighborhood i recently became a single mother and it helped to keep us in our rent control the city that i moved from in 2345067 the city and only apartment he's leader to walk
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and talk it's starting preschool walking distance if our home and my job from the states judicial council getting accepted into that and off the record a good preschool is only rivaled by getting into and affording a home in san francisco. without the extra home i'll be enforced to live in a studio apartment and sharing an apartment in the destakeholder part of the city and find a new home and surface quality time for a much longer ride to work. awhile home sharing might not be an affordable thing it's a short-term god sent why i wanted to live in this city. the home sharing makes it better for the families across the
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world to be able to rent a room that is furnished with baby gear and an center bedroom makes it better for families to travel economically and better easy. the families that have stayed in our apartment have been respectful i've host families from france and swede the benefits through home sharing is absent from home lodging the culture and unconventional are the values i've moved to san francisco and the same values listened home sharing. thank you. >> hi my name is tom i'm in support of home sharing i applaud david chiu's legislation into recognizing the new wave of
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an era out of 4 hundred thousand units in san francisco only about 50 i count as the units that are full unit for rent is a half of percent being available and that presents less than half of percentage of the home stock we're talking about half of a stock of rental stock and david chiu's position to give this to the city to build affordable housing actually getting the money for people to put that in people talking about three or four bedrooms that's not affordable housing those units are high end units. and 3 thousand people that have
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a second home they own the affordable housing. also people talked about insurance i want to address that i should rent mine i called my broker and there are brokers that create policies for people and gets insurance and it's easy they need to call it's a whole new market the taxes will create more jobs and keep the money in the city and create affordable housing that's the most important thing. thank you. >> hello, i'm greg i'm a long term retained in san francisco thirty years i've owned my house for 20 years i'm a host are home sharing. i'm in support of the protective i don't think what's on the
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board really works. i want to pay tax on my property that i rent. i once owned a pyritic property in florida and i was a issued a yourselves permit they have portals on line i paid every quarter the insurance was held up to you was insured for one million dollars i was an owner in a multiple you unit building so i know it can work it's possible. i just think this need more work and there's so many benefits i can go illness, show you the receipts from mirror my guests i hope it didn't get killed in san francisco. thank you >> hello commissioners my name
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is dpw's i'm a native san franciscan and i've lived in the city over 70 years. i want to look at this from a slithering different view. when i look at this legislation i think this legislation isn't about the heartfelt stories you've heard ordinary from homeowners but about whether or not how to regulate an industry that is actually in the process of dismantling much of our residential housing and our economy in the city and it's only one piece to deregulate and dismantle the economy we've known for decades. it's reilly rail that people raise needed income but donate not the issue the issue is how is this going to be regulated and protect our residential
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housing now i'll say when i listen to the story and i've said much which them sounded repeating real i heard back when prom u prop marathon was the only way in which seniors would be allowed to be in their homes i'm a beneficiary but that was really the little people put up front while the big real estate interests and the owners of huge commercial property were the real winners and the state of california was denied it's infrastructure funded for over 36 years how does this relate there's a definition that should have been made between the residential and commercial and the corporate industries and the mom and pop that own the
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single-family dwellings and that distinction isn't made then much more work needs to be done. thank you. good evening. i'm jena i speak as an individual of san francisco and as a citizen of san francisco for telegraph hill years i really hope this commission and the city can create snefbl policies for the shared economy i'm a proponent of the sharing economy including the first shared thing that happened was the city car share it's 101 to priefbt i want to see san francisco be the leader i know the world is watching san francisco and looking for you us to create a fair balanced approach to the shared economy i'm concerned about the future
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of our city we know that 97 percent of our hotels are full 97 percent of the times and more people are coming look at the sty in phil there are 36 cranes and we have a series crisis of housing the shared economy is one of the what's-her-name to this crisis and can be a solution i'd like to say i hope this ordinance and other thoughts and input and other expert opinion can be included here in legislation. and i hope that the shared economy will be something that san francisco what about very proud of thank you. >> good evening. ladies and gentlemen, my name is
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bobby a san francisco resident. not paid by anyone to be here. i'm going to give a little bit of input what i think about that. my experience so far with air b and b it's been about doing it three or four years now had some amazing stories one 0 particular a couple of guys came over to germany i've visited them in germ they've shown me their town like i did for san francisco for them pardon me great experience. so just learning what i have standing in this room there there are two issues a group of people trying to make end meet with the surging prices of rent in the city and also the developers and landlord that are
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people i guess slating that's the examining everyone if they had an opportunity probably make as much money if we're all honest. but i think being just being real about it knowing that my experience was like craigslist that goes back 15 years i've done one million dollars in business selling and buying homes and this and that. air b and b is a social platform that allows transparencycy to things like feedback puts the reviews that makes it even more safe so if you get rid of b and b the technology the process we know will prevail our technology world will allow either greg's us list or whatever to
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appropriately prevail it will still happen. thanks a butfwufrn >> come on up i'll call a few more names. (calling names) like a song. >> commissioners, thank you for taking time i'm phil a homeowner in the sunset area.
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i support this legislation to allow hosts to rent out their primary homes especially, when they're there. home sharing has allowed me to take a risk and start a small business in san francisco and hire people in san francisco and host guests from other cities and parts of the world to start business here and create jobs and allowed them a way to basically coma with our housing shortage otherwise they wouldn't find housing and a lot of them cannot afford hotels it allows me to send customers to struggling businesses in my area including a brazilian restaurant that has allowed a grandmother from brooklyn to come every year i've had here her for four years
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and she stayed here for a week and would not be able to afford a hotel so this is about family and it's about one of my guests stayed to because her husband was going into scombr courage user surgery i live in the sunset a lot better to cook healthy meals and be able to afford it. to me if you're holocaust your preliminary home it's not a housing issue it's on a issue off family and i have san franciscans having opportunities for themselves. thank you. >> good evening commissioners go thank you for staying so late. is world population is traveling
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more and more. if i travel my space is empty in a city like san francisco depreciates as it is is wasteful i could rent out my a space to another traveler it's more flexible rather than doing home sharing i can use that money it fuels the local economy by creating cash flow per hotels do create more jobs than home they're going or sharing that's a fact they're less efficient and require for labor and they include services those are services are considered by some as myself american people unnecessary luxury that he at the end of the day it come down to personal preference whether one prefers home hospitality or hotel hospitality whether everyone pays their taxes and applies the regulation.
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if allowing, however, home sharing would be backgrounds thinking and detrimental not only to the public well-being but our rights to freedom. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm helen changing the sf resident for that the past 3 years although i've glutin in the bay area i was laid off about 8 most b ago and have been sharing my room with guests to supplement my rent without my rent i'd be forced to leave san francisco center i want to speak especially against the months restriction since i've lived in my home i've not rented out my
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whole 0 house this speaks to the false day of 5 thousand rental stock 35 my extra room will not obtain available for rent because of the amount of friends i have and family i've never ones one time have had a problems are guests i came back from visiting one of the guests from france. economically by shopping 55 local customers, and, secondly, by installing a shared economy will keep san francisco the progressive fun-loving city we all in my please support david chiu's home shareing >> come on up next speakers.
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(calling names). >> hello commissioner i'm here are my son both any children were born here my daughter is in the back she's too shy my first name went through difficult divorce i was facing 15 the way i held into my home while i fought the banks tooth and nail to get a home loan sometimes, i went to other rooms and it kept the family going for the last 3 years. i just time to share that story without the flexibility of that
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i don't know how this scam into my life i found it on the internet i thought that was going to help me and bit by bit i become for comfortable with home sharing the kinds of guests i've had is interims at san francisco general hospital coming for three or four weeks men from berlin for investments they were in town for a couple of months and interims that are working for companies in the mission and they need accomodation that lasts for 4 to 8 weeks and don't want to stay in hotels also the families that are rome go in the bay area i have toys and families they came and stayed at my home while looking for formulate accommodations in san francisco. thank you.
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i'm a supporter of home sharing >> hello, i'm janice i'm a retiree who has a home in noah valley i rent out a room and bath to solo women travelers i need the center income to maintain my home and other things. i feel i'm reaching a niche market and many people are this is for people of modified moenz means to stay in the city and invest the city i had a woman say the other day she would not be staying for another price my people use mooney show them how to use the next bus application
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i think a that's more than a connoisseur at the hotel i think it's a special market and need a way to preserve it thank you. >> hello, i'm sarah i live in presidio heights i'm here in supporting home sharing i'm not going to read the whole essay i'm sure you're tired the bottom lines of my questioning requests i am in favor favoring of they're being a license so, now i am working with air b and b i'd like to have a legal status and pay taxes payroll it's hard to do that it's my first request and the seconds the public register is a great idea i don't want strangers to see photos
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inside my house it so you would a problem. i would like to feel the control of my own home it would be nice to do when i wanted to do in my own home i'm not sure if 90 days is long enough and i also think that tenants should be required to have landlords permission to share their spaces and i'm in favor its been an amazing experience i've only down or done it for three or four weeks it's an amazing i ended up feeling different about the world i live in because i am learning to trust strangers so thank you and hope you guys get to go home sometime soon
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>> hello, i am lucky i'm not in a difficult situations that a lot of the speakers are in i feel lucky but i have two points to make the first one is similar to 80 what people said it helps the local economies. no one who in the staying out in the outer richard if you've not taken the 38 to the ends you'll not know about lewis nobody is going to spend money if they don't hear about it like someone like me the other point is visitor that come to san francisco and stay in a residence home are looking for a different experience it's not
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the same thing as staying they hotel there are very good hotel staff in san francisco but not the same thing as having a half an hour or 45 minute conversation to plan their day i know those conversations i've had lead to a deeper connection for visitors when visitor leaf amateur after having the conversations they have a different experience and because of that deeper connection they're more likely to come back to san francisco and spend in their vacation dollars here again which is ultimately what we want. >> next speaker there's still a lot of skardz come up up we've been here since 314th we have four more items i'm going to


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