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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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situation where if it becomes commercialized we could not control what happens to the traffic, tenant issues, the quality of life in our neighborhood. i ask you to strongly to not support in legislation and i want to thank you very much for listening. thank you. >> thank you. as the next gentleman approaches the podium i'll call for names and commissioner president wu i'm aaron and welcome to the newest commissioner commissioner johnson. i'm sure you're aware of i used to have the pleasure of sitting on the san francisco board of supervisors as a lawmaker so we
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grappled are the number of issues in my time i salute supervisor chiu and this department for grappleing with a thorn i didn't issue the horse is out of the barn and regulation is against us we have to speak about one thing i think is in keeping with the department the thrust of the departments recommendations and that is the issue of enforce ability i was ready to pass or introduce laws or support laws that were on their face unimpoverishable over and over your staff said as introduced this will be very, very hard to enforce but i'm here to speak on the narrow issue which i think i
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need to grapple with and recommend to the board of supervisors be included that's the issue of a fee. if you go to the departments website you have today at the height of the greatest earthquake you, you must impose oppose one quadrant plus mr. ram 5 okay 7 if you want to count the secretary and the head of the unit if you want i'll give you steven one on the ground per quadrant and if you're going to do something to monitor the number of days you must draw a next you guess and figure out the per night fee what the required requisite and make that as part of our recommendation to
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the board or your fundamental tlurt of enforce ability will be dead at the beginning thank you for considering my comments >> thank you. next speaker. >> when this issue first arose i said wait a minute, i have friends that suffer in san francisco because their renting out a room in their house what's wrong with this i didn't realize that type of situation is the hip chip of a very large iceberg and hiding behind those people is a cynical business operation that will take advantage of those people to justify what they're doing they operate illegal, and, secondly, they
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operate without having to deal with the labor issues and labor unions and organized labor they operate without having to meet my regulations about fire safety, other safety conditions in the unit, operate widely unit with numerous code violations yet they're allowed to operate. and they're allowed to completely endorse the interests of their neighborhoods. if you're handing out keys to a multiple unit building i don't know who is going to be there i'm not protected for my safety by having a safe building strangers are allowed to come in and out. i need to reiterate what was said about enforcement and urge whatever it adapted there's a
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dedication of funding and a dedicated staff and a source of funds to fund the staff so we know there's an adequate enforcement all i have those things are illegal but nothing is being enforced >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm john. i'm a resident of san francisco and i have disables that stem from a collision here in the center recommended to mobility disables i talk about the kaeshlt in this legislation by supervisor david chiu how will we define what constitutes
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accessibility there's no mention of what is an accessible bathroom and are there inspectors that are involved there is i would be willing to work with david chiu to work with the california certified access specialist program where 5 hundred and 38 licensed architect could come to each unit and inspector it and identify what could be licensed and advertised as assessable. there is no legislation mentioning in this legislation on what would be the outcomes if a vendor housed apartment stated they were assessable if they used the word ada assessable there's no violation of federal
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laws. it described one component of it they would have to define it as assessable bathroom doorway and ramp a rational of one ramp that up to 12 feet out there's no definition of that in my of the literature from rb and b or the other platforms that relate to this legislation. i ask you not approve that you thank you. >> i'm going to ask you who are standing in front of the doors please stand away from the doors. >> i'm going to call more names (calling names). >> sue hester i have a handout for you i have two issues on the
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ballot in november it's going to be a policy for the city to adapt a thirty thousand creation of thirty thousand new units that will be a farce unless you include in this legislation a binding obligation on every unit that's approved that prohibit them from being used as short time rentals you can't create permanent housing units and affordable too without a requirement they really be rented as housing or occupied as housing so the first thing i'll ask prohibit the counting of any units any subdivision or planning commission approval unless there's a binding condition drafted that i the city attorney they can't be
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represented out make the thirty thousand goal real. second i'm familiar with the structure of the planning code. and the number one structure of the administration codes. mr. sanchez has numerous powers granted by did chart and the planning code to interpret every provision of the planning code there's no such requirement in the a.d. audiominute code and the cut-and-paste suggestion that the head of the department of building inspection coma folks get serious. someone needs to interpret every single provision and make sure it works and this is why this should be an amendment to the planning code and the power should northbound the zoning administration not director of building inspection thank you. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon. i'm charlie management government affairs for the association the faa represents the property managers in san francisco and the largest source of affordable housing in san francisco. i'm here to strongly obtain to the legislation and urge a no recommendation or at least hear another hearing the vacation rentals they facilitate the illegal rent control housing we're at a time and place it's unconscionable to have the illegal heirs especially, when it takes several units off the market and planning staff has rightfully talked about the concerns on our housing stock it directly contradicts the objectives and protect the affordability which our housing
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stock they've noted 5 thousand apartment available for rent or rb and r similar weblts this legislation has serious lack of enforce ability. the legislation go tasks for the staff has enforcement responsibilities without dedicated resources of those responsibilities. the legislation also is the only item in the planning commission which does not require the building owners permission for conditional use landlords should have the right to prohibit short time use in their buildings and the agreements must be enforceable and they have the right to prohibit those. we don't have the right we need the right to uphold our lease agreement and the illegal rental
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controlled how's. in summary >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi commissioners i'm testing a resident in go district 57. first of all, before doing any legislation collect the back taxes owed. no more free pass on corporate bad behavior. secondly, please consider in more debt the risk to rent control 5 thousand units a day available online. you had to act when 26 hundred were condos because of the outcry from the community 5 thousand look at the numbers. it's pretty horrible. and it should be at least illegal to charge more than the rent i personally think that 90 days is too long 3 months of a
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year is considered occasional use come on. let's look at besides the risk of rent colonel but to resident perhaps the property owner didn't know that the unit is being rented out by someone their insurance will be cancelled as soon as the insures hear about it one fire could displace all the neighbors. right now we segregate hotel and bed and breakfasts must have conditional use permits not making a citywide change. there's no current enforcement who really benefits i may benefit today, if i rent out any home are apartment but who is
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ben the real estate interests and let's look at this more deeply to protect housing for san francisco residents. thank you. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. okay. i'll call more names (calling names) if ami i've called our name line up on the screen side of the room. >> thank you, commissioners i'm a permanent resident here in san francisco i've lived here 22 years and more recently i've become an owner so i need to be able to pay my high cost of property taxes and i'll say that short time laerpg when i don't have a personal guest has helped memo to on that i've brought
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extra income and business to my district by guests going to restaurant and having groceries basketball from the local stores. i think this legislation to make short term laers legal was not only help a small group of people but will help the entire residents ever san francisco so long as there's restrictions that needs to be some kind of monitoring and of the legislation if it comes into being but i totally support it >> thank you. okay i'll call additional names.
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and good afternoon commissioners i'm karen i'm the board of the merry limb park improvement we represent 22 hundred homes rh1 and rhetorical we've opposed the legislation a lot of them have been said. the legislation applies to the entire city, in fact, prezoning all san francisco what maybe good for selma may be wrong for the park. the legislation benefits the urban b and b and those who want to rent from the hotel. there's no way it can help anyone who wants to live here for lower rent it there decrease the available housing for san francisco and drive for my name
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is families from the city i thought we were trying to provide more homes this does totally the opposite a recent sale in my neighborhood turned into a b and b home please don't legalize this thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is is nancy nelson i've been in san francisco 44 years since i graduated in san diego i adapted four foster children in the 1980s and raised them i have now telegraph hill grandchildren i worked 12 years for the telephone copy to buy a big house for my family.
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the phone company outsourced me before i was ready to retire i've been renting rooms in my house doing home shares and taking care of the mentally disabled folks in my home it's been an emotionally and rewarding inheritance but financially i can't pay my mortgage and bills the last 5 years my income was so small i don't pay federal taxes but i have to file i'm an homeowner now b and b has lout mow me to live in my house and enjoy in my home and the city i love.
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thank you. thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is is geothe last name is bell-air i'm here to support home shires. i'm a master tenant and now i have a sub tenant. i am a renter and the landlord that i had were the best landlord anyone could possibly have. they had a thriving business along 19th street and allowed me to share my guests with home sharing you i've brought so moved so much money into the local businesses that share in the castro district you i'm in
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district 8 and there's never been one problem that i had with any of my guests. they have brought me nothing but happiness and wonderful people. and no one is here saying that home shares are not here to negotiate or help remedy some of the problems we're here to share and learn and that's really all i can say is that home sharing some exist a have regulations but shared regulations that don't interruption other folks >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi, i'm white hay man from
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marin and now live in san francisco. there are a few things that everyone is seeking feeling more and more connected is one section is critical to well-being in all types of growth home sharing is a metabolism for sharing i've got too close connections by doing this you'll continue to hear how home shire expires relationships but provides a way for new visitors to look at this city a community grows by building new i believe your job is to wise completely guide this community. please make sure that you support the growth to increase the connections something it's difficult and essential for
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height and well-being my hope is before making each the many decisions you ask yourself am i supporting connection or disconnection. thank you for dedicating yourselves to this community >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm emily i live in the heights. the notation of renting out your you home is always an option in san francisco. being able to share your residence allows me to live here the home i brought now has two empty reems rooms and looking to host visitors has helped me it's
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a shame to blame home sharing. they're responsible for increasing the efficiency of short time sharing not for stairt it it the the rolling root not the eloquence of the rising apportionment of home sharing we are looking at a larger problem the economic problems are causing the low income people artists and seniors and concerned city groups how to help the identify is well founded we risk becoming home guns, however, sharing is not a clear a value between doesn't and bad. but justice department just as with the buses we need to carefully address the root cause of our housing woo's and not swat at the aftereffects.
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the city should study the plus or minus to all san franciscans and develop sophisticated and housing registrations san francisco is the leader of the sharing committee and the city should take 9 time to balance the approach that serves for accountability municipalities not quickly shut it all down >> thank you. >> next speaker if that line of speakers times to move a little bit colored we'll leave time to make sure everybody can speak. >> name nancy i've live on ca temporary hill i bought a 2 unit building i couldn't buy today, i rent the second unit and support housing i charge rent below mandatory i wanted someone to be
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my co- tenant fussing because i was a social worker for 40 years i support home sharing and offered a small guest room maybe 10 or 15 days a month this pro-practice in no way tribtsd to the home crisis i want to speak about home sharing while your present is different than making an entire apartment available when our absent. i live on a very stable plain clothes we've known each other for decades. i let let my neighbors know in advance one neighbor didn't like me having any guests on any roof-deck it impillaged on their privacy i apologized and immediately stopped that
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practice. when we are literally sharing the room we have a invested interest in consideration this impacts us and while i definitely had this intrepid dictations my guests have been delightful people while i'm home i monitor all things. i understand a particular limit to preserve neighborhood character i ask you consider a compromise for us offering rooms between an overly restrictive no limit thank you for your time >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. good afternoon commissioners i'm melinda i live in twin peaks and lived in san francisco for 23 years i'm here to speak in favor
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of the home sharing unfortunately a lot of the folks seem to not be thinking sensely obviously people are sharing rooms in their home that allows me to write my doctrine of preaching and it is so really important to really recognize that those of us who have been engaged in home sharing are not criminals we have not gone out to destroy the city or disadvantaged our neighbors trying to be good neighbors and in those few instances can be found by long-term tenants they're really the sort neighbor to neighbor problem that happens in other neighborhoods i think it's less likely you'll are problems.
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i'm concerned people keep throwing around the 5 thousand units there's no data for that. there's no real data for that is my spare bedroom a rent controlled units on the market no i'll rent it short term to make end meet i'm not going to put that on the market you need to think about the categories andful understand this a lot better before trying to enforce that with difficulty in endorsing things. please, please find a reasonable way forward. thank you. >> hi, i'm nike live in the castro i live in the district and want the recommendations of the planning department to know they're not reasonable. recommendation number 5 states
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that the amends the ordinance before register with the city recruits a violation even if the unit was not rent like i bought a car the officer hands me a ticket for speeding night ridiculous. in the united states we're granted the right of liberty and i want to add that in home sharing is a benefit to the neighborhood character allowing san franciscans to share their achievements who don't call san francisco home and grandparents would not harm the neighborhood and moms and dads visiting their child to witness their wedding is a net positive for san francisco. family neighbors visiting sick
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neighbors should be able to create a home cooked meal without it being a home criminal offence. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. i'm going to call a few more names. (calling names) >> hello, i'm julie i'm here in support of home sharing i'm a homeowner and a mother of a 10-month-old and four years old we purposed our home no noah valley this is our dream home and at the time, we needed to grow into


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