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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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willing to give out a one-room to support the local community when you host someone from out you have outing town they interact with the local neighborhood in a personal level. one thing i want to comment on there's been a huge gap between the negative and positive reactions with the experiences with b and b and all the case where there is a lot of money coming up i believe if it's moneymaking there's more of a benefit to regulate it rather than shutting it down entirely when something works i dotting downtown want to get rid of it it should enrich i make things better. also i think home sharing has been happening for a long time. i know that a lot of my friends
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have empty nests they fill is with skids that are abstracting out on their own by having apartments b and b helps to fill the entry rooms. yeah, that's all i want to say if people have the foresight to see all the horrible thing i think that having the foresight to come up with the legislation to make it work for everything else thank you. i'm bryan a resident of san francisco a couple of quick points there's a prospective that everyone involved in home sharing and i'm for f it bay is making a killing when i divide the square footage by my place and what i charge fore people to
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stay there it barely covers the cost so there's no profit motivate but to offset some of my costs to maintain my housing the second thing the previous speaker is correct a it's not new, in fact, b and b has brought this on the radar it's frustrating only one hand but providing the infrastructure to make tax and regulation even possible. so that's something to consider and caution you if you were to make the regulation too difficult or impossible you send it underground again so thank you. >> hello, i'm courtney character son i own a 5 unit apartment
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building in north beach in which i do not live and i frequently will get a cup of coffee at the well known coffee shop and last year, i noticed that a lot of money especially in line had sweet shirts and with the america's cup offering where are you staying oh, i have this wonderful apartment in the neighborhood for 3 or 57 weeks. when the papers talk about all the money that was not spent on hotels during the america's cup if those people have actually been paying their attentions maybe the bottom line would a lot a lot better at the same time i thought that was strangle my green post is getting filled
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up with unopened can and bottles and all this garbage what in the world is going on turns out one of the my tenants was renting his apartment through b and b or what when my tenant finally moved fortunately he wanted a birthdays plays i had such a mess in my apartment it doesn't seem right the tenants can go and rent their apartments without the permission of the prove or disprove i had to do so much work and it's one thing a single mother an extra room but take into account this legislation needs more work.
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thank you >> good evening i mean, i'll be brief i'm michael a resident for 9 years and a homeowner in the mission district i'm in favor of david chiu's legislation i've had a good experience and there's if you hotels that can find rooms here and part of the experience throughout the years i've been doing it throughout the past year i hope you'll consider the protective and support home sharing for the future. thank you >> councilmembers i'm a professional working here for san francisco while i don't rent out my apartment it's important
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to understand what those companies bring so inform is new life people who have been living here for 57 or one hundred years those people get to learn about all the beautiful things from a native resident. that speaks had more than any sort of antidote about trash in our composite or misplaced bottles it's important to understand that people who use the b and b love the places they're sharing and i and b b will continue to share their experience let's talk about antidotes not facts they want more regulation people really time to be taxed on the money that comes through b and b that's railway people say they
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want to pay taxes on the money they're getting, however, those people are happy to rent out their places and building their terms are somewhat interchangeable but to reinvest in their communities it's wonderful thank you. >> hi, i'm nelson i was born and raised in san francisco and currently a san francisco my mom and pop own a chinese restaurant my mom and pop are making a true mom and pop shop so i ran into pa group of people and helping them, in fact, the memo they're from germany and their host
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insist they come to eat on the our restaurant i was exist. they were very happy to be out there and i was happy they were there. they came back on several occasions and loved it and had a great come a time i can only imagine how many other people are getting patrons host for places like b and b and eating at a local place like my father's routinely restaurant i'm grateful for that. thank you. >> i tried to write something but it's a little bit longer in 1983 i raised my only daughter and despite working as a well caught waitress i slept in my
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lymph and rented my berm home sharing is not new to san francisco when i returned with a dock transit in 1998 i wished i'd not left my rent controlled apartment. i was envious of my friends. now i work in home health and serve patient in the city three years ago, i purchased a flat and borrowing from i 40 k we had repairs totally more than $3,000 dollars i might be homeless again fortunate i have an extra bedroom and have hosted folks.
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families of neighbors and tourist are drawn here and new cafes have emerged and arresting our classic cinema massachusetts has been renovated. indeed i feel safer with carefully screened guests in anywhere home. while one neighbor might be envious what is required in order for this city and county and residents ever san francisco to benefit from home sharing is the intention of this legislation is truly protecting people precede cautiously. >> hi, i'm martha i live in the outer sunset i'm american people homeowner and an b and b host will i'm an advocate for the home sharing percentage i'm very
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much opposed to abuse of and services i rent out a room in my house and i use it for family members that come magnify the year. the income is critical to me i wouldn't be able to afford the mortgage if i didn't get b and b i fulfill hope to pay the taxes and i want to talk about what our guests experience they existence the city in the outdoor sunset were not a lot of people come through the eyes of myself and neighbors they frequent our coffee shops and local studio and they leave here and have repeat guests and that money goes to golden gate park.
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i could go on with stories i won't i'll end by asking you to please consider my circumstance i love san francisco and would like to continue here please support the legislation that will allow me to do that. >> come on up next speaker bobby lee and others. >> thank you. good evening dear commissioners i'm tony's host a single room in the outer sunset. i'm here today in support of fair and reasonable home sharing legislation and ask you to
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support the same the benefit to home sharing are many both perm and the rewards benefit our neighbors some of the guests stay because they were grandchildren in the neighborhood and some stay for marathons and music fizzle or stay in a walking distance close to the beach you've heard personal antidotes i understand that standards and practices need to be in place for the safety of the neighborhoods and ourselves but a puny registry is not the answer it will serve no purchase but to expose people to possible near dwellers possible break-ins and dangerous i feel the violations proposed for a nonregistry and capping it for
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90 days is unreasonable you've heard people have to rent out short-term to keep their mortgages and a lot of those are properties they wouldn't be renting out long-term i'm opposed to the abuses people trying to get over on landlord for the sole you purpose of short time rentals that's what is taking away from the housing market not the single-family dwellings owners trying to live >> ladies and gentlemen, of the planning commission i'm bryce i support home sharing. my wife and i live in the mission district last year my my wife and i suppressed concern about our financials my wife and
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i have struggled to have a child we appreciate our prayers the child will live in your second bedroom it's not on option to rent we feel if we ever had a tenant we wouldn't be able to remove them so b and b is helping i support the economy but done the right way. i strongly support the tax as a way to give back to the city and although our guests have been amazing without this legislation we wouldn't be able to call the police and a maximum price bothers me is makes it harder had everyday for our family at that raise extra money i'm afraid of having my neighbors
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reporting me rewarding neighbors calling on others i think it's ma categoryism i want to share my home in a way that's responsible thank you for your consideration. >> good evening commissioner an opportunity for focusing i'm in support of home shairng i started a year ago after a two year to year year unemployment status without home sharing that would have been impossible to pay my mortgage i'm employed now and hope to continue home sharing. i own one unit in a two unit condo and have discussed my home sharing with the other owner who rents anti emphasis condo so we
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have no problems there are. most of the the people i have hosted fall two too categories their young european customers in their used to home sharing and prefer to stay in home sharing rather than a hotel. they like to spend their money not on pricey hotels but enjoy spending their money in our local knew they buy an extra suitcase or two their shopping from chains and independent store owns they frequent our restaurant and i think this makes it very differable for this clinic tell to verified united states the second have been older adults that come to
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the theatres and restaurants this makes it possible for them to spend their money where i like to see them spend their money in the local economy not with hotel changes. thank you. >> hi i've been becoming a host has changed my life in positive ways the money i another person helps me to pay my partial mortgage and property taxes i'm an artist it's difficult to survive in places like san francisco. as a host i have international travels to bayview i live there a lot of people don't know that
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area a lot of cab drivers do know the area because because of international travelers they're coming in that area and as a single person it's nice when new guests ask me how my day was i do the same thing to them it's a nice social interaction i extending send them to the cafeteria in my neighborhood and that's a really interesting thing to add. i urge you to allow and have this in san francisco. thank you very much. >> >> next speaker. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names).
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>> good evening commissioners an opportunity to be here i'm barbara a homeowner in san francisco i started sharing my home land use & economic development committee last year when i lost my job it saved me from losing my home one area was a small office i had to use when i was working and a small room for friends and family that are invest most of my guests are man, woman, and child themselves many are the first time in the united states and wouldn't be able to stay in hotels in san francisco many of my guests were saying if day sharing they would only stay one night now they visit three or four nights and contribute to shopping.
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i have concerns about the days of home sharing in particular if you live there. right now, i'm working on starting a small business if home shooirg were restricted i will be forced a band those are plans and safety the platforms that exist are effective because of the transparency and the trust mechanisms that are under its been a good way of vesting who you enter into a transaction i'm concerned that people out of economic net are flocking to unregulated shadowy forums we know on craigslist it would create a market for all risks concerned. thank you for hearing me he appreciate our time >> thank you.
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>> my name is catherine i'm an owner of a building where i had tenants begging me not to let b and b stay p there. i personally think that b and b is a wonderful business i don't think it's going to go anywhere but on fair sharing the fact it necessities transparent to the owner is not fair. i think that not knowing who is in our building i think $150,000 of insurance is a reasonable i think that my personal experience my neighbor rent out most of time those short term tenants are wonderful sometimes there's there to have a great time in san francisco and their
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noisy you don't think you don't know i don't know if it's fair i'm not allowed to race the rent 38 they get to change it to another type of business i'm not allowed to have i can't do anything about it that's it thank you. >> how do i expect to follow that i i'm a renter in the mission district and work as a carpenter i have my whole life and i've made by workman's comp my hands around a hammer my other roommate are typically associated with this industry and sometimes the construction jobs take me away from the city
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the small supplemental income helps to and i validate this and start home sharing in march i had one person who was coming from the city i mentioned to him on passing that must have been a interesting thing they showed up and brought this huge coffee table book it was pretty touching and interesting because a lot of the web community and subcontractors are texting and people are pseudonyms and the b and b platform you invite people into our home and meet them in a imitate high fledged traditional to meet people i've made connections with people from
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states and criticize it's a delightful thing i hope it didn't isn't taken away from all of us thanks. >> hello, i hope you're having a good day. about 13 months ago i started home sharing i'm an entrepreneur in san francisco that requires time and money and network. so this allowed me to create time to work night and day and build a network i starred hosting a lot of entrepreneurs come into the city their amazing i'm still friends and having additional money for my start up the success story fast forward i have 13 commissioner weiner's employees here in selma all
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full-time employees they're here because of home sharing it's made a big impact on me i hope you'll consider that. >> hello and thank you for your time i'm sure that is a lot of times but i've lived in san francisco my entire life we converted our home to converted a space for renting because my mom is 90 and needs help at home this allows hearing her some extra income to pay for something our experience has been wonderful autonomy with the b and b but the guests as well. it's wonderful for my mom who loves to talk and help them we give them a now and then tourist
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guidebook on brown where to go so they can not, you know, plaza places that are paying for recommendations but places we give them insightful information on the restaurants in san francisco and i do agree with we all want to pay taxes we all agree and i do agree that it would be inappropriate for someone who is renting to be able to rent out without permission from in their landlord that's inappropriate and accountable that's good enough i know you guys are tired thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm naomi a sa francisco resident and a homeowner in district 6 for the last of years i'm a mom that
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wouldn't have been able to keep their home without home was not a success i had a year of not give and take paid so this helped me to hold up my mortgage and stay in my home which was the first non-rented home now we're wrament our painted lady even on i'm a affordable care act accountant is the soul of my city and neighborhood and house it's one of the first to be rebuilt after the 1906 san francisco earthquake in true san francisco style they picked up themselves and for the next 65 years it was taking in borders in 1970s a local artist she
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bought our house and join the yards and the factory to have us because sherry she was a press it's she remodeled it to create the temple of us us and had interesting parties in the day we basketball our house from her when i share my home i honor the history of san francisco that welcomes artists for one hundred and 8 years i found myself honoring the history of my town that welcomes weirdos and gives them a true place to call hem. >> hi, i'm d i'm a native san
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franciscan born and raised pr and my story is the same as many people here. i want to save my family home my family all died and went to heaven i was here a woman of a certain age i've made a living as a performing artist for 45 years and when i returned here there was no jobs so i recreated a new family so b and b gave me a short time situation i preserved my home people came in and got to share the history of '75 years of san francisco i got to make plans from all over the world that was important for me to recreate a family on on the west side i


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