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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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years ago to honor citizenship and fair and just pathway of citizenship for everyone. this day of celebration began 30 years ago in the 80s during the immigrants rights movement to celebrate the success of our immigrant families, city college and other students and all instructors for all of their hard work. please join us friday morning from 10:30 to 11:30 as well. the rest i will submit. city clerk: supervisor wiener. >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you. colleagues, today i'm introducing legislation regarding streetlights. we held several major hearings on the state of our streetlight system showing a number of deficiencies, the system is old, unreliable, has huge deferred maintenance, although puc and pg & e have
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improved the response time for if i -- fixing broken lights there is more work to do and focused on streets and not sidewalks. the legislation i'm introducing today will establish city streetlights in a number of way. first a uniformed shared standard for streetlight repairs so that simple outages need to be corrected within 48 hours of being reported. too often we hear about lengthy delays of a report of a burned out streetlight and streetlight being repaired. the legislation will require that city policy be to transition our streetlight system from streetlights that light roads, streetlights that are pedestrian grade in other words that lights our sidewalks. these streetlights are so
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critical to neighborhood safety and our quality of life that makes no sense to have lighting that are lighting streetlights and blocking streets from trees below them. this requires that at any time that 50 percent of street lighting on a street is being upgraded or added, an evaluation is conducted for converting the entire street to pedestrian grade lighting. the legislation will require better integration of pg & e's streetlights into the city's 311 system and develop a requirement for more detailed reporting of completed repairs of pg & e streetlights. but legislation will also move us towards a quicker transition to led technology and will also require better tracking of our gis system
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and a better policy to acquire pg & e street lights so we have one streetlight operator instead of a split system around half the lights are owned and maintained by puc and half by pg & e which is confusing, inefficient and leads to a lot of problems. i will note that in a previous hearing pg & e indicated that it is in favor of the puc taking over the streetlights. of course there will be a process and a cost involved to see how that goes. in the long run it needs to go in that direction and makes it an official policy. colleagues, street lights are important in the city and incredibly neglected. it's time to turn that around in the recently adopted budgets we are spending more than we had to maintaining the puc streetlights. we are finally going to see our streetlight system put in
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the 10 -year capital plan which is long over due and now with this legislation we will finally have clear statutory standards and policies governing this important system. i see across the way at a supervisor cohen would like to be a sponsor, thank you. the rest i will submit. cl eric cl eric thank you. we will add supervisor cohen as a cosponsor. mr. president, that concludes these items. >>president david chiu: thank you very much. >> thank you very much colleagues. i won't be labor the point. i think we have heard a lot being said about the crisis that we are facing and i just want to take the opportunity to thank the budget and legislative analyst, city attorneys office and everyone. i know that our public defender was here previously
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who has been helpful in putting this proposal together. what we are seeking today is based on pretty comprehensive analysis of the need. it is not a panacea a. we need all hands-on deck and pack of the solution however requires that we make an investment to make sure that the kids that we hear from and so many others have access to legal representation. i'm simply going to ask, we have a number of people in the audience that are here for this item simply ask the people who are here to supplement the supplemental to provide legal representation to minors can please stand. i know there were many more here earlier. thank you. thank you very much. with that colleagues, i think it would be important for us
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as a city to send a very clear message and will get to as close to a unanimous vote as possible and i want to thank the members of the budget and finance committee for recommending this item which was amended to reflect some recommendations from the budget analyst and i want to thank my cosponsors supervisors avalos and yee. >>president david chiu: the last item was unanimous. can we take the same role call. >>supervisor london breed: i just want to make a last comment. i want to thank you for bringing this forward. this issue is heartbreaking. i watched the committee last week and the kids who came before the committee and the concern in terms of what
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happens if they didn't receive the support negative -- necessary to hire a lawyer and remain here with their families. i want to thank supervisor campos for bringing the item forward. i think this is a great effort and i hope this makes a real difference and i hope we can get reports on the progress. thank you. >>president david chiu: colleagues, do we need a roll call vote? can we do this same call same vote? this item passes on the first reading. [ applause [ cheers and applause ]
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>>president david chiu: with that, at this time why don't we go to general public comment. madam clerk? city clerk: sf public comment. public comment:at this time, members of the public may address the board on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the board will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting with one exception. when the agenda item has already been reviewed in a public hearing at which members of the public were allowed to testify and the board has closed the public hearing, your opportunity to address the board must be exercised during the public comment portion of the calendar. each member of the public may address the board for up to 3 minutes. if it is demonstrated that comments by the public will exceed 15 minutes, the president may continue public comment to another time during the meeting.
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>> hello, my name is ruben goodman, a mental health consumer. i would like to bring to your attention one of the most vulnerable populations? san francisco, mental health consumers who are residents of assisted living facilities. such residents have no protection against evictions. even if those evictions are because of retaliation because the resident was a whistle blower. or for similar reasons. i have had the experience of this between the client and the facility.
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unfortunately the human rights commission had no help to give. it didn't fit kwn their parameters and neither did the tenant unit. there is no place where a mental health consumer resident of an assisted living facility can go when they are facing a wrongful eviction. i would like the board of supervisors to consider looking at local legislation to tighten the rules and regulations regarding evictions at board and care facilities. thank you very much. >>president david chiu: thank you, next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president. victims of the cobbal, my name is chris goodall, 10 blocks from sea level. yes, mr. president, i said victims of the cobb al and i
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see how you too are victims and they let you think you are in charge and i know and you know that you are not really the decideers. i know and you know though you would never call yourself. you are the pinker ton class, the at once that do the work for them wechlt -- we saw this at the transbay terminal and needed a stamp. you don't see the need. muni will be obsolete. the guided taxicab will be obsolete also and bart train will be obsolete and trans and the rest will be replaced with safe, cheap and prompt personal transit instead of public mass transit. that is the robot tab.
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the future to think about global warming and sea level rise. you authorize the largest underground swimming pool in the world. will raise sea level by 150 feet or so. ground level at van ness and market is 91 feet above sea level. it's six 6 stories high making the roof at about 50 feet above sea level. as you pass that intersection, look up and see the future. thank you, mr. president. >> good afternoon, supervisors, it's time to say no to nor domestic violence in san francisco. we must do our part to put an end to this problem. san francisco has witnessed
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domestic violence involving former supervisor and our sheriff department. when the smoke cleared, san francisco supervisor moved on and pretended that never happened. domestic violence and abuse is not a hot topic unless it involves celebrities. domestic violence runs rampid in this neighborhood. it is a daily reality. this is a san francisco problem. unfortunately some believe domestic violence not a real problem. it's our society and some can't relate to it. i hereby propose to the san francisco to take the following actions, all city employees to volunteer counseling and iter management classes, any city employees that is arrested and charged for domestic violence at home or work should be suspended from work immediately while
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investing and performing a decision is rendered. those convicted must complete a counseling prior to earning their privilege returning to their place of employment. necessity -- any resident of san francisco public housing, sro charged with domestic violence should be evicted from the place of residence. stop and take a moment to reflect on the plight of the innocent victims who have feared everyday and you come to realize a victim's mind may have forgotten, but the heart never will. there are no alternatives but to take action and that time is now.
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>> good afternoon. domestic violence, the casino, gambling, from activities, action beyond our reason of principal. sometimes even the police force, [inaudible] but all the police they have adjustment because of the way they see things. like a uc professor. they don't see things with good reason. then their thinking mess up a lot of -- all mix up. the way they handle the people with duty, like a streetlight. they arrest people for no good reason sometimes. but mostly they do their job. i really support the police force. they do a good job. you have
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to look carefully for judgment when they try to arrest somebody. some when somebody is being -- by the center security or the police to -- order. yeah, >> good afternoon, mr. president and supervisor eric mar and supervisor john avalos and david campos, wherever he is. i want to inch you -- inform you that today we filed a federal lawsuit against the san francisco giants for an incident that occurred on june 23rd whether they declared
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native american heritage day and two native american indians why e ejected from the stadium. the woman was hurt, her arm was fractured, severely hurt. it was a violation of their civil rights and violation of the united nations declaration of indian people specifically article 8 and i come here to ask you board of supervisors to be sympathetic when sunday november 23rd, the 49ers are going to be playing the washington red skins, that is the r word for us and we call on you to send a letter to the city and county of santa clara asking them to please refrain from using the word redskins
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in their newspapers, in their radio broadcasting and we will be there in demonstration. i call on my district supervisor david camps to put this item of institutional racism and mascots in sports on the agenda "board of supervisors on september 30th. i would very much appreciate that. thank you very much. thank you thank you very much. >> good afternoon, my name is bonnie quan. i'm here from the asian and pacific islander american health forum. a non-profit organization in san francisco dedicated to improving the health and well being of more than $18.5 million asian americans, i'm here opposed the abortion ban. as a daughter of korean
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immigrants who lacked health care growing up, i urge you to pass this roulgs that promotes any negative stereotypes in the asian community. this politically driven war on win has diminished women's action to safe abortions as well as contraceptives and well women care. those that the prenatal and non-discrimination rights of elective abortion. in reality they person petuate asian american women and other women of color to increase scrutiny by their providers. a new road block to women's health is not what the doctor ordered. they have low contraceptives and non-hispanic white women to ever use birth control. pacific islander women have
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seen an increase in pregnancy over the past decade. while antiabortion laws may seem meaningless, this causes a resolution to call out the laws what they truly are. we must improve access for asian community and minorities to obtain quite a equitable health care. thank you. >> hello, everyone. i'm also here to support the resolution opposing selective abortion bans. these bans are harmful in that they limit reproductive rights for women and reasons force racist stereotypes of the asian american community. selective abortion bans are hypocritical. the ideas that these laws support gender equality is a
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joke. it's aimed to limit women's rights and ban abortions altogether. they aim to completely take away our rights as women to choose when to have children. even worse this abortion ban is using the asian community to person petuate negative stereotypes in the doctors office and create further barriers in receiving care. this also uses barriers in languages and lack of coverage. this creates another barrier for us. the abortion bans encourage the idea of asian americans as person petual foreigners and the community does care about women and girls which is why i am standing here today but the law does not. please pass the resolution of proposed selective abortion bans, thank you. >> good afternoon.
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my name is maria, i work at forward together. a community based organization that works together to ensure families have the power and resources to make their needs. we ask all city council members to vote yes today. sex selective abortion bans are just about banning abortion period. they are not about gender equality and we know this because the people behind the bans are voting against women's rights in equality. they are hypocritical and thurt women in our communities. in particular these abortion bans exploit the asian community in order to further restrict access to abortion services. they person petuate, given the many barriers that asian and pacific islanders from language translation to
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affordability, the last thing we need is racial profiling. it is unacceptable and unjust. in a city where the population is largely asian american, we need you to stand with the asian american community and all women in supporting this resolution. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is chelsey here in support of the resolution of selective abortion bans. they are not about gender equality. they are about banning abortion. in fact the people behind these bands vote against women's rights. in the assembly the author of the ban introduced this and voted against maternity
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conversations and -- coverages . the real issue is banning abortion rights for a woman to make a decision about when to become a parent. such measures are infringing on our basic benefit health care and to create yet another barrier to access reproductive health services. i stand here as an asian american and city of san francisco. >> not many days ago we were told to respect the cdc. centers for disease control. >> excuse me, sir, if you can direct your comments to the
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board and not a member of the board. that is the rule. >> we respect the centers for disease control by saying in essence that they are a trustworthy organization wanting to control disease. but i beg of you sir, and you too, the other dc and auflg you to go to info wars .com. i love to preach the word of god. i'm torn between one thing and the other thing that god wants me to tell you. really, these people are are despicable. they are giving them vaccines to protect them. the scripture i want to talk about what we touched on last
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week. everything he did was a class act. he walks in to the synagogue and reads from i -- and this scripture is fulfilled in your ears. when paul got saved he said jesus appeared to him and testified that they saw the bright light but they didn't theory voice and he couldn't prove that voice because he proved it by going to the profit, malachi and all of them because every single book testifies something of jesus christ. the best is daniel 9 because in daniel 9 -- >>president david chiu: thank you, next speaker.
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tom, just to repeat i kind of -- can we get a close up here. new york of september 1st, don't shoot. if you like the article, something about getting money out of politics. i forgot that it was september 1st. a lot of people hold off from reading the magazine for a while. bay bridge, the trolley, let's see, the big hole in the ground. i was kind of wondering if we were going to have some discussion about that. but let's talk about housing.
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last year i said i was against changing 2,000 units into tennants in common. and but what was i for? i came up with a two part plan. one is who can changeover to like winning the lottery if that's what it's called. i came up with that plan overhead as i'm running out of time. that's all right. i will run out of time anyway. you have a ranking. how old you are, the amount of years that you've owned your property gets you a ranking. if you want 40 people to change every year, you start at the top and you reward the people that have kept the
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fabric of our society as long as possible. and can be passed along in inheritance so it doesn't get lost. that kind of part one. rewards and part two is -- >> >>president david chiu: thank you very much. are there any other members who wish to speak in general public comment. seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk. committee adoption. >>president david chiu: colleagues do we have any item you would like to sever p item 16 and 18.
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city clerk: supervisor yee, supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, campos, aye, chiu aye, supervisor cohen, aye, ferrell aye, supervisor kim, aye, supervisor mar, aye, tang aye, supervisor wiener, there are 11 ayes. >> item 15.


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