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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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supervisor campos supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 8 i's and 430 notice this amendment is adapted the mexico one has to do with supervisor campos with the transit occupies this need to be received back to planning roll call. >> supervisor campos supervisor chiu no supervisor cohen no supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee
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supervisor avalos supervisor breed no there are 5 i's and of nos this amendment has failed correction. >> just making sure you're all paying attention (laughter) the next one is supervisor campos prsht are short-term rentals that rental that are significant to ellis act evictions. >> supervisor campos supervisor chiu no supervisor cohen. >> just so i'm clear. >> this is the amendment to prohibit short-term rentals that were subject to ellis act within years. >> supervisor cohen i supervisor farrell marry no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang no supervisor wiener
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supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed there are 8 i's and 3 nos this amendment passes and supervisor breed had an amendment and this has to do with also i believe a private right of action and ammunition with the ellis act evictions. >> supervisor campos supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed pr there are 11 i's this amendment passes all right. deputy city attorney. >> through the chair it's mom
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and dad's that the two amendments by supervisor kim and supervisor breed regarding the private right of action have conflict overall i think those two amendments can be reconciled but the difference between 9 two is that in supervisor kim's adapted amendment the nonprofit housing organization can file a private right of action 45 days after filing a complaint with the city they don't have to wait for the city administration process where supervisor breed's amendment requires that the nonprofit that is suing file a complaint with the city wait thirty days and then provide if after thirty days pass they have to provide an additional thirty days notice to the city
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attorney's office for the the president for the proceeding and if the city initiate their proceedings they can't move forward with their right of of action that's the conflict between the two. >> so question to the city attorney's office is this something else by the need to resolve open the floor or discussions in committee. >> upgrade it can be revolve if you like to either prude with one over and over develop a hybrid with a moths that carries. >> supervisor breed. >> just to clarity the thirty days was put into effect to allow for at least the planning department to make a determination hass as to whether or not something could be done for for a particular property that was initiation and forgive did city attorney's office the mind they need to terminate
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whether or not at that they're to pursue the litigation it doesn't go through the same level of the administrative native process as the current legislation but specifically separates the ellis act locates so the process is competed so we can hold them accountable more than the united that are not toifrpd to an linda chapman's evicts. >> as i read the language it is indicates the nonprofit can institute a civil action only in it provides the action but the city hats not initiated the certify procedures benefited of the thirty day but if the city initialed it's own lawsuit then the interested party could not file suit under supervisor kim's the timing is different but east even if the city has a lawsuit
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it could still go forward it's the difference. >> okay. so does supervisor kim have further question so colleagues before us we have two again duplicate files one contains all of the amendment that can be voted open today, the second set contains amendment that has to be referred to the planning commission and my closing comments colleagues thank you for your for your truth of the matter work on this i want to thank the members of the public for taking part in our democratic policy this is our democracy how we move complicated policy forward with the changes that are proposed i'm very happy about what has been proposed i'd like the colleagues to support the versions that we have that is not going back to committee we
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move forward so we take a significant step forward in establishing in san francisco clear rules with an ability to enforce a system around short-term rentals that protects our city in the midst of an affordable housing crisis we know we could move this favored thank you to the staffers marilyn and my office and insure while all as we move forward continue to monitored what we're doing the planning department will be studying this will not go into effective not that i recall february to up to the time u put rules in place to implement this as embellishing and quebec as possible we'll be assuring we are moving forward i
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support the trailing version what supervisor breed and supervisor kim proposed makes sense participate on the one hand to look at the ellis act and supervisor kim's motion to insure we have an additional layer of protection of enforcement look forward to those being reconciled i understand they need to go back to the planning commission for additional decision but hopefully move that through the board but i ask yourself support today to move that forward thank you. >> all right. so there's one item we do need to correct at the moment, no formal introduction of a motion to introduce supervisor breed's amendment so we can forming adapt the motion and have a second to that. >> oh, sorry. >> i move the motion that i
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supervisor breed and seconded by supervisor farrell so at this time i believe our last i want to thank you for the opportunity to thank supervisor chiu and his staff sea the 8 supervisors that introduced the amendments that is making our legislation better and, of course, all the stakeholders that contributed so at this time on the file that does not require reference to committee i want to take that up to the last vote was unanimous is there a need for a roll call vote no we'll take that without objection. >> yes. >> i'm sorry oh, i apologize are on item 10 as not limited to supervisor campos pursue no supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell
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supervisor kim supervisor mar no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee no supervisor avalos no supervisor breed there are 7 i's and 4 nos. >> the measure is adapted as for the duplicate file madam clerk. >> i apologize so this version that we have today to clarify with all the number one sub active amendment our vote per the madam clerk read with that, we have an long over due special accomodation. >> madam chair, i think we need to vote to the other committee file. >> with that a motion but supervisor chiu and supervisor cohen referred to committee
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all right. madam clerk. >> thank you, thank you very much colleagues and thank you to the public and. >> the next tempo the special accomodation period by supervisor chiu presenting a special accomodation to the deputy controller monique. >> that was fun. >> if we could ask the folks to leave the champ quietly we have
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additional business to complete thank you so with that, i want to thank the public fewer our patience if waiting for the 2:30 accomodation that a special momentum for many of us colleagues i don't think there's a single person in the chamber who don't have a high opinion of the person to proclaim if we had to do a straw unanimous pole she'd rate higher than all of us monique is someone as we all
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know has worked as deputy controller for a past dozen years and held numerous incredibly important rules a as panhandle unfortunate with the board of supervisors analyst and served as the cfo for the department of public health as the budget manager for the rec and park department and every roll she's had oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light is someone that provided exemplar management skills and navalal advise and the ability to support those we're here to service he's meridian entire generations of city staff and must be members of the board of supervisors that have benefited from here thoughtful council and constant belief in the goodness of government moj is someone
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i've never seen anger and prosperity h has been oh, i guess here daughters are nodding their heads you but here patience with the political discussions and the mirror i can't do of executives appointee at city hall she's been spur human but at the same time she's be able to balance an amazing professional career and also raised a would have family in san francisco earned an mba and supported a larger community of friends and family with that, you are a operation on the on behalf of the board of supervisors but i'll propose that today october 7, 2014, be declared as monique day in the city and county of san francisco
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so thank you, monique (clapping) and workplace i'm going to acknowledge colleagues supervisor avalos. >> monique you can't leave us i'm happy our choosing a new pathway in life i'm he excited for you i really can't think that any other person out loud of my own office that has a major influence on my work on the board of supervisors i've devoted my attendance to the city budget and ever since day one when i arrived at city hall as a protective aid your work was an credible educate to learn the ropes of how the city works
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you were very, very generous with our knowledge about how all the aspects of the city budget i actually came to the board any first year chairing the budget committee and being comfortable depositing doing that because of the working i've done offer the years with you you've made an incredible impact on the city i've mafshd how were you able to have a enpelvic knowledge if i asked any questions upper on top of that that's a rare thing it shows such a dedication to the city and i i know on top of i'm looking you and to your family i want to congratulate you for your decades of service and your
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work and bringing so many of us up here in the city to be doesn't budget watcheser and look at it for that the best interests of the entire city thank you very much and i look forward to seeing you not as an employee of city hall but in our other works wanting to be involved in organizations that support people entertaining with homelessness and looking forward to seeing you then. >> commissioner chan monique i was dreading that day i worked with you in the mayor's office and then as the atlantic aid staffing and now this rule you've been this instead person
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with the knowledge and expertise i found you fair to all the supervisors we were lucky to have you vessels our husband and got to work with your daughter as well in our office an interim under president chiu and thank you very much your office and you and all the work you do a lot of times goes unseen but it is a function of our city government so really want to thank you really hope i enjoy our retirement and whoever is filling in our shoes really hope they can do see so thank you, monique and phil and your family you can have her back now. >> supervisor farrell go thanks president chiu gosh monique i can't believe you're doing this to us you know the last 3 and a half years especially the last two being
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part of it with my 5 colleagues on the budget committee you're an amazing friend and resource and guidance for after all us no matter where we were on political issues you transcend that and been an amazing guide to all of us it's tough to explain how everyone feels about you and your participation with us and your dialog but you've been an amazing part of it i will not forget the last year's of budget committee the late nights and working on things and our opinions you've done an amazing job of the professional dominions not only what people ask you, your opinion matters they've you shaped the policies at the board of supervisors and i hope you know that your thought and guidance has been have you lived by all of us
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we're smart and our budget process and budget committee has been better for that without a doubt i've joked with ben when i haven't come to budget committee some certificate folks on the budget committee this past year we were almost deputy tied as a sheryl she went into the benches and quieted people and never seep her get angry i've seen her get angry when people talk two loud you care about it so much and upper the salt of the earth we're going to miss you a ton you're going to be a longer resident and look forward to seeing you around city hall thank you for all you've done it's a culmination of things
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over the decades so thank you very much and supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. vice president i want to say thank you very much for your service i know that it's been a very challenging roll not only because of the complexity of all the things our working on by you have to deal directly with the board of supervisors that alone can make it a tough job it's been a pleasure to work with you and i thank you for your services and best of luck in our retirement. >> supervisor wiener thank you, mr. president i still remember when we passed the budget out of committee i forgotten the last budget i remember the look on our face it was either the sadness or relief or both i've seen monique
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getting upset about a policy i'm not the going to say what it is but it showed her absolute passion for the city and for the future of the city i also, we sometimes there's a lot and this was true in all government by especially in san francisco a lot of potshots and city hall and the government so the way we the choices we make about spending money and the size of the budget but what a lot of people don't realize as many champions and there are many there's ways to improve our budget and how we spend money we in a number of different areas san francisco is so far ahead of a lot of cities whether or not the capital planning process or the reserve policies or policies
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around issuing bonds or not raising property tax but one of the ways we're incredible strong is the controller's office i think that most people don't understand what a crucial rule the controller's office plays in keeping us on track in terms of our the fiscal sustainability of the city and the many ways we've worked with the controller's office and just it's a safety net in a lot of ways and monique you've been obviously an essential element of that success and we're going to miss you, we know you're going to be here some nonprofit is going to be having you on their board and you're going to be able to- you're not capita of anything but working hard congratulations we're going to miss you we have a couple of other individuals for a few comments
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including our clerk. >> thank you mr. president, ma'am, deputy controller i grew up that you meridian in 2005 what were at the 11th hour and it was you and a couple of women if the room you and ted said if you take one hundred thousand and tinker it this way someone said this is perfect, thank you. for mentor me when when i become the clerk of the board as well even though you have a week before the retired i'm still going to it can take you up on the exit interview we're going to miss you and the great work with with the departments you've helped us craft the legislation motorcycling through the board of supervisors thank you in kind kindly for everybody and at
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least it someone you've worked closely with our controller. >> thank you board members i'll be brief one of the great things about monique she likes solicitations so we'll have other opportunity so one of the great juicy have i'm one the few people that gets to work wefrd monique from that seat and my observations of mammogram this is remarkable the work she does spovrt the boards and mayors as it is the work she does in entry-lev entry-level accountants and on behalf of the controller's office we like to join the board in congratulating mammogram with that, ma'am.
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>> so it's been a long time coming and the time is here and i'm happy about that thank you members of the board for your kind words of me and of the controller's office and the controller's office commitment to insure effective government and operations in the city i've lived and worked if the city all my did you want life and learned early on i have a calling for pun service and san francisco is my home working for the city and county has been challenging i recognize the vast arrays of services that san francisco brings to its citizens is there because of good decisions and i by policymakers and elected officials like users with the help of your aids and staff and also department heads and
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support staff like me and many of the others in the controller's office we all unit around the same goal to maintain a financially sound do city that ed harrington made a goal for the controller's office many, many years ago and to expand and improve the services we're there as the financial anchor so that we can provide those services to the people that need them i've been fortunate to serve under 6 mayors and dozens of supervisors and the talented managers of the controller's office rec and park department and the department of public health and, of course, the controller's office they and all of our departments provide critical functions and services that i believe make san francisco the best managed city in the world you ask the rating
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a little they'll agree with us i'm cognizant our success is due to the teamwork and collaboration more than the city family our pun service employees are well trained and educated their smart and hard working and creative and dedicated i've witnessed many reach and on that excellence i'm proud to see men and women choose finance and technology as they area and in the public sector where they could probably get a more lucrative salary in the private seeblth we use those tools and the it tools to improve the city for better services when i look at the city government in san francisco i see more access and better health care more access to
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social services better parks and certainly a very robust infrastructure we're paving our streets and planting trees and all of us families appreciate that so very much by have redone our museums we've added to children's services the aged and the 12k5sh8 and getting ready to achieve transportation or the supervisor wiener i see that coming and we'll success with all this great stuff it's time to retire thank you board members and your aids at the dedicated staff your yes, ma'am path and to reach the underserved our passion for excellence and our support of your department head and their staff thank you, of course, to ben
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rosenfeld in believing in me to implement lots of infrastructure improvements allowing me sometimes to be bold and frank and encouraging us to stretch a little bit fallout to meet those goals are i think it's safer to have served the city for years and leaving the city in talented hands thank you. (clapping.) and adrian wants you to know that the dodgers