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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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of the central market tenderloin payroll tax exclusion zone which i was proud to walk on more than three years ago with mayor lee, supervisor kim, and many stakeholders. it's a detailed document that some of the key take aways show that the program has succeeded beyond our initial expectations. a few facts. payroll tax revenues grew at 648% for the area compared to an overall city growth of 47% during that same time period. the area $7.1 million more in payroll taxes he than it would have if the area had grown at the same rate as the rest of the city during that time period. the program caused 4.2 million in payroll taxes to be foregone, but because of the increase in the additional payroll tax it's a net benefit of $3 million. there was a 49% increase in the number of new businesses he established in the area in that four-year time period of 61 new businesses which is compared to the rest of the city's new business growth rate of 23% and of these 61 new businesses he
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established in the area, only 15 were part of the payroll tax exclusion. and i want to also note that commercial rents, residential rents and housing values in the area did increase significantly as we know but at similar rates to the rest of the city. of course t' good to see the data in this report, but i think for many of us to understand the success of the policy one just needs to walk along market street and see the new businesses and activity. it's a significant turn around for the neighborhood and also for the residents who live and work in that area. the rest of my items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. that concludes the introduction of new business. >> why don't we now go to general public comment. >> at this time the public may comment generally for up to two minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including whether or not to convene into closed session for item 30, the anticipated litigation relating to the potential negotiation or adoption of a joint powers agreement with the city of richmond. please note public comment is not allowed on item which have
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already been subject to public comment pursuant to board rule 4.22. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors. >> why don't we hear from our first speaker in general public comment. first speaker. hi, i would like to announce that next year march or may 20th will be 7,000 days from the year of julius baer lee. i've mentioned several times before that 9/111 was the biblical sixth trumpet. that was after two days from the jubilee. the jubilee year started in march of 1996. it started one second after the times of the gentiles ended, the times of the gentiles is 76 30-year cycles from the destruction of jerusalem. that is when the time of the end began. and i would be on record as saying the full month before the world trade center fell, i
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began to preach on the street, you know that's correct i did to colleges, i go wherever people are and preach the bible try to get them saved and i also mention prophetic things from time to time. and i did 30 days leading up to september 11, 2001 say that around that time ~ the sixth trumpet will sound. i'm not saying that on day 7,000 the 7 vials will be poured out, i'm not saying that, but it is an interesting number. and i really think there will be three full sabbatical cycle fromx jubilee before the 7 vials will be poured out. but it's an interesting number because it was 4,000 years from adam to christ and so here we are 14 years at the very least into the seventh millennium. and many christians have spoken that the world would go on for 6,000 years. hugh lattimer in a sermon he wrote in 17 52, he was burned at the stake by bloody mary in 15 55, but three years before that he wrote that the world
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has gone on now for 5,552 years and it remains 4 48 more years. he and many christians have thought that the year 2000 would bring in the second coming of christ. it's very near and the [speaker not understood] saw the 1 ayes for item 28. abortion is murder. it's murder, and god is going to punish you on the last day for that and the rest of your sins. you can't make that which is good evil or evil good. good is good and evil is evil, and god is the judge and god determines what's right in the bible and the bible says be sure your sin will find you out. jesus said [speaker not understood]. >> next speaker, please.
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mr. president, the victims of the ka balance, my name is christopher [speaker not understood], 14 meters and 10 amok from sea level >> i rise to comment on the wisdom of economists ~. i tend to spare philosophers who discuss perception without discussing the photon. i offer the same treatment to economists who discuss inequality without discussing hierarchy. once again, i offer for your education this book, chimpanzee politics, [speaker not understood] power among the ape by france [speaker not understood], animal behaviorist of some repute. in his conclusion he discusses machiavellian insults so many took from his casual comparison of the motives of the noblest of princes without the basest of street thugs. further, [speaker not understood] conflict as constructive. [speaker not understood] all politics are not bad, but give
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the community its logical coherence [speaker not understood] which become frozen in more or less fixed ranks. as this formalization takes place during reconciliations, we see that hierarchy is a cohesive factor which puts limits on competition and [speaker not understood] child care, playing, second [speaker not understood] depend on the resultant stability of powers tested daily. [speaker not understood]. consequently chimpanzee politics are also constructive. human being should be regards as an honor to be classed as animal. to the people of the city and county of san francisco be the winners in next week's election. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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good evening, my name is jackie flynn, i'm the executive director of the [speaker not understood] institute san francisco. i'd first like to thank you guys for your commitment to san francisco, the long hours that you guys work. and i really appreciate all of that. my comments are in reference to item number 35, the solo vision goals for san francisco by 2020. go solar ~ has made solar energy affordable and accessible to many residents and businesses in san francisco. with the go solar program, homeowners that have made -- that may have considered solar on their roofs but could not afford costly equipment and installation are able to reap the benefits of harnessing free energy. go solar is not just the way for our beautiful city to make our renewable energy goals and create a cleaner san francisco. there is also a significant economic benefit by adding value to homes and creating actual jobs.
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our young people can aspire to be installers, technicians, salespeople, battery [speaker not understood] engineers and so much more. these careers are created by the solar industry and our kids can aspire to create a brighter more sustainable san francisco. i stand in solidarity with our labor unions, local solar businesses he and community advocates ~ that are all in support of funding the go solar program permanently in establishing a solar vision for 2020. thank you. good afternoon. i'm also going to speak on item 35. my name is joe hernandez and i'm the organizer for labor 261. on behalf of our laborers, we believe solar can create good clean energy jobs for solar here in san francisco. thais' why we support the resolution in making go solar a
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permanent program for funding. it will create more work opportunities in solar installation. we'd like to thank president chiu as well as our solar and community partners for taking the initiative to increase solar work in san francisco and impact climate change at the same time. through community will you havable partnership we will continue to work on solar and other construction projects that make san francisco such a great city. go giants. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, jeannine coter, i'm with luminalt, local san francisco-based installer. i'm here also in support of item 35. we are building clean solar generation on homes and on businesses and on nonprofits. we're doing it with individuals that many of whom have been trained in san francisco through community-based organizations. having an aggressive goal like
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the 50 megawatts really sends a clear signal to the community-based organizationses and to installers that san francisco means business ~ and is going to transform the way that we deliver energy to our homes, to our businesses, and to our buildings. thank you very much for your consideration. go giants. >> thank you. next speaker. president chiu and members of the board, thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening. my name is andy schwartz. i'm here on behalf of solar city to speak on item 35. solar city is america's leader installer of solar solutions. we have over 3,000 employees in california alone and i'm excite today report we recently opened a new office in potrero hill, moving some of our headquarter operations to that new location. solar city strongly supports
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this item that was established solar capacity goal for san francisco rooftops and require all-new construction to offset a portion of the electricity load with clean energy. it makes sense for the city to set an aspirational yet feasible goal consistent with the values of its citizens, the action the board has already taken to assert its leadership on clean energy and the challenge we all face in living and adapting to the risks of climate change. as of last november the solar industry employs [speaker not understood] more than the three investor owned utilities in the state combined. the industry is growing at a rate faster than the statewide ashev and projected to grow 7 times faster than tech and health care sectors. this is a testament to what the industry has done to help san francisco and the state to end its he can no, ma'am i recovery by creating good paying jobs that can't be outsourced and importantly must be hired locally. by adopting this resolution the city can elevate its leadership role on [speaker not understood] unrivaled by other
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california cities of its size. i'd like to especially acknowledge president chiu for your work and supportive leadership to benefit san francisco's diverse community ~. [speaker not understood]. thank you all of you for your consideration. good evening, i'm walker wright with sun land. sun run is a resident solar company that was started here in san francisco in the mission in 2007 with nothing more than two business school classmates and an idea to expand solar across the country and make it financable. today we are on the corner of market street and 2nd street and we have over 1300 employees and are one of the largest national solar companies out there right now. our company has looked at go solar s.f. as the beacon for national policy that has create this had epicenter that we are now, the center of the solar conversationment many of our partners are here in san francisco ~.
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our financing colleagues are here. installation technologies are here. it's here because san francisco has been ahead of the curve. as a policy epicenter for solar. let's keep it that way and continue to move forward with go solar sf and the vision for 2020. thank you very much to president chiu for your support ~. >> next speaker. good afternoon, supervisor. eddie young with defense [speaker not understood]. i'll be even briefer today than last week here to speak in support of solar vision 2020. thanks again to president chiu for introducing this and thanks to supervisor mar as well as for co-sponsoring the resolution. respectfully urge your support. thank you. >> next speakers. good evening. this is an old man's suggestions or observations. i'm 84. i've an old man. number one, [speaker not understood] beauty, i can't always describe it but i know
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it when i see he it. number two, strive for happiness but know contentment. number three, adjust to reality but with a higher goal in mind. number four, have mutual respect for yourself and others. number five, don't sacrifice the advancement for comfort and conformity. number 7, strive for survival that fits the times. number 8, some try to make time stand still by making everything alike. that's a philosophical comment. got to think about that. number 8, [speaker not understood] is our brain instincts and harmony with our evolutionary instincts. for example, to develop a brown instincts by experiencing through time and [speaker not understood] instincts by physically evolving through time. and my question he is have we
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turned love into a commercial success in this country yet? thank you for listening. >> thanks. next speaker. hello, my name is dana rosea. i live in the mission. the bay area had extremely high rates of breast cancer. marin county had the highest rates of breast cancer in the entire world. studies show that hormone replacement therapy played a major role in half the cases of breast cancer in marin. hormone replacement therapy should have never been put on the market until it was thoroughly tested. it was a known carcinogen for decades and editorial in the journal of the medical association by the ama in 1939 says plainly, the possibility
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of carcinoma induced by estrogen cannot be ignored. we need to do a thorough investigation of this product until it's prescribed for routine therapy. i go to marin and talk about these issues regularly and about how cancer is largely preventable. and i'm getting a great deal of harassment for doing this. i've spoken regularly with supervisor kim about this ongoing harassment. but last night some high-tech means were used to tighten the muscles in my back so badly that i was virtually immobilized. i was able to stretch for about an hour or so and amazingly my back got somewhat better. the same high- >>experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by tech technology is also used to
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prevent me from going to sleep at night ~. i've also discussed this matter with supervisor kim frequently. i'd like the community to under i work in cancer prevention and disease prevention and that i'm getting extreme harassment for doing so. cancer is big business [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. good evening, supervisors. my name is jessica [speaker not understood]. i'm an organizer with unite here local 2 with the hotel worker union and i think that worker came and visited your office last week to ask you to support the resolution that was introduced by supervisor campos to support the chesapeake nonunion chesapeake workers who have been fighting for many, many years to win a fair
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process to organize. many of you on the board have been supporting these chesapeake workers, the worker at the shore man's wharf at le meridien since day one and i want to reiterate how much it mean for the workers and our deep appreciation for the support that so many of you have shown. and thank you, supervisor campos, for introducing this important resolution. as you probably know, workers at these two hotels have been organizing for a fair process since 2008 and the new owner has recently taken over. both those hoe he tells, workers have seen the conditions continue to deteriorate at work. ~ hotels and we also delivered this petition that was signed by a very strong majority of the 300
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workers in the two hotels, calling on the owner and the operator of their hotels to agree to a fair and neutral process for workers to organize. there are a few workers who are going to speak today, but i really want to urge you to continue the support that this board has shown for these workers in this really, really difficult struggle. we know we're going to win and workers are commit today keep fighting. your support mean a lot to the workers. thank you. ~ >> thank you. next speaker. ~ committed to good afternoon, my name is nancy lee. i have been hired at fisherman's wharf almost 19 years. i'm the server in the restaurant. i have two sons, one that's attending u.c. davis. the other has been service the military two years.
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he just returned home from afghanistan. six months ago, fisherman's wharf was [speaker not understood]. we face many changes for the worst -- for the worst. before i worked 8 hours five days a week. now i have no hours no days. this week i got lucky. i had one day work because one of my coworkers asked the day off. otherwise, i have none. our hotel is just as busy as ever. [speaker not understood] only to save money. i am a cancer patient, too.
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i need insurance, but for this situation how can i meet the requirement to keep my insurance go on? and how can i pay for my mortgage, my insurance, my son's tuition? this is not only my problem. many of my coworkers facing the same as me. we are the one who are suffering and struggling for this problem. myself put my 19 years life into this hotel. now i'm going to the [speaker not understood] end. i have nowhere to go without your support, supervisors. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. my name is [speaker not understood]. it is true that there has been a very great improvement in market street. it was kind of an extraordinary
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-- i viewed it as an extraordinary thing to do attacks deduction for those companies, you know. it's kind of nonlinear if you want to get revenues. and the basis for that was that it was claimed to be the most lighted neighborhood in the tenderloin. i mean, entire city. well, everything you say is true. in fact, it's more than that. that status changed two years ago, not now. it became a much improved city neighborhood very, very quickly. and i know that we cannot -- ask also, you know, there are negative effects from that. we've had the complaints about the buses, the displacement, all of that is a product of that. so, it seemed to me that i know we cannot change that benefit to the companies that we've already given it to. but it's always seemed to me we could have cut that benefit off to new companies coming in and i don't know why that there is anything legal stampeding in
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the way of that, you know. ~ standing whichever one of you -- however many of you are going to stagnate and still not be in this body [speaker not understood]. i'd also like to offer that up as a possibility, something we ought to get done. >> thank you. next speaker. hello, my name is larry edmonds. i want to say go giants first. and i'm here to speak for philadelphia, the city of philadelphia has decriminalized cannabis and saving the city $350 million. also you know [speaker not understood] you always hear the black widow is [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] cannabis club in alaska that sells all the good white winter cannabis. i hope you'll be able to pick this article up and read it
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called edibles. also, we're here to talk about why we need good housing and jobs in this city. i hope that smart people get out and vote because the mayor in ferguson, the men in the bayview, the lgbt men in tl and we are joining along the band tomorrow to speak at glide about what is really going on in america, you know, when it comes to housing. just like the troops [speaker not understood] they said they are not going to take back just the nurses to treaty bowl ~ ebola patients [speaker not understood]. ebola has been out 38 years ago in [speaker not understood]. we noe bowl a is connected to aids and to the civil us [speaker not understood]. ~ know ebola [speaker not understood]. i do know [speaker not understood] black soldiers who
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refuse to kill the women and the children during the war in the philippines, and that's why i understand when [speaker not understood] the mayflower and they made houses available at the bayou hotel. we have a great history. you can't have a history without african-american men who have been serving this country. and i hope house can bring back president jimmy carter [speaker not understood]. it will be a better world. vote. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> either one will work for you. yes, i hope you can hear me all right. listen, sorry.
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mr. president, jane kim, on behalf of [speaker not understood]. my question is about the sros [speaker not understood] s-r-os and we have ~ infestation going on where i live and we clean it up a little bit more. [speaker not understood] clean up our job, but the [speaker not understood]. and when the park opens up i think we should have more security around the area. the park, outside the park, inside the park and not finance s-r-os because s-r-os are going to be [speaker not understood]. i think security should cover the whole area to make it safe for senior citizens and old people in the area and they need to clean up the drug dealing at the -- at 216 hotel
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because we had an incident [speaker not understood] saying a resident where i live at got hit in the face with a bottle saturday night. so, we need to clean this place up a little bit. and it's going to be dangerous over there. well, we have an investigation going on with the cameras, too, i heard. we don't need any drug dealing over there with infern owe hotel because [speaker not understood] with the hotel -- the trouble in front of the hotel -- >> thank you very much, sir. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is now closed.
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[gavel] >> colleagues, let's go to our adoption calendar. madam clerk? >> items 34 through 43 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. single roll call vote may enact these item. if a member objects a matter can be removed and considered separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any of these item? supervisor campos? >> 34. >> and i'd like to sever items 35 and 36. madam clerk, let's take the roll on items 37 through 43. >> on 37 through 43, supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. there are 11 ayes. >> those resolution are adopted
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and motions approved. [gavel] >> and item 34. >> item 34 is a resolution urging the city and county of san francisco to support the rights of worker to unionize and boycott the le meridien san francisco and hyatt fisherman's wharf. >> thank you, colleague. just briefly, i want to thank the workers from member of local 2 and the workers at these two hotels who have been working very hard to protect the very basic right that every worker should have to decide for themselves whether or not to form a union. i think it's important for us to support their efforts. these are sometime lowest pay workers and they're working under the toughest conditions and i think it's really important for us to send a very clear message that we're not going to tolerate this kind of mistreatment by this company of these workers. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor campos. can we take this item same house same call? this item is adopted. thank you. [gavel]
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>> next item, madam clerk. >> item 35 is a resolution urging the city and county of san francisco to make go solar sf a permanent program, to require solar installation on all new construction or substantial retro fits in the city, establishing solar vision goals for 2020, and establishing an overall megawatt solar energy goal for the city. >> thank you. president chiu. >> first i want to thank all the leaders of our local solar movement here in san francisco that have been really leading the country in how we as a city embrace solar energies in these new sustainable source he. colleagues, i ask for your support today on this resolution to take our city's leadership in solar to the next level. in 2008 san francisco launched go solar s.f., and we received $65 million in private investment, the headquartering of major solar leaders in san francisco in the bay area, and over 120 solar jobs for many diverse residents who otherwise would have faced significant employment barriers. our city has seen firsthand the benefits of solar energy, keeping housing affordable, increasing property values, creating jobs, and promoting environmental justice.


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