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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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that included many agencies. the panel just sunsetted and i mention this because work is done and the report was issued and the community in which i live and great divide between the haves and the have nots and this is not work. these are the values that i am passionate about and very important to me. i bring to the commission my organizational skill sets, entrepreneurial experience and community organizing and bicultural perspective. the last two years have been meaningful and a learning experience for me and i am quickly to say i was able to contribute my incites and background and experience to the accomplishments of cci with the help of my fellow commissioners and the staff lead by tiffany bohe, the executive director. and to summarize we approved in
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hunter's point for example 500 housing units, artists studios and broke ground on alice griffith affordable housing and revitalization and have bonds and mission bay and north and south and 160 market rate. 900 more ongoing. 150 new affordable housing units and ongoing 435. of course we're proud that we are starting to assign work on the new 18,000 square feet sports arena, the new home of the golden state warriors. what is important to me we have awarded $432 million of construction contracts and 32% of those -- or 138 million is really -- were given to sbc and entrepreneurs and businesses so trans bay -- there is a lot of work going on. the renee
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[inaudible] apartments were finally done. 120 units for formerly homeless individuals. mercy housing is working on 155 affordable units, so i can go on and on obviously. that's not my accomplishment. i just wanted to share the work that has been done in the last two years and more work needs to be done so finding suitable affordable housing is important to me as a single mom and although my kids are grown. i still like they're not grown so it is something that i take seriously because i feel that housing is our responsibility, a community's responsibility and i believe in building sustainable communities that's healthy, liveable and i would like to be able to help in my own way retain families in san francisco so my appointment to this commission has been an exciting opportunity and i
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request your support in confirming my reappointment. thank you very much for this opportunity to speak to you and i am happy to answer any questions you may have. >> we don't have any questions of you. why would we? >> thank you commissioner. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any public comment -- oh not yet -- any public comments on this item? seeing none public is now closed. [gavel] supervisor tang. >> sure. i just want to thank you. i think all of us have enjoyed working with her and not just in this capacity and she's up for reappointment but for the work in the community. as you said there is a lot of work to be done and a lot happening now so we hope to keep your knowledge achieved as you achieved through the past service and let you continue so i am happy to make a motion to reappoint marily mondejar to
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the commission on community investment and infrastructure seat two and send with positive recommendation to the full board. >> thank you. i too will be supporting this motion of course, and your work beyond ccii is well known to just about everybody in san francisco and we're happy -- you seem to have boundless energy to be involved with everything, but nothing seems to stop you from being involved, and i believe when you say this is not work, and this is really more your passion. i didn't get a chance to talk to you because -- about this appointment since i knew you from many other things but hopefully i get a chance to chat with you about family housing, affordable family housing, what ccii -- what role can it play in encouraging that more in a very -- not only positive but as a
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priority rather than just talking about affordable housing or as if a three bedroom means family which as you probably know doesn't translate necessarily to family, so i would love to be able to do that in the future with you. >> [inaudible] >> okay. well, no objection. this motion passes. [gavel] congratulations. mr. clerk could i have item number three. >> yes. item number three is a motion confirming the mayor's appointment of mara rosales to the commission known as community investment and infrastructure for a four-year term ending november 3, 2018. >> good afternoon supervisors. congratulations supervisor tang again on your interim presidency. a little bit about
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myself. i am a native san franciscan and living in district 9. i spent my life in san francisco and my schooling has been in san francisco and if i think that sets me uniquely apart from my colleagues is my dedication to public service. i was a long time city attorney and made it as a attorney here and went on to the be the general counsel of sfo and learned about development, major transactions and i think that's the reason why two years ago the mayor asked that i consider an appointment for the excision on community investment and infrastructure and i have to stay that the two years have gone by quickly. i don't want to repeat all of the things that the commission has done and
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commissioner mondejar has done well and i would love to continue in the work. i don't think i would have said that two years ago but i learned a lot in the affordable housing area, an area i was new to and no longer a student in affordable housing and i think i can bring value, new thinking, new strategies. i appreciate the comment supervisor yee and now on affordable housing for families and what looks like. i raised my children in san francisco. i myself as a child was raised in san francisco so i would love to continue that work also i think the commission is doing wonderful efforts with the staff on work force development and critical to the well being of our city and on behalf of that i would love your support on the mayor's nomination -- my nomination to continue serving this city on this commission. i am happy to answer any questions
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you might have. >> okay. any questions? >> no questions. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. any public comments? seeing none public comment is now closed. supervisor tang. >> again just happy to see and want to continue i had the opportunity to speak to both of you before this meeting just to make sure we understood what your priorities were going forward and again i think she brings such invaluable background given all of her city work, not only as a deputy city attorney and also in the legal realm that she did outside of the city and community service so i'm happy to reappointment mara rosales to seat four for the commission on community investment and infrastructure and pass it on to the full board with full recommendation. >> okay. and i totally agree with that and the comments that
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you made of her i totally agree with that and even though you're a lowell grad and she and i am not and that's okay. at least we're from the city. okay. so without objections this motion is moved. [gavel] . thank you. mr. clerk can you please call item four. >> item four is a hearing to consider two appointments to two members ending february 1, 2016 to the park, recreation and open space advisory committee and two sights and two applicants. >> okay. let's call up mark scheuer. are you here? mark? okay. i guess he's not here and i believe richard ivanhoe will not be able to come. connor
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super supervisor. >> london breed. >> supervisor breed's office . >> for the time being. you never know. thank you commissioners. richard ivanhoe has been serving on prozac for several years now and appointed by one of breed's predecessors and long time community activists for parks and improving access and the parks themselves and a great public servant in this capacity. i worked with your staff chair yee to schedule this and he would have to take the day off and it would be best to schedule it today and hopefully support him in absentia. thank you. >> thank you for coming on his behalf and both candidates submitted their statements.
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and i believe supervisor wiener is supporting mark on this. okay. any public comments on this item? seeing none public comment is now closed. [gavel] . supervisor tang. >> sure. so again these are -- both of these seats are appointments are by the very supervisors so given that and the past involvement move forward these of mark scheuer to seat seven and richard ivanhoe for seat 19 to for positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay. without objection the motion is moved. thank you very much mr. clerk could you call item five. >> yes, i want to confirm the decision on item four. item four a motion will be prepared to recommend the appointment -- i am just recapping before i
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move on. i want to state that a motion will be prepared to appoint mark scheuer and richard ivanhoe to the park, recreation and open space committee and recommended through the board of supervisors meeting. item number five is a hearing to consider appointing one member to march 19, 2015 to the counsel. there is one seat and one applicant. >> okay. i believe the applicant is not able to make it today. matt [inaudible]. is there public on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor tang. >> sure. we will see matt pemmerton and the district representative and will see him later so i would like to make a motion to continue this to the
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call of the chair. >> without objection the motion passes. mr. clerk can you please call item six. >> item number six is a hearing to consider pointing one member term ending july 15, 2018 to the san francisco health authority. there is one seat and one applicant. >> okay. ms. conway. >> good afternoon supervisor yee and supervisor tang. thank you for this opportunity to meet you and address you today. my name is irene conway and seeking an appointment to the board of the san francisco health authority. let me tell you a little bit about myself. i currently work as a caregiver for ihss, the in home support services. prior to this i worked in the private sector until my parent was terminally ill and took time off from work to care for him and the
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experience was profound. this taught me compassion for the sick and the elderly and the under privileged and changed by perspective. after that i decided to work as an in home caregiver and over 12 years i have worked with diverse communities. i have cared for people of different races, age, sexual orientation and disabilities and the terminally ill. the work is heart breaking sometimes but also enriching. this experience gives me incite to every man's health challenges. i see and hear about medical issues, not only of sick people but of healthy people who seek preventive medical care. as a patient myself i too experienced medical challenges. i have sat in waiting room clinics listening to patient's grievances and
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experiencing my own. i am actively involved in focus groups and advisory committees and attend cancer support groups. i have been a member of the health authority member advisory committee for eight years and a member of the quality improvement for four. my areas of interest are health care advocacy, health care advocacy, preventive care, access to specialty care and quality improvement. if appointed to the san francisco health authority board my desire is it bring the experience of the patient to the front and center to those that can seek change. i am seeking appointment to this board and if approved i look forward to serving on the board and excited about positive dialogue to bring about quality health care and thus quality of life to the
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people of san francisco. thank you very much. >> thank you ms. conway. any questions? seeing none. thank you. any public comments on this item? come on up. >> hi briefly. suzie sowza on behalf of the health plan and i wanted to let you know of our joy of her governing the board and she person personifies our mission to take care of the most vulnerable so thank you. >> thank you very much. any other public comments? seeing none public comment is closed. [gavel] >> sure. again i had the opportunity to chat with ms. conway beforehand and brings a great why could to us and we had a great chat what it means to be taking care of our most
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vulnerable population here so i want to thank you for volunteering your time and love to have you appointed and i would like to recommend irene conway for the board and positive recommendation to the full board of supervisors. >> yeah, and i agree. i just want to thank you for serving on this and a person like this who obviously passionate about what you do and for the people that you care for. that came out in two sentences when i met with you earlier. without objection then -- >> through the chair i also wanted to clarify that we have been informed there is no residency waiver required as publicized on the agenda but from our understanding that is understand required so we will pass this out to the full board as is. >> without objection motion
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passes. congratulations. mr. clerk item number seven. >> item number seven is a hearing consider appointing one member for the term ending november 19, 2016 to the bicycle advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant. >> i think that is elbert hill but i don't see him in the audience. i know him and my appointee to the committee and any public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. i will make the motion. >> all right. since this is your appointee i will go along with that. >> without objection elbert hill will be rea pointed. >> >> item number eight is a hearing to consider appointing three members terms ending october 21, 2018 to the local homeless coordinating board. there are three seats and five applicants. >> okay. let me call the applicants in order of the
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agenda. del seymour. >> good afternoon members of the board, madam interim president. congratulations on your new title. i am del seymour. i am reapplying for the potion of local homeless coordinating board. when i applied initially and started by job i didn't realize what this is and all of the issues and challenges in san francisco. i am a formerly homeless person myself and i thought i knew the ins and out of the homeless and governing of the homeless community and man i didn't know qawt but i am learning it. i thought this thing -- my involvement would be two, three hours a month and that's turn into quite a bit more. seems like i am down here everyday in
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the homeless communities because i have so much interest and concern. i take a day like today and windy and cold and i went by several providers this morning and everyone is full. we have a problem in san francisco and i am sure chicago and detroit can say the same thing but we have a problem in san francisco and it's not getting better. i would like to see it get better. i spend time now trying to build a community. we are getting an influxion i call them immigrants but from other parts of the country and citizen it is and moving in because of the tech boom and these people initially don't understand the situation with the homeless or needy or unhoused population and lately i have been asked to speak to twitters and index, adobe and others and giving the reality of
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living in a city where we have a large number of homeless folks so i spend a lot of time do that. i am on the board of [inaudible] and we're tickled there because we're housing people. we just opened up our safe haven on eddy street that is doing very well. we had the grand opening or the soft opening of our 250 kearney building two weeks ago which was a blast. really you have to come down and look at it. it's right in the financial district right where a house for veterans appreciate 80% in recovery and walk outside around the block and smoke a cigarette and not faced with all the demons like myself like myself in recovery are. the city is doing great things for the veterans and other organizations. i would love to continue my position. i am in the honeymoon. i can't stop now so please let me
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continue with the local homeless coordinating board. i spoke with nancy pelosi about the opening of st. anthony's and quite an event and chat with her about some of the things going on in san francisco and she promised to speak with her boss, barack obama in a few days and i am waiting for the call from the white house. i know it will come any day. thank you for the time here and the original appointment and i would like to continue pressing on. thank you. >> thank you. kim armbruster. >> not yet. is kim here? >> [inaudible] >> okay. erick brown. >> good afternoon supervisors
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on this wet thursday afternoon. i am erick brown and i am seated member on the local homeless coordinating board. i have been on the board for approximately six and a half years. i have been the chair of the [inaudible] committee, hud management information system. i have been co-chair for the hearth and how to bring regulations into line with san francisco in the continuum of care. i have worked seallessly i like to think providing homeless services to san franciscans. i worked for catholic charities 14 years last month. i am currently stationed at treasure island and the increase the redevelopment and housing here in san francisco and those folks that need to be housed. there are challenges, the main challenges for keeping people housed. we think once
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we give them housing it solves all life's problems so we need to explore what it means to put someone in housing and keep them in housing. i am fortunate to say that my team on treasure island has about a 98% occupancy rating so we do well out there and i have 34 units in town and it's about the same so i like to continue my work with the local board, and i am open to any questions. >> okay. no questions. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next person is dan bowersox and i believe he withdraw his application so gary lewis are you here? >> hi. good afternoon members of the board. first i would like to thank you for inviting
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me to come down again and put myself forward for a position on the local homeless coordinating board. i come to this with -- my interest in coming to this board stems out of the last six and a half years working along the tenderloin and working with the homeless and low income individuals. i started this work in 2008 and leaving my job in biotech and going to law school and having a role in community development. i quickly began volunteered at the shelter and referrals through a student group. throughout school it snow balled there and i went into the homeless advocacy project and legal aid and worked with the -- what was then the good neighborhood coalition on the efforts to get a cbmc hospital project. upon
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graduation in 2011 i was extremely lucky to be offered the role much the executive director of the assistance advocacy project and an organization in the tenderloin around for 30 years providing services for low income folks in the neighborhood. we're unique as a legal services organization we have very -- we're unique in we're a drop in clinic and don't have restrictions on the type of work we do. i think this is where my strength comes from and i like to see on a daily basis a wide range of issues that impact the community that we're trying to help here. we really have no issue to small policy and it's very open door so i had a real opportunity to see things from the housing to the income issues and the bureaucracy issues and my principle role is varied and i think that is helpful. as
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the executive director for the first two years i was the only staff member at the organization and responsible from everything to case load to fundraising to program development to fixing the plumbing and gave me a good understanding of some of the complex challenges and not just the services we need to provide but how we provide the service in what could be an challenging economic circumstances or difficult to come up with ways to make these things happen. in addition to my work at gap i am teaching a seminar at the local law school, hastings that focuses on homeless as an issue and provides a set of survey of the issue for our students and i also sit as the local community representative to the finance community at project open hand which is a fantastic organization providing meals for low income folks in and around
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san francisco. i think i can bring to the board a wide perspective of the issues and strong problem solving capability. i am grateful for the opportunity to present my candidateacy and if you have questions i am happy to answer. >> okay. no questions. thank you very much. i actually have a question of erick brown. can he come up? so your a program manager with catholic charities? >> i am. >> and catholic charities as most of us know does a lot of work with the homeless population, and would also get contracts from the city. >> correct. >> i am just curious does it come up at all, or whether -- when you're in discussion of
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certain things that it's a conflict of interest for you? >> occasionally with the continuum of care particularly when voting on particular funding and that's probably the only time and i'm the first to recuse myself and say i need to step back, and i always sit on the [inaudible] oversight committee so i am well aware of what my limit aikdzs are, where i should speak, where i shouldn't speak and not necessarily forcing my opinion. if it's something i discussed, i avoided subcommittees just so there is not an appearance of impropriety and we have learned how to rock and roll. the chairs on the local board is also aware as is megan owens who will make sure that if there's a question that we will certainly cover that and make sure again
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there is no impropriety. >> so you don't feel like it's a major issue? >> no. it has not and prior to sitting on the local board this board is probably about 14 years and of the 14 years i was either a secret member or participant on some level and not until i became a board member and again that had to be pointed out there could be some conflict. >> i am glad to hear that because i know you bring a wealth of perspective into this. >> thank you. >> thank you. let's see public comment. any public comment on this item? >> i would like to urge you if you find it in yourself to support del seymour. i have known him for about three years, and i th h


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