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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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strong wages stable hours and same schedules are the basics that families and workers in all part of the community deserve to build a life in san francisco this legislation will make san francisco a great place to work for tens of thousands people keeping the workers working we need to race the welcoming in san francisco with the prop j package and the economic that is leading to more the have and have nots in the wealth gap and like the minimum wage paid sick leave and health care ordinances in our city the city should continue on a path that's healthy for all of us i urge strong support as we magnified and supervisor kim supervisors and president chiu not seeing this as one piece of legislation
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but all cities to follow suit in the state and federal level to have the fairness for many low income people in the city with that, i'd like to thanks president chiu for his incredible work on this piece of legislation supervisor breed is next on the roster. >> last week, i offered an amendment for janitors and many of the contractors employ people that have varies employment and have a hard time finding jobs i was concerned this could have a chilling effect on the hiring but many of my colleagues see it differently i looked at specifically what we're requiring of the contractors and under the language in 3300 f dot e and 340 odot f g contractors
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operating will be required to comply with those ordinances as soon as the ordinances goes into effect any concern is those existing contracts were likely negotiated before the legislation came up and the contractors may not have a way of knowing what it is that impacts them or 0 how they're expected to comply under the legislation formula retails will be required to disclose the regulations yet there are no such provision in existing contracts my office discussed that with donna what the office of labor standards i was hoping this could be resolved but ms. levitt pointed out that will be difficult to identify who they are and how to reach them i drafted a brief amendment it requires the formula retails to comply under the organizes this
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is unsubstantive ms. levitt and the office of labor standards support that and local 87 the janitors union i know that president chiu last board meeting after all the amendments we've thrown at him and supervisor mar i can't bring myself to rain on his parade you i'll introduce this at our next board meeting thank you (clapping.) president chiu. >> supervisor campos it up next. >> i look forward to hearing about the trailing of the legislation it is weakening protection for the laborers i'm not be declined to support that it is precisely you want to provide those protections i look forward to the legislation but
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it's surprisingly instead of trying to strengthen this legislation we're trying to undermine the working conditions of some of the people that actually need the most protection. >> xhouch. >> or supervisor mar. >> yeah. i forgot to mention i want to thank supervisor campos and supervisor avalos so far being the co-sponsors with president chiu with this piece of legislation. >> supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos to the chair it didn't weaken the legislation it requires that the office of labor standards novice those who have existing contracts with the city and county to make sure they novice them of the requirements they're fully aware to comply with the clarity. >> president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair let me say with regards to supervisor
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breed's amendments i have not had the chance to look at the language but i appreciate her going with the trailing legislation i'll be inclined to support it but i'll appreciate our thought and there will be further communication i want to echo supervisor mar thanking the labor leaders swals as well as employers that worked with our offices to move forward this forwarding we know our economy is going better we've heard from hundreds of apartment workers that can't tell their families when they'll work and how much they'll eastern their joulg many jobs i'm intruding proud of the fact our city has led the way in minimum wage and sick leave and last year with the friendly
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workplace ordinances we will continue to establish a real standard for predict i want to thank you for your unanimous vote i hope we can look forward colleagues to working with you and those context in the coming years to insure that our low wage hourly workers have the protection to live the lives we want them to live in our san francisco i ask for your support. >> supervisor avalos. >> i just like to make sure i'm a co-sponsor of the president chius legislation as well and that's all. >> i'll make a note of that. >> colleagues discussion on items five or six roll call vote. >> supervisor mar supervisor tang
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supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor chiu supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 10 i's. (clapping.) >> these owners are finally passed (clapping.) thank you madam clerk next item 7. >> is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to enter into health contracts to services for individuals covered under state and federal calls. >> colleagues, same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. this ordinance is passed. >> item 8 is to amend the administrative code for a street light policy. >> colleagues, same house, same call? this ordinance is finally
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passed. >> item 9 ordinance to amend the administrative code to allow contractors and intraushthd to submit an equal pay for compensation in establishing the equal pay to analysis the best methods of the data in setting for the membership and duties of board. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president i'd like to begin by thanking my colleagues 0 who are co-sponsors supervisor kim, supervisor avalos, supervisor mar and supervisor farrell i want to thank my staff chief of staff hillary that has been working on this for quite some time and following organizations that support it the equal rights advocates and the california charter of the women the legal aids society and san francisco political committee and the
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asian law caucus and the california teachers association and nursing association the national union of local 21 i know there are a number of individuals in the audience who are here to physically come in support of this legislation and ask them if they can stand so we can acknowledge all the individuals here in support of this legislation thank you very much thank you. >> let me say that as you recall out of respect for my colleagues who wanted additional time to consider this piece of legislation i voted in the continuance of this law since that time the commission on the status of women held a hearing and spoke to the human
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rights commission that didn't have critiques about the ordinance this morning we met with our city administrators for the departments under her leadership can chiropractor to implement the law and if you pass this law today, we'll begin a long process that did not have contractors submitting equal pay reports until the ended of january 2016 we must first challenge an advisory committee to hold he several public meetings in which the board will allow the city to identify evidence of wage discrimination as well as the burn on contractors i want to address some of the questions and concerns that have been raised by a number of folks about the ordinance first of all, many people have asked what the fiscal impact of the legislation is and i know
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that our budget analyst harassed looked at the issue the director of the human rights commission teresa estimates she'll need a one half to one full-time employee to implement the law and certainly has the budget process begins i'll be recognizing for that to be included in the budget for the human rights commission we also decide on the best we'll be discussing on the best data collection system to implement there maybe a need for an amendment for the amount of money that is $50,000 so overall the impact in terms of the financial gang on the city will be minimum and even with some of the issues that have been raised we building this does noted constitute a financial impact to require this
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be sent to committee certainly self-meet the threefold by the city and board the fact that wage discrimination is already illegal had he has been illegal for more than 60 years the reason the problem persists this is a secret what happens in terms of how people get paid is something we're not supposed to talk about and women continue to be shortchanged because they know that they don't actually know they're being shortchanged that's why this issue remains unchanged since the federal government made the pay inequality illegal second where wage discrimination exists the employers set an equal pay by
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asking the employees to report compensation to the city we're asking city contractors to unconscious take a look at how contemplation works for them i'll give you an example something that was pointed out during the meeting of the commission status of women merna who is the executive director of jamestown community center testified on the status of women upon hearing about this piece of legislation she asked her home sharing employee to prepare a report to understand whether or not their disparity of pay between men and women and we're talking about a pretty open-minded equal organization and even in that organization merna was surprised there's paid
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discrepancies she couldn't provide but for this law this was something she wouldn't have looked into we believe it will be the 88 same truth, in fact, the enequality exists by something people are not unconscious thinking about that will benefit not only san francisco workers but insure that san francisco continues to lead the way the same way we have on a number of issues we take the example of the domestic partner benefits owners we were the first city to require that those who contract with the city provide the same rights to the same sex couples it led to san francisco providing the benefits and others the fact we have a
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responsibility not only to protect our workers bus because of the history of san francisco leading the way on civil rights issue it impacts what happens to the rest of the state and country much has been said about the impact on small businesses and nonprofits on the commission of the status of women at the board of supervisors that issue has been raised there has been the complaint that requiring the reporting of this information is two bumping to comply but without knowing the requirements it is the fact we've got work to be done by a advisory committee to make sure that we minimize the impact on the small businesses but i want to note a couple of points first i don't believe
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that reporting requirements is that onerous new mexico has implemented a program for the state for 4 years in that state the entire state has received no complaint from 9 contracts in fact in a letter the architect ordinance businesses in the state of income. mounted no opposition to the requirements of their law if a business is larger if a business is larger it certainly has an in house outside contractors that deals with those kinds of issues if the company is smaller the low numbers of the employees will make the annual reports very simple and finally if a business wanted the privilege i think that supervisor kim noted that when we first discuses this item if a business wants the privilege of a contract paid for by city taxpayers the business
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should have exempty by setting a 20 ordinance compliance with this law according to the coordinating only 11 percent of city contractors will be required to comply with the law the contractors we will be impacted by this there's a compliance requirement for that $50,000 grants or more and if you're a successful person the program is expanded i want to note that teresa sparks the director of the human rights commission talked about the collection data and race and gender in her memo she talked about the fact the employers
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know the gender but not the sex and hard to can gories we agree those are complicated questions that need to be considered the equal advisory committee is the best body to do that that's why we didn't prejust those issues but have a transparent and inclusive policy for those to be addressed colleagues, we know that the problems of equal pay for equal work exists it's a major problem and that counter accountability measures are not working we need solutions last year the city paid $5.2 million to vendor this has the potential to make the meaningful change again, i want to thank all the people that have been helping my office in support of this legislation and i want to just make a couple of
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points to close one i'd like to make a motion to amend the motion in two ways the first one on page 5 lines 19 to 20 and 24 and 25 mark a motion to amend this by contractors have to submit equal pay to january 21st, 2016, this will give an entire year for the city to put this in place it allows flexibility to make sure this is done properly and the section amendment on page 6 lines 2 to 3 we are adding language that any information in the equal pay report protected by the right to privacy under the constitution of the united states will be protected by the city it is the practice of the city attorney's office but we want to codify
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that to apply the final points my understanding supervisor tang st. is going to release a couple of amendment to the board of supervisors i think there is nothing in this motion this ordinance that precludes that from happening but a need for clarity i'm happy to do that but the second amendment as i understand an amendment to increase the threshold from $50,000 to $100,000 for entities that receive city grants i'm going to speak against that amendment for a number of reasons one because i believe that we have yet to fully understand the indications we're talking about few institutions that will be covered by this
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ordinance and doubling the threshold would have severe impacts in terms of who is covered by this requirement the second point i think if we have to respect the process that's been followed we'll have legislation that was introduced several weeks ago we had a hearing at the commission on the status of women no amendments were offered at any of the meetings my understanding is the impetus of the amendment changing the threshold relatives to concerns about the department of youth and families my office has contacts the city department and we have not heard from them we have requested they provide changes they have made and in the last few weeks we've yet to hear from them to make the amendment on the day of the
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vote would be inconsistent the fact that no one disputes this is a problem to the extent that san francisco remains the most unequal city in the country that inequality will not be addressed until women are paid fairly and until we make a step and do something this is an opportunity to do piling that to finally take alex action and the last thing i'll say we were very cautious in drafting this piece of legislation we actually create a period of time for all of the parties involved to work best method to implement this law we're talking about this law not being implemented until january 1st, 2016, that's a long period of time for
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us to figure out the best method to collect data at the end of the day the basic thrust of this legislation is simply collect data to require the reports be for the city that's not too much to ask i respectfully ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> thank you first of all, i want to thank supervisor campos for making the implementation dates until january 2016 and, of course, for continuing the item for the three weeks to look at the legislation so i thank you for that i do have a conversation with the supervisors office today and i know you're not a psychic but i brought up things that you've disregard with so today, i was prepared to speak to how the search-and-seizure board i want
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them to address the threshold amount which dcwf has brought to me and others i understand that you couldn't have foreseen i would propose this amendment but during this review process they'll seriously consider the nonprofit do grantees i've mentioned at our last meeting prior to the continuance to make sure that the sires body to spell out how their collecting data that some of our nonprofits or contractors are submitting already to our various city department and repurpose them in a way not to be bumping how it is you're going to analyze the data and how it is we're going to be catering this legislation it is one i support i support data gathering and intend to support this legislation i think
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the basic amendment i'm planning on macon page 13 on line 3 just asking that the advisor board have a consideration within 6 months we add in the advisory board within 6 months to simultaneously finds out the implementation process that is not the legislation noted preclude that from happening i want to make sure this is being implemented by the board of supervisors they they have a chance to provide feedback that maybe possible and again, i the say i don't appreciate my miss characterization it is an important issue i support and simply want to make it better and smooth process when it's implemented so with that, i make
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a motion. >> i neglected when supervisor campos asked for a second is there a second supervisor kim colleagues any discussion on supervisor campos amendment we'll take that without objection. that is adapt and supervisor tang a second second by supervisor kim any discussion with regards to them we'll take that without objection. that is adapted supervisor kim. >> thank you just want to again thank supervisor campos office but all the advocates and members of our community that are here to support this really important legislation i'm glad we're here and ready to vote when is the beginning of the process to start our equal pay ordinance here in san francisco i've mentioned that why i supported in a couple weeks ago this doesn't set the
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infrastructure by which we will work with an advisor committee to how to pass legislation that insures we are submitting and insuring equal pay for equal work for women that work and are paid for by are typewriter dollars here in san francisco i wanted to mention my support so far supervisor campos and supervisor tang's amendment and i certainly think they provide a little bit more clarity in terms of our exceptions for the process in addition to giving more time more thoughtfulness how to get the issues for equal pay for equal work without overwhelming our contractors and organizations but i appreciate supervisor campos story about one nonprofit here in san francisco i anything else that most of our nonprofits want to be able to amelia rate those issue but not aware of it and
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will make the changes self-they knew they weren't paying their female workers the same as other workers i'm excited to pass this legislation i'm committed in working with the offices to make sure we have a structure and process and all the input it put into place i wanted to also remind the members of the floor on page 13 on line two to four it is spelled out the advisor board recommendation shall include recommendations for additional owners if protective change is necessary to implement the recommendation ♪ the coming year we'll have time for the increase in thresholds that's recommend inform the process particle for the nonprofits that get $2,000 i
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know that supervisor tang harassed brought up i'm committed to working on to support those changes if need be the final goal we need to get this process starts it's something out of want has called for in d.c. and i'm excited that san francisco is going to follow and recognition supervisor campos and his office and hillary for moving forward with that complex ordinance to get this process forward so we can see a city that says anyone that is getting paid by our taxpayer dollars are condominium to equal pay for equal work >> supervisor avalos. >> i wanted to echo the legislation and supporters this is groundbreaking we're providing an ordinance we're gathering information for an ordinance that will insure that
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women receive equal pay for equal work it's groundbreaking and now on the other places in san francisco it is significant i want to thank supervisor campos so far bringing this forward talking with someone they suggested is there a way to actually loop in people who receive a tax break from the city perhaps like our tweeter tax break or you know, i thought it was a useful idea one worth checking out but i think that it legislation should move forward i think we should probably engage in a further discussion to expand to add in companies that receive a tax break from the city i want to suggest along with supervisor campos that ascent is to duplicate the file send back to


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