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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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restaurant airport. we are here today because i want our voices to be heard. we need healthcare badly and i had an accident four years ago and i have to be on doctor care since four years ago and wez work hard -- everybody at the airport works so hard and we want them to help us with the health benefits that we deserve it. so please help, thank you. >> thank you. reminder. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors and particularly, supervisor mar and campos for your time, comments and true grasp of what is at stake here.
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i'm proud to serve the public at san francisco airport. i just passed my 30 year anniversary and i'm deeply gratified to have served seven times in negotiations. when use pass through sfo, and you said it so well. when you pass through sfo and purchase a snack please pause to consider that the person smiling at you and their spouse are likely both to be working two jobs. this is the true face of clinging on to middle class existence. we as union members will do whatever it takes to ensure that this fragile grasp is not further weakened. we are appealing to a sense of simple common decency, both on the part of the lessees and
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those parties that can influence them. and thank you, john martin, he's been a blessing. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening supervisor, my name is [inaudible]. i work at the airport for 20 years as a cashier at sfo restaurants. i need a good contract with healthcare because i need to be able to go to the doctor when i get sick. the employer can afford to give us a good contract. i know this is because all the company are making good money and penny. the restaurant is always full. i know they making good money, therefore i hopeout guys help lg us. helping us. thank you. >> thank you.
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next speaker, please. . >> my name is erika. i've been working at sfo for three years right now. i needed healthcare because of my daughter, but i want you to take a look here to see the people who have been working here for 30 plus years and given their best and don't get respect from the owners. i have want you to know that i have to work two hours for paz for bloody marz mary that costs 15. these people need more respect. everyone here, we are a family and we need to get together and don't let them disrespect us the way they're doing. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is sam, i work in airport 15 year. right now i work in bar and grill [inaudible] there are
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some [inaudible] if they go on strike they'll be fired. so on the strike day on thursday all employees at the airport received text messages from our bosses that we need to work or all you guys will be fired so we're very scared about we ask the supervisor
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to help us all employees of sfo need a good contract and would have insurance so we can afford to pay our family insurance. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is joan, i have worked at the airport a year-and-a-half as a cashier at napa farms market. i need a good contract with healthcare because it is really important for me. . i have two kids. living in the bay area is very expensive and having to spend additional for healthcare is something we cannot afford. ever since i started working i have given my all, my heart
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and my soul, not just because i am doing my job, but because i love what i do. the employers can afford to give us a good contract. i know this because they make ha lot of money because our sales have gone up and they are going to open two more restaurants from a different airport. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is pauline murphy and i have been working at the airport for almost three years now and i'm here to talk about the behaviors of the employers towards us. ever since they heard there will be an up coming strike they have threatened to fire us. in my workplace that most of the employees have not been a member of the union before and they kept telling us that
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they're not technically in a contract that they could fire us and they could pinpoint who could go back to work. there was an incident to where one of the union reps told us that we'll be going to the store and talk to the manager and she told him it's okay, i'm not scared because we could really fire you. then during the strike one of my coworkers saw that there was a worker who was actually going to work and we were trying to talk to him about what we were fighting for and one of managers saw him and actually pushed him to get away from us and tell him that don't listen to them, you know, just go to work and then the manager, who said that they saw it reported it to the police and wanted us to tell them that we are not doing what wez're supposed to do so
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we're trying to harm our coworkers. thank you. >> next speaker, please. come on up. >> hi, good afternoon. i've been working for [inaudible] diner for seven years, v. i was doing strike on friday and i got [inaudible] they changed my schedule without telling me first. they told me if i don't go to work for the schedule and then i saw on the wall they post if i go -- the employee [inaudible]. they never call me for the changing the schedule. and then the second thing, i need good health benefits because i meet a lot of people, like a passenger or customer who from all over the
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world so i need something for protection for me. and then on [inaudible] very good health benefits. the second thing, i have need my employer -- i believe if they play fair we are very happy to work. thank you. >> my name is mike, i'm a [inaudible] i'm here in support of the airport restaurant work eshs ers and i tell you why. it affects all of us as members of local 2. the thing is, enough is enough, these employers
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think they're something special and can put their workers in these restaurants have nothing and be nothing. they're their right hands. . the managers don't know nothing. the workers are the ones who make those restaurants operate and the service they perform and work they do, not the managers. the managers treat their workers like they're garbage and that's got to stop right now because enough is enough. these workers deserve good benefits, good healthcare, decent pensions and wages. i've been down there on the picket line for two days and i want these workers know that we're on their side.
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i've been to many different picket lines since i've been a member of local 2 since february 23, 1981. i tell you, enough is enough. these people are human beings and have families to support and bills to pay an deserve better than what they're getting and these employers are making good money. enough is enough because those workers are the life blood of those restaurants. >> thank you. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisor, whoever bosses that are here, r m copping to talk about the benefits of the -- i work in the airport for two years, i
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work [inaudible] and i got my medical for the union but on the reason i see -- some new workers, they don't have the medical and then they want -- they make some hours to get the medical. i guess owners, policies and it's my reason i got my medical for the union so i appreciate that, but i really worry about the other workers and we want these jobs, the bosses they can -- they use us -- whatever they use and then they don't need us, they fire us so i don't see that they're right because we want -- we have any of these workers, they have a family to support, bay area or california, it's very expensive. i mean, i really don't know, but they pay, like, $13 an hour and we work for the
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airport, we could really make good money because on the prices on the they go up, but the salary is the same. i don't see that's fair because we're working for them, but they don't really care for us. that's my point here to be here to talk about the benefits that we really need and i really care about the healthcare because
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>> i work in [inaudible] the best airport in the worl but we have a lot of problems right now with the owners. they don't sign a contract
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[inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is [inaudible] lopez. i've worked at the airport for ten years. i'm here too to talk about contract and the medical solution, our healthcare. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is
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roberto [inaudible]. i've worked for three years in terminal two in [inaudible] restaurant. i'm here to talk about my healthcare. i'm latino, but i trust in this nation and i'm here to make sure that we have health benefits. again, i trust in this country.
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>> my name is will burr and i work in airport for ten years and everybody worried about health insurance and i think everybody think about [inaudible] the company we don't have a union right now. we don't have insurance an one girl she work in a company with me, like, two months ago she went to [inaudible] and she didn't have insurance and she got [inaudible] $8,000 and she didn't have no insurance, she get another job to pay the bill because other people they say we work just for pay bills and that is why we need better contract, thank you. >> hello everyone, hi. i work as an add needed sf o airport about a year ago
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actually anyway in the badging office and i used to see people -- i meeted and greeted almost 8,000 people coming in and some of these people came into the badging office and i helped them. i saw a high number of terminations. it's a stressful job to work at the airport. it's low wages. some of these contracts are below the city minimum at $11 an hour. they're making maybe 7 or $8 an hour. it's terrible. you can't live in the city if your rent is 500 or $700 a month, how can you live on 10 or $11 an hour? you can't do it. it costs almost $8 to go just one way to bart from san francisco downtown to sfo. it's really terrible for some of these workers. if you're late in the five minutes, ten minutes you could believe fired a second or
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third time and it's to no fault of your own. it could be a traffic jam, bart could go down, and you could still get fired so there's a life rate of stress for these workers at hourly wages. i see people get hired and work so hard to get hired and be tossed out once they were late once or twice. you can't live in the city if you make 10 or $11 an hour. i know in because i have to leave the city because i can't get a full-time job with benefits. san francisco is not helping people to stay here. it's helping the big businesses do a merri-go-round and get rid of the older workers in favor of the younger workers. i'm here to speak later on because this will be my last time -- thank you.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is [inaudible]. and my company and the only one thing i'd like to say, you know, i wish everybody please try to help everybody at the airport, everybody work harder. thank you very much, i really appreciate it. it's great, thank you.
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>> i work hard, so i need good benefits, i need healthcare. the owners make a lot, a lot of money. for example, the restaurant, the place i work, that i have make $9 million net. number one
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>> [singing] >> thank you very much. at this time i'd like to call on supervisor mar. >> walter, you hit it on the head with that song. thank you so much to local 2 members for speaking, telling your stories. i think this is what leadership looks like, this is
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what unity looks like, this is what solidarity looks like. my first picket line for local 2 was 1984 for the restaurant workers strike an i'll say the spirit of local 2 and the power of you standing united is so important. i'm very hopeful that you have succeeded hopefully with coming to an agreement so i know mr. sing said that there's not a tentative agreement yet, but i think your actions over the last few days, but also your presence here representing the few of you, the dozens, hundreds of you here today represent the thousand workers there i think is a strong message you want justice and a fair contract. thank you for educating us today. i'd like to know if in of my colleagues have anything to say. if there are any others, please do line up, but otherwise let's proceeds with last public comment on this item.
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>> this struggle is my struggle as well. i was a food worker. when i -- i was so impoverished that i couldn't afford a car so i rode a bicycle everywhere. i had to ride it on the highways. when i went to work from time to time i get scars, i get burns, i get cuts. some of the scars on my body still have not healed, it's opinion, like, 14 years. i think at this rate we might just need a ballot initiative so that people can get a living wage at the airport. i've been to an airport -- you might get a bottle of juice or something and it's, like, $3. i'm just very troubled that people cannot get a living wage at the airport.
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i figured you'd get more money because you have to go through security, metal detectors, et cetera, et cetera, i figured more money for them. i guess there's certain side effects that people can acquire by working in the food industry. when i was in the food industry when i did not think, i just reacted. something happened, low on this, react. low on that, react. people is cooking the food. i am just -- it's very troubling that people cannot get a living wage, they cannot get healthcare. i think the living wage now is about $18 adjusted for inflation. it's definitely not can i want up. we need stock options for them, we need medical and we
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need opportunities for them to grow in advance, higher education, lots of things and -- >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. again, if there's any other member of the public please line up. >> hi, my name's [inaudible]. i am 83 years olds. i'm legally and morally in san francisco, was evicted on the street. i am homeless now. i need your help. it's only in germany, fascist company that 83 years old people was evicted from the street. i don't know what to do. i am almost a year not living in my home -- >> sir, i apologize. i want to make sure you're
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commenting on item 48, which is regarding the labor dispute at the airport. we will have time for general public comment later in the meeting. thank you. again, if there's any other member of the comment ready to speak on item 48. supervisor kim. >> i have just wanted to thank all the workers that came out today from the airport. i know many of us start our holiday travels, many of us will be going through sfo international and airport and i certainly will be and i certainly plan to stand in solidarity before i ride my plane, which is a huge strain on passengers who can't even bring liquids through security, but i certainly hope that local 2 will unit heerz is successful in coming to an agreement with the concessionary stance. it was exciting to seize after a prolonged struggle l with acceptabilitier plate that we were able to be get to a conclusion a couple months
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ago, buff but i want to voice my support for you and thank you for all that you do, not just serving our city and being the face for so many tourists that come through from around the world at the airport as our giant stadium concessionary state as well, butt serving your families and community, it is so important that we rez main concerned about healthcare issues and making sure we are paying our workers fairly so they can afford to live in san francisco and bay areas' rising cost of living through the region.
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that they work with and and i represent district 9 which includes the mission and this is a text that came from -- it was dated december 11, 2014 from mission bar and grill and it bothers me that something like this would come from a
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business that has the name mission on it, but it says from mission bar [inaudible] and it says good morning, please return to work as scheduled or you may be replaced, sincerely mbg. legally, the kind of language that's being used straddles the -- sort of walks the fine line of whether or not is it just a statement or actual threat, but of course, you know, getting this from -- on your personal phone from your employer, we know what the intended impact of this is, which is to intimidate and threaten and that's troubling. i was very troubled to hear in public comment about how in some of these establishments it seems like prices


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