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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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invite any of you or all to apply. we would be glad to have you. we only meet once a month. you can send an aid if you can't attend. it would be a way to have a voice in our community. i encourage you for anyone who has an interest in the role of mental health in our community. i would encourage you to participate in our board. i hope you have a good holiday. thank you. good night. >> public speaker: good evening, board, my name is is maria ralta for alex nieto coalition. i'm
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disappointed that the first resolution was cropped and adjusted to meet this ideology that this is not happening in san francisco. i'm really disappointed in supervisors that wanted to amend the original version because not only am i a supporter for justice for alex because i'm married to his first cousin. i want to let you know who alex was. he's no the this monster that the media portrayed him to be. alex was a gentle soul. he was a security guard that i watched several times to being involved in altercations where he was the peace maker and there was no kind of violence from this man. he dealt with people who were intoxicated
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and he calmly escorted them out of his place of business. i'm really disappointed that some supervisors here have publically spoken about the issues of violence in new york but not heard that they are disappointed with what happened to alex. these are two colored young men that were killed in san francisco and we are sweeping them underneath the rug as if they were nothing. i'm sorry that it does not highlight the beauty of san francisco but we need to remember that this too, we are ferguson also
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>> public speaker: this ought to be a permanent fixture in san francisco or any city. i would hope that my representative in district 5 agrees that this is a moment in san francisco to be strong and align itself more with the concerns over the lives of people with color instead of the feelings of the san francisco police department. they maybe feeling bad with things said in the country and in this city, but their feelings don't compare to the harm that is happening far too often. it needs to be addressed. there was a
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gentlemen who spoke tonight, a president of the police bureau and he's opposing this proposal. right after he shook his finger at you he walked right out that door, he said in his moment that he wanted to have an open discourse and that it's time for dialogue and then he left. so, please keep that in mind. thank you.>> public speaker:
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there is a dream that means something. he called this pharaoh because he had this dream about seven fat cows and they came up out of the river and there were skinny cows and he fell back to sleep and he had a second dream about the 7 years of corn that were really good and 7 years of corn. he said to pharaoh that the dream is one. god doubled it to you because it will shortly come to pass. in other words the seven fat cows represented the seven good years of corn that represented seven good years and seven bad skinny cows and bad years
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of representing years of salmon. it's interesting because we are now in the last days. god is is doubled to us the interpretation of this mysterious three 1/2 years. it is 40 jubilee. he's doubled it if you think of the years since destruction which ended in the year 36 you get 1960 years. if you take 30, 670s, you get 2520. >> public speaker: i'm going to make this quick. it's been raining
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and the roads are slick. when i see you for the next board of supervisors meeting i want to wish ms. tang congratulations for being interim president and wish you much luck with the job. happy holidays! >> thank you very much. if there are any members of the public who would like to speak for public comment, please do lineup. >> public speaker: hi, happy holidays! mark ferrell, i appreciate what you are doing regarding the homeless issues and stuff. we definitely need more transparency as to what's going on. i think at the mails that i have attached here of which i would like someone to get and i would like mark ferrell to
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get one in particular. the issue i'm having is i would like to see trent gilmore responding to such issues such as child abuse and violence within their programs. i just. somewhere between crashness and aloofness. that's what i'm getting. take a peak. i'm not the most articulate person here. when you are trying to reform san francisco in their homeless issues, i think you need to look at the people who are running these programs. i guess i'm going to move on to police brutality. i feel as though i have to carry a camera with me everywhere because i am no telling when they are going to pull up and try to attack me. i
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recorded the police maybe about a week ago and then when i got 2 blocks away they troo id to stop me alone.
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