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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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schedules in the district and many of us do things like open the schools it's past my bedtime i think you'll notice the bedtime is past 9 but i needed to get up g get up early for special education kids everyday you understand those are the changes our members face it is important we rove this soon in a way to provides the support for our members thank you for your time. >> next speaker >> i'm ilene i worked in nutrition department it's 1 did 92 we're the least replaced in our field of work the work involves a lot of labor as a
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nutrition worker we should have a cost of living there of this is on fair we don't inside our kids lunch and breakfast they implemented a second program our students are not eating 3 of the meals a day they have helped them performance a lot better in class i don't looblg our kids as numbers but as human beings it's our job to continue to provide the need of our children i really hope that you will consider our proposal thank you good evening. >> good evening, members of the board of eduction superintendent carranza and ladies and gentlemen that are here
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i'm the union representative chips spokesperson for the 1031 negotiation before i go to my speak speech thank you all for doing the right thing for passing the ethnic studies that's a great thing but i also want to do another good thing to recognize the clarified employees would clean this room who feed our kids and cook the food for the children that open up everyone everywhere everything and clean the chairs for the kids who make that work we've been in contract negotiation for more than 6 months and it's time to settle we mean it no more stalling please tell your new yorkers
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your members deserve a raise to live in san francisco and in with the teachers we want you to doing the right thing by telling me the negotiators we're serious about that. >> hello mr. temple ton. >> how are you good thanks for entertaining my discussion and as everyone else has said it's great to honor the work of a friend of mine who came to my officer who stood on the corner of castro street the week before the first election i actually didn't think she was going to win laura i want to bring to your attention (laughter)
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the african-american freedom trail this is our second annual bruch with into travel if january the state historical resource commission is going to enforce creating a freedom trail and on january 29th the unanimous class on teaching the information in san francisco at a the greg oouch a auditorium and talked about the fellow session in school not trying to get teachers to come somewhere else i'm doing the impact of the trail on the schools and i have the teachers to teach it so we want to make sure we do get the opportunity to demonstrate the
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same issues that everything talked about when the ethnic studies and also wanted to increase score with the superintendant said we have not adjusted the responsibility for this content into every course we do thanks. >> thank you very much ms. solomon. >> thank you. i think ear getting he tired of hearing from me i'll be brief i don't want to let the opportunity to say that the united local is in response and hope a speedy resolution to the contract thank you. >> i think we have one more speaker signed up to speak. >> hello suzette i didn't sea gal kindergarten teacher and
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member of the sugar sweetened beverage i'm here with no big speech but thank you kim you've been a grow supporter have teachers and the ones throughout the land i guess i'll say what i say to the kindergarteners see you later alligator so in a while crack dill and may i give you those i'll be back for the data part two so watch out school board. >> general public comment is closed this is item k excuse me. one second
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ms. casco did we miss a speaker. >> no. >> general public comment is closed. the advisor committee reports any committee appointments to be announced by the board. >> okay i am wondering if this is appropriate place to announce one of my appointees is stepping down should i wait for a replacement. >> this is the second announcements the board of education passing has one appointment that on the san francisco commission that appointment is vacate they oversee all municipal and state election of the district of san francisco the cities are not limited to writing plans and submit it claiming the pcp and
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an assessment of how well in completing a fair election if anyone is interested in applying feel free to send a letter of interest to attendance to the executive assistant at 5 franklin street room 106 and the application process has been open since october 18th this is item l special order of business one action of for the 2015- 2016 school year the recommendation is that the board of education adapt a 2015- 2016 structural calendar may have a michelle obama motion and second. >> may i have a reading of the
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recommendation by the supreme court or hesitate designee. >> i'd like to ask our executive director of the laborer negotiations to please came down. >> good evening so the requested action on the structural calendar for 2015- 2016 school year and the requested action that the board of education adapts the 2015- 2016 structural calendar should i read the background as well. >> i believe the structural calendar it included in the packet. >> commissioner norton. >> just passing along a question i received will or about veterans day he heard about his parents if the school
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people wanted it to be a monday to be a 3 day weekend. >> it's a wednesday yeah. >> i'm curious we negotiate that through sfusd it's a date urban certain so do we discuss that or what authority do we follow on that. >> well, i'll just is the process it included sfusd and u a s and the parents association pack and also our h.r. department as well as labor so i'll have to say that it was pretty unanimous to go with that calendar the parents were clear for example thanksgiving that whole discussion we've benefit having 0 they don't want that
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they want it it to follow their work schedule their considerations for that even though that makes a logical success to take on the holiday into a monday pay not interrupt a week parents that work it causes nor of a destruction where it is not new jersey with their schedule. >> i completely agree it didn't get off veterans day but i said i'd ask so i the. >> commissioner wynns. >> i'd like to know i appreciate that and i the thing that's changed the federal government has changed in including veterans day into one of the national holidays they
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make it a friday or monday so i'd like to know whether we don't have reference in our contract of a holiday that's an issue we can check on because veterans day is a national holiday thank you for the opportunity i appreciate the work we've done this year to make clear to our staff and families being at school on school days is really important it is kind of the key to meeting our achievement goals for individually for their students and our districts as a whole i did seems like it is having an effect it is interesting for us to experience how making clear our commenting commitment and asking our community to do the things that are right for the
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right things i've explained it so it's important i appreciate that and i'd like to continue to maybe in a more organized way get some you know kind of reporting open that how we're doing but not only i appreciate so much our employees are doing better on showing up on the days before and after the holidays and also like to know something about student attendance this is it is near a holiday or only one holiday and actually maybe generally about trends in at the scene would be appropriate in this context so thank you. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you i want to say that veterans day is indeed of 11 it moved so a 3
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day holiday i'm good with it staying the way it is camille in terms of last year is there anything different that we need to recognize or anything you want to point out because there's looks like the regular calendar i wanted to check and see if there's nothing. >> nothing unique this is a standard calendar. >> spring break is still on time great. >> commissioner. >> while we're speaking about school days i want to go on record if we have the championship world series giants that the provider held on a week day destruction is very important to us whereas other school kids had their classes
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cancelled so perhaps we can move to the idea when it becomes clear that we will win again. >> can i answer that i think it's important for people to understand it's not the city that make the decision to players have 48 after winning the game before in their contract ends so they don't have to come back the parades have to happen within to days if the plan is on wednesday, you know, tuesday we'll have it on thursday or wednesday we'll have it on friday so that was just the way that it is we can't plan for it to be 5 days later or on a weekend that's not happening. >> thank you any other comments
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from the board seeing none okay no public comment on that. >> the next time we win the world series. >> i see none signed up but you're so enlightening every time you come to speak i'll permit it press the bottom please. mr. temple ton. >> for the last ten years your school calendar as you omitted and we made an issue of it back in 2005 it hadn't changed yet so - yes. >> (inaudible). >> those are just the holidays. >> but the structural calendar is extremely important for the teachers to look at things to do
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it is generally throughout the state generally in the structural calendar so it was just specifically taken out when acronym was here but you know, i think it would be an important move in light of what else you've done tonight to put to into calendar. >> now i believe we're ready for a roll call vote. >> mr. haney on the structural calendar thank you. >> ms. maufass ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase and ms. norton and minnesota and president fewer. >> 6 i's. >> thank you very much now we're on the subject of
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we're taking off (laughter) that was an experience. >> so, now on the subject of review and adaptation of annual and 5 year report relating to the collection of the fees thank you gentlemen for waiting so long may i have a motion and second please. thank you very much any may i have a reading of the recommendation by mr. david golden. >> good evening supreme court and president fewer i'm the chief facility officer one of the most fun parts of year apologize to read the requested action and give you a background it's late we're tired and the requested action is that the board of education of the
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san francisco unified school district review and adapt the developer impact fee and annual fee reports for the fiscal year ending and the attached report dated 2014 related to the collection and expertise expenditure of developer fees perpetrate by a consistent with expertise with such reports and mr. laura principle of the linger group is sitting to my right just brief background developer impact fees are possible to be collected by succulence throughout the state of california under the government code they compete conditions each school district prepare a study to demonstrate
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they have a need relative will to the number of students or the strains on our schools as a result of the growth that study will also demonstrate that there are a level of fee collection for residential commercial and industrial and courage other types of construction and the state sets a maximum every year or so we need to demonstrate where we qualify within that blue print for instance we're at $2.91 a square feet for residential if you look at the list the other fees drop off to less than $0.30 a square feet so clearly under the government it is the driver the impact fees we last did the study to raise
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our rates 2013 we're at 291 the state maximum is now at 336 so we have the potential of collecting another $0.45 per square feet that obviously given the explosives housing inform san francisco if there's obviously we do the math several hundred mosquitos at $0.45 that amounts to a significant amount of money to capture i'd like to point out the revision years were incredibly bad for the collection of feeds we were in the million to million and a half dollars per year last year was good 8 points of million dollars plus interest we have reason to think points
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collection will remain going close to that range it is obviously we do a lot of good things for the schools with that 0 money the requirement under the government code every year we perform a one and 5 year audit of that money we need to hire a third party extinct consultant and demonstrate what we spent the money on that year and the 5 year rough project probably to spend money in the 0 future if you look at the 5 year projection the funds for a potentially new school in mission bay or the southeast quadrant you'll see money for schools of the arts and modular building replacements and a lot of other existing projects so
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that's sort of sums up where we are i previously sent out a memo a number of commissioners that had questions and both myself and the gentlemen are available for questions should you have them. >> question any questions commissioner. >> what's the process for raising the rates what needs to happen. >> the process is very clearly defined in the government code we need to retain the firm he needs to look at our demographics and the number of permits in the city not too different a process than the demographics study but similar in being able to determine we can justify a greater need there are notices that need to be noticed in publications and there's a public hearing that
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needs to happy in front of the board of education and an a needs to be taken an appeal period and put the rates in effect we've commissions that study it the currently underway if the news is favorable it is found we can raise the rates obviously if we want to decline the raised we'll not come back to the board but to raise the rates my expectation in the next 2 and a half months we'll be able to come back and ask the board of education to make the approval. >> yes. commissioner norton. >> i want to say we definitely should do that so you have any vote i'm going to proclaim that publicly but i don't have any
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questions i feel i feel bad which it's late at night and we'll sat and the report is good and the information and it's exciting to see where the money comes in so thank you. >> you're welcome to come over to my office and we'll talk about it. >> commissioner maufas. >> listen i haven't had an opportunity to thank you but better late than never this report is reflecting of that work and thank you for coming and speaking to us i want to come over to your office i'll be there before i leave the board of education all right. and i have an open door policy and no secretary you're welcome to come in my time and wish you luck
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it's certainly been a pleasure to serve with you on the board and obviously you've been a wonderful supporter of facility projects we've done so best of luck and best wishes. >> thank you mr. goldie have a question on page two or three on the liz on the end under expenditure by improvements bond 24 i've sort of wondering is it is the amounts are random so we have some for $5 and some for a million dollars and like so how do you - i don't understand the $5 like why would we take $5 out of the fund. >> i can explain that fairly easier there were projects on
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the list in some cases have life spans that go over a year for instance a brand new building or doing some accessibility work or improvements because of a new special needs program in the school as those projects begin and end there are things buyout projects that sometimes drag over from one year to another their mag maybe trailer expenditures for up a 5 directing bill and it's 0 my colleagues job to report them all it looks like we're having a 5 directing project that is the life in construction those things spread out over the years. >> it's. >> $5 if struck me and then a
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million dollars and also the total amount in all sources was $10 it seems like so minor but i guess i should look at the accounting yes thank you very much. >> any other comments or questions from the board i see none i think we're ready for a vote. >> mr. haney ms. maufass pr ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase. >> ms. norton. >> ms. wynns and president fewer. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much so we've already done the next two items which one is withdrawn and item n and consent calendar there's none tonight we're ready to item organization to vote on the consent calendar. >> thank you mr. haney ms. maufas percent ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes except on item 1 and 9 i
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need more information. >> k one and k-9. >> yes. >> thank you dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns president fewer thank you very much. >> this is item t consent calendar resolutions severed for board any action we don't have any q first reading i see none that is the boards member proposal may i have is a motion and second please for the appropriate use of movies and television in the classroom motion and second please. second. >> the matrix. >> anyone want to second. >> thank you very much 24 will be referred to the curriculum and program committee this is interesting. >> all right. this is board members report
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may i have it report of the committee on december 2nd commissioner murase. >> so on december 2nd the committee as a whole met on one informational item presentation and update occupy african-american achievement and leadership in the sfuftd and executive director of the office of assess and adequately and program manager vasquez present a very competitive report and they've clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing the african-american achievement and leadership initiative we're on the verge of hire a special person to focus on african-american achievement it is a work in


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