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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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just have to see. the reason that they were able to move on the older americans act is they were able to come together around a compromise for the funding formula and that was the only reason it was, there was a hold up on it. you may remember that the funding formula has been set for many, many years but what's happened across some states is we've had not only slower growth, we've actually had people leaving the state where we have a lot of growth in other states. california is one of the 10 states that actually has had more growth. when sequestration came into place is really the first time there's been a major budget reduction and the 10 states -- all the states were hit by it. but the 10 states with growth actually took a kind of double hit because we had to hold harmless the states who have had no growth or low growth.
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so they had a floor at which their budgets couldn't go underneath and that meant 10 states had to take a little bit more of a dive. this compromise means that the slow growth states will be giving up 1 percent of their budget each year for the next 3 years and then everything will be stabilized at that point and the 10 states, which california is one of, will be receiving additional funds over that time. having looked at the spreadsheets it's under a million dollars at its height so, you know, spread across california is it necessarily going to mean a lot of money for us in san francisco. i think the good news is it's good to finally see a resolution to this and congress is moving forward. so you will be sending out another announcement when it finally hits the full senate and then on to the house. wanted to remind everybody that this is the month that we're having many meetings. we are having of course the meeting today, but next
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tuesday, the 10th, we will have the first finance committee meeting that we have had in a long time. it will be to have the first reading of our budget that will be going to the mayor. then on the 23rd we will be having a full commission meeting that will be at born auditorium. bridget will be sending out all the information, time, place, everything. that will be a full meeting to hear the entire budget then send it on to the mayor if you decide to do that. we also on the 23rd will probably be bringing -- usually we do that only as a budget meeting but we may be bringing a few add back items to you that we couldn't bring to you today. also wanted to mention that we have the california department of aging visit us a week or so ago. they were here for a week. it was fairly good-sized team of people to review both program budget finance and
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contracts within our office on aging program. and this is, it doesn't just take the week that they are here, it takes weeks before that to get everything prepared. we had contractors who also were involved in this because they make site visits, do some food testing, which they were thrilled about our meal program both for the quality of it but also because we have such diversity in our meal program. it was one of the things they highlighted in their conversation with us on the exit interview. we did really really well and the review, very few findings, most all of them very minor so we're pretty thrilled. i really wanted, though to call out and will be sending this out in our department's newsletter. you know the department came into being about 10 or 11 years ago and it came because programs and departments moved together under the umbrella or the
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department of aging adult services. around that time is when human services agency was formed as well. in human services agency is where we at daas have all of our infrastructure and the beauty of that merger was that there was already an established entity in all those areas that i mentioned plus a few others. so we have over these last many years really been able to draw from that well-established infrastructure. mergers are not without its ups and downs, people have to sort out roles and figure out who's been doing what and who has to do it now, new systems get developed and new systems learned. i think for me this particular review, all of the great comments from the state about how well our systems are in place as well as the interface of program assistance was really quite a compliment to all the staff. so i'd really like the folks
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who are here from those programs, who worked on it -- finance, contract and budget -- to please stand and let everyone know who, i know they are not all here today but i know that martha is here, david, you are here, we've got other folks from contracts and program and i'd just really like everyone to know (applause). some of them have won employee of the month awards in the past, but some of them you don't always get to see. so the report will be coming out, we think, in about 90 days. not expecting any problems. and the last piece of information i wanted to impart was yesterday was the launch of the technology council. i don't know if marie intends to say anything about this later, but the community living campaign under marie's leadership helped to organize and really was the idea and the mover behind this idea of
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having a technology council that really relates to older adults and younger adults with disabilities. there have been a series of meet thation have combined business folks, folks from technology but folks who are in business with the primary focus of assisting older adults and younger adults with disabilities nonprofits, consumers, a couple of city departments have been in the mix and we have been hosted by the consulate from the netherlands has been the host for these meetings. last night was the launch and it's a pretty exciting opportunity for us in the xhuepbtd. -- community. we think we're the only ones in the country and if marie has a chance later to say anything about it but we did a toast around 6:00 and everyone left the meeting truly excited about the possibilities. and that's
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the end of my report. >> questions, commissioners? >> anne, the meal site at west portal, what are the hours of operation? because i know that's a busy site. other facilities, other agencies use the facilities. >> lunch is from 11:00 to noon but i believe the site itself is open from 9:00 to 2:00. then there's a children youth program that comes in right after i think the senior program is over. >> okay you mentioned that there's a lot of kind of people sign up for that. if the number comes like -- i don't know how many you are serving at that site say 50 and like every day 75 people come, would there be a chance of increasing the number of meals to be served? >> we do have two seatings at
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some sites so that's always a possibility if in fact, the space will allow for it and if the time allows for it. i'm not sure about that site and what will happen there, but you are correct, there are a lot of folks that live in that neighborhood that have not had access to a site before, so we're going to have to monitor it and determine over time what's really possible there. we have also opened the champs program that's in that neighborhood as well so we're seeing a huge number of folks coming out for that program. so, yes, we're keeping an eye on it and trying to figure out what we will do. that's the beauty of opening up sites is also then what do we do if the demand is, which we assume it could be, more than we have in place. >> thank you. >> any other questions? if not, moving on. could we have the advisory
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council report? leon schmidt >> good morning, executive director hinton on january 21 the advisory council met and our first order of business was to present a citation from the mayor to mrs. marini reed for her service to the commission for many many years. also i gave the executive director report that the cda spoke with the representative of the advisory council to make sure that we and the commission were in synch with our communications around the guidelines that are taking place in our communications and i was very pleased to hear that we are and do very well. also mr. emmett nelson from muni came to share information about the free muni program and as he spoke with the council
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everyone was very excited and very pleased to hear that this will come into effect march 1. also deputy director mcspadden came and shared the information about the new hub program that's taking place and wanted the council to come to some of the group meetings and we were able to send representatives to those meetings. we had a report from our site visit committee and two sites were visited, the 30th center site and the cap street site and we got positive feedback on both of those sites. lastly, the education committee will be postponing our next class at the bethany
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center because there's a program on the same day, the 20th of february, that will be done through the lgbt community and there was a conflict so we had to postpone it. and we will be having our next training in march. and that is my report. are there any questions? >> any questions? thank you. >> thank you and belated happy new year to everyone. >> thank you. joint legislative committee report, diane lawrence. >> good morning, commissioners. the legislative committee also met on january 21st. some of the groups had not -- that normally would report at a joint legislative committee meeting had not met yet, they were meeting the week
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after, so we'll have more updates at our march meeting. one of those was the california welfare directors that were meeting the following friday, but they had communicated that there was renewed interest in the older americans act which anne just reported on, so i'll skip that. we also discussed elder justice again which i think i mentioned last month that $4 million has been allocated nationwide. we're still unclear how that will play out, no details have come forward. we were told that not too long before our meeting on the 21st that the courts had overturned the overtime for the ihhs workers. an appeal is expected and the committee will track the progress of that appeal. the ruling was the week prior so at our meeting we didn't have many details. i would expect we'd have more when we meet in two weeks so again
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we'll report on that next month. the shattered system reforming long-term health care in california report was released in early january. the committee discussed working through to distill the key issues from that report and look at, match that to federal -- to funding that will come forward for the recommendations that that committee has looked at. advocacy work is also underway to adjust the ssi levels to maintain qualifying seniors, qualifying participants, above the poverty level. this is an area that's been cut back in california over the last couple of years so this will be a budget ask moving forward. we also discussed assembly man david chu's legislation regarding sro upgrades and that funding, according to his web site, is for $40 million in tax
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credits. this is statewide money, it's to fill a gap that doesn't exist in rehab so again we'll be tracking that legislation and seeing where it moves forward. the california senior legislature reported, anne was in sacramento because the same day was the death with dignity act bill was, there was a press conference to announce that. that has both participants -- that has senators supporting it, william moming and lois walk who also was a participant in long-term care report and that was senate bill 13. there were 3 other proposals that had been picked up. one was on the silver alert proposal to delete the expiration date of the current law and that's being
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supported by assembly woman cheryl brown. there is also assembly man scott wilke is supporting a bill that would add a 2 year felony penalty for people who identity fraud with seniors. so again we'll be watching that. and warren reported to us that meetings were held with legislators on january 13th and 14th. the meet and greet was very successful and they had put together a proposal book on the california senior legislature items they were interested in and the legislators were happy with that and we have asked for an electronic copy. and that is where we stood at the end of january. >> i have a question on the day to choose legislation for
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$40 million. was that more associated with the elevator? not really. >> not really. according to --. >> in fact, i don't know too much yet, but i think it's more broad. it's general rehab. >> general rehab. does that include that -- that's a very small amount. >> especially state-wide, even though there's a concentration of sro's here. >> we haven't found a bill number yet. we're trying to track that down and we'll continue to track that down. >> thank you. >> any questions. if not, thank you. long-term care coordinating council report. >> good morning, commissioner, marie dabling with the community living campaign and i'm here to give the report this morning. i wanted to share a few of the highlights from our meeting on january 12 and point out that the council continues to look for ways to
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strengthen its agenda planning for the coming year including having a more active advocacy and policy role that focuses on outcomes. i think that's something we all want to do but the council is focused on that as well. members before made a number of excellent suggestions on just how to do that. we also noted this year the long-term care council has its 10 year anniversary so we're looking for a way to celebrate this milestone with the mayor. we see it as sort of a party with a purpose to celebrate our accomplishments and the folks who made it possible, so we will let you know as soon as the date is set and we hope you will come. the highlight of the last meeting was a presentation and discussion about the diversion and community integration program, or dcip this program was created 10 years ago as part of the laguna honda could
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(inaudible) return to community life. the ability to share data electronically made this process smooth for all the service providers who need to be loop. in also tracks residents for up to two years after the discharge to assure the supports are there to keep them from being reinstitutionalized or recommitted. however, an issue has come up regarding a breach with southern california medicare -- not us -- and it's been put on hold. the commission's is taking up this issue in the hope we can resolve it as quickly as possible working with the city attorney and the department heads. just as a reminder the council has a number of very active work groups and we heard this past month from several of them. the aging and disability
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friendly work group for san francisco, the affordable and accessible housing group, another that focuses on dementia care another that focuses on hiv and aging and finally one that focuses on palliative care. so these work groups really continue to make sure things move forward at the nitty-gritty level while the council kind of holds it all together. i would say my role with the council is to chair the nominating committee and i want to point out it's a fairly large body, over 40 members, and right now we have 4 vacancies. we would welcome your hope in sharing information with folks who might be interested. the council is organized into different types of stake holders and right now the open slots are consumer and advocate and adult with disabilities, that's an older adult with disability who seems themselves
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as a consumer and advocate, a representative from organized labor and the last one is at large, so that could be really anybody who has an interest and passion for this work. finally -- so i have nomination forms up here for you for folks who are here in the audience and anybody watching on television that those forms are available from the department of aging adult services. lastly, the council is sending delegations to meet with the board of supervisors to stress the importance of long care term services and support and to ask their help expanding funding for the community living fund and other programs that really help people stay in their own homes and communities. the next meeting is february 12th from 1:00 to 3:00, you are most welcome to attend and since ann mentioned the creation of the tech council, which i can come back later and talk about, i want to point out 10 years of experience working with how you have diverse groups that can focus on policy and still get down and get the work done
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adross different sectors is really -- we have 10 years of experience with that and the tech council really has members that recognize that experience and are going to model in some ways what they do after this good work from the council. so that's my report. do you have any questions? >> thank you. >> next is the tacc report. kathy russo >> good day, supervisors, tacc meets at the end of this month in sacramento, february 24th and 25th. >> thank you. case report. >> commissioners, director hinton. we did meet in january, our membership and our board. just want to acknowledge the positive feedback we've gotten from the
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commissioners and the department of our case platform that was presented at the last meeting. thank you for that. we had our election of officers in our january membership meeting and keeping the momentum going with our platform we are hosting a case campaign planning meeting happening on friday, february 27th, at dorothy day senior community, that's 54 mcallister, at 1.30. what we're doing is we are inviting all of our case members to discuss plans to encourage san francisco to better support seniors and people with disabilities. and we really are going to hone in on our platform inviting at least one staff person and a few of their senior leaders, ambassadors, constituents from each organization. we'll be discussing our advocacy plan, our themes moving forward this
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year and strategies for how staff and their senior consumer constituents can support this campaign. and that is all. our next meeting is monday, february 9th, 7.30, polk, 3:00 to 5:00 project open hand grocery center. that's it. >> thank you. any questions? >> one. just as a refresher, how many participating agencies are in case? >> i think we have about 30 active member agencies. >> so you expect 30, roughly 30 participants in this forum. >> hopefully. >> outstanding. >> thank you. item 7, any old business? none listed. new business.
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okay, requesting authorization to modify the grant with mental health association of san francisco for additional social support services for hoarders and clutterers during the period of july 1, 2014 through june 30, 2016, in the additional amount of $86,362 for a revised total grant amount not to exceed $506,002. could i have a motion to discuss? >> make a motion with an amendment. i believe the dollar amount should be $89,362. i think there's a typo in the agenda. is that correct, monte >> my understanding was it was 86. elana it was 89, you are correct. >> so it should be 86? >> no, it should be 89,362.
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>> 89,352? >> 62. >> with that motion -- with that change, could i have a motion to discuss? >> president james, commissioners, my name is monte cimino, we seek authorization to modify the grant with the mental health association for hoarders and clutterers. the ichc is a nationally recognized leader in policy development, innovative training, peer response services and supports. for this upcoming authorization we are looking to develop an online resource web
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site, start support groups for family members of people dealing with hoarding and cluttering, targeting limited add nonenglish speaking consumers. with the development of the online web site what we are looking to do is develop a web site that's more dynamic than the current web site we currently have. consumers and people interested in the services will be able to enter the services they are looking for and their location in the sit and this web site will help them locate those services. in addition they are looking to have the web site up and running by april or may of this year and have consumer input and input from cbo's along the way developing the web site to make sure it is relevant and user friendly. additionally with the family support groups mha will be developing a very specific stipend volunteer position for the program and disseminate the information through various support groups as well as their
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there will also be supervision provided to the family member and the consumer who are doing these groups to make sure they have proper support and supervision throughout the process. finally, regarding community collaborations, mha is support of seen as the leader in the field around hoarding and cluttering issues. they already have a lot of formal and informal relationships with cbo's but what they are looking to do now is to take it a step further to start to get their services out to people who are limited english or non-english speaking consumers. we were here a few months ago with this particular program so i'm excited about this particular expansion because it really is taking this program to the next level. so they have really refined their services. they really have a clear focus on what they are doing. this next step is to
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help promote the services to other communities and individuals who don't have access to them. so i'm happy to answer any questions that you have around the program expansion. >> i'm glad that you mentioned expanding it because i just had a request for somebody who speaks spanish that needed help, family that needed help with hoarding and clutter. so i'm glad to see that that's the first question i was going to ask. so thank you.
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>> welcome. >> b, requesting authorization
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to modify the grant agreement with bayview hunters point multi purpose senior services for provision of nutrition services for seniors at congregate meal sites in the additional amount of 109,176 for a revised total grant amount not to exceed $1,042,186. could i have a motion to discuss? linda lau >> good morning, commissioners. >> do i have a motion? >> second. >> moved and second. you are on. >> good morning, commissioners


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