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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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expenditure. >> do you have to wait for a vacancy to put an application in i guess if you're attrition is 5 percent you keep a hiring machine going knowing that the attrition rate is going to continue. >> tom department staff we have to follow the city's h.r. rules if we know someone is going to retire through the city's process we'll submitted what they call an advance requisition if you leave tomorrow i don't know when our leaving i'll file the position as far as the attrition the city has to have a vacancy audits h.r. won't approve the acquisition. >> it creates a gap.
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>> it does. >> one other thing i guess i wanted to comment this was something i'll think communicating back to president commissioner fong and commissioner president wu the performance is there i think in the veil of discretionary reform we'll approval the discretionary reform. >> commissioner b.a. can i make one comment we're 4r507b9 the performance measures it depends on how you calculate that number it does, in fact, include our - based on what the public says that number we would like to change that to murray the timeframe to getting the application to the staff. >> that's a great idea. >> two other comments from the
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performance measures is there my benchmarking been down compared to other cities what works for them. >> keith department staff about three years ago we conducted sort of a more of on internal benchmark study we asked berkley and joe's and their measurement we didn't get a whole lot of feedback we work closely with the controller's office and the group provides us with technical guidance and suggests we work on the ways to appropriately track our performance. >> one last closing comment i've asked a few developers if you wake up what would you want
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now we're in the economy is there smlg something around the con absurdities they pay additional money to get their things begun faster they carry the risk and burden the financing potentially that kind of money will come back to the city to cover things but additional affordable housing or something that was the question i asked the developers do you have thoughts on that. >> i'll start keith with the department staff our current fee structure, if you will the current application fees doesn't have anything for connoisseurs so there's no expediting fees we have a few dedicated staff in the environmental division that work on public projects that is a position on the fiscal year budget so moving forward jump to
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the fronted of line, if you will no moving up to the front of cue. >> there's two parts to that the answer the short query we essentially can't charge more than the time it takes to do the project the fees are based on average times so if it takes two years or one year having said that other departments allow for expedited reviews if over time is paid there's a whole slew of contracts with organized labor that limit our ability to do that we have quite limited ability to charge more for some projects that's not allowed. >> that question has come up a lot. >> sure and unfortunately, we're limited in our ability to do that.
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>> very good job thank you. >> if i can make a comment commissioner richards we really wanted to try to expediting in terms of policy goals to expedite affordable housing projects and then public sites as you mentioned i think i would feel nervous in getting into a pay to play situation where developers have more money can get expected. >> fair enough. >> commissioner hillis. >> so kind of along the same lines we don't talk about the processing times from vendors or small projects applicant that's what i hear outside of the commission i think small projects team is great it doesn't look like we're
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looking they look bleak from this performance measure i'd like to say you may want to say diverse you were measurement when they come to the commission we could be part of the problem we should continue the project sponsor explicit care until they actually gets approval or disapproval so we're part of that potentially part of that problem too i guess why not allocate more resources if those numbers are as bad as they are. >> that's a glazing number and whether or not it shows the increase primarily during the previous two fiscal years we have substantially increased the number of folks in planning and because of staff turnover a side note as the economy improves
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other jurisdictions are hiring now we have positions that are new and our attrition rate is over 10 percent that division it in the position of staffing up so based on the positions we feel we're pretty full in that division we're not go reflecting his group by filling a position we have and we'll be in better shape. >> do you think those target are realistic i was going to - you know 27 percent this year we need a third next year. >> it's a very good question one thing whether that target should be graduated so maybe 50 percent and up the next year to be realistic it's hard to know
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with the types of projects keith mentioned the number of projects is not going up typically it requires more complex to review. >> the other thing the small budget teams is newly allotment half hired it's functioning both addressing small projects immediately and taking projects out from the cue of the existing planners that are further freeing up their time it's occurring in realtime as we speak we're seeing a performance change that we can measure and as we fully buckle up that program we expect to see more and with the processes at this
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point we expect to be as have as full of roster as a percentage not a percentage as we've had at any time in the past. >> we need the resources we talk about the airbnb their which is great but when you're talking to people their biggest complaint nobody has looked at their file on a relatively small issue if we need resources we should put resources to it. >> that's why we're doubling grateful we had additional positions requested for the backlog from last year's budget and the commission we were not ultimately forwarded to the board because of computing
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priorities so this year with the funding of the positions budgetary christmas came earlier because of the temporary nature of those positions we filled them immediately as opposed to the positions in this budget we wouldn't be pfeiffer up those positions those benefits will be coming much later. >> so hoping help is on the way. >> may i ask a followup question director ram you mentioned in the previous too cycles we've added permanent positions and this ongoing project team is an interesting innovation but the performance went down in the time you added the temporary staff today feel there you go more hope in the project team and adding the
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temporary staff seems like the natural solution but the metrics didn't go up. >> part of project team is they've been on board for 2 1/2 months part of it is the size and number of projects keeping it the same that the large projects take an awful lot of time we have to look at the small project and the team is a model for other parts of department specialized teams that specialize on only projects and staff was doing one thing for moreal standpoint was not great but we reinventing that we need to look at the performance awe paralyze the metrics so the
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metrics are being looked at correctly he appreciate those comments the numbers are not good we looked at them at face value. >> i hear a lot from developers small medium and large the complaint around the boogy think we do spend time talking about the best policies but the bread and butter of the department is getting those through. >> just to add sarah jones we keep referring to the volume of applications we're getty thought it might help to character one example typically 5 to 10 exemption applications per week this point we're getting 5 to 10
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per day and another piece of information we established a couple of smoul small environmental reviews and assigned out about 20 cases in our cue and got our cue down to 25 projects we now have 29 more we have not had a chance to input it is very hard to keep up would this type of volume. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much first of all i'd like to thank commissioner richards and commissioner hillis and all the commissioners for bringing an expertise on this it is great to have a few minutes type of person looking at this stuff just one i have a quick couple of things i do want to add my $0.02 on the expediteer connoisseur issue i
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agree with commissioner president wu the expediting should be a matter of policy of outside money but more to the point i think of we didn't care about that particular issue i don't think we'll realistically be able to expediting the service for a fee presuspends we have the capacity that exists and clearly we don't have any the backlog is crazy we organized staff for the small project team won way to get projects throw in a reasonable timeframe and i don't think that's the case there's one or two vendors that can expedite their projects there are many project sponsors that will take advantage of the service from lots of perspectives it's not an
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idea that makes sense timed for the planning department and i want to focus on a couple of higher level quality issues around the budget and plan the first one is the interagency coordination i was pleased to see called out some of the ftes for certain projects that are being aside but i'd like to understand what are the metrics around their work mraung how do we know those ftes are being successful only a dedicated body to go to meetings i don't see a lot in the work plan about the outcome so i want to ask director ram or anyone for a comment on that. >> to the best of my knowledge we don't have a specific
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performance measure. >> i guess the agency coordination. >> i don't know what the measure would be it's not a quantify active i wouldn't want to measure it it would be off the charts i think one of the things the program i think there's a performance measure about the actual allocation of dollars and the timeframe we could think about that if you have a couple of ideas. >> i have. >> couple that are not worth brainstorming but i want to bring it up and love to work on brainstorming some metrics around the effort around people going to other agencies and across the work programs we have transit and other issues we'll be coordinating and i want to
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see some sort of measure of the ftes that are dedicated to working with other agency. >> if i may keith with the department staff one thing we track with the revenue we track the scope and the timeline so for missouri my of the projects we track orts and report to the committee that information could be considered performance. >> okay. that will be an open item for maybe the next session and the second thing so much of our work products flows directly to the building department and the department of building inspection that one i'd like to sort of reiterate a call i think was made a couple months ago for a second joint hearing to see how our tracking system and what
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they're doing around reorganizing their staff it would be great to have that and then i think it would also be i know that we're just looking at not a budget supplemental we're looking at having rec and making them permanent in the next budget i'd like to hear either this time or next time whether or not that's a good strategy if we need to push it a lot of staff across different areas i feel that works if you have here and there staff and reorganizing the current staff and not make a whole lot of changes in supplemental in spectators parts better organizing and how much extra work is being put on the
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building inspection and maybe in the next budget i'll ask people to think about that strategy and director ram maybe you can comment. >> i think next time we'll talk about the position on grounds we were going to propose and perhaps have a short discussion on the hireably plan to reflect the position as commissioner hillis said we should look at a couple of years to look at the numbers if i might on the policy question expediting permits i forgot to mention we have a director's bulletin half of the list is 20 percent on site affordable or off site affordable that's how the mayors projects on the list like public
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projects as well. >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i'll echo what months of the commissioners have said and i'm very happy to hear an additional of staff mechanics members to try to expedite projects you don't think? a problem there was a time when a staff member was assigned to a particular project and he or she would go on think expend leave for various reasons it's important this about a team operation people are going to be ill and maternity leaves it's important that the projects keep moving even when the individual are not there and the same things with permitting as much as possible i hope we run our permitting simultaneously i i
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know sometimes it's done in stages wherever possible fire and electrical and the various inspections necessary moving simultaneously will help the project to further through quickly i think the benefit of the public unless i'm wrong our fiscal year is september through november; is that correct and our fiscal year from july 1st through june 30th. >> oh it is july here i'm thinking of federal that is thank you for correcting me but that's why we're discussing it now your deadline is before the middle of the year obviously another revenue issue which i think has improved a lot there
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was a time in 2007 when i acquired property and if doing that there was a reassessment and it took 3 years for the new assessed value they do it immediately but it took 3 years for the city to collecting o'clock the money 12 i saved the money but they lost the revenue for those 3 years and have to have a provision in fairness they allow some of this to be paid over a period of another 5 years because of the lack of time recently this year was involved in another purchase and happy to report it's been already reassessed and the tax bill due in december and april for this year were all in december if you choose is already reflected the increased value it makes sense with the
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amount of building we have we shouldn't have shortfalls in the city's general fund if we are collecting the money in a timely manner and in regards to earlier comments just in general this is any actions this commission takes as well as the actions of staff are consistent with the laws of this city even prop m and k and have to support our decisions with the finding we do everybody might not be happy but there's a reason they're made and supported with findings i can't think of decisions some have been overturned by this board of supervisors but no, i don't remember any of our decisions taken to court and i and you know except for environmental issues in the past
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regarding certain things but by and large not a problem i'm happy and looking forward to the process. >> commissioner richards. >> two quick follow-up comments to director ram for the appropriate metrics and smaller projects two metrics one nor large and small i think director ram you xhptd on one of the complaints i've heard from the association is the serial nature this gets assigned and that gets so stipulated the process actually happens and something you mentioned a month or two going ago about you, appoint 1 or 2 people to not stop the process.
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>> what we did was change the process we had the procedures you applied for a preliminary application we gave you the letter in 60 days and didn't allow anyone to employ important the environmental application we're not allowing those procedures to overlap because people are waiting so that two or three months for the process is part of the wasting time. >> so the same thing can happen. >> i want to add i appreciate for the citywide group the new category the various work it helps to put work in thought category i want to reiterate my ask from last week, we have action plans or work plans no, not in this 0 form with regards to the changes and the changes
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will, addressed maybe in the briefing we talk about the 5 year plan but don't want to be focused on those 4 categories on those challenges thank you. >> commissioners that places you on regular calendar item 8 the susan daily master plan this is a public hearing on the draft civil rights please note it written comments will be allowed until february 17th. >> good afternoon, commissioners viable and transportation planner the item before you to receive the comments on the environmental impact report and draft eir for the sunnyvale hope sf master plan process this is a joint
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document is satisfies the california qualify act the document was prepared by itself planning department and the mayor's office of housing of community development i'm joined by my colleague and project sponsor representatives are here today project site is a 48.89 site in visitacion valley bounded by the hunt street to the east and alaska avenue to the west it is developed with seven hundred and 84 senior scombrunt u unit it includes demolition and t the construction up to 17 hundred housing unit including the one for one units and the affordable unit and market rate and it will include up to 725 thousand
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square feet of community service resembleal and educational facilities and 11.5 acres of open space and reconfigured street network and up to 16 thousand plus square feet retail it will occur over 9 to 15 years in 3 phases the draft eir was issued and comments will be accepted at the planning department on february 17, 42015 this is the second on the draft eir e i s the second was on tuesday january 2015 at the complex the draft eir found significant impacts related to the following traffic delays
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disturbance of anger lovely and noise exposure during construction and exposure to hazardous material and something like programs for animal feces and construction impact of new utilities and service systems required to serve the system all impacts i'd like to remind did speakers this is not a hearing to consider the approval or disapproval it will focus on the adequacy and accuracy of the analysis within the draft eir comments will not be respond to in detail i'd like to request the commenters speak slowly and clearly so the transcript can be
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clear and it would greatly help if commenters state your name for the record so they can be properly identified in the transcript and please provide their addresses so we can inform them when the document is available after hearing comments from the public we'll - staff have not here to answer the comments the comments will be transcribed by the court reporter and this document will respond to the documents received and the revisions will be made to the draft eir to address those comments the responses to comments and the revised draft eir will comprise the final document comments what about submitted in writing by mail or e


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