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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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yees temples of thousands across a wide range of income and the current affordability crisis have a long complex industry as you can see the new legislation on the fledging short-term rental industry it nurses you to take a light approach it doesn't clip the wings of the >> thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> next speaker >> i'm karen host our committees more logical recommendations is that the board prove a moratorium on changes until a study to identify the s t rs in the how's shortage certainly can't be considered scientific enough to warrant changes no legislation
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in fact, in november of rifle the increase in evictions wore the purpose of selling was evaluated to the rising home prices better to be safe than sorrys were the expectation i asking question hundred and 25 plus removed because baigs of airbnb lou gehrig's disease shouldn't that i think definite number be suspect i challenge for definitely proof that the eviction unit is now how it can be identified as also identify s t r in transparency is a goal in government there is no choices for this committee if the board decided to start why not start
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with the units all vacated by the ellis act violations not be allowed and be heavy funded after ref notification i would add conviction that take place from this day forward give the planning department or whoever is identified a chance to solve the current glitches they can track evictions with the money collected from the platforms thank you. >> thank you ridiculously the first one the units lost to housing the term commercial unit that can be rented 4 quick examples our home 2 bedrooms valuable we rent one without a kitchen and would not rent it to anybody number 2 a friend's home
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two extra bedrooms she represented out one and the an never renter rents for $50 and number 4 a neighbor that has an in-law unit apartment with a 3 bedrooms none have been rented for a year and a half so i'd like to say to the term commercial lacks something. quite a bit second issue living in the western edition we rent a small bedroom without a kitchen i want to address the private right of action for the tool of litigation against ones neighbors not two snitch on the neighbor ballot issue that the bill nor was threatening to put
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out litigation to get civil penalties is what the neighbors the litigation not costing them a single cent according to reports airbnb has renot limited to more $26 million to the city that has accepted those million dollars by airbnb has it's host why difficult treasurers office continue to has those of us who registered and intimate those how are not registered because we pass on the information through letters threatening huge fines if we don't proud finest records thank you. next speaker. >> hello. >> just a minute i want to call the next 10
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(calling names) joe who? okay. (calling names) mr. ross always thank you for waiting hello, i'm sharing my home in hunters point it is did worse part of san francisco it >> i know go ahead. >> to be the rest of inform but in a beautiful area to me in the world i'm here to support casual hosting not under the same rules as hosting because as a single latino i only with airbnb now i
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can i have time it allows me to give back with this opportunity i've focused on the external vegetation and give the attention they deserve i go out and share my high school regarding kids with using this learners multiple because of income i truly believe all of us to share our guests sorry i believe that louis 0 us to share a guest room helps us to give back especially small businesses around the neighborhood i noticed that people that visit san francisco need us to afford san francisco they also want the same thing a deeper connection
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to see the beauty of san francisco at the end of the day with so much things the one thing the sharing and becoming a family we all share and want you'll be helping to motivate and exterior other exteriors around the bay. >> 82. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm andrea a san francisco homeownership 27 year-old amusing found our home in the rfp sadly our wonderful neighborhood was sold to a rufrn national with no attention of living in the adhere or the united states packing psa no attention the homeowners began illegal listing the properties
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including airbnb and the ends stream of people showed up we live next door to a hotel not a home awhile asked when the absence at the homeowner didn't offer it from 10 to 13 told us a month he will make more money are we talking about out rhd homeowners care far in their home you can see the airbnb it is the one with the weeds when did this eye become commercial no one is talking about the ill conceived part of law there are people abusing the system and no recourse for the neighborhoods the so-called home sharers are
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thank you for the opportunity this into a full-time business airbnb is wealthy and intimately the neighborhood as well as the elected officials they're well finances to overthrow the zoning laws and they this is not a sharing economy but a rent economy where everything is for sale. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon doug nielsen homeownership in district 8 you moved to san francisco 40 years ago and started a career in the hotel business and then went to work for the visitors bureau i'm new retired my wife will retire next year we own our home and also have a mortgage it is our desire to live in this home for
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the remainder of our lives, however, this may very well not be possible if i can't max miss my opportunity with the short-term rentals give me we have a one bedroom cottage bathroom no kitchen it will go unused without the short-term rental and if we don't get this rent we'll be forced to move if i- if he went with the 60 day limit rental it will cut the earnings i will make 25 percent of what i'm making now if it was hundred and 20 percent i'll make 50 percent that money i make goes to cover part of the mortgage not all of the mortgage so if we can't get this rental sooner than later we'll have to move and when we move we'll not be able to live in san francisco when we sell the house who is
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going to go sold to what a lot more money than mayor edwin lee me who's interested in low income housing there it goes business a registered i have a business license and liability insurance i've done everything this is asked of me and please, please don't limit the number of nights i can live in if not for the truth of the matter asserted we need this income to be able to live in the city. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm in district one i want to make sure (laughter)
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okay. i'm one the people you're trying to protect my husband and i are on fixed income and seniors and live in a house where we have one bedroom we use as a den but we can't make the expenses we to rent it the guests share the shower we have only one and a half bathrooms they want to come to see how we live in san francisco my husband as yes, ma'am deceptively and he is 5 hundred most of medication the shared room helps us to pay for the medication and the property and for the mortgage basically to have a life i want to make sure that again, when you make the decisions and particularly to hear we're part of the commercial rent is amount we're coming to that
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i would ask again as a share on or about to please put a moratorium on changes until you have a chance to measure the law that only made hundred days for one thing we were monk did first to register it took us over 10 days to do so we couldn't get anyone on the phone we walked into the planning department had he nobody who was i say it was absolutely a deal so put a moratorium until we get clarified to really tell what the impacts and who is registering thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm a registered host i'm divorced i live alone and i do
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that because think a lost job i know that the data is harder to get you're looking at wrong information i for example have a one bedroom on two floors he rent other u out one of the interiors you'll counted me as four in adhere apartments buy is the floors have different access they don't share a bathroom i think this is misleading and a lot of people do exactly what i do all of a sudden i look like someone that is taking four units off the market i will there all the time so if you don't screen escaping you'll getting the wrong picture that's the problem when your bagging things on the screen escapes that's not going to work i've registered and i have krnd considered having two types of
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registration for those who are doing it more than 90 daisy airbnb didn't provide the data i'll be happy to show the reports i get from around i'm going to demonstrate half the mind it is blocked there's cafeteria ways to get the do not i think this is enforceable easy to enforce how the bad actors because we're registered and in the city of tahoe they have their city officials pose as bad actors i too having will so have to sell my house to a high technician rich person po to make the gave me wealthy to poor in san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> i've been living in san francisco 90 for 20 years a be
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hayes valley so my mom comes over here 6 months out of year and lived in hayes valley and retired and has health issues couldn't rent her highway outs more than thirty or 50 days like in two weeks notice they'll not been able to represent that out i think this is important one should be able to a homeowner not have all the regulations and airbnb will have to go out the information to the city of san francisco port commission the privacy so i vote for less regulations in the city we have enough of those thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hi, i'm jamie grateful to be here in support of home sharers if you cap the number of days i'll most likely louis
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losses my home wouldn't be affordable after years of apartment living i bought a place for my husband and 7-year-old daughter it was purchased with my funds i carefully savings over several years my husband couldn't help but assist in paying with the mortgage i had to rebuild my savings i've watched the real estate market for 15 years to know that can't out save the market fairly shortly i was faced with the terrifying prevent of carrying the house on my home i was heart broken and utterly and completely panicked by hosting guests i could remain in my home he literally felt
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i've been pulled from the fire i tenants the board of supervisors when you voted there would be no cap on hosted rentals and elated i could take my pursuit and get a shot at ownership a home no sooner was my recap on my home it came up again, the system was two hard to enforced if we had a country that didn't have problems ownership a home would not be the american dream. >> hello, i'm samuel i'm representing the chambers of san francisco even though the housing issues have dominated that i - please take into
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consideration that airbnb generated $470 million in economic activities between 2014 and 2015 in all of san francisco this includes excuse me. this figure includes money earned by residents from hosting on airbnb this helped the supplemental income this supplemental income helps the residents stay in the mission those reasons this is the champ of san francisco believe the airbnb hosts have benefited and not only the elementary residence but the hispanic business owners of the thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm steve the executive director of urban solutions we support small
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businesses and help them grow and tliefl in changing neighborhood i respect the concerns of housing unit i don't think there is a good enough concern about the impact on small businesses but the fact is hosting services bring tourist and their money into neighborhoods they otherwise wouldn't go and therefore they're bringing in delores to small businesses that benefit from those services and we're working with some small businesses to help them take advantage of the approach to advertise their services their restaurants, their dry cleaning what have you to the tourist as you're considering this legislation please consider the central nervous system they do best. >> thank you i'm going to call the next 10 folks please line up
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(calling names). >> good afternoon, supervisors katherine howard a long term residents of inform i'm concerned about the short-term rental ever unoccupied unit in residential neighbors this is a de facto rezoning of our entire city from residential to commercial that is turning every building into a potential hotel this does not build strong neighborhoods it reasons the neighborhood ties there's a lot of lip service given to families
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in the city how is a family with young children be in a unit is routinely rented out to strangers will they feel comfortable letting their children play in the hallways are out not background would you my own neighborhood has lost folks to evictions and staggering rents and to fear of losing their homes to short-term rentals i don't want san francisco to become a city that is vacant except during the tourist season i want real neighborhood not just strangers that pass through would with no connection to the city i urge you to make the enforcement as stringent as possible thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i was no
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sacramento last week testifying about sb 5934 or 3 as a state law supports the regulations on short-term rental platforms and those are businesses and airbnb sells data and airbnb is making up to 18 percent a $20 billion company shouldn't be the one deciding our louis laws supervisor campos legislation strikes a better balance i'm surprised the small business commission supporting o these businesses illegal and now for the cap paper baggy jams we need to look at not only as the short-term rental business but at other businesses are are operating like so-called car
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sharing their businesses we need effective laws but actively enforcement of the laws why has those the no rentals under thirty days that law was not enforced how many complained were made to the planning department where are the enforcement so we need something that is effective people want to rent space in their homes for more than 50 or 90 days should get bed-and-breakfast bed-and-breakfast we can't build enough housing to respect the homes are lost much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm chris detail a richmond resident and lived in the city since 1967 a cost benefit
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according to airbnb their approach generates $500 million plus and spent in the richmond's this has an impact on the restaurant that would audits not be sharing in tourist dollars $13 million goes to income to pay for mortgages and rents as a host san francisco gives san franciscans the reason to share our residents contributing to our world-class san diego city council this is for visiting families that otherwise couldn't afford it now the major costs the cycle states the number of units off the market is guessing to be 15 hundred the chronicle adds this is a sliver of the
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overall housing unit in intuitively was 2 hundred and 44 thousand units and in addition 6 heed plus units and another 50 thousand in the pipeline however, we can all agree the number of units recommended from the market is two small now just like oil traffic laws the sufficient top dollars were area in confliction direct top dollars to enforce the existing laws don't disrupt the san franciscans give the existing law a chance to work. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon my name is chris i'm in lower pacific
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heights whether you rents or own our home or simply inviting san francisco is a very expensive city home sharers has helped me and beneficial for local businesses guests frequent neighboring shops and restaurants and curb site cafe in selma many agree as a law-abiding citizen i applied for a business registration on february 2nd ever this year and carried my certificate to the planning department and meet with a staff member that same day february 2nd was the first day short-term rental predicaments were available i received confirm that my documents were in order and would receive an e-mail or call in about 3 quitclaims i or weeks i was contacted 7 weeks later by
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a staff member one of the my documents in the morning qualified i submitted a replacement and followed up with several phone calls and overwhelms march 27 i went in person on the 27 of april and have yet to receive a apply to my takes were paid by airbnb the tax nos are president me to remit my occupancy tax i ask you committee members to streamline the process so i may continue to be a lobbied citizen i believe the issues are not the law but the bureaucratic process that exists thank you. >> hi, i'm sorry that supervisor farrell isn't here more has he been for any of the
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public testimony i wanted to direct my remarks to emphasize novel remarks of quote/unquote extremely the administration and enforcement of a complex policy that i think the key to which is enforcement it is a novel when streamlining in my experience in the city to replace one city agency with four it was 3 until today and he added a fourth today especially, when two of those city agencies that he wants to streamline the enforcement of to ordinance with were 2, 3, 4 charge of enforcing the ordinance against short-term rentals in the first place specifically dbi as part of the building inspection and the parklet that are 10 thousand
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complaints that be investigated by the planning department and dbi was in favor of endorsing that ordinance that is not allowing short-term rental in all of the city's residential hotels which by a lay requires the hotel owner to issue reports quarterly to dbi and usage reports dbi cannot enforce is it then how does adding 4 departments to an enforcement make it obscuring complex the planning department and dbi have worked for 10 years to develop a single property information system that will allow san franciscans to assess planning and -