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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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of hardware and variety stores they have a lot of stuff and materials for people to buy and quite frankly sometimes stores like that get accredited the new says that a called stan kitchen featuring only home wear as was said it has a separate storefront enter from the street basically, all the project sponsor is going to be doing knocking a hole in the wall so that customers can get from one storefront to the other the project sponsor jeff is here and we're available for any questions thank you very much. >> okay any public comment on this item? okay. not seeing none, any public comment is closed. commissioner richards and completely agree with project sponsor this is kind of a dying
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breeds of businesses we want to make sure they stay in business for many more generations my concern the second floor front will remain the front door and there's a whole variety in the castro. >> yes. that's and that's part of what we've decided with of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a of planning department staff and it fits about the formula retailers. >> i make a motion to approve with that stimulation and commissioner antonini and yeah. between standard and cliflz are the only two varieties stores left in san francisco that's too bad there recent a lot of times when they fit the need and i wish we had more in other
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neighborhoods but great to go to lowell i'm supportive. >> nice to meet you guys i've bought many, many greeting cars and licensed. >> commissioner richards cow can you have the second storefront open during regular hours. >> commissioner moore and if they'll open another store something else they'll get preferential treatment there is a motion and a second to paragraph that with conditions to include the second-story door. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you under our
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cohere calendar items 13 ab for the case third street those are mandatory discretionary reviews. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm jeff planning department staff ms. the application for a marnd or mandatory discretionary review for the property on third street project site on the west side of third street and in a zoning district and 68 height and bulk the proposal to demolish the mixed use building and construction of a new 6 story building commercial on the first floor on a lot of 25 feet wide and 90 feet deep a 7 unit residential building for parking
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garage underneath and the rooftop and elevator mandatory discretionary review hearing is required for the removing removal of an existing dwelling unit and the neighborhood notice was implemented and no discretionary reviews were filed we've received one e-mail and no comments in opposition to the project the department recommends that the commission does not take discretionary review and approve that for 9 following reasons the project sponsor has - to be more comparable with his lot the project will result in a net gain of 6 transmittals with four family sized units given the scale no significant capacity of the local street or muni the project meets all planning code with the plan that motion
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carries i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners danny the architect can we get the - arrest the slide oh. >> this is a aerial view of the context of the project what you see is an pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. space with large industrial buildings and quite small single-family homes so it is really the full range of architects here you see the typical simple industrial building mostly single materials you know very, very sort of abstract and then the kind of smaller scale of essentially
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sort of work type hours that was built for the shipyards it is the mr. chairman of those two architectural context that became the architecture problem on the one hand have this traditional architecture that is repetitive and quite dictate and this type of architecture that is singular and large-scale made of one material very start and kind of very prevalent language in the complex that is one doorway from our project on third street as you can see this campfire language is part of the architect of the context that the bigger scale and those this
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distorted types of bays from this project that the sort of inspiration for our continuation of the language of merging the industrial and the domestic so here a view of third street and our project on third street as a sort of continuation of the new scale of residential buildings and another verify of our building with those folded bays that are in the sort of saw tooth language of the industrial buildings singular in the think building and detailed like the industrial buildings and here you see the existing buildings plan and our new plan with the
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expanded rear yard and the matching locality which responses to the lightwell of the adjacent building this is a dinning room showing the allowable heights of the project and the actual height of our building which is a full less than what is commented this is our interpretations of the industrial type of bays and formed to the requirements of the typical bay window and the various floor plans of the project so essentially the section and the front and rear elevation with the lightwell and without the lightwell and the use of the building so like all our projects around the city we've tried to respond specifically to the particular and unique earth that is in the project and to
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show you some of the responses on sutter street we worked with the tradition of the wedding cake architecture on octavia and taken the victorians and reinterpreted it in a contemporary way? our project of building contemporary architecture in the city responding to the context and being good neighbors in and respectful of the surrounding i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> we may have questions for you. >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item? not seeing none any public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards i have a question for staff as i was reading this dr it took me back
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to the first day on 26th after a commercial office with a residential we voted to demolish the building to build housing and it was a appealed to the board because we said we wanted more housing and bedrooms and the board voted 10 zero to uphold the appellant that brought the case to the boards i've been looking this apart to the architecture this is mentally one way or another what we did brown-bag i'm trying to understanding from the top unit in this building a condo it is not under rent control and not occupied 26 avenue was not occupied so the commercial space is exactly the same thing. >> your question is it in rent control. >> no do to being a residential
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unit. >> so the one on 26 i thought it was - >> 3 units i can't remember. >> and i stand corrected i thought it was one you're sure it's not under rent control. >> my understanding 2 or more. >> i stand corrected. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much necessarily 91 percent love this project i do i love the for the most part it is multiple units and i would have professed for the parking to be in back of the building but the lot joining another lot not something we can do i'll make one comment for the designer of the building that is a soapbox i have to jump on the first designer of the building i like the way that the sort of
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saw face of the architecture reflects the buildings that are next to this is actually the one of the things i've noticed i go to the dog patch a lot i appreciated that the only o only thing it is a little bit dark and gloomy i know the glass facade i'm not sure if this is a renderings or what but if we could find ways to light even that it is mostly a glass exterior for the framing but maybe the architect can address that. >> the renderings the plating is actually new glazing system between the two sheets of glass
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a honey comic material means when you look at it directly through it, it is very transparent but as soon as you're at an am it is more o pack so it is available in two colors you know darker color and we are going to use the white color the building will be a lot lighter and the city is obsessed with white buildings in san francisco all the buildings are white because all the pictures i see of the city that are when the city was beautiful and becoming what it is were black and white and it was terry take care han ran so the building will be light and the renderings
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dark. >> that brought any 92 up to 9 k through 12 percent i love it i hope the interior they consider pastel in the future the other thing love the project supportive in the soapbox it was a mixed use building and although the use phase on the bottom i believe was empty for a while on art gallery or whatever i got and always make that pitch for retail space along third street we've seen buildings built workplace dog patch that are part of the eastern neighborhood they make the argument they don't need the retail space so have buildings up on the third street that don't consoled retail it makes it hardly harder it makes our
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job difficult we're seeing spaces that were mixed use now left with fewer and fewer retail space not for this project but next week we have a project off of third street they say the foot traffic is only third clearly that's not always the case good job. >> commissioner antonini and well, one of the crazy the project conserves the neighborhood character and the staff said that will constructing the replacement building as the malayans and roofline it looks like everything is punched windows we don't see too many all glass windows in dog patch that's not
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compatible with the neighborhood and even in the stricken out building and definitely windows it seems to be out of place to me in the dog patch so i'm sure i can be supportive of the design but the rest is a great idea provides housing and single-family units and very good use. >> commissioner moore. >> thanks god we can still design good contemporary architecture it's a great building i'm glad you have the ability to have a white comic materials i wish i could see an example but knowing in the past your rendering are darker then what you want to do i feel comfortable and in full support of the building i like the way of interpreting the bay i think
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it is a small building and good juxtapose indication i move not to take dr and approve the demolition and i'm not sure from the demolition is part of our approval it is that's what i'm asking for . >> second and commissioner johnson. >> just take commissioner antonini definitely understand the sentiment there's a number of new projects and what not you have sort of larger glass windows and the facade is not hundred percent glass so there's persistent for this style. >> there is a motion and a second to not take dr and approve commissioner antonini. >> commissioner johnson and commissioner moore commissioner richards
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commissioner wu and president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 68 to zero and places you iuoe on general public comment i have i have no speaker cards. >> is there any general public comment seeing none general public comment is closed. and the meeting is
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