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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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cus you'll add to the cost of housing and trying to ask them to have 40 percent ever more of low end of affordable housing is not going to make sense it is not going inform happen so blanket some kind of justification the only way this can possibility happen a blanket statement made by economic analysis that applies to all the projects that fit that category but to audio to the cost by having each one it is a project killer and you know the more projects you kill the more costs of existing hours which is the only game in town yeah. there's been a lot of problems for a long time in the attitudes in the mission district i remember in the 70s when we drove out federal saves that was
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a good business for some reason they have an ugly building but besides that they drove them to san mateo because they didn't do something certain community members didn't like the language in here saying the planning commission is goovbld guaranteed we're not guaranteed to do anything we did a good job making rules if you don't like the rules those are the rules we can try to make solutions by addressing the shormg of affordable housing by getting more built not by trying to eliminate market rate housing so the other thing the points have been brought up about the if controls are initiated i'm doubtful i'll vote but i want to see a realistic date of cut offices first of all the p pa
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or the least e e a will be the first document that is issued should be the time when a project is felt to be an active project a project that is working along through the period up to this time there has been talk about moratoriums for a few months and talk about other things there's nothing that has come concrete changes to the eastern neighborhoods until this time the cut off date should be at earliest it today or july 23rd the controls might go into effect the builders have invested millions of in buying land and going through the permitting process oftentimes removing the environmental problems that exist on the land
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this is extensive and then the rules of law change have you to do all those other things it didn't make sense to me and the other thing on the nonprofit and the pdr displacement issue certainly it is important that some future projects do something to help those displacements but to say that it has to be right in the same neighborhood i don't think is realistic there's a lot of the is places in the city those firms set up may not have land values in the mission and so i think that i'm thinking this is a substantive part we have to try to work out something in the language that makes that more specific to anyone going forward with the project that might involve a gas station 20 years
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ago that was there or something that technically can go called a pdr use has to know the rules and as far as regional housing summit of units there was a rental unit that was taken away that makes sense it be replaced by another rental unit i'm not sure the ccii is a proper thing i think we've had dr with a small 1, 2, 3 or 4 units goes to a cu i think that is we're trying to promote projects not stop them so we should be on the side of building things and you know unless there's a compelling roan e reap why if their replying the affordable unit why they can't build their housing there and ownership as well as rental those are some of my
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thoughts on the entire issue it's a complicated one i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say >> okay commissioners i'm going to ask the district attorney's office to give us an overview of the interim controls their unique to us and in addition reminding us of what we can and can't talk about. >> commissioner president fong. >> kate stacey from the city attorney's office the planning commission may goes interim controls while the studies are being sxhukd grim reaper controls may have a term up 18 months to be extended for more than 24 most and the study takes place board of supervisors may ratify or disapprove the interim
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controls within 90 days from the board takes no action the interim controls are ratified and the commission acts in under the city chapter i wanted to remind the planning commissioners they may not speak for and against they may makes comparisons between the interim controls but not use city time or resources to advocate faefrt the ballot manufacture even we don't know yet i don't know, there are enough measures to put it on the ballots those measures are happening as well as as soon as the ballot - i want to remind
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the commissioners under the state law and director ram. >> first, i. or want to thank everyone for coming i have been impressed with the articulation of the folks here i'm actually quite optimistic i believe this is a time to do this to get it right i believe this is the departments moment to make a difference i want to be clear we're working on the multi facet in the mission whether or not the mission introduces the moratorium those things may happen or not i personally am committed to work with this nablgd and the folks in this room it come up with this multi faceted solution i have 90 no
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illustration up think the eastern neighborhoods plan and we all agree the process was a good one we're talking about here is way beyond with the eastern neighborhoods plan is we're committed to do that it is not just the planning department r0b89d a multi agency responsibility and committed to convene the necessary folks to make that happen in the commission will move on those interim controls but i want you to be aware i'm able to use my own time to make a difference and what we do in 6 months won't end my hope some key aspects particularly identifying the affordable housing particularly identifying the acquisition we think we can do that in six months if we
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choose to change the planning controls and measures that takes longer than 6 months but there are a number of very important strategies we can implement in the next 6 months we'll do that to the redundant. >> mayor, i want to follow up on director ram's comments first of all thank you for his personal time and leadership on this i know first hand you've been spending a lot of our time i want to thank everyone this is a full spectrum of comments from ranging from here to here this is a difficult issue there is no magic silver bullet this is a basket of things that have to happen over time not just to address this problem in the mission this is a precursor to
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part of 70s san francisco that may finds themselves in 5 or 10 years from now it is important that the mission 2020 plan take time out and spend the resources to think about how those controls maybe put to use in other parts of the city down the road it is awkward and seems like the worst time it is important when we look at this year 2015 i really reserved this comment it is made often by commenters one raised in san francisco multi generation my great great grandmother was born here i had a lot for the city long before it is not just the mission district but part of san francisco so some of the
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comments that is so for the people for san francisco in the overall quality what i have money you make or not i do think in the mission 2020 plan we need to give it went i don't think there is a perfect solution right now today in front of us but let the time go by a come up with different solutions outside of zoning is the registering i want to see the development controls we may not approve in the pipeline go to some of the properties that the community wants to take control of sorry i've got a lot of different things kind of caught up and i'm sure everything else has the same thoughts one of the pieces that needs to be discusses the grandfathering date i don't know if there is an
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easy way to pick a date january 1st, 2015 seems a logical one commissioner antonini feels today is the day i think wherever you land is awkward for others i'm open and supportive of the control i do as many of you follow my votes i've been supportive of the growth in san francisco that's the way for the city to grow further but some with some control, with some you know measured thought how we grow the city this gives us the time out and ability to do just that and commissioner richards. >> i too have 6 packages of notes i'll try to be brief if you think i'm jumping around that maybe first director ram i applaud you thank you so much for what you find of said the supervisors
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offices and have mayor's office it is a gut i didn't move we need to consider and in my opinion around the areas plans they were set and you know we had wanted to provide certainty and this was what the deal was if you look at the situations surrounding the area plans how long we were so much has happened in the preserved link wine 25 years you pretty much when you look at the pipeline we've jammed the first 20 years into 6 years clearly the environment has changed and i like what mr. eco and o'connor said i like about 8 things i'll call is the obamacare puss there are 8 things on the issues we seem be hacking what away other one if
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we initiate which i'm supportive we/should have a discussion around the 8 and ones we can control and have something to do with i think a task force i liken it to a manhattan project we shouldn't have casts a thousand if it take more than a year it is too late i hope the mayor's office i'm looking at the camera and hoping someone is looking at me i have a few questions the process of notifying all the stakeholders does it include the real estate industry all the vendors an outline all the projects and businesses at he affordable activists and we've meet with many of the groups from the developers we've
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notified i'm not sure we've notified all the groups but sent out a notification actually a mail notification newspaper will go out tomorrow as scheduled that's assuming that notifications basically says you'll act on july 23rd or later another question i have if we go ahead and decide where to do that i'm assuming the projects that were not covered will continue to evolve and go through the process it's not like we're freezing them see you later in january and come back you'll still be working we'll not actually hurt the project. >> the process the departments the environmental review process continues. >> i think if we don't do this
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and folks bring projects to us in december or january and say hey we don't like that we want the pdr space we want you to replace the re7b8d housing and come back and tell you we don't like those we've having had three or four arcs examples and the developers came back but i wish we didn't have the cycle from an efficiency point of view to get done on the projects and get the projects more right the first time to the project sponsors benefit one of the things i think we lose site we have profiling folks we're in charge with guarding and allowing the general plan to change if you
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look at the finding those interim controls the objective one to identify and make available for adequate sites for the city's needs especially permanently affordable housing. >> i'll read a couple of these. >> those are securing the funding for permanently innovative programs that are reliant on capital objective 8 build the private and public affordable housing and then we have identifiable 11 support and respect the distinct character of san francisco neighborhoods objective two maintain and enhance an economic structure for the city this is where i have a hard time for people that read their material on housing housing housing we can't have
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housing on every site we have nonprofits and balance of all of them so the city actually works. >> objective 3 expand the employment tuesday night for the economic san bruno disengaged that's the areas easily assessable to all residents community facilities objective 3 so make sure they have focus on neighborhood activities this is not just about housing but to look at the entire target of the situation i don't want people to make it about housing someone brought of fairness the needs to have stability i know people p are their home is impacted they don't have stability they know they're going to be rejected tomorrow
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both sides of the coin we need development we need capital flow in order to facilitate it but people are facing another kind of instability one other item i'll wrap up here i truly think in the 6 months and the director is committed we're trying to understand whether or not the market rate development has impact or how much on rents and displacement we say that for every 10 units of bmr units that are created 8 get lost there's a relationship there i think we condominium to do that with affordable housing that's a study i hope to be done with 6 months i like what is happening with the mission i've jotted down a few in the 17
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century the stock boom and what's left the bean i didn't baby crisis this market is off the deep end in terms of the aren't controls are too narrow and written down in the documentation give us more leeway and we have a viable discussion we're going to add to the body of knowledge for the good public policy and the mission affordable housing nexus study on the impact of rents and displacement and i think that's something good this commission finally has a rule in setting policy i b have been on it for 10 months finally have a chance
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to do something i support of the initiation figure out where to draw the line. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you. i time to thank the staff and community members i think that planning is showing leadership in talking about the planning issues that really where we should have been this whole time i want to emphasis the importance of it determination again, the planning department is support that in working on the mission 2020 plan i think the history you've halted your work on the streetscape beautification towards the vision 2020 work this is the right move we've talked about the boundary so for district 9 which is larger than the area a 3.4 percent cumulative balance is it shows how challenging it is for
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every unit we build we're losing so many rental units we're spending our time spend our energy but i don't know if we are getting the results we want i'm going to jump to the plan itself i like this framework that's to protect and preserve and produce i think this is a framework we should take to all the communities and trying that with the mission. >> it is important to been the city as a whole on the question of protecting will evictions but ellis is state law everyone in the room that spends time and coming here every thursday for anyone that has connections to the realtor
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tell them to stop every week we're frustrated and go to the state and our realtors are up there opposing the elisa form and to the attorneys don't represent landlords environmental impact how will we stop eviction we have some of the stronthd evictions in the nation to the question of preserving i don't know you know where we can go on preserving united more some ideas that are thrown out homes or even higher standards on demolition and conversion we've been moving in that direction but want to correct all the work balk to back to the mission 2020 plan production i was trying to think what is the 6 month pause data it gets us better rules or
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better criteria how we can chief affordable development i don't think people are here because they want a pause on development for you know for the long term i know that is a viable solution but look at the language the ideas the commission has been talking about a lot no loss of rental units this is the first time we've had a tool the tool is the da is a loop but commissioner johnson is very interested in that can we do a da for every project so people can replace their rental units or have a policy we're not approve any policy that demolishes the rental units they use arena guidelines can we upheld and expedite the projects that get colors to meeting the
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guidelines maybe it was fair maybe not but the copies are failing us like commissioner richards said a lot of tube fairness and sure for developers unfair to have the rules change but the neighbors seeing their neighborhoods torn apart is hard ways to make better production a lot of interest in tied to the sites clearly a possibility in front of us there is an opportunity to increase the job linkage especially thinking of the way that the jacobs are different those days in the larger picture i have you know two more thoughts we need a better way to deal with the economic cycle we set one set of rules and the economy changes more of an accordion to respond
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to the cycles and then again you know the region can we use our position as the largest saying city from the bay area to force others cities mid sized cities to do their job on market rate and affordable i'm supportive of initial or initiateing today to get to the plan if pausing for of most doesn't get us there to include the pipeline or cut it a different way it is not enough to call s it on january 1st, we call it on units either projects over 25 or 50 units or we - it had been hard for me to vote for interim controls that wish not a pause i don't know the best way
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to do it right now i heap if we initiate today, we'll have that confusion. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much thank you to everyone that came here absolutely all the comments were helpful i can't say that for all examiners but this is is helpful thank you thank you to the staff memo you guys do great work and the director and the mayor's office for their leadership issuing on this this is the map 2020 starts january or february of this year and the people and thoughts have been percolating a long time when i look at the 6 month period of of a interim control i did not see necessarily as a time period
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issue a summary comment a lot of the commissioners said a lot of things i agree with but i'll jump to the interim control documents overall i don't see that as a development impact but on existing neighborhoods all the comments i've heard you know we're - when you talk about new development you're talking about a building that's not there yet when your concerned about the impact our talking about i'm concerned about what is going to happen to what is existing how to fix a problem if there is a problem or create new framework we're talking about creating framework to help protect what is existing we're not talking about fair or new to that end i appreciate director ram's comments that six
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months shouldn't be enough time notice most of what we need are changes that help the existing neighborhoods rent control looking at the evictions preservation or changes to how we handle evictions or tics are changing if the rehabs or demolitions those are the things we need to look at i feel right now that the eastern neighborhoods plan really did a pretty good job in planning for the fire chief development maybe very do something about the percentage of affordable housing and where the dollars get spent but that is about protection of the existing neighborhood and not necessarily how the new projects get done with that said i'm supportive of the interim controls i think p as a pause gives us an chance to have
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a discussion and the activity from having a pipeline in the project we see here to that end i'll ask a couple of questions about the interim controls this is for the staff before i comment on how we would line major on grandfathered units i want to understand something it is a little bit xhufsz u confusing can you explain between grandfathered projects that are not subject to interim controls and projects that may still show up in front of us in the next 6 months that are subject to increased scrutiny under the interim controls right now i don't understand which is, which saw hi emry rorlgz rogers if the interim controls are in place