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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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of homes in order to maintain the overall quality as expressed in one of the pages i assume the commissioners read i'm not making this up over time as the neighborhood stayed stable the homes stayed unchanged an issue, however, the cc&rs expired a person lived here for 38 years is almost from the beginning when this family bought the home if i lived there would found catastrophic i have to be honest i believe that the emission is not interesting designed that's my comment we're not talking about the details of the architecture but the i believe that something has not been
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properly misguided because the neighborhoods had a set of guidelines i talk about mr. washington knows me we would have other guiding principles i'm on the fence and not happy seeing the first building on the corner taken out and changed overall without it further guided by proper guidelines. >> commissioner richards. >> question to staff mr. washington or director ram i know we have residents design guidelines in the pipe there's a lot of stuff i completely understand would those changes to those guidelines employ to this property as you understand today are we apply an old set of standards to a new issue?
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>> not really well, i would as a whole set of standards we'll look at all of the neighborhood throughout the city and realizing that the modifications that may occur in one area such this. >> right. >> a mid century development like something older in an establishment we try to look at each other individually there are certain basic standards for example coin and parcels it is accepted they be a little bit taller that's an standard in our residential guideline we implement that throughout the city we are always pushing back you know the top floor a back like outer sunset we're moving back
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the top third floor because we don't want to change that streets facade in this particular neighborhood you don't have that really consistent pattern you've got a distinctive like like a country club for a southwest corner of the city built in 50s or 60s but a standard look but again those neighborhoods as families change and lifestyles change people want to expand and we look at the cost of property here in the city people want this as an option our role to try to keep those alternatives within reason so that your respectfully the design and strictly in a
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neighborhood yet our providing on option for a homeownership. >> it is 7 o'clock it is a long day but when i opened up the narrative i recall you saying this edition meets the guidelines but maybe a better interpretation. >> as we study it we'll realize that you know we would like to think we improve as we go on and i spend a lot of day looking at these kinds of things and figure out ways to reduce the impacts on - >> is there anything in our professional opinion that could reduce the impacts further that are not significantly going to effect the scope. >> the dr filer her concern is
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loss of sunlight she's on higher ground a distance between to homes that's a luxury this is an rh1 district they have tried to accommodate that as best they could but again per eastern sun and southern sun are 9th impacted the project sponsor made some concessions but the only real option that satisfies it roach the top floor that kills the project. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> sorry not right now. >> has there been an attempt to hold the building on the north side i know that is difficult given those buildings require an exterior wall if that building holds broadway-sansome
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apartments back on this north side that will make the situation a little bit more acceptable. >> i think the project sponsor might be able to speak on that but if i'm looking at - today know the actual celebrate for the top floor often the interior side there. >> it is a 7 foot celebrate from the rear wall setback it is what with pitched roof on
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top of. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think the only thing i think it is appropriate the edition is very well done the pitch looks like it belongs wasn't the house this is important in my opinion it looks like it could have been part of the original discussion and the separation is 7 foot 3 inches between thedr requesters house and the only change that can be made moved back a little bit then i'm not sure how much you'll cut off the size of the room i'm not sure than those there's a net our separation was 6 feet and the property line was in the middle the hours runs to my southeast but still get plenty of light i'm exclaiming the room
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we do more and more most of paperwork the sun manages to find its way into there. i don't know that is two narrow of a separation it's learn any place else in the city. >> commissioner moore one quick look at the 8 hundred and 50 whatever square feet and do a slight pitching there is quite a bit bomber or bathroom but this is somewhat extremely difficult i think commissioner antonini i believe that a single story 6 feet rather than 3 story is a impacting for you if you're for the last thirty or 40 years and
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all of a sudden get a vertical wall pvend pretend we're the ones on the ref end i'd like to see and i think that is possible a slithering further moving the north wall to pull it in that will think structurally different because you're not building right over the existing industry you have about companion but i'd like a to see that happen it will be great deal of respect to the joining house. >> would that be acceptable sir. >> thank you commissioner moore setback what i'll say on this we defer to the planning commission judgment we proposed a project that was what the project sponsor is looking for you
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mentioned a cost of impact i'll remind you this is a dentist and his family so i will is that - i'll say also, we looked at this and be happy to make that a flat roof if this is something that makes the commission feel more comfortable but i'll say you know the critical thing for the project sponsor is just to have that floor to get the additional floor for their famous we'll defer to the wisdom of you all thank you. >> i'm not sure as to if you're responding to my question to pull it back. >> the response is that there will be significant costs aspects to that because of the structural not lining up not to say it can't happen but that's where the project sponsors is coming from setback it setback
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i'll personally appreciate that to be at a acknowledgement we're our having a change in terms of the effect of the space your operating on that upper floor is sill s a good solution you might have to reorient a bathroom but the larger issue of the transformation of the neighborhood which is primarily impacted by the people on the north your corner situation given our lower is acceptable as much as i'd like to develop those guidelines as we move along we're going not to do that but i'll be supportive and take dr and ask the architect work with the department to pull the department back a little bit up to 3 feet to you allow that for
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further relief setback is that a motion i also, if the commission could consider the option of partially coming out towards the front we are maintaining. if it were to they went with perhaps a flat roof a butt on the side a butts the dr residents and look at the feasibility of taking that pushing it in or come out slight in order to contemplate i don't know if that is feasible if you
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want to chime in >> i'll offer a couple of thoughts i'll be open to that we're glen eagle getting both is the territory i dislike design as a commission setback another issue i've heard the neighbor had concerns was privacy so we've been talking about sunlight in the discussion moving that back with the discussion of privacy those are bathroom windows we'll talk about treatment to the windows no whatever that frosting is that my relieve some of the concerns. >> commissioner antonini. >> i propose we move that 2 feet 9 inches when you add that it brings to 10 feet a significant separation between the two hours and reconfigure their take a little bit away
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from the bedroom and move the bathroom the architect can figure out that that's my motion setback i'll leave the pitch it looks like it belongs. >> commissioner richards. >> commissioner moore. >> commissioner antonini i think the setback and i think mr. washington had a good idea and i'm sorry. could you repeat setback i understand i didn't hear all the - >> i don't want to condition it on 2 feet 9 it needs to rise in a way that is doable so it might be 2 feet 9 or 3 i'll leave that up to you, you understand the intent for pulling it back if
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this medians it should be moved forward to the notch in the front i'll leave that up to you to create reasonable room sizes and we're not going for skooush. >> i'll accept those modifications as part of my motion between 2 foot 9 and 3 foot and ability for staff to move part of massing slightly further forward in keeping with the restrictions expressed by commissioner moore. >> second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to move the mass of edition. >> commissioner moore did i have another item. >> that one plies the building
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wall will not stay in its current configuration that's understood. >> commissioner there is a motion and a second to for the sponsor to continue to work with the staff to 9 feet setback in order to well - basically that's it on that motion setback commissioner antonini setback commissioner johnson setback commissioner moore setback commissioner richards setback commissioner wu setback that places you on general public comment setback i have no speaker cards setback general public comment general public comment is closed. meeting
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is smack in the middle of the tenderloin neighborhood where there are 50000 people within walking distance. you see the kids that are using what's provided, but there is so much opportunity for this to be a stronger, more welcoming, healthier cleaner safer place for the people of this community to play. there are going to be new green areas, a full-size basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, community garden, a brand-new clubhouse. it's going to be a much more
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welcoming spot for a neighborhood that really needs it. ♪ ♪ good afternoon. it is 105
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p.m. this is the regular meeting of the commission on community investment and infrature. the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday july 7, 2015. welcome to members of the public. please call the first item >> thank you madam chair, the first order of business is item 1, roll call. commission members responds whenia call your name. chair row zaul rosales, here. commissioner bustos, here. commissioner maunds har here. commissioner singh, here >> a the yecs regularly scheduled meeting of july 21, 2015 is held at 1 p.m.