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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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[ roll call ]. >> this is the recreation and park commission meeting of august 15, 2019. we welcome everyone here today and would ask that you please turn off electronic devices that may sound off during these proceedings. please take any secondary conversations outside in order for the meeting to proceed as efficiently as possible. if you would like to speak on any item today, we request but do not require that you complete a blue card. unless otherwise announced by the chair, each person will have 3 minutes for public comment on each item. please address your comments to the commission during public comment. in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission nor staff will respond during public comment. if there is an item of interest
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to you that is not on the agenda and under the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission, you may speak under general public comment and that is item 4. if the fire alarms evacuate, you must exit the building in an orderly fashion. please note the elevators will return to the first floor and are not available for use. if you need assistance out of the building make your way to the closest area of refuge which is directly across the hall in the men's washroom. put the button on the speaker phone and staff will assist you. we are at item 2, president's report. >> president buell: it is appropriate to welcome ashley summers, our new secretary of the commission. [ applause ]. >> thank you. >> president buell: we're very fortunate in that ashley was legislative aide to supervisor katie tang and she worked in the
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mayor's office and was a past member of prozak and even did some work for the recreation and park department in the past. so we've got a real pro and we welcome her aboard. she has very big shoes to fill. on that note this is probably margaret's last meeting here, but we're going to drag her back at a future meeting and acknowledge her in a way that's appropriate to all the service that she gave. but i welcome one and shed a tear for the other. that concludes my report. thank you. >> clerk: is there any public comment? >> president buell: there better not. >> clerk: seeing none, public comment is closed. item 3, general manager's report. >> general manager ginsburg: this is the summer recap of the
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general manager's report, which is sad to say. it's been a terrific summer so i'm going to run through some highlights starting with an outside lands wrap-up. this past weekend the 12th annual outside lands music festival descended on golden gate park. the three-day festival featured 80 local restaurants, 46 breweries, yes, a grasslands, and was headlined this here by 21 pilots, the illuminate years and paul simon. perhaps the biggest act of the weekend, separate and apart from paul simon was donald glover, danny glover's son, headlining saturday in front of the largest single-day crowd in the phil's history in one of the very last
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performances of donald glover's hip-hop career. so donald glover is an actor who took on the persona of childish gambino and became a remarkably successful musician. paul simon closed out the festival bringing local legend and founding member of the grateful dead bob weir onto the stage to play the boxer. the last one was songs of silence which the neighbors were happy about. as has been reported, paul simon is generously donating all his net proceeds for this show to local environmental organizations. the san francisco parks and lands is going to reinvest that donation into our golden gate 150th celebration next year. over the past decade outside lands has contributed over $3
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million a year to support department operations and this year's total was $3.6 million. with an additional $115,000 given to our scholarship program through a -- what they call later lands, a charity concert that they do later in the evening, where the proceeds go to our scholarship program. then on top of that, another pot pays a salary of a full-time gardner and contributes over $15,000 a year to upgrade and repairs where the area is held. on top of all of that they cover all of the over-time related costs to the event. i want to thank another planet and their partners, super fly. they do a fabulous job. they take stewardship of the park very serious. this year we know there were some heightened security issues, and i want to thank another planet for really going the absolute extra mile to make sure
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people felt safe and on top of that. a big thank you to the san francisco police department and our san francisco park rangers and the department of emergency management that did an extraordinary job. i want to thank marissa rodriguez from the office of cannabis for her leadership. this was the first event in united states history where it was not cannabis specific, where cannabis was legally sold and legally consumed. that required a heck of a lot of work. the space was space and well managed. overall, we had -- it was a very healthy festival. there were no serious incidents. we had our usual medical calls, none of them related to grasslands. so it was a really good job. all of the agencies coordinated incredibly well. also m.t.a. also a special thanks for my own team which works really, really hard from deana and her team on the permit side to our park
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ranger division. then of course our park maintenance teams, our golden gate park maintenance team, structural maintenance yard, everybody contributes to make sure that this event is well managed and safe and fun and joyous, which it was this year. big thank you to all. this week also marks the end of another summer camp season. just so you know the scope of our summer camp programs. 600 weeks of camp were offered this summer, with more than 15,000 registrants. more than 22,000 participants in summer programming overall, which includes adults and non-camp use activities. over 1200 participants received scholarships this summer, totalling over 75% of $1 million. 1100 of those participants were in summer day camps. so we were -- we worked very
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hard to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to get out and play. camp matter is going smoothly this summer. summer is also a really important workforce development moment for us. this is when we get to hire, we get to hire kids, transitional aged youth, we participated in the mayor's opportunities for all program. just in recreation alone we hired 432 people this summer, including 72 folks up at camp matter and also 200 teenagers to help us with our camps. so a huge thank you to the hire -- entire recreation staff. i don't think any of them are here because they're working and exhausted, but another job really well done.
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also during -- since we've last been together, representatives from the san francisco recreation and parks department attended the city park's aalliance's greater and greener parks alliance joining parks organizations from around the globe in denver, colorado. there were over 200 cities represented at this conference from over 40 states and from 11 different countries. all gathering, all urban park professionals. the conference focused on six tracts, activating parks through urban recreation, city parks essentials, equity, funding, parks infrastructure, and urban greening and biodiversity. i was very, very proud of -- you should be very proud of our department's role in this conference. they led multiple sessions on topics ranging from park accessibility, to low-income families, to engaging children with nature. we certainly look forward to taking what we learned at this
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conference and applying it to our own parks. i want to thank the city parks alliance and denver parks and recreation department for just being wonderful, wonderful hosts. also this summer you may recall our san francisco bay socks which is the largest all-girls baseball program anywhere. this past month our 9 and under and 13 and under san francisco bay socks all-girls baseball teams participated in the fifth annual baseball for all national girls baseball tournament. the tournament which has grown from 150 to 350 participants, ages 7 to 18, since inception took place in rockford, illinois, the home of the original rockford peaches of the original baseball league. both of our teams placed in third place in the country in their respective divisions with the 9 and under team beating the
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los angeles monarchs and the 13 and under team beating boston. if you aren't going to win the thing, at least we beat l.a. and boston. these are talented baseball players and we look forward to following their budding baseball careers throughout high school and beyond. before summer is over, we have one more big -- two more big concerts coming up. obviously harley strictly blue grass, but today i'm talking about the big picnic and stern grove. the isley brothers are going to play the big picnic, the last big concert of the year. this sunday it's the 82nd season of the stern grove festival. we've got amazing headliners. though we don't want to say goodnight to the season.
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for those of you who were paying attention don't say goodnight is an isley brothers hit. the festival is open to the public with seating in the grove. then we move from stern grove as we head into fall for mclaren park for even more music live from the amp presented by friends of the amp returns to mclaren park this august with the kids fest on sunday, august 25, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the event features magician michael pelatena. stop by for a day of free art, music, magic, science, hiking, and dancing outdoors in beautiful mclaren park. for more information including additional shows this season visit
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on august 28 we want to invite everyone to nature play dau day also in mclaren park where kids and families with join us for a day of exploration, creative and play in nature. we will host a day in the playground at wolsley park. there will be a reading nook, nature art. bring a snack or lunch and stay for a picnic afterwards. for more information visit our website or e-mail rochelle henley. on september 4 we invite you to join us to celebrate the recent completion of improvements at the protrero recreation center. improvements to the site include the renovation of the natural turf ball fields, the resurfacing of the tennis and basketball courts, improvements
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to the lower level dog play area and more. it was funded by the parks bond. come and have refreshments, free give-aways and most importantly play. then finally party for the parks on september 14. on september 14, join the san francisco parks alliance for its annual party for the parks. this year's party takes place right here at civic center plaza on saturday, september 14, from 6 to 11 p.m. with our let's play s.f. initiative which is between the san francisco alliance and park department to renovate 13 parks across the city benefitting more than 20,000 children. the event will feature a cocktail reception, dinner, dancing and more. for more information and tickets visit www.san francisco parks it has been a summer and will continue to be a busy late summer and fall. with that, let's take a moment
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to look at one additional amazing celebration that took place in the last month. [♪]
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[♪] >> if you haven't been there, commissioners and members of the public, the basketball court is
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truly extraordinary and i hope it becomes a model for what we do all over the city. i do want to thank the kevin durant charity foundation. he may be a brooklyn net, but his legacy lives on and he was very committed to our community during his time in the bay area. we're very grateful to him and airbnb and again to my own team for managing an extraordinary project. that concludes the general manager's report. >> president buell: let me add on behalf of the commission to congratulation our general manager. the governor has appointed him to the state parks commission, and we're very proud of you, fill. >> general manager ginsburg: thank you. [ applause ]. >> clerk: is there any public comment on the general manager's report? >> good morning, commissioners.
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i just [ indiscernible ] our honorable state commissioner phil ginsburg has said. i wanted to comment on the kd 35 and the charity foundation. before that -- after all that paint and everything else, i had sent him an e-mail and he put my name down and [ indiscernible ] -- 1.7 k. i thanked him for the donation and he and his partner, whoever that guy was, he looked like he was going to be okay. he jumped out of that swimming pool and he was all moving around and the pictures that i got from him -- so i thought that i would like to have that. that was from kd 35, his own page on facebook, and that's about -- there was something else i wanted to talk about. it had to do with $1 million or seven figures over that cannabis
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sale at outlands concert. i don't think phil had said anything about it. that's a lot of money. i don't know what the park percentage is, but there was a lot more money. my brother lives out in that area. he screams about me all the time about it. i think that money is going to a good cause. thank you. >> thank you. >> clerk: any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we're now on item number 4, general public comment up to 15 minutes. this item will be continued to item 12. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, you will have opportunity to address the commission when the item is reached in the meeting. i have three blue cards.
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jude, planary, and maureen. >> overhead, please. i'm jude dekenorf with friends of the park. before that i wanted to thank you with your support of outside lands. it was fantastic. a huge thank you to phil and staff. right on, you guys knocked it out of the park. i've been going every year since it started. so many moving parts and you made it look easy. it was clean every morning when i got there. thank you for your support. i'm sure i'll be fan girling again. now i'm going to talk about jackson. so my understanding that people from the community have been coming to give support of our
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project, and basically what the community is looking for is jackson to be identified on the next bond and to receive full funding so we can do our renovation all in one phase in order to serve our current community and our friends moving in. just to acclimate you all. here is jackson. here is jean friends. here is mission rec. here is pretreoro rec center. that is half a mile from jackson and up a steep hill. this is the most recent one from the planning commission. so as you can see, we have a lot of people moving in. east side is the place to be or at least the place to build, and we're looking for support for our parks on that side also.
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to that end i would just like to make sure that you know we have a signed m.o.u. with recs and parks. we hope to bring our plan for renovation hopefully to you soon. right now we're focused on advocating for as much allocation of the money, both city and private, to this project. you might be hearing from more people. i just wanted to let you know. also to invite you, september 14 is a very popular day for partying in the park. you want to see what all the fuss is -- it doesn't show up, sorry. we're having a play in your park party on september 14. we're working with the mayor's office, the police department, the warriors, our neighborhood businesses and community groups. we're having socials and games. we're going to have a pop-up dog park in carolina street. we're hoping that mr. ginsburg will be there also.
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we invite all of you to come out and see what the fuss is about. our historic clubhouse will be open. we would like to see you there. thank you. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: next speaker. >> good morning, i'm maureen mcvary here on behalf of the friends of jackson park. this time i thought i'd wear my heart on my chest. i am here asking that the full park remodel plan proposed and created by the friends of jackson park, with preinput and collaboration with the officials at park and rec and the community beyond the parkland measure. two months at this meeting i believe there was a discussion at that meeting regarding how the parks on the bond were chosen. has that been discussed further and communicated to the public? i'm interested in that answer. to me it's a simple decision to
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say yes to the full remodelled park. i ask you as a fellow citizen to drive over to our hood and witness the changes we have endured and are enduring. i previously lived in north beach. right away i noticed how our park was not served. our streets were really hard on your car's suspension and we were almost ignored. since 1984 thanks to your energy bringing bands and things to the park, many of the parks have been improved tremendously. mclaren park and all the rest and now it's our turn. i want to understand how parks are chosen for the 2020 bond. i ask for support for the full and complete remodel. with your one step this approval from you will propel community involvement in the passage of
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the bond in 2020. don't forget us. you need our energy and we need to be heard. lastly, i thank you for your service. i know as humans we tend to stay in our own little pocket, but as a steward to the parks and rec department and a voice for all of us in this city, i ask you, i implore you, and i welcome you to visit our little pocket of san francisco before you make a decision on this really important subject. i'm going to take a break. i won't come back for a couple of months because i see your eyes roll back in your heads. but i am desperately hoping you will give us your support. just come and visit us. thank you. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is planary albert.
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i hope to gain your support for the friends of jackson park project proposal project. i was born in san francisco on pretrero hill. i moved away for college and came back in -- this is my first time doing anything like this. hopefully -- so jackson park was my childhood park. i don't remember the memories particularly, but i went to toddler class in our community center. and in the '90s when i was still in the bay area, i would visit the park and notice the renovations that were done in the '90s and then went to college and came back to pretrero hill to live on my own and noted that wasn't any more
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renovations done to jackson park. so it is now 2019, this year has gone by quick, but it's about time to start bringing in new life to this park. as someone's who's grown up in san francisco and thinking about having a family here and supporting things, i have joined friends of jackson park to help show my support for the park and grow support and hopefully persuade you to please think about jackson park as a place that needs to be a priority project on the next parks bond. so i thank you for your consideration. maybe next time i will be a little bit more clear. thank you so much. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: is there any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now on item 5, consent
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calendar. commissioners, is there any items you would like to remove from the consent calendar? >> president buell: no. >> clerk: is there any public comment on the consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> move to approve. >> second. >> president buell: moved and seconded. all in favour? so moved. >> clerk: we are now on item 6, san francisco zoo. >> in the month of august our
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pacaderm building was host to a display depicting drawings of remembrances of things in 1929. coming up on august 31 through labour day, we will be hosting the komoto festival celebrating asian wildlife. we're celebrating 40 years of the insect zoo where you can learn about bugs and why they're crucial to our ecosystems. on the weekend of august 10 we've got a seshl celebration with insect meet and greets. we host partner associations that weekend as well. our summer programs continue and include nature trail, which is
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open daily and led by teen volunteers. talk on the wild side, also a daily program by volunteers stationed at various exhibits throughout the zoo. our bio facts about each exhibit and wildlife theater. our camp ends tomorrow. we had over 280 campers and 80 teaching assistants. we have several early childhood programs at the zoo for all age groups, starting with the stroller safari for children aged up to 2. the program runs every tuesday throughout the summer. we tour exhibits, meet an animal and do activities to develop skills. our little learners program for 18 months to 3.5 years is a year-round program. it focuses on a different animal and includes crafts and an
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animal visitor. our animal visitors for ages 3 to 5 and is a year-round program offering music, crafts, games and an animal visitor. each class focuses on a letter of the alphabet and a corresponding animal. young zoologists ages 5 to 7 is a monthly program where children learn about animals and classifications about what makes each group unique. activities include crafts, walks, and a special talk. registration for the next season opens up august 29 with the first class outstanding oceans on september 21. good neighbor days. we're sponsoring good neighbor free days each thursday in september with extended hours to 6:00. we'll be targeting the south bay on september 5, san francisco on september 12, the east day on september 19, and the north day on september 26. each day will include happy hour from 3:00 to 6:00, live
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entertainment, and a special animal talk. more information available on our website. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. as a reminder this discussion is discussion only. we are now on item 7, guy place mini park, operational hours. >> good morning, commissioners and general manager. my name is brett desmarais, project manager from the capital division. the item before you today is discussion and possible action to adopt a resolution for setting operational hours at guy place mini park located at 4 guy place. the proposed hours would be daily from 8:00 a.m. to # 8:00 p.m. guy place mini park honors the department's strategic plan in the following ways. strategic one is inspire public
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space. objective 1.1 inspire more open space in high-need areas and emerging neighborhoods. strategic 2 strengthen and promote the safety, health and well-being of san francisco ooets youth and seniors. strategy 4, inspire stewardship. increase biodiversity and interconnectivity on city parkland. guy place mini park is a small property, about 4,000 square feet located on guy place off of 1th street near the approach to the bay bridge. despite being surrounded by bustling streets and high-rises, this is a low-traffic side street surrounded by lower-scale residential and commercial buildings. the property was acquired with funding through the rinkin hill improvement fund in 2007 and construction which broke ground in the fall of 2018 is provided by improvement fees and an add
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back. the park is designed for passive use. it offers contemplative space for quiet enjoyment as well as an opportunity for small group gatherings. the design is notable for its use of high-quality materials such as granite unit paving, ornamental granite slab and boulders. there is a stainless steel fence and gates along its sidewalk frontage. a new sidewalk build-out is also being built as a part of the sidewalk. the area of widened sidewalk contains a park identification sign as well as a permeable pet relief area with a pet fountain accessible at all times. input was sought from the surrounding community. this item was presented to the east cut community benefit district in may 2019 and with the c.b.d.'s assistance
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additional input was collected from homeowners' associations in the neighborhood. community feedback indicated overwhelming support for the proposed hours with no known opposition. the proposed hours are also supported by the district's office of supervisor haney. a notice of the hearing was posted july 22, 2019, thereby meeting all legal requirements for notification. construction activities commenced in early september 2018 and the park opening is eagerly anticipated to occur in the fall of this year. staff recommends the commission adopt the resolution for setting the daily operational hours of guy place mini park as 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: i have one blue card from katina. >> hi. i'm katina johnson and i live on
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88 guy place. i'm also a representative of the east cut community benefit district, but i speak here on behalf of myself. i'm about a minute and a half away from the park as i walk. as brett said, it is a very quiet street and i've had a couple of very lively e-mail threads with other h.o.a. presidents on our street and on lansing, even though guy place lansing is also connected. we came to the conclusion that 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. would be appropriate for our street. so i just want to express my support for it. everyone is super excited, and we would like to see the park open as quickly as possible and the dog relief area which i think will be used quite frequently. i'm glad that's open 24/7 because there are quite a few animals around. again, definitely in support of the hours, and i hope you all will pass that and we can open the park on time.
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thank you. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: is there any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> president buell: commissioners. >> move approval. >> second. >> president buell: moved and seconded. all in favour? >> aye. >> president buell: so moved. >> clerk: we are now on item 8, shoreview park, award of contract. >> hello, i'm paulina araica, project manager capital division. the item that i am presenting to you today is discussion and possible action to approve a conceptual design for improvements to the for $1,784,000 to j.d.b. & sons
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construction for the shoreview park renovation. this park is a park located on bay view hunter's point hillview of district 10 between the rosily lane. this park was transferred to the city of san francisco under the jurisdiction of the recreational parks department from the office of community, development, community investment, and infrastructure or c.a.i. this was approved in june 2017. the recreation staff immediately
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[ indiscernible ] an extensive outreach and community engagement supported by parks. we submitted a plan to the commission for approval and it was approved. the staff proceeded with the construction documents completed in may 2019. due to the budget constraints [ indiscernible ] phase 1 actually included the parking infrastructure, demolition, accessible entrances to the
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park, new picnic area, and furnishings. phase 2 to the project included the new play structure, landscape and planting. with the bids we got we had to rebid twice due to the high bidding client. and on the second rebid we received two bids that unfortunately with the still approximately $200,000 over the construction budget of $1 is.6 million. since this project is funded by two grants, the general funds were obtained to proceed to recommendation of the award of the construction project.
6:41 pm
this -- maybe the play structure can be implemented as part of construction contract later on. as i mentioned, the funding sources are grant funds the funds community development grants [ indiscernible ] --. the state of california grant we obtained in october of 2018 for $625,108. and then with the general funds adding that we have to supplement the construction contract award of $284,000.
6:42 pm
and this totals the project budget of $2,871,308. so the uses are going to be for construction. $1,884,000 and in the amount of $986,000,208. so after this project is awarded, the project will go through the certification of the contract and we anticipate to start construction in mid-october this year, 2019. the environmental review has been done for this park. we got an extension. so the staff recommendation is to award that the commission commission award a construction contract to exceed $1.7 million for the storeview park
6:43 pm
renovation project. this is fully supported by the communi community. this is supported by all the organizations that we did outreach. i have an e-mail supporting the project. it was not possible for everyone to be there. the supervisor communicating with our public affairs to provide full support for the project. i expect that the shoreview apartment association to be here also to support the project. they are excited about the project, but they are a little discouraged about not having the play structure. i mentioned to them that we are looking forward to maybe do a
6:44 pm
wholesome park renovation and get the play structure installed. so there is no position for this project. this concludes my presentation, and i am open for any questions you may have. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> president buell: commissioner low. >> vice president low: what's before us is the approval of the phase 1 contract only? >> yes, only the phase 1. it's the base bid work. that's how we did the bid documents because we knew that the bidding climate was high. so phase 1 includes all demolition, infrastructure for lighting and grading. it has also a picnic area, but not the play structure. >> vice president low: but is phase 2 just the play structure or other items as well? >> it is the play structure because we included the rubber
6:45 pm
surfacing in the base bid, in the second bidding. >> vice president low: so does the phase 2 contract have to go out to rebid or is the same contractor providing both phase 1 and phase 2? >> we are thinking maybe it could be implemented as a change order into the contract, into the current contract that you are going to be awarding just for -- you know, to take advantage of the timeline of the construction. >> vice president low: so the same contractor can realistically do both the phase 1 and the phase 2? >> vice president low: when the phase 2 -- >> if we are getting the funds for the play structure, we will look into the change order. >> vice president low: well, i'm not a fan of building only -- a park without a play structure. so i would ask the general manager to bring the phase 2
6:46 pm
contract before us and possible source of funds to pay for that by next month. >> general manager ginsburg: i'll try to do that. >> president buell: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> president buell: seeing no other questions, i'll entertain a motion. >> move. >> seconded. >> president buell: moved and seconded. all in favour? >> aye. >> clerk: we are now on item 9, 262 7th street shadow on howard langton park. >> good afternoon, commissioners, general manager. i'm brian stokle. i'm a planner with the planning and capital division. i'm joined today with a colleague from the planning department.
6:47 pm
the item before you today is 262 7th street shadow on howard langton mini park community garden. review of the shadow cast by this project supports objective 1.2 in the strategic plan. strengthen the quality of existing parks and facilities. as you know, your review on shadow on rec and parkland is codified by 295 in the 1995 memo. the proposed project is located at 262 7th street in the western part of soma. the neighborhood is characterized by a variety of commercial, office, residential, hotels, and light industrial uses. most parcels surrounding the community garden have a height limit of 40 to 55 feet and existing structures are
6:48 pm
generally 2 to 3 storeys tall with a few taller than that. other nearby parks include victoria minava and jean park rec center, however, they are unaffected by the new shadow. the proposed project would dlol demolish it is existing structure and make a new facility with residential facilities and a ground floor retail in its place. my colleague will tell you about the proposed project, its benefits and outreach and environmental review. >> hi, as brian mentioned, the project involves the demolition of the existing building and the construction of two 65-foot-tall, seven-storey buildings which would contain a total of 96 single-room occupanciy dwelling units, as well as 864 feet of retail on
6:49 pm
7th street. the project would have about a 40-foot courtyard and roof decks on the top. it would involve no vehicle parking, but would provide bicycle parking. the project has received a community plan exemption or a c.p.e. for short. the planning department has not received any recent correspondence in regard to the project, either for or against. one of the primary benefits of the project is that it would comply with the inclusionary housing program by providing on-site affordable units. it would provide 18%, or 17 dwelling units, as below market rate. thank you. >> president buell: thank you. >> thank you.
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howard and langton is a 0.23 acre garden located in western part of sonoma. the park's entire area is dedicated to a 40-plot community garden. access to the park is for community garden plot owners and associate members and requires a key. staff tells me there's about 80 people who hold keys. the park also has monthly work days that anyone can attend the last sunday of every month. park features include pathways, planter beds, seating areas and a toolshed, and i recently learned a chicken coop. the corner of the howard and langton mini park will be briefly affected during the early morning hours from fall to spring by net new shadow from the proposed project. new shadow would be present for up to 45 minutes, with an
6:51 pm
average daily duration of just over 21 minutes. new shadow would fall along the northern quarter of the park, including the park's entry and some of the arbor and seating area. the largest new shadow was occur on november 1 at 7:37 a.m. and cover 3% of the park and last for about 4 minutes. now to the quantitative aspects of the new shadow. as the park is 0.23 acres in size and the existing shadow load is 48.85%, the proposed project would increase the shadow load by 0.09%. the 1989 memo provides guidance that parks under 2 acres should not receive any new shadow. making a finding on shadow impact on a park from a proposed development is policy decision
6:52 pm
for the commission as such staff does not provide a recommendation. this image shows you not the shadow all at once, but rather the shadow that would be added anywhere throughout the year. this is an animation showing the shadow enter and leave the park for the fall ebbing we knox. as a reminder the day with the most shading is november 21. so the animation is not off from the most shaded dayquinox. as a reminder the day with the most shading is november 21. so the animation is not off from the most shaded day. in order to eliminate all new shadow, if that were to happen, the project would need to remove approximately 17 units.
6:53 pm
finally, the shadow study analyz analyz analyz analyzed cumulative projects. the only project found to have impact was 230 just down the street. together these would increase the shadow load by 1.58%. the total increase is not the sum of the two project shadows. as a reminder, the project before you is adding 0.09%. the 230 7th street project, the other project, was reviewed and recommended by the commission in november of 2017. that concludes my presentation. i and ella will be available for questions. thank you. >> president buell: thank you. >> i have one blue card, mark
6:54 pm
loper. >> good morning, commissioners, we are on behalf of the project sponsor. this project has been pending since october 2015. so we're excited to finally get a chance to ask for entitlements. a few details following up on the presentation by staff. the new shadow would be cast 27 weeks out of the year, so that's a little over 50%. in the winter, shadow would be cast on an entry gate only. shadow average 21 minutes a day. there is no afternoon or evening shadow. the morning shadow is gone by 9:15 a.m. interestingly, in the shadow study when the shadow consultant went out and did observations in the morning, the shadow consultant did three morning observations and nobody came to
6:55 pm
the park until an hour after the latest that the project would cast shadow. on those three days, one day two people showed up in the morning, one day four people came, and one day nobody came. so the project's shadow would not have been cast at any time when anybody was moving the park. on the no-shadow alternative, as you heard, it would eliminate 17 units with an 18% of onsite affordability, that would be three b.m.r. units. thank you for your time. >> president buell: thank you. >> clerk: any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> president buell: commissioner low. >> vice president low: brian, so the totalled number of units is how many? >> 96. >> vice president low: 96. so no shadow alternative would eliminate 18 units and 17 units and three b.m.r.s?
6:56 pm
>> i believe that's right if i've got my notes here right. >> vice president low: which includes the three b.m.r.s. so under the 1989 memo, it fails the quantitative test because it's a park that's less than 2 acres and no shadow load is recommended? >> correct. >> vice president low: so under the qualitative test, though, i mean, can you verify that gardners don't show up before 10:00? >> i can't verify. the only site visits are what was mentioned earlier. i did visit the park many months ago. i believe it was closer to 10:00. so there was somebody there at 10:00. >> vice president low: are there hours to the community garden? >> i would have to check that, but let me check.
6:57 pm
i believe they are not because it's by key, but i can look into that. >> vice president low: okay. we did hear this at capital committee and the same analysis was given at capital with the recommendation to approve. so i would move to approve -- i would move that the shadow cast on the community garden is not a significant impact. >> president buell: is there a second? >> second. >> president buell: moved and seconded. all in favour? >> aye. >> president buell: so moved. >> clerk: we are now on item 10, bay view playground renovation concept design.
6:58 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners, general manager, commission liaison, incoming and outgoing. thank you. my name is marien coss and i am a project manager with capital division. here to discuss discussion and possible action to approve a conceptual design for bay view playground renovation, a community opportunity fund project. approval of this proposed action by the commission is the approval action as defined by san francisco administrative code chapter 31. this project honors three of our strategic plans. one is strategy number one to inspire public space. objective 1.2 strengthen the quality of parks and existing facilities. 2.2 strengthen and promote the safety, health, and well-being of san francisco youth and seniors.
6:59 pm
strategy number 3, inspire investment. 3.3, cultivate and increase support. that's great. thank you. so i'm -- bay view -- here is bay view park. i'm going to just take you through the visuals of the park. so as you can see, here is an existing aerial of bay view park. it is a 4.4-acre park in bay view district 10, and it is surrounded by -- on 3rd street -- it's not coming out there. so on the west side on 3rd street, on the east side is keith street and on the south side is carol street. it's known by a few names because of the amenities that are there, the martin luther
7:00 pm
king park is there and also the bay view playground in the center. you've seen this project a few times because in 2013 you awarded $300,000 to the bay view hill zone and park 94124 to renovate and possibly expand the playground which is in the center of the property. the plan that you see on the right happens to be the plan that you approved at that time. since then, some changes have happened. we also came back in 2017 to accept a grant award from a federal grant that was administered through the state of california for $375,000 in order to add to this plan a pathway that would allow both youth and seniors to have a loop around the park and also have some adult exercise equipment. the community had for the c.o.f.


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