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tv   Disability and Aging Services Commission  SFGTV  January 13, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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renovation of apartment complex built in 1996. there is many tenants there a long time. average tent is there 14 years. under the rehaband refinancing 10 units will remain affordable to households earning no more than 60% of the income and 108 must be no more than 50% of a.m.i. the scope including replacing windows, boilers, repair water system, upgrading fire alarm systems and building exterior work and no displacements or relocation of residents. they will remain in place. timeline. they will return to the board for bond issuance approval in april. on behalf of the project sponsors in hfsdc thank you for consideration. i am joined by the
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representative lisa grady. we can answer your questions. >> there is no bla report. let's open for public comment. any members of the comment to comment item 4? it is now closed. i would like to move to board with positive recommendation without objection. thank you very much. having said that, we are going to now recess this meeting and then we will reconvene after inauguration of mayor london >> thank you very much.ondon this is the january 8th, 2020 meeting of the budget and finance committee. we are reconvening now and supervisor mandelman will be joining us shortly. thank you for the patients
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showed joke -- your patience as we recess to see the mayor being inaugurated. madame clerk, can you please call item five and six together? >> resolution authorizing the execution and delivery of a multi- housing revenue and in one or more series in aggregate for providing financing for the construction of the 108 unit multifamily rental housing project. item number six is a resolution approving and authorizing the director of property to acquire real property on turk street from turk 500 associates for $0 in exchange for $12.2 million in credit and placing it under the mayor to do office of housing and community development for affordable housing for san francisco. >> thank you very much. we have joyce lynn from mohcd. is that correct?
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welcome. >> good morning, supervisors -- good afternoon, supervisors. my name is joyce, project manager with the mayor to do office of housing and community development. i'm here to present items five and six related to 500520 turk street and 5555 larkin street also known as 500 turk street project. it is a 108 affordable multifamily new construction project located at the corner of turk street on larkin street. the project is being developed by the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. all units will be affordable and will serve households averaging 60% of the san francisco county median income would 27 project voucher units reserved for residents wishing to move from public housing to the project and will include a mix of studios, one, two, and
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three-bedroom units. item number five is the first resolution before you requesting authorization to issue multifamily housing revenue in an amount not to exceed $53 million to provide construction financing for the residential project. the transaction fundamentals have not changed since they presented projects to this committee last june. the issuance is still conduit financing with no recourse for the city's general fund. the project continues to be compliance with a few city requirements including prevailing wage and requirements since then, the project developer, a california limited partnership, collectively with us are known as the developers. we secured a debt allocation from the developer to the california debt allocation limit
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community. and with the city, identified a financing team including a lender and equity investor and other attorneys in the city's municipal advisor. the team has met several times and develop substantially final documents in the legislative package before you. the resolution before you requests approval and authorization for three actions. this is item number six. number one, the acquisition of the property for $0 to be paid to the developer in the form of a $12.25 million credit to the loan. number two, a grands lease to the property back to the developer for lease term of 75 years with a 24 year option to extend in an annual base rent of $15,000 with affordability restrictions for 99 years and three, a gap alone in the amount of not to exceed $32.4 million
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of the developer to finance the construction of the development. construction closing for 500 turk is expected at the end of the month when the bond and loan documents will be executed. the project will start construction june -- soon after with the completion expected in january of 2022. here with me is amy from mohcd, claudia from the real estate division, and jacob from the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. we will be glad to answer any questions you may have about this request on behalf of mohcd and the developer. we would like to thank you for your consideration here today and look forward to your support >> thank you very much. any comments or questions? supervisor walton? >> thank you. this is a quick process and a
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problematic question. how will the residence be selected for the vouchers and will this also be able to apply for safety transfers? >> you're talking about the 27 project lease voucher units? those residents are living in our existing public housing project and will voluntarily move to the project. >> if there is 27 vouchers and let's say we have 50 people that want to transfer, what is the process looking like? >> that is a good question. can i get back to you on that? >> of course,. >> i want to make sure about the public initiative. >> and also a follow-up, if you can let me know if these will also applied to safety transfers in the future. thank you. >> thank you very much. we don't have a b.l.a. partner
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for item number five but we do have one item number six. could we hear that, please? >> item six, this resolution does three things. the main three things it does is it proves -- approves the city to purchase from the current owner which is a conjoining neighborhood corporation, which is part of turk 500 associates. it approves an amended loan agreement increasing the loan amount that is currently being allocated to this project. it approves a ground lease for a long-term ground lease for the property. in terms of the loan agreement, we show this on table one of the report. the funding for the loan agreement is $32.4 million. the incurrence -- the increase
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is being approved today in the existing loan agreement. the total project amount is shown on page 21, table two of the amount. the total project is $95 million the net of the loan, it is the $32.4 million loan. there is about $1.2 million that is pending as a bridge loan pending other loans being made available to the project. the other part is that the appraised value of the original purchase price was $12.25 million. that amount, when the city assumed ownership, will be credited against the loan amount the actual payback will be that much less. this is on table three, page 23 of the report. city funds are third of the cost of the project and we recommend
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approval. >> let's open this up for public comment. would any members of the public like to comment on number five or six? public comment is now closed. colleagues, any comments or questions? i would like to move these items to the board with a positive recommendation. we can take that without objection. thank you. please call item number seven and eight together. >> seven is a resolution authorizing the issuance and delivery of multifamily housing revenue bonds in an aggregate principal not to exceed over 44 willing dollars for the purpose of providing financing for the acquisition, development, and construction of a 105 unit affordable multifamily residential rental housing project currently assigned the street address of 401 avenue of the palms. item eight is resolution and approving a loan agreement in an amount not to exceed 24 by $5 million for a term of 57 years to finance the
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construction of 100% affordable, 105 unit multifamily rental housing development for low and moderate income at 401 avenue of the palms. >> thank you very much. today we have joan from mohcd. welcome. >> thank you. good afternoon. i am with the mayor's office of housing. i'm a senior project manager. i'm here to present on item seven and eight related to the project to located at 401 avenue of the palms. it's the first newly constructed affordable housing development for veterans on treasure island. the project is being developed by chinatown community development center. the building will include 104 affordable units serving households below 80% a.m.i.
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and to give you an idea, for one person, 68,000, two, 78,000, three, 88,000. and for a family, 98,000. the rent will probably be lower targeted populations. thirty-nine of the units will be available to current treasure island households who will be relocated to the building when it is built. sixty-five units will house formerly homeless veterans who are new to the housing. affordability will be maintained for the life of the project which is our new standard for restriction. item number seven is requesting authorization to issue multifamily housing revenue notes in an amount not to exceed $44 million to provide construction financing for the residential project. the transaction fundamentals
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have not changed since the project was approved by the board of supervisors and the mayor in august -- on august 9 th, 2019. the issuance is still a conduit financing with no recourse for the city's general fund. the project continues to be in compliance with all city requirements for the issuance of tax-exempt debt including prevailing wage and l.b.e. requirements. since submitting the application for bond financing, the developer has secured a debt limit allocation and with this city, identified a financing team including a lender and equity investor, bond council and other attorneys, and the city's municipal advisors. the financing team has met several times and developed a substantially final issuance stock in the legislative package before you.
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item number eight is requesting approval of a gap loan to the developer in an amount not to exceed $24 million. construction closing is anticipated to take place either at the end of january or very soon after the beginning of february. this certificate of occupancy is expected in august of 2021 when the building is complete with all units leased up approximately around december, 2021. here with me today are joanna from chinatown c.d.c. and leon, the project developer. leon -- we will be glad to answer any questions you have about this request. and on behalf of mohcd and the project developers, we would like to thank you for your support and ask for your
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continued support. with that, i end my presentation >> thank you very much for your presentation. colleagues, any comments or questions? seeing none, but i have a report on item number eight as there is none for item number seven? >> item number eight, the legislation specifically approves a loan agreement between mohcd and the apartment for the community development. there is currently an outstanding loan of $6.5 million this would amend the loan and increase it by $17.7 million to a total loan amount of $24.3 million. you can see that an exhibit 2 on page 27 of the report. the sources of funding include the egress money that came in and other sources of funds shown in this exhibit. the total project -- budget is 74 by two millions of the loan amount is about one third of that amount.
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the housing subsidy is about $231,000. as you can see on page three of our report. we recommend approval. >> thank you very much. let's open this up for public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i see no questions or comments on the roster. i would like to move these items to the board with a positive recommendation and we can take that without objection. thank you for the presentation today. can you please call item number nine? >> nine is a resolution authorizing the mayor's office of housing and community development to submit a grant application for the california state department of housing and community development for funding in the amount of $5 million under the cal home program. >> thank you very much. his gene here? >> i'm with the mayor's office of housing. >> please speak into the microphone. >> we are trying to apply for a grant on the state of california for $5 million, which is to
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bring $5 million for first-time homebuyers. [indiscernible] >> thank you very much. is that your presentation or do you have more? >> that is that. >> that's great. we have no b.l.a. report on this any comments or questions from colleagues? i see no questions. is there any members of the public would like to comment on this item? public comment is closed. i would like to move this to the board with a positive recommendation. we can take that without objection. please call items 10 through 18 together. >> item 10 through 18 is a resolution authorizing the mayor 's office of housing and community development on behalf of the city to execute a grant application under the department of housing and community development affordable housing and sustainable communities for the affordable housing projects.
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and the community development infill infrastructure program. >> that is it? that is great. hello. are you jonathan? >> yes. >> please, welcome. >> thank you. good afternoon, committee members. my name is jonathan and i may project manager with the mayor's office of housing and community development. before you are resolutions, items 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 to assume liability and apply for funds from the california department department of housing and community development affordable housing and sustainable communities program commonly referred to as asic. these funds will go towards a falling affordable housing projects in the city.
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131 units of family housing located at 2340 san jose avenue as known as balboa park upper yard developed by mission housing development corporation and related california. 157 units located at potrero hill -- the potrero hope s.f. site mac. developed by bridge housing. eighty-four units of family housing located at the sunnydale hope s.f. site as known as sunnydale block three a also developed by related california. eighty-four units of family housing also located at the sunnydale hope s.f. site known as sunnydale block three be. and 70 units of family housing with 35 units for homeless families as known as 266 fourth street. the program transportation and
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land preservation projects support infill and compact development that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the fund is established by the state and is known more generally as cap and trade funding. in order to be highly competitive, the project will be submitting joint applications with the city for up to $20 million each. for each project, the award is broken up into two major components. the first is a loan awarded to support the affordable housing development in the and the second is a grant award to go towards transportation improvements for associated greenhouse gas reduction measures included in the application. for balboa park upper yard and others, each housing award request is for up to $20 million and the transportation grant application is for up to $10 million. for 266 fourth street, the request is for $13.6 million and
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the transportation grant request is for approximately six my $5 million. the application requires that applicants for the project will be held jointly and be liable for completion of the project. this means that those parties are liable for the completion of the entire project in either -- either party may need to take additional steps to have the housing or transit portion completed. balboa park upper yard is located across from the balboa park bart station. it currently serves as an sfmta employee parking lot. the team expects to begin construction in the spring of 2021. potrero block b. is part of the hope s.f. site and will be the second new construction project built under hope s.f. the nation's first large-scale community development and reparations initiative aimed at creating vibrant and inclusive
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and mixed-income communities without mass displacement of the original residents. sunny block is also part of the hope s.f. site and will be the third and fourth new construction project in the revitalized sunnydale community. it will be located on an sfmta site mac located directly above the sfmta subway station currently under construction. they issued a request for proposals for the site in august of 2017 and construct -- construction is anticipated to begin fall of 2021. in addition, before you are resolutions to assume liability and apply for funds from the california department of housing and community development infill infrastructure program. commonly referred to as i. i. g. these funds will go towards the
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following projects. balboa park upper yard for an amount not to exceed $4 million, potrero block b. not to exceed $15.6 million and sunnydale block three a for an amount not to exceed six my $5 million, sunnydale block three be for an amount not to exceed six my $5 million and treasure island major sub- phase one for an amount not to exceed $30 million >> excuse me, are you speaking on item 19? >> we have representatives from treasure island to develop and authority he will speak more about item 19. >> let me pause you for a second madame clerk, did we call item number 19? >> please call into the record now before we hear the rest of the presentation on item 19. >> nineteen is a resolution authorizing the treasure island develop mint authority on behalf of the city to execute a grant application under the department of housing and community development infill infrastructure as an applicant
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or joint applicant with the san francisco county transportation authority and/or the public utilities commission for a qualifying infrastructure project within treasure island major sub- phase one. >> thank you very much. you may continue. >> thank you. the program provides funds and supportive infill projects in mixed-income housing as well as mixed-use infill developments. thank you for considering each of these resolutions to apply for these critical sources of funding. we are excited to leverage these funds and reduce the amount of city funding necessary to build these important projects. and to see affordable housing for did into solutions for greenhouse gas production in combating climate change. the teams are working to complete funding applications by the deadline of february 11th 2020. this concludes staff's presentation. the sponsors are available for
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questions should you have any and bob back, the director of the treasure island development authority will speak further about item 19. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. if it pleases you, i do have some slides i could present. the project we are applying for is the widening of hillcrest, promoting widening transit and bike access from that side of the project area. >> thank you. there are no reports on any of these items. let's open this up for public comment. would any members of the public like to comment on items 10 through 19? public comment is now closed. colleagues, any comments or questions considering one of our colleagues on the board here who is actually the sponsor of many of these things. i would say i would like to move
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this to the full board with a positive recommendation on items 10 through 19. we can take that without objection. thank you very much. please call item number 20. >> twenty is a hearing to consider the review and approval of the budget guidelines for the board of supervisors annual budget for fiscal year 2020 and 2021 and 2022. >> thank you very much. today we have angela, the clerk of the board and joan. before we start, i would like to give, on this presentation as you know i am the chair of the committee and left is actually under the budget of the board of supervisors. so with that, i would -- do you think -- would you like to first
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present the budget and have me then talk a little bit about laugh co.? >> members of the committee, clerk of the board, angela. you indicated i'm here. we always appreciate you managing this information for us annually. we also appreciate the opportunity to report to the department. the current progress of projects , just a few, and pursuant to the rules of order to request your guidance as we are preparing the budget for the next two years. once we receive your guidance we will return in february with a draft budget based upon your direction today for your approval before we submit the budget to the mayor and the controller. and now to the high-level overview, with you, i would recommend the overview of the projects and then i will recommend a couple of adjustments for the budget, for the baseline. sly two shows the department's current year budget by division
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and category. under category, the largest cost share is salary and benefits at 75% of the total budget. the gross in this category is attributed to the m.o.u. negotiated wage increases and the addition of the administrative aids. the next largest category is the nonpersonnel services at 22% or 4 million. the budget and legislative analyst services contract is the largest cost in this category. a slight -- slide three, the current project, as you know, we hosted the conference in san francisco. we appreciate the committee and the board allowing us $50,000 in general fund dollars in the current year. we only used about 7,000 and we will be returning the remainder to the general fund. regarding the office renovation project in partnership with the department of public works and the real estate division of the city administrator's office, our
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renovation project will be presented to the city hall preservation advisory commission for their review. this renovation, as you know, will allow us to create a private space both for the operation deputy and the payroll personnel in our department. i have a larger responsibility to the department as a whole to make sure that our payroll personnel officer can have confidential conversations in an office with staff. i am having a bit of a we organization in the area of space. regarding the salesforce constituent management system, we ruled this project out to all 11 offices. the initial feedback was positive and we understand that there are, as with every other project, there are bugs to work through. we are committed to doing so would legislative staff and the administrative staff. we will continue to work with your office is to find out what
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within next steps look like if we were to continue to utilize this project. slide four lists the small adjustments that i am recommending to be included in the 2021 proposed budget. the newly created administrative assistant position in the member offices are eligible to receive overtime pay. however,, this cost was not included in the current budget and so we will need funding in the new budget. we have begun tracking the overtime pay for this particular class and we will have an estimate for you in february when we return. the operations division in the clerk's office, which provides operational and logistical support to the department as a whole are proposing a job change in one particular position. the current job is a 1426 senior clerk typist. it is not accurately reflect the
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work that this particular position conducts on a day-to-day with assistance to the department and to the public and to language access and inventory. we would like the new class to be an 1840 junior management assistant. it would result in a small increase in 15,000 in salary and benefits. as i mentioned in the previous slide, the salesforce constituent management system is ongoing. the licenses have been purchased and we would need to add that cost. it is about $17,000 to purchase additional licenses to meet the demand of the new staff. and now for the couple of items. the budget and legislative analyst, every year, the budget and legislative analyst submits their request for an increase, which is stipulated in the contract. they have done so again for the budget year. that would amount to a total of
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$2.44 million in contract, essentially the increase would be about 76 thousand dollars. the youth commission, there are three staff positions in the youth commission. it is time to modernize the positions and salary to be commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the job description. frankly, retention continues to be an ongoing issue and to address these issues we have worked very closely with the department of to human resources so they can review the duties and recommend an updated job class. if the committee approves this is a general concept, we will come back to you in february with the job class that we are recommending and the costs that are associated with that. and then two last points, the department is hiring a recruiting -- and chief information officer.
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we currently have a position in the department. as our recruitment is yielding, we are not getting the type of individual with the minimum requirements that we need so we are asking just to bump up that position, which is what generally is the position in this city that the department of telecommunications is utilizing for this role specifically. it would be -- i would also be a seven-point 5% increase in salary. again, we already have the base salary position and funds associated with that. both salary and benefits in the budget currently. and lastly you might recall that they received a general fund appropriation of $297 in the current year. that is the same amount that we have reserved over the last 12 years. as a placeholder, we have that
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in the proposed budget with your permission. i know that you would like to discuss that. we would be happy to. we would love your permission to provide all of those to you in february and a base budget for your consideration. we will bring it back to in february. we will be back here with questions. any questions? i will proceed with the increase in the budget. colleagues, as chair of the local agency formation commission, i'm working with my colleagues on that body, as well as our executive officer who is here in the audience today to develop a new budget and to rapidly expand the body of work being held by this commission. while our commission's approval of a budget is still pending, we would discuss a proposed budget at our meeting next week. i do want to propose an increase to the budget and i'm asking for the support of my colleagues to have that reflected in the board
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's budget submission to the mayor. we have received the same -- same general fund or support -- support from the city and county of san francisco for over 10 years without a single increase. i was appointed to the commission and elected as the chair in 2017 and in the last three years, we have done an incredible amount of work to revise this body, higher a phenomenal executive director and take on critical areas of work regarding municipal services and issues. we continue to provide oversight for? and power s.f. and year we did in-depth and copper hints of analysis of equity issues within the program, along with recommendations of how -- for how to address such concerns. the body his continued is continue to explore, along with equity access to clean power s.f., what real expansion of clean power would look like in san francisco. it is a -- if the city and county developed his own facilities on public land. in the last year, it's in his
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last year -- in the last year, it is producing groundbreaking work in the study of gig economy workers partnering with a national organization of jobs with justice to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the conditions facing gig workers in the emerging mobility sector. the study is now in progress and in the first phase of being completed this year. it's the largest study of its kind and the executive director has secured over $300,000 in private funds for this study. and now i have introduced legislation currently pending at the board to ensure that san francisco takes the next step in developing a business plan for the first ever public bank in the state of california. i am proposing that this work live as an independent body that can skilfully engage public and private partners and utilize its legal council who have expertise in municipal finance. if that legislation is to pass,
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our one staff person could not hold that work alone and we need staffing dedicated to the project. what i'm asking for today is an amendment to the budget and the board's budget to increase the general fund support for this award by $486,000. this would ensure we can bring back the f.t.e. position for executive director officer role. that position was eliminated in 2017. and fortin f.t.e. for a policy analyst role and ensure funding to bring on a consultant for the public bank. i have passed out to you a document and all about the proposed budget. i'm open to answer any questions as i said before, the executive director is here also to answer any questions. no questions. that is very positive.
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pressing the button, i see supervisor mandelman. yes? >> yes, so i confess i am pretty unfamiliar with this. i am -- it has existed in every county in california. there is usually -- it was usually used, to my understanding, it is usually dealing with governmental organization boundaries and things like that. i know san francisco has used it significantly differently and particularly the board of supervisors used it at a point when maybe the mayor's office was not as excited about public power to advance a clean energy agenda from a little bit of a workaround coming from this side of the building. i guess i don't actually know or understand -- i don't have a sense of whether it's the best place for additional policy.
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>> actually, mr. goebel can explain why it is the appropriate place to mean a surprise a lot of these issues like the public bank. and also why clean power is part of the purview. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. we were assigned oversight authority of clean power s.f. in 20 -- 2007 by the board of supervisors. we have an ongoing m.o.u. with the public utilities commission to do that work. as chair fewer stated, we had a very important report released recently with regard to clean power s.f. and the number of power disconnections that are happening in san francisco due to customers' inability to pay. we plan on carrying that work forward. they all have special studies authority.
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i was hired as executive officer almost two years ago and i was asked by the chair to look into some issues. one of those was the gig economy issue. the city has been trying to obtain data from the companies to do an assessment of the externality that is being created on our streets in terms of congestion and trying to determine whether the company are so -- are following the labor laws. we are now undertaking what would be the largest and most representative survey of gig workers in the country. i have gone out and raised an additional $300,000 to support that work. in addition, you know, as the local agency formation commission, there was a lot of discussion about forming a new municipal bank and how that is ideal for local agency formation
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commissions to do since that is a moral role. these are the three big issues that we are handling at the moment i would like to add to that that the scope of work has germs expanded dramatically through the commission, as it would meet these issues, and actually california came down and gave us a whole training on what it can do. it opened up a whole variety of issues that we could actually undertake and i think that the enthusiasm of the supervisors and the members really, what we are looking at with these studies and what we are looking at is a reflection of how excited the commissioner is
9:42 am
after they realized what their purview could be. i am -- as brian mentioned, we know we have had more -- the same budget for the last 10 years and our work has more than tripled in what we are doing, and also that mr. goebel is a consultant and we feel as though it is the only right thing to do to make this a regular position and bring it back as a position and give him the benefit that should be afforded to any employee that works with the city and county of san francisco go ahead, supervisor mandelman. >> that all makes sense. over the next month, i can hear a little bit more about some of the thinking behind it. this is adding additional staff positions and building it out and why it makes sense to do that through that company rather than controller studies or b.l.a. studies or task forces
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and things like that. those would be the questions i have over the next few months. >> i would like to emphasize that it is an independent body. independent from the city and county of san francisco. i think that is, quite frankly, probably why it was formed. it is designed to be an independent body. we are commissioners, we don't sit there as representatives of the board of supervisors. >> i have reached out to you on your staff to offer a briefing and i'd be happy to sit down and discuss this with you. >> if anyone would like to serve on that commission, we would love to have you. i would like then to have this committee approved and all the other items you have brought
9:44 am
forward. are there any questions, supervisors, on the other items that the clerk has brought forth , meaning an increase of the positions for the youth commission also -- >> essentially in concept you would be authorizing providing the guidelines to move forward with providing you advice on what an appropriate class could be for both the youth commission staff, in addition to the c.i.o. in the department, in addition to the cola increase for the budget legislative analyst services and any additional work you would like us to perform on the group, which i heard outlined in your presentation. the overtime for the ad been stuffed. >> yes. >> thank you. just a quick question because i want to make sure i know how hard the office works and all the components necessary to do a
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great job. everything you put in the presentation, that covers everything you thank you need moving forward next year. >> thank you. supervisor walton, the baseline that we would be bringing to you in february would have all of our needs in addition to the little bit of detail that we spoke about today and in february it would give you the opportunity to review that and that is what i would submit to the mayor and the controller for one we have our longer conversations in june for a second opportunity for you to cut and paste. thank you. >> i think today, what i would like to do is to approve -- to amend the budget guidelines to include the additional funding and to file the hearing.
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>> could we please have public comment? are there any members of the public would like to comment on this item? public comment is now closed. shall i then make a motion to amend the guidelines for the board of supervisors' budget? >> i make a motion. do we vote on that? do we take it without objection? i would like to file it with -- as amended. do we have any other business before us today? >> there is no further business. >> okay. we are adjourned. thank you very much.
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>> >> >> my name is jean alexander. i'm an attorney in the san
9:48 am
francisco city attorney's office. i supervise the tax team, giving tax advice to the treasurer, tax collect or, drafting tax legislation. the thing i remember my mother telling me as a child is that you need to be prepared to take care of yourself and i knew that i wanted to be able to do something that i enjoyed. i didn't expect anybody to give me anything because nobody ever gave her anything and i also i always saw her fighting for the things that she wanted in life for herself and for her children. >> my name is jasmine flores. i am working as an admin assistant in the city attorney's office. i have always enjoyed the tasks
9:49 am
that i have been given. on the days i show up and work on my own is empowering. for me, happiness in being more involved in a person-to-person interaction. my dream jobs includes being a physician, paramedic, firefighter, working with animals with the public. on a personal level with self improvement. my sister is the biggest influence in my life because she taught me to go forward with what makes you happy rather that what makes you the most money. >> i graduated from law school in 1972 at a time when there was a beginning to be an influx of women in the legal profession and tried criminal cases for about 10 years, treatment for delinquent operating programs,
9:50 am
government budgets, analyzed fiscal legislation. i came to the san francisco city attorney's office and i have been here for about 12 years advising on tax matters. i did just about anything you can think of. some things that lawyers do and some things that lawyers don't do. >> i'm from the mission in san francisco. i have grown up there and i have lived there pretty much my whole life. living there, i do see other women, some of them older, some of them look just like me like my age and a lot of them work nanny jobs, child care jobs, retail jobs. i don't know, it seems kind of like a reminder that you are kind of lucky to be where you are, i guess.
9:51 am
just when you haven't gone so far at all. i want them to go on maybe go on an interview that's more challenging that they think that they can't get that job. you know, just to kind of challenge and surprise themselves when they get that job and feel better. >> there had been women practicing law for many years, but there were so few of them that a lot of the issues hadn't really come into play and some of them worked out and some are still being resolved like equal pay and women in lawfirms and making sure women get fair assignments and in the decision making and working with law firms. i
9:52 am
consider myself more of a beneficiary of all the women that fought really difficult battles along the way. >> >>streets. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i wanted to wish you a best wishes and congratulations the community has shifted a lot of when i was growing up in the 60s
9:53 am
and 50's a good portion of chicano-american chinese-american lived in north beach a nob hill community. >> as part the immigrant family is some of the recreation centers are making people have the ability to get together and meet 0 other people if communities in the 60s a 70s and 80s and 90s saw a move to the richmond the sunset district and more recently out to the excelsior the avenue community as well as the ensuring u bayview so chinese family living all over the city and when he grape it was in this area. >> we're united. >> and growing up in the area that was a big part of the my leave you know playing basketball and mycy took band
9:54 am
lessons and grew up. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> allergies welcome to the community fair it kicks off three weeks of celebrations for the year and let's keep everybody safe and celebrate the biggest parade outside of china on february 11th go best wishes and congratulations and 3, 2, 1
9:55 am
happy enough is enough. >> i grew up volley ball education and in media professional contrary as an educator he work with all skids whether or not caucasian hispanic and i african-american cumber a lot of arrest binge kids my philosophy to work with all kids but being here and griping in the chinese community being a chinese-american is important going to american school during the day but went to chinese school that is community is important working with all the kids and having them exposed to all culture it is important to me. >> it is a mask evening. >> i'd like to thank you a you all to celebrate an installation of the days here in the asian art museum.
9:56 am
>> one time has become so many things in the past two centuries because of the different did i licks the immigration officer didn't understand it became no standard chinese marine or cantonese sproupgs it became so many different sounds this is convenient for the immigration officer this okay your family name so this tells the generations of immigrants where they come from and also many stories behind it too. >> and what a better way to celebrate the enough is enough nuru with the light nothing is more important at an the hope the energy we.
9:57 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> relative to the current administration it is, it is touching very worrisome for our immigrant frames you know and some of the stability in the country and i know how this new president is doing you know immigration as well as immigrants (fireworks) later than you think new year the largest holiday no asia and china those of us when my grandparents came over in the
9:58 am
19 hundreds and celebrated in the united states chinese nuru is traditional with a lot of meani meaning. >> good afternoon my name is carmen chu assessor-recorder i want to wish everything a happy new year thank you for joining us i want to say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm proud to be a native san franciscan i grew up in the chinatown, north beach community
9:59 am
port commission important to come back and work with those that live in the community that i grew up in and that that very, very important to give back to continue to work with the community and hope e help those who may not be as capable in under serving come back and give
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