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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> that's it for us for now. breaking developments tonight. new details on the gunman in the deadly campus shooting. what authorities have now discovered inside his home. also, the hero. the young father that charged record him. and what the gunman asked his victims right before he shot them. two dozen americans onboard a ship trapped in the waters of hurricane joaquin. the other major storm locked in place up and down the east coast, 14 inches of rain in some places. authorities warn even without the hurricane, this storm could be historic and life-threatening. the explosion, this time in a condo high-rise. multiple injuries. and the warning tonight. and the voice of an angel. the young boy who stunned millions this week.
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week? good evening, we have two major stories unfolding tonight. a missing ship trapped in american waters. but first, major new developments, ten minutes of terror as the gunman opened fire in roseburg, oregon. the sheriff's office saying he asked victims about their religion before firing. we begin with matt gutman, in oregon. >> reporter: ten minutes of terror. >> active shooter.
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that seemed to last an eternity authorities reporting that chris harper mercer brought an arsenal to the college. and the sheriff's department confirming they're investigating whether it was religiously motivated. >> i looked out, saw people running. that's when i knew we had to get out. >> reporter: tonight, authorities identifying all nine victims. how complicated was it when your officers arrived? >> a lot of students running from the building. rooms in lockdown. it was a very chaotic scene. >> reporter: more than 2,000
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other students shelters in place. >> it was horrifying. being locked in there, not knowing if my friends were okay. >> reporter: within six minutes of the call, roseburg police officers arrive. >> he's in a classroom on the, going to be the southeast side of the hall. >> reporter: you can hear their adrenaline-strained voices. finally, they corner him. >> they got there, engaged the suspect, resulted in an exchange of gunfire, and they neutralized the threat. >> reporter: so, they saved lives? >> they probably saved dozens of lives, yes. >> reporter: the spray of bullets mostly confined to a writing class. and the gunman carried six guns,
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owning seven more. >> it had steel plates. and additional ammunition was at his apartment. >> reporter: and also, the son of a local firefighter and their 67-year-old teacher. tonight, this moment of thanks to first responders, turning into a communal embrace. >> and matt gutman is with us from oregon. and you're reporting that investigators are investigating that report that he asked about their religion before firing? >> reporter: that's right. about 200 investigators are on the case. and one family said their child was specifically targeted because they were christian. and another telling us that he asked them about god because they were about to be closer to their creator.
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month in the military. authorities searched his home, questioning his mother. and what he wrote online about mass shooters that came before him. here's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: he was a soldier, but discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards. this is his apartment, about two miles from the school. this is the view he would have woken to before allegedly going on that rampage. an officer could be seen questioning his mother, who also lives here. >> it's been a devastateing day for me and my family. shocked, is all i can say. >> reporter: a neighbor tells us
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she saw him getting rid of his belongings one day before the shootings. >> he knew he wasn't coming home. >> reporter: sources tell abc news he gave papers and a thumb drive to someone at the school. his online history shows he was fascinated with killers. police have been coming in and out all day long. finding seven more guns. >> thank you. and the story of one of the heroes. a young father, an army veteran, charging the gunman, telling others to get out. we talked with him from his hospital room tonight. amy robach with that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, 30-year-old chris mintz,
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wounds, recognized as a hero. >> he was telling people to run. grabbing people, telling them you just have to go. >> reporter: the classmates describeing how he ran into danger. >> he actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was. and he ran back into the building and i don't know what happened to him. >> reporter: this image capturing him as he arrived at the local hospital. >> tries to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in. gets shot three times, hits the floor. looks up at the gunman and says it's my son's birthday today. gets shot two more times. >> reporter: both of mintz's legs were broken during the shooting. >> he's going to have to learn to walk again, but he walked away with his life. >> reporter: in a conversation with abc news from the hospital,
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>> and amy, a gofundme campaign was set up for chris hours ago? >> it's incredible, it has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. one of the most successful campaigns in that site's history. the number continues to grow rapidly by the minute, speaking to all the support for this hometown hero. and to the other breaking news, the weather. hurricane joaquin, and the search under way for a missing ship. and a storm system locked over much of the east coast. 14 inches of rain in some places, 15 million from florida
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and abc's rob marciano is in virginia beach tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the east coast, saturated. it is unbelievable out here right now. winds churning up white caps on the jersey shore. in virginia beach, it will be another round of coastal flooding. with 50 million in the path. states of emergency from new jersey to the carolinas. >> this will be a historic rainfall event that we have never seen before in south carolina. mandatory evacuations of the barrier islands. >> we're just packing up and leaving. packing clothes and going south. >> reporter: homes and businesses boarded up. sand dunes stacked high. sandbags, everywhere. winds. sending trees crashing down on cars near charlotte, north carolina, turning them into scrap metal. at least two are dead in the carolinas. overnight, cars submerged. this road collapsing under the weight of floodwaters. one man escaped his pickup truck
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after falling in, clinging to a tree for 45 minutes before being rescued. and as the flooding rains push inland, the water comes up fast. all this rain plus the tidal surge making many roads like this one nearly impassable. virginia state police responding to 74 crashes by midday. >> and rob is with us live tonight. you were telling us, the same weather dynamic helping to keep the hurricane at bay is locking the system in place that's bringing all the rain this weekend. >> it's been in place for a couple of weeks. technically, it's called a rex block, or a high over low block. you have the "h" over the "l." and joaquin will play a big role, too. bringing moisture into south carolina, through tomorrow, and sunday, the same spot being hit over and over again.
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the big issue is heavy rain. flood watches in place. some areas could get over a foot of rain with the system. joaquin will not hit the east coast. but some of the tropical moisture will feed in. so that's why we're worried about flooding this weekend. >> and joaquin, being held off the east coast, but still wreaking havoc in the atlantic. word of a missing ship. the last known contact, a distress call 36 hours ago now. the coast guard battling 20-foot ways to find them. gio benitez with the story. >> reporter: the united states coast guard hovering over choppy waters in the bahamas, trying to locate this american cargo ship, the el faro. as strong winds rocked the island nation with 130-mile-per-hour winds from hurricane joaquin. >> this vessel's disabled basically right near the eye of hurricane joaquin.
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>> reporter: with 33 people onboard, 28 of them american, the el faro was heading from jacksonville, florida, to san juan, puerto rico, when the ship sent a distress notification that the 735-foot-long vessel had lost propulsion and was listing at 15 degrees. this, just hours after the u.s. coast guard staged a dramatic nighttime rescue 51 miles north of haiti. >> survivor halfway up! >> reporter: tonight, the hope for the same kind of rescue for those 33 people aboard the el faro. >> this is what we train to do. we're going to go and try and save lives. >> reporter: that crew has not been heard from since thursday morning. >> gio benitez with us tonight. thank you. we turn to the race for 2016. amid this college massacre, the firestorm engulfing jeb bush
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talking about americans' reaction in times of crisis. jonathan karl on what was said. >> reporter: jeb bush said more government action is not necessarily the answer. >> it's heartbreaking to see these things. but this is the broader question of rulemaking. i resist the otion,and i had this challenge as governor. stuff happens, there's always a crisis. and doing something isn't necessarily the right thing to do. >> reporter: and president obama took issue to that. >> i don't think i have to react to that one. i think the american people should make their own judgments, based on the fact that every couple of months, we have a mass shooting and should consider
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that stuff happening. >> reporter: but bush said he said he was referring to the drive to act after stuff happens. >> things happen all the time. things, is that better? there was no connection to the oregon issue at all if you listen to it. >> reporter: donald trump told george stephanopoulos today, he doesn't see the need for any new gun laws. >> this is about mental illness. and politically correct, we're going to solve the problem. you're always going to have difficulties, no matter how tight you run it. >> reporter: democrats have jumped all over bush's comments, but he was referring to how politicians respond to crises. and just minutes ago, he tweeted
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>> you can see all of george's interview with trump sunday on "this week". and the consumer alert. how not to be fooled when shopping when there's a sign that says there's a sale. we look at one that says 15% off. but the part we didn't see. three things to look for. and the invisible danger, and the new warning. several injuries in a high-rise condo. and the practice run in space, to make sure we can prevent an asteroid from hitting earth. what they're now doing. coming up. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't.
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tactic, the photo fake-out. >> are you guys ready to see this pool? >> yeah! >> never mind. >> reporter: the pool's distributor, manley toys, has to pay $8.5 million after losing a deceptive packaging lawsuit in 2013 and has changed those box photos. then there's the tiny type behind the big hype. the sears ad promising an "extra 15% off all appliances with sears card." but as the website found last year, there's fine print below that "15% off all." >> sewing machines. >> what can i buy? >> reporter: sears corrected what they called an "inadvertent error." then the sale fail. these signs were pushing great deals in hobby lobby stores. >> that looks fabulous. >> reporter: 50% off. >> i would be willing to buy
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killer, released by accident from a prison in louisiana after a computer glitch. tonight, back in custody. u.s. marshals found him in a motel outside atlanta. >>. >> when we come back an a friday, the voice of an angel. the boy that stunned millions. can you guess our person of the week?real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their
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>> nice to meet you. i heard you had five minutes to prepare. >> yeah. >> and they needed someone to fill the time. had you ever done this acappella before? >> i'm sure i had done it in the shower. >> that's not exactly the same thing as the pope. >> yeah. >> and here's how it went. >> the crowd erupts. then bobby confidently marches up right up to the pope. >> they called me back in. he gave me this rosary.
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handshake in return. what's your dream? >> i would like to have a career in music, i would say. >> yeah. >> that's really my dream. >> i have a feeling that will happen one day. he laughs, but just listen to that voice. >> i'll give you my firm handshake. that's the voice of an angel right there. he's on his way. what would you say to other kids your age about that moment? >> i'd say that any kid that would like to sing, especially boys, to just follow your dream and do whatever you want.
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