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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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news tonight is next we're back here at 11:00. tonight, breaking developments. the new discovery at sea in the desperate search for the ship that went down. 28 americans on board. the life board discovered and what else they found. also, the captain. what he was trying to do in the middle of the hurricane. >> the deadly in several states tonight. the mother and a little girl rescued from their roof. the driver trapped in a pickup. the mystery tonight, the pilot who died mid flight leaving the co-pilot to control syracuse. the amtrak passenger train derailing today. the recuse.
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holidays approaching. good evening. we begin tonight with two developing stories at this house. the rescues in the south and that desperate search at sea. the missing ship. tonight, news discoveries here. it's a race against time to find 33 people on board, including 28 american, some of their faces right there. tonight, officials saying the ship went down but families holding out hope. authorities say they will not count out their will to survive. an empty lifeboat pulled from the ocean. a life ring pulled out as well. the remains of someone in a survival suit at sea. why would the ship head into hurricane waters at all.
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linzie janis tonight. >> reporter: tonight new images of this empty lifeboat with a giant hole in it belonging to the el faro. the coast guard saying today the cargo ship sank but they are still searching for survivors. >> so we are not looking for the vessel any longer. we modified our search to focus more on potential people in the water, life boats and life rafts. also spotted a life ring and several emergency survival suits. >> in one of the survival suits, we did identify human remains. >> reporter: an abc news crew was on board this c-130 flight as searchers discover a 300 square mile area of debris the ship making a distress call 4 1/2 days ago as it was getting battered by hurricane joaquin. the ship equipped with two life boats and survival suits for all 33 crew members like this one dubbed "gumby suits." >> the insulate you they keep your body temperature in tact for an extended period. >> reporter: the families wondering why the ship was in
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the pilot tried to bypass it. >> he suffered a problem with the main propulsion system. >> reporter: the mother of one reading an e-mail the day they lost contact. >> we are headed straight into it. love to everyone. >> reporter: david, the family members still clinging to hope. also tonight, the ntsb heading to florida begin to investigating what went wong. >> linzie, thank you. we are going to turn to the deadly storms in the south. the numbers simply staggering tonight. two feet of rain in two days. at least ten dead in south carolina, 59 least two in north carolina. flooding all the way up to new jersey. some of the images from columbia tonight, the pickup truck swept away.
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alex perez is in south carolina. >> reporter: tonight, the southeast is brags for more rain and from the governor, a warning. does not mean we are out of the woods. >> reporter: a breach of a dam causing for evacuations. serving for survivors, spray clear. the last 24 hours, family after waters. >> everything that i know that i know of has been destroyed. >> it's heart wrenching but i'm so glad we're safe. >> reporter: we rode with scott weber who went to the check on his neighbors. >> i was stumping on the roof and listening to see if anyone called back.
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>> reporter: they are washed out roads. >> there he goes. >> reporter: this man, trapped in his two-en to truck. app bystander swimming forward. he clings to a free, making it window. the driver and his rescuer, lucky to be alive tonight. david a first look at the severe damage. you can see the white car caught in the current and tossed into the creek. and over here, the rushing waters almost washing away this entire building. but there has been progress. yesterday, the spot where i am been over my head. david. >> alex thanks very much. we have been watching the gripping images of the water rescues. this woman and her young girl plucked from the waters. rob marciano is in charleston tonight where we went to find that mother and daughter.
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>> reporter: a mother and 15 month old lifted to safety. and a father thankful. >> service so chaotic and fast. >> reporter: he couldn't believe how fast the water came up. it was already too late to call 911. >> they said there's nothing we can do for you right now. >> reporter: they tried the coast guard next. can anyone please help, a post on facebook. this is their home, on eight foot stilts. the water came rushing in and when it did, they revac waited to a neighbor's house and got on the roof and the coast guard picked them up. >> reporter: the coast guard spotted them from above. they hold on for a boat rescue and christy and the baby hoisted to a chopper. safe and smiling on the tarmac with the usgc save yars. >> great to see they are okay. rob, i want to show everyone
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this image from noah, showing how it acted as a fire hose, feeding moisture vit into the storms. so when does it end? >> extraordinary pictures there, showing the water vapor. and just how atmospheric that was. and directing the hose right at south carolina. basically got hurricane rain without the wind. now, today's water vapor shows you hurricane joaquin past bermuda, that's the good news. now it's spread out in north carolina and down in florida. so it's weakening. flood warnings on the rivers and on the coast will continue. this storm will weaken and push off to sea. drier weather coming tomorrow and it can't come soon enough here in charleston. >> rob marciano with us, thank you. we do move on to the tragedy on board an american air lyles
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plight from phoenix to boston. making an emergency landing. david kerley with the 911 call and the co-pilot who landed the jet in syracuse. >> reporter: surrounding that american airlines jet an ambulance and firetrucks. but paramedics were in action in the cockpit after this in flight radio call. >> syracuse, american 550 medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, request handling for runway, 1-0 landing. >> reporter: the first officer at the controls now solo on the phoenix to boston flight with 147 passengers. diverting to syracuse and word goes out to ground crews. >> pilot is unresponsive, not breathing. >> reporter: a flight attendant, also a nurse, tends to the pilot. they ask that medics board as soon as they get on the board. >> we need them to get to the captain. thank you. >> roger, sir. >> reporter: passengers saw the emergency crews but didn't realize what had happened. >> we thought he just wasn't
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feeling well, we had no idea he it was extremely shocking. >> reporter: this is absolutely the reason that we have two fully qualified pilots in the cockpit either one of them trained to the same standard. >> reporter: this is a rare occurrence. the faa tells us it's only happened eight times in the past david. >> david kerley, incredible work from that co-pilot and tough to hear about the pilot. we move on to the scare for passengers aboard an amtrak train today. traveling to washington, d.c., derailed in vermont. jumping the track, at least seven people injured. an amtrak worker among the injured and why officials believe what caused it and why more were not hurt. >> reporter: tonight, a miracle on the track. surp vooifing a derailment that could have been so much worse. you must have been thinking what is going on?
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>> i was so confused what happened. it felt like very bad airplane turbulence. luggage flew around. >> reporter: the train record reported i had hit a rock slide. bad news for amtrak, reeling for a major derailment in play outside philadelphia that killed eight and injured over 200. eight critically. vermont's governor glad the passengers are safe tonight. >> we are very, very lucky there is not loss of life. >> reporter: why aren't there more injuries? all of the trains in this accident were in tact. unlike the other derailments where the trains were crushed. most of the people sent to the hospital have been released, david. >> geo, thank you. to afghanistan where there is outrage on the deadly air strike on a doctors without borders hospital.
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inside, medical teams working amid the chaos after word. tonight, what the pentagon is saying and growing calling for an independent investigation. martha raddatz on this again tonight. >> reporter: there are so many unanswered questions about this attack. but this is what we know. last tuesday, with fierce fighting in the streets, doctors without borders reminds the u.s. and others of the grid coordinates for its hospital, which should then be marked a "restricted" zone for pilots in the area. but saturday, just after 2:00 a.m., the hospital says again and again. "there were flames all around me," said this survivor. "i saw patients and doctors burned to death." defense secretary ash carter said saturday the u.s. did launch air strikes after they came under fire in the area but
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today, the head of the us and coalition forces says it was really afghan troops who made the request. several civilians were accidentally struck. general campbell said he could provide no further detail about the investigation or why the pilot's fired. >> reporter: the important question is whether the restricted zone got to the pilots or anyone else coordinating the strikes, david. >> thank you so much, martha. back at home and an abc news exclusive. one of the survivors from the shooting in the community college in oregon. and her chilling account here. she played dead to survive in the room. >> when i closed my eyes and i was close to falling asleep, i can hear the gunshots. >> reporter: 18 year old anastasia boylan is haunted by
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that day when she was shot in the back by alleged gunman chris mercer inside her classroom. >> he sounded really deranged because he said he had been waiting to do that for a really long time and he laughed. >> reporter: he laughed? >> he laughed after, after he shot the teacher. >> reporter: she says he had a question for each of the students before he shot them. >> he asked us to get up one by one. he picked one student to live apparently to deliver a message. >> he said, the kid in the glasses, get up, i need to you do me a favor. today is your lucky day and hands him a business envelope. >> reporter: the gunman killed himself. the motive remains a historye's misry. >>. >> i will never take a moment for granted. >> reporter: neal karlinsky,
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now to the race for 2016. hillary clinton came out swinging today at the benghazi committee. and appearing on "saturday night live" over the weekend. here is sell celia veg on what she said there as well. >> reporter: on the trail in new hampshire today hillary clinton growing emotional talking about gun violence. >> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have tried to be the voices that we need to hear. >> reporter: clinton. unveiling her plan for stricter gun control calling for tougher background checks and increased liability for gun dealers and manufacturers. vowing to use executive authority if she has to. with her sagging polls in the
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granite state clinton now on the republican led benghazi committee investigating her private email server. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons, the death of four americans in benghazi. i knew the ambassador. i identified him. i asked him to go there. >> reporter: to turning up the charm offensive on "snl." >> hey, bartender. keem them coming. funny side not only wins a few laughs -- >> hi, i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name. i'm val. >> reporter: but also, a few votes. >> all anybody wants to talk about is donald trump. donald trump? >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like, you are all losers? >> and a change in tone. and gun control, drawing a line against bernie sanders. >> that's right. win it comes to the issue of gun
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on the left out here. >> all right, cecilia, thanks. there is still more ahead. and up next, an abc news investigation. a new warning for so many drivers out there. if you have a car with a kiless ignition switches. millions of the cars on american happies tonight and the hidden danger that can turn deadly. also the headline for one of america's most popular breakfast cereales. and tonight, faces sending out of the same message. why cecilia and i are wearing blue at the desk tonight and others are as well. we'll be right back. and the big milestones. and just like i'm there for her, pacific life is there to help protect me and my family so i can enjoy all life's moments. pacific life. helping families for over 145 years achieve long-term financial security with lifelong retirement income.
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maria? there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and choosing unitedhealthcare can help make it simpler with our 24/7 nurseline. if it's pinkeye, it could be contagious. oh. i know. unitedhealthcare next tonight here, an abc news investigation tonight, a potential danger involving 5 million kafrs with those key els ignition systems. investigators now linking a
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dozen deaths to carbon monoxide poising. here is linsey davis. >> reporter: police say rina and pasquale fontanini accidentally left their 2013 lincoln mks car running in their attached garage. it had a push button or keyless ignition. which does sound a warning if someone leaves the car with the fob while it's still running. officials say the carbon monoxide from the engine built up in the garage, seeped into the house and eventually killed the font neen nif fontininis. investigators have linked 12 deaths to carbon monoxide poisoning when owners accidentally left their cars running and walked away with their key fob. most cars have a beeping if you leave the car running. but it will the shut off after you leave it idling. david? >> thank you. with the holidays approaching, a magic number. which day this week to get the best deal, the best ticket price?
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who participated in the opdivo clinical trial. finally, there was a reason we put on our blue shirts today, the blue tie too. joining the effort across the country to fight bullying. today, monday october 5th, all over the world, a day of fight back against the bullies with help from the hit song "love myself." teachers in classrooms helping students all over this week. tweeting, with the #chosekindness and blue shirt
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with the singer haylee setting the scene. mirrors on the streets to see how many would stop and feel good about themselves. so many faces, so many voices joining the effort. >> i'm julien moore. >> i'm robin roberts. >> so many stories of bullying and break throughs. >> i was always picked on. i learned quickly that self-confidence can overcome anything. >> it's the message in the song right now. >> everyone one of us is unique. be kind, be daring, be awesome. be unafraid to be exactly who you are. >> fighting the bullies.
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