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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  July 15, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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but people are raving. we are talking about an incredibly dry air mass over us. >> tom was saying in all the years he's been here, he's never seen dew points as low as they are. 57 is the record low. we are watching a storm system moving over the sent ralt great lakes. that's going to change things. right now. it's 62 at the airport. we are going for a hive 84-87 today. thank you for joining us also dealing with a disabled
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vehicle. a couple things going on in the city. closures remain in effect. let's give you a live view of traffic in the white marsh area. not really any delays there. we are running smoothly this morning. back to you, good morning. >> a frederick count former coach is out of a job this morning. brad young and a co-worker were terminated after hosting a house party with alcohol and students present. jo brad young was the coach of the varsity soft ball team, fired along with coach
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cleveland. in june, they hosted a party for the team and parents. one parent brought beer to share with other parents. >> now they are fighting to help keep me as coach. >> the frederick county school board would not comment. coach young has filed an appeal and has a moating scheduled next month. >> a baltimore man is being held on $50,000 this morning charged with possessioning and distributing. after find photograph yick video for down load. invest gators wept to his home
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where they found dozens of videos and images. >> four people accused of killing a 1-year-old. both women have expressed they would like to represent themselves in court. his mother will be sentenced in august. >> a washington, d.c. woman accused of killing her four daughters says the girls were peaced by demons. their bodies were discovered when u.s. marshals came convict her. she told authorities they died in they are sleep. the oldest one was stabbed to death and the rest strangled.
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>> questions remain as to how the body of a d.c. councilman's aid showed up floating in the harbor. >> yesterday morning his body was discovered yesterday in the marina where authorities say his boat was docked jofment just be careful drinking and boating. drinking and anything impairs your judgment. we encourage people to come down and enjoy the harbor. we expect the medical scam inner to rule the death and accidental drowning jofment president barak obama will turn his attention to healthcare reform today. jo we have more on the details.
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>> if you change jobs, loose your job or start a new business, you still have healthcare. the cost will be paid for in part by a tax hike. president barak obama said that saves all americans long term. jo the best way to start
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bringing down is to pass the reform. >> republic cans say what is the rush. >> you get the impression that they are willing to pass anything as rapidly as they can. both sides know the democrats reform long shot gets longer in an election year. jo democrats want their plan passed in three weeks. >> that brings us to our warl question of the day. do you think congress will be able to beat the president's time table. send us your response to water culeath >> former illinois cop drew
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peterson will not stand trial any time soon. >> a look at traffic. we will get a closer look at your morning commute at traffic and weather
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>> good morning. absolutely a gorgeous night last night. clear skies and a dry air mass. things are going to change by tomorrow. you see a view little low level clouds 84-87 degrees. the high pressure moves off
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shore. tonight's forecast shouldy. drew peterson's murder trial has been post boned. he will next appear in court to look at the change of venue hearing. he has pleaded not guilty. >> a plane tossing a boo kay
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bouquet from a plane, the flowers accidentally hit the planed reuter. >> one airline carrier is offering some much needed way fy plane et quilt to keep you safer in the skies. >> a few problem this is morning to watch for. we'llup date you on those and closures in
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>> things pretty quiet. we are getting a bit of a break. a couple things to talk about this morning as we head out. nothing major. about a 5:00 ride on 895. looking very good north and southbound. we'll look at a live view of traffic. an easy ride toward the j.f.x.
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this morning. the latest with a look at buses and trains. >> on the 21 bus, we have a die version those die versions due to construction. light rail on time for the mta transit team, back to you. >> we hope you enjoy the weather, a high of 34 degrees. we tied a record low of 54 grows. a few little low level clouds
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approaching. keep your eyes on this strong level of clouds. the front will approach the mid-atlantic tonight and tomorrow. this will change the nice dry weather pattern. enjoy today while you can. 69 right now, 60 at the airport. 57 is the record low this morning. we'll see if we drop a couple more drees. only 49 degrees in york, pennsylvania. almost unheard of for july. it's hard to recall when we were in the 30's for a dew point. still very dry and much dryer than is typical for july. yesterday, we hit 84 and no precipitation. 57 which we may in fact drop to. 88 and 86 in south pennsylvania and south maryland, 83 in ocean
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city. partly cloudy skies with winds out of the east and south. we'll see a shourlly flow on the bay today itself. 102, the record high set back in 1995, the low should be 56 degrees. we are going to see an increase in the heat. a 40% chance of showers and
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storms. the front will stall out. for the weekend. a couple of disturbances along the front. a 30% chance of showers and storms. sunday looks nice and refreshing again. then below normal temperaturewise. jo truckers earn good money and can school can be completed in 3-6 weeks. to qualify, you must have a good medical record. >> air transpassengers are getting some coaching on internet dozz and don'ts on
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flights. air transis not the first hoy lies to interject the whole plane with internet connectivity. they suggest passengers keep their computer screens as private as possible. a look at that story and yesterday's business news. good morning. now bushing for tough ever measures. a propose of slapping fees for carrying on activities. we'll be following stories. now on to the markets.
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estimated retail sales boosted consumer shares. they are looking pretty positive here. air tran is now offering fares as low as $39. southwest offering tickets for as low as $49. other major airlines have matched these before. that's business news. >> at the new york stock exchange, reporting for bal tv 11 news. i don't know if you guys are have booked a vacation yet but $39 a flight is not too shabby.
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>> all right. we'll see you at 6:15. >> 57 degree this is morning. we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. adam jones playing in his first ever major league game plays a pivotal role. don't forget to email your answer. do you think congress will be able to meet the president's time table. send your we know why we're here. to stand behind all who serve. ♪
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to deliver the technologies... vital to freedom. ♪ to help carry hope to those in need. ♪ around the globe, the people of boeing... are working together -- for what matters most. that's why we're here. ♪
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13 years in a row a major league all-star game. president barak obama handling first pitch honors with his white sox jersey on. second ining. driving in two, ties at game at two.
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the fourth save in the all-star game as the a.l. take it four years in a row. hope your day is off to a fantastic start. >> the time is 5:25. >> at a frederick county high school soft ball party that's now landed two coaches without a job. details ahead. >> democrats in the house move forward on the healthcare bill. i'll show you some details coming up. >> we are tracking showers and storms. i'll break it down for you coming up. >> resurfacing scheduled to begin today. that will cause some delays into the only today but for a
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>> good morning, thank you for joining us. we have one more day of this beautiful weather. >> absolutely. we set a record low. we have the potential to do so. right now, we are sitting at 60. we are also taking a look at a frontal system moving through. 69 downtown, 60 at the airport. 84-87 today we have a disabled
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vehicle at white marsh. it may cause a bit of a problem. for now, volume is light enough that it is not. want to give you some early heads up. in advance of art scape, now we are not looking at any delays, looking at a nice view south of


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