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tv   Today  NBC  August 7, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ i'm yours open up your mind ♪ and we are back with more of "today" on this friday morning, august 7th, 2009. everybody, happy after jason mraz. a great mood. you've got the remedy for our summer blues because you've broken out a lot of smiles here. we're going to hear one more song a little bit later on. once again for jason mraz. >> yes! >> the band was great.
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>> and his band. his band working the moves. >> awesome. loved it. >> they're like a show band. >> the horn section. >> it's like the blues brothers are back. >> yeah. whoo! >> love it, i'm al roker along with natalie morales. lester holt. matt is back on monday. coming up, a healthy vacation from safety items to the things you should not even be thinking about in your hotel room. dr. raj is here with important dos and don'ts. >> now that paula abdul has walked away from "american idol," the greatest reality show now may be speculation about what she is going to do next and who, if anyone, will replace her? could there be a spot for victoria beckham? she was a former spice girl. very talented. very witty. funny. >> could be a good pick. also we flekting on a huge lost movie maker john hughes was the creative force behind some of america's most beloved and iconic movies. especially about being a teen in america from "the breakfast club" to "ferris bueller's day off" to "home alone."
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we'll take a look back at a storied career. he passed away on thursday, 59. just walking on the street here in manhattan. >> for the latest news now let's go inside and check in with ann curry. ann? >> all right, thanks a lot, al. good morning, once again, everybody. in the news today, this morning encouraging news about the economy. and a sign the recession may be easing. the nation's unemployment rate fell in july to 9.4%. a drop of 0.1% from the month before. the unemployment report is better than analysts had expected. and even so, the economy did lose 247,000 jobs in july. and almost 15 million americans are now still looking for work. one of the world's most wanted terrorists is believed to have died. both the u.s. and pakistan believe the taliban commander baitullah mehsud was killed by a u.s. drone missile strike earlier this week. mehsud was blamed for a string of suicide attacks, including last year's bombing of the marriott hotel in islamabad. and the 2007 assassination of
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former prime minister benazir bhutto. nato says the taliban air attack meantime in southern afghanistan has killed three british paratroopers. the soldiers' armored vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb on thursday and the explosion was followed by a firefight. rescuers carried babies and children to safety in the northern philippines, where typhoon rains caused an earthen dike to give way. at least ten people died including two french tourists when they were swept away in a car. car shoppers, meantime have until labor day to get a -- take advantage rather of the cash for clunkers rebate program. the senate approved a $2 billion extension on thursday. sonia sotomayor takes her oath on tomorrow to become the first hispanic and the only -- the third woman to serve on the u.s. supreme court. she won senate confirmation on thursday despite strong republican opposition. twitter says its service may be a little slow today on the online messaging site as it recovers from cyber sabotage.
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hackers shut down twitter for several hours on thursday. facebook had similar but less extensive problems. >> aerosmith's steven tyler is recovering from head, neck and shoulder injuries. he fell from the stage during a concert on wednesday in south dakota. oh. oh, goodness. police in oakland, california, are defending the decision to taser a fan not once, but three times at an oakland a's baseball game this week. officers say the 280-pound man was drunk, shouted profanities and resisted arrest. those are some of the top stories at four minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to lester. >> all right, ann, thanks very much. al roker standing by with the weather. he may do a number. >> i was watching the horn section here. what's your name? >> reggie watkins. >> fernando. >> charlie. >> and you guys got those -- show us a little -- the -- yeah. oh. whoo.
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yeah. i like it. choreography and you're playing at the same time. very impressive, gentlemen. let's check your weather, see what's going on, show you for today we're looking at some strong storms getting themselves together in the central plains. some wet weather down around florida. we've got some showers working their way into the great lakes, down around iowa, nebraska, they've got some strong storms. in fact, take a look. we've got a of strong storms stretching from the dakotas back into minnesota. parts of wisconsin, and the northwest corner of illinois. clouds in the pacific northwest. sunshine up and down the east coast. some rain in >> mostly sunny skies, high temperature range of 80 to 85 degrees. lower than normal humidity. for tomorrow, come back of the humidity. humidity.
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and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. now on to "today's health." and ways to keep everyone safe and sound on your vacation. before you pack your bags there are a couple of phone calls to make and some items to buy. medical editor of health magazine is here to tell us about those things along with a checklist when you check in. good morning, dr. raj, good to see you. >> you, too. >> we've got a lot to get to. when you're staying in a hotel don't leave the bed cover on the bed. >> no. you know they change the sheets every day but the bet cover they actually don't. >> ew. >> we don't know when they wash it. it's a great place for dust mites to hang out in. >> or rors. >> you should really take the bed cover off. >> good one for sure. next one is if you're in a hotel room or vacation rental you want to call ahead and make sure that you check whether or not the
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room is child or the house is childproof. >> exactly. if you have children, you want to call ahead. a lot of hotels will do the childproofing for you. but if they don't, you can just pick up some very simple items, electric plug outlet covers. >> a lot of us have these at homes. >> things for the cabinets, safety latches because you just don't want to have any accidents. when you're not at home you have to make it as safe as your home. >> and if you have a vacation rental you say to bring the carbon monoxide. >> absolutely. it's odorless, it's tasteless. you won't know if it's in the environment. if there's any fuel burning appliance, you should have a detector. some of the homes will have it. if not bring your own portable ones. >> homes that haelectric generators. >> next is wipe down the tv remote and phone when you get into your room. why is this so important? if you're a germophobe. >> you can imagine the amount of hands touching these appliances. you really need to wipe it down. because the cleaning staff isn't going to do that for you. it's a great place for germs in your own home. you've got to wipe it down.
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>> and safety, of course, is a must. so your checklist when traveling you say is to make sure that each floor has a sprinkler. >> right. >> is that required in all hotels? >> you think it would be. but some of the older hotels only have it in the lobby or a restaurant. don't even go to a hotel that doesn't have a sprinkler on every single floor. >> also, always good to know where the fire exits are. >> sure. they have those cards usually in the hotel room. look at it. have a fire safety plan for your whole family. make sure they know where to go if there is a fire. >> another checklist must, don't take the mini bar key when checking in. >> you may as well -- there's really nothing healthy in the mini bar. just leave it in the lobby. as an alternative, bring your own healthy snacks, fruit, nuts, trail mix. stuff you can just leave out and you'll save yourself cash and calories. >> a lot of cash because the mini bar is really expensive. next one, when you're staying in a vacation home, bring the carbon monoxide detector. what are some other things if you're in a vacation rental? >> especially with children you have to be careful if there's a
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swimming pool. make sure that there's a fence around the swimming pool. should be at least four feet high. there should be a lock on it because you never want a child to be there unattended. and you have to make sure if there's a water heater there, the temperature is often set very high, 140, 150 degrees. that can cause third degree burns in two seconds. so as soon as you get there turn the setting down to 120. >> all right. and all-important things that you should be doing as you check in to your hotel or into that vacation rental. >> the other thing, people who take a lot of medicines, also when we go on vacation we forget to pack those. make sure you do. you can call your doctor but they'd rather you remember. >> and bring that first aid kit with you, too. >> absolutely. >> you never know what boo-boo may come up. dr. raj, great information. >> thanks. >> still to come this morning, you've heard of antibiotics, but what are these so-called pro-biotics, do they really matt matter? can they make a difference? but up next, will it be a posh for paula switch on "american idol"? when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin.
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as rumors fly about where paula abdul might land now that she's leaving simon you coulding's side, speculation about "american idol's" replacement is swirling. nbc's lee cowan had a few ideas. >> reporter: she's now the wandering idol. out of her judge job, but not out of fame. >> it's overwhelming what's going on right now. i have to really carefully think about everything. >> reporter: tmd caught up with
9:14 am
paula abdul as she waived her post-idol option including a possible seat on the bench on "so you think you can dance." >> i didn't know they'd made me an offer. >> reporter: even in hollywood some say the reality tv market, she better take what she can get. >> she'd be lucky vust to have a job. and honestly i don't mean that as an insult. paula abdul was a huge star in 1988. not now. not just recently. in 1988. ♪ >> reporter: fox is moving full steam ahead. in fact, auditions for the first paula-less "idol" are set for this weekend in denver. and her seat, executives say, will be filled. the network already announced it's made room for some guest judges. not necessarily replacements for paula, but definitely some new blood. tops on the list, pop star katy perry who will be schmoozing with simon cowell during the early audition rounds.
9:15 am
♪ >> reporter: so will former spice girl victoria beckham. ♪ what do they bring that paula didn't? >> let me think. sex appeal. >> reporter: fox says both perry and beckham are one db offs. but the network does want something more permanent and is looking at some big names. perhaps people simon already has in the fold. >> there's already speculation that annie lennox or olivia newton-john or one of his clients may show up as guest judges or maybe even a permanent judge eventually. >> reporter: but fox admits without paula, next season's "idol" will have a different dynamic. the question is, how do you replace paula abdul? do you put another woman that's sort of out there and says crazy things? or do you replace her with a whole new person with a different outlook? >> reporter: fact is, the idol formula worked. and if you take paula at her word, simon cowell, at least, feels the loss.
9:16 am
>> he misses me already. >> reporter: no doubt paula is missing the paycheck. for "today," lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> peter castro is "people" magazine's deputy managing editor. good to see you. >> good morning. >> so who do you think this is going to hurt more, "american idol" or -- or -- or paula abdul? >> well, there are no winners here. but i think "american idol" is going to take a big hit. this is a woman -- "american idol" is a contest show. she made it a reality show. at "people" magazine the next day, after one of her loopy moments, we would all talk about oh, my god, did you hear what she said? and she made it interesting. "american idol" without paula abdul will become boring. >> i kind of look at it as your really good-looking, crazy aunt, who -- >> exactly. >> who you invite over and just don't know what's going to happen. >> and that's what made it so great. she brought surprise to "american idol." and i think it's going to be very interesting to see what it's going to be without her. >> so what about kara? what do you think this means for
9:17 am
her? >> for? >> kara dioguardi? >> well, you know, america hasn't really responded to her. and she is no paula abdul. >> it's kind of a lukewarm response. >> i think it's actually been worse than that. i think every poll i've read about, whether or not she even holds a candle to paula it's abundantly clear they don't like her nearly as much. what they're going to have to do is replace paula. how you do that, i don't know. there's talk about posh, you know, i've never seen this woman smile. she's -- she's like marble with, you know, wonderful clothes. so, how they're going to bring her in and, you know, replace paula is beyond me. >> all of this seems to resolve around money and hurt feelings. we read about simon's big deal, about ryan seacrest's big deal, and paula while fox saying she was offered a 30% raise, her folks thought, not enough. >> yes, i do think that if she does think that she's as important as simon, she's a little deluded. however, i can totally subscribe to the notion that she's every
9:18 am
bit as important as ryan seacrest. and i think, and our sources are telling us, that she was very disappointed and very hurt by the fact that the show didn't respond to her in the way that she did. she's making $2 million. ryan seacrest is pulling in $15 million that is a wide gap. >> in fairness they're saying it's part for "idol" and also other projects. >> but he's making $10 million straight for "idol." her point is, show me the love a little bit. >> what do you think is next for paula? >> "so you think you can dance" is coming a-courting. the thing is, going back to the thing about no winners. she's not going to make the money that "idol" is offering her. there's a lot of time between now and january -- >> do you think that the door is completely closed? >> it's not completely closed. i think "american idol" executives understand how important she is. there's a lot of time between now and then. and they may kiss and make up. >> i think you're right. i think january she's back on the show. >> i think so, too. >> that's my prediction. 6 course we know how good i am at predictions. now to turn the page here, the sad news yesterday.
9:19 am
>> yeah. >> the death of director john hughes suddenly, heart attack on the street of manhattan, 59 years old. what a loss. >> big loss. i mean there are very few people, not to get too lofty, j.d. salinger captured the angst of teenagers perhaps better than anyone. john hughes was a close second. i mean this is a guy that never talked down to teenagers. i mean there were a lot of teen movies like "porky's" that were mindless but funny. john hughes brought a poignancy to teen angst and i think a lot of people responded. >> a lot of his movies that he's not just directed but he also wrote and produced like "home alone" spoke to people. there are a lot of great directors, incredible directors, but was there anybody like john hughes who is so identified with a generation? >> i don't think so. thinking about that right before the segment, and i was trying to come up with names and i think nobody captured an era, a decade, as cogently as john hughes did. and i think that's, you know, that spoke to the tremendous success that he had. >> and he launched a whole
9:20 am
calfcalf calfal cade of stars with people who are still working. >> he was a hit-maker from the get-go. >> what do you think he's going to be remembered for most? >> i think that. not talking down to teenagers and creating a body of work that was special in that way. he made a lot of teen movies, but all of them were smart. all of them had heart. and i think, unlike a lot of filmmakers, his movies actually will gain importance with time. >> and he stepped away to spend time with his family. but do you also think that in a way the times had changed, and that we perhaps, as a society, don't -- didn't appreciate what this man did? >> no, i think we appreciated it. i think he stepped away because he finally, you know, i think, you know, i did it. i wanted to do this body of work. i did it. and now i'm going to enjoy life a little bit. and he was with the same woman for 39 years. >> how terrific is that. >> it's fantastic. and it's really, really sad. >> your favorite john hughes movie? >> ferris bueller.
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>> bueller! and one more thing, eric could you step over here really quickly? >> oh, no. >> in case you decide to rob a bank we have your twin brother here. >> thank you. >> it is amazing. >> okay. thanks. >> this is eric. >> i'll hit the southern banks, you hit the northern. >> okay. >> eric, thank you. go on camera, peter. take your mike with you. take your mike, peter. >> thank you very much. >> okay. eric you're expected at "people" magazine offices a little bit later. >> okay. let's do a close-up. >> i'm going home. >> you look like -- can you look like tricker hat? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm actually a mets fan so i'll never live this down. >> oh, we've got much more coming up. but these messages. (announcer) here at the new cottonelle institute of sensitive skincare, the world's top skin expert... here i am!
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still to come this morning, will adding pro-biatics to your diet really make a difference? we'll find out. >> plus jason mraz, after your local news and weather. fancy feast introduces an entirely new way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. new fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. ...all over again. (announcer) maybelline redefines plum.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. it is 9:26. a city police officer is recovering from injuries after being struck by a car in east baltimore. the officer was conducting a traffic stop when he was knocked to the ground by a corporate woman in the passenger's seat was dragged for nearly up blocked -- nearly as blocked as she was trying to get out of the vehicle. this morning, the reward leading to an arrest in dished killing -- in a killing is up to $200. you of information, call baltimore county police or metro crime stoppers. you can remain anonymous and might be eligible for the reward. let's look at the forecast
9:28 am
with sandra shaw. >>-85 degrees in baltimore. nice dome of high pressure extending its reach over the mid-atlantic. front well off to our south an hour east. warm front will push through our area tonight and into sunday. sunday, we will really feel the heat. hazy, hot, and humid. we will maintain that through monday. >> we will have another update at 9:55.
9:29 am
9:30 am
kate and i have decided to separate. >> i'm not very fond of the idea, personally. but i know it's necessary, because my goal is peace for the kids. >> and the boys over there? >> well, now that we know the fate of "jon and kate plus 8," the family is moving on, and kate gosselin is making the "today" show a stop on monday in an exclusive, live, interview, kate will break her silence for the first time since the split. she'll be speaking with meredith. be sure to tune in monday on
9:31 am
"today." meanwhile our gang's all here, sort of. ann had to leave a little bit early this morning on this friday. but still to come, talking about probiot probiotics. they're on the grocery shelves. everything is supplemented with probiotics. the question is do they really work? what exactly are they? and are they necessary? should you add them to your diet? we're going to get the bottom line on that. >> i started with amateur biotics. and then will move on to probiotics. speaking of easing. we're going to ease you into your summer weekend. we're going to get one more song from jason mraz, he's got a whole new attitude toward life. and speaking about whole new altitude, jenna and lester. >> we're here. >> we've got pretty much the same old attitude. but a different show every weekend. >> you want to hear about it? >> absolutely. >> if your kids are heading off to college, we'll bring you expert advice on keeping your kids out of a financial disaster, keeping tabs on them from afar, and perhaps even more important, we'll tell you how to cope with empty nest syndrome.
9:32 am
something i know all about. >> plus the historic hotel that had some professional baseball players running scared. so is it really haunted? i checked in and spent the night there to find out. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> all of that. >> you sleeping. >> and we've got -- yeah, that was. and chills of another kind. we'll bring you the scoop on our ice cream test all this weekend on "today." >> you know what, there isn't anybody who doesn't look better in that night vision scope. >> yes. >> everybody -- >> i didn't even recognize myself. i'm like what are you guys talking about. oh, that's you. >> whoo-ee. >> eight hours. >> let's check your weather. see what's going on. we'll show you our weekend. we've got some rain in the pacific northwest, the plains, sizzling in the southwest. strong storms around the central plains into the great lakes. then sunday -- sunday! -- more storms working their way into western new york.
9:33 am
rain in new england. storms into the central plains. sunny and hot mid-atlantic states into the gulf coast. >> abundant sunshine today, lower than normal humidity. high of about 85 degrees on the chesapeake bay. chesapeake bay. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up next to probiotics >> al, thank you. coming up next to probiotics really matter? get inat? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount!
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this morning on "eat smart today" the pros of probiotics. we've seen the ads and probably heard the buzz word. but what exactly is it? natalie fernstrom is here today. good morning, natalie. probiotics what exactly are they and are they necessary? >> first thing is our bodies are filled with bacteria.
9:38 am
>> healthy. >> healthy bacteria and bad bacteria. and the idea of probiotics, they're healthy bacteria. they're good bacteria. and when you think of how the body works it's a balance of good and bad bacteria. and when you have probiotics, these healthy bacteria, either in foods or supplements, you help to support good health by keeping that balance even. and it's helpful for digestion, for absorption of nutrients. >> are there any cons to probiotics? >> there really aren't a lot of problems. if you're going to get them in foods or a supplement you want the good bacteria. but you don't want to overdo that at all. if you do have a compromised immune system or a lot of digestive problems and take medicine for that you'll want to talk to your doctor first. but for the vast majority of people, adults and children over 3, probiotics can be a good addition to your diet. >> how do they work in the system? >> you consume them. and then your digestive tract, these healthy bacteria help the balance of good and bad. because you're always thinking you're going to digest and absorb food, healthy bacteria helps to digest, to absorb, to
9:39 am
make things pass through easier. and they also help to combat the bad bacteria that may not make you sing but are always in your digestive tract. >> there are a lot of claims out there. do they really work then, in that way? >> with probiotics there are way too many claims. and the jury is still out on a lot of different things. but what it can do is really help with a lot of common stomach problems like gas and bloating, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel. these kinds of things that we don't talk about often but really are present. there are a lot of claims for immune response and immune function, and different things that the jury really is still out. but it's an area of active study, because it does so much. but for the most part, stomach problems and also things like urinary tract infects or yeast infections, sometimes skin rashes like eczema can be helped. and you know, the exact mechanism isn't really known. but, you know, this can only be a good thing for most people. >> okay. now there are a lot of products on the grocery shelves nowadays that have the probiotics in
9:40 am
them. ack activia yogurt. why add the benefit of probiotic? >> such a good question. there's a little confusion. yogurt naturally has bacteria cultures. when you add it, you're adding more live cultures, more active cultures of a different variety. there's not one kind of healthy bacteria. there's hundreds and hundreds of good bacteria. so the more good bacteria in the different varieties that you have, the more actions you'll have. >> what should you look for? you see a lot of times like active acidofhilis. or bifidus regularus. >> any yogurt is going to be good. when you have more added, a lot of times, the taste is not good for people. european yogurt is often like that. >> i like that. the tangier the better. >> exactly. that's why these probiotics are for you. if you don't like the tangy taste, a yogurt is going to be fine. but you want to look for live
9:41 am
active culture. added things in. it's fine. if you want -- >> you mention -- for kids, too, i mean this starting at the age of 3, it's a good idea maybe to introduce this to their systems. >> live probiotics. it's sort of a liquid yogurt. it's drinkable yogurt. it's really a great thing for kids. also give you some calcium and protein in addition to these probiotics. >> what about you've got some bars here. >> people don't like dairy, just can't take all of that, there are a couple of different products. one is these little bars called attune that have five times the probiotics that are contained in the yogurt. it's good if you can use the calories, not a problem. you don't need it but it's a good source of probiotics. sometimes as wacky as it sounds they're added to cereals. >> they're fortifiefortified. >> and where is this coming from? that how can this be -- we're connected to yogurt. you're just kind of freeze dried and then when they get into your digestive track, when they have more water added to that they come alive again and they can be
9:42 am
just as effective. >> you really can't get the probiotic except in yogurt in a natural food? >> well, sort of foods that most people will have. sf fermented things like sauerkraut, these are not things people are going to look for as a source of food. >> good idea to supplement with things that have them fortified. >> exactly. >> and you know what happens is oftentimes doctors are prescribing probiotics, if you're taking antibiotics. my son just had an ear infection and they gave him a little thing of florastor which helps restore the good bacteria. >> the doctor is doing these because these are over-the-counter products. when you take an antibiotic it's going to be killing off all the bacteria in your body, both good and bad. that's where you get a lot of problems of stomach and digestive problems. diarrhea. it's really uncomfortable for kids and adults. if you supplement the good bacteria they can help to aleve those symptoms. whether it's food or a dietary supplement. >> what about these supplements. there are a variety of these in
9:43 am
the market now. and -- even better than the others? >> they're all about the same. you read them, you know. 10 million bacteria. 20 million. it doesn't really matter. you want to look for a mixture of different bacteria. you'll see different names. that's a good thing. take them as directed. one or two, and check with your doctor not to overdo it. because you do want to support good health but you don't want to overdo anything. >> what can happen if you do overdo it? >> sometimes you get sort of the effect you're trying to block. stomach bloating or a low gas if there's a little too much activity there. but it's going to be a win-win for most people. >> ooh that could be a day all right. >> natalie fernstrom, thank you very much. and to get more of her great information head to our website, and visit our ivillage community. coming up next, we've got one more song from jason mraz right after this. (announcer) for many with arthritis pain,
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9:48 am
♪ wake up everyone how can you sleep at a time like this ♪ ♪ unless a dreamer is a real you ♪ ♪ listen to your voice the one that tells you the taste on the tip of your tongue ♪ ♪ i don't want to wake before the dream is over ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make up my mind it's time i know it ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make it mine yes i'll make it all mine ♪ ♪ are you awake new york city ♪ i keep my life on a heavy rotation requesting that it's lifting you up up up and away ♪ ♪ and over to a table at the gratitude cafe ♪ ♪ and i am finally there 
9:49 am
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still to come the glamour dos and don'ts for women on the run. wait until you check out the before and afters of two women our glamour girls tracked down at grand central station. >> plus birthday surprises in store for hoda from kathie lee that involve krazy glue and explosives. you can only imagine what she's got. but first your local news and weather.
9:54 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning.
9:55 am
i am mindy basara. animal control officials are investigating a perfect case of animal abuse could be one to wonder that this story in the video may be -- a horc case of animal abuse. we want to warn you that this store in the video may be disturbing. it was not until a week later that the injured cat was able to be located and treated by veterinarians at that rescue shelter. >> she is a very strong a kitten and had the will to live and make it through. >> the cats are so vulnerable because there are so many out on the street. four cassette and tortured and killed. >> a rescue group will take over the kitchen's care this morning. she is currently on painkillers. the director has high hopes that she will recover as long as she
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> now let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> nicest day of the week with his sunny skies, the war than a normal humidity, temperature degrange -- or the normal humidity. 64 to 67. winds shifting to the southwest.
9:58 am
the southerly flow will bring in more heat and humidity. we will really feel the heat and humidity as they want to get through on saturday night. >> we will see you back here for a 11 news at noon.
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