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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a monday morning. it's already the 10th day of august, 2009. summer flying by. just to let us know it is summer, "today's" going to be a real steamer in the northeast. temperatures into the upper 90s. misery index about 100 degrees. but they're smiling. look at these people. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with jenna wolfe. since natalie's on vacation, we have lx tv's sara gore.
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thanks for being here. >> i'm so glad to be here. >> this team does not go out together very often. >> cool. >> thank you. >> coming up, more on this terrible story that happened on the taconic parkway here in new york, a mother driving the wrong way in her minivan down that road, apparently after drinking and smoking pot. her daughter was killed in the crash, she was killed in the crash, her three young nieces were killed when she then hit an suv, a father and son were killed in that car along with a family friend. members of the bastardi family will join us this morning, find out how they heard about the crash and some of the developments they're going to talk about since they got that terrible news. then we'll switch gears. you ever say i put on some weight, i have a slow metabolism, or i'm okay, i have a quick metabolism? there are some myths and truths. jillian michaels will be here to answer some of our questions
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about metabolism. and they arary saying that middle age isn't what it used to be. we'll have secrets on living a happier and healthier live from your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. >> 51 would be right in the heart of middle age? >> yeah. >> good. ann's got a look at the headlines. good morning, everybody. we have a news development that's just breaking. officials in pennsylvania say the gunman who killed three women and wounded nine at a pittsburgh health club last tuesday had been in police hands just one week earlier. allegheny police say they detained, search and questioned george sodini after a bus passenger reported seeing a man with a grenade. but officials say that sodini was released when the witness him. a wave of bombings today in iraq claims at least 45 lives and left more than 170 people wounded. the worst attack, a double truck
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bombing, was aimed at shiite civilians near the city of mosul which the u.s. calls the last strong hold of al qaeda in iraq. other bombs targeted construction workers in baghdad. flooding and landslides triggered by a typhoon killed at least 12 people today in western japan. on china's east coast, a separate storm forced at least 1 million people to seek higher ground. earlier that storm dropped record amounts of rain on taiwan claiming at least 14 lives. bringing down a six-story hotel just minutes after it was evacuated. air traffic over the hudson river's getting a critical look today after saturday's mid-air collision between a new york tourist helicopter and a small plane. nine people were killed. there were no survivors. the crash happened in clear skies in a flight corridor where low-flying aircraft are largely unregulated. president obama wraps up his first north american summit today meeting in guadalajara with the leaders of mexico and
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canada to discuss trade, illegal drugs and how to fight the expected swine flu resurgence this fall without ham terring travel. a lundberg survey says gas prices are up 16 cents a gallon in the last two weeks. aaa says the average for a gallon is $2.65, still $1.20 less than last year. gm has more than 200 gm dealers will sell used cars on ebay. consumers can haggle over prices. that's starting tomorrow. "g.i. joe" took command at the box office over the weekend. taking in more than $56 million. "julie and julia" was second and "g-force" was third. four minutes past. back outside to matt and jenna and sara. >> ann, thank you. al one came, al took off, you came, al took off. >> i think there's something --
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>> let's hear from al's partner in crime with a look at the forecast. >> we actually have some people from alaska here. are these 70s considered hot for you guys? >> very hot, yes. >> what is the summertime temperature in alaska? >> a high would be an average of like 57 maybe. >> that is ridiculous! all right, sorry it's so hot here. we'll get from the 49th to the 50th state to hawaii where you have a tropical storm. felicia's headed right toward the islands. right now it is moving toward the west at 14 miles an hour. it will bring well needed rain to the island chain over the next couple of days, which is very good news. the rest of the >> heat advisory until 8:00 tonight. surging to a high of 96 degrees in central maryland. these are dangerous categories, especially when you factor
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now to the latest on that tragic wrong-way crash here in new york. guy and michael bastardi were among the eight people killed two weeks ago when a mother driving her minivan in the wrong direction on a highway slammed into the bastardi's suv. in a moment, we'll hear exclusively from members of the bastardi family. but first nbc's anne thompson has more on this story. good morning. >> good morning. police say before the wreck, 36-year-old diane schuler was both drunk and high. but her husband refuses to believe that. insisting something else caused the accident. was 36-year-old mother diane schuler hiding a secret addiction?
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>> gi to bed every night knowing. my heart is clear. >> reporter: daniel schuler says no way. he insists his wife was stone cold sober before she drove on new york's taconic parkway in the wrong direction. >> she's not an alcoholic. something medically had to have happened. >> reporter: toxicology results tell another story. >> diane schuler had a blood alcohol content of .19%. the legal limit for intoxication in new york state is .08%. >> reporter: that's the equivalent of ten shots of vodka. >> around that level of alcohol you also start to get what's called tunnel vision where your perception is changed. >> reporter: police discovered a broken absolut bottle in your mini van and test results showed she was high, too, after apparently mixing booze and marijuana. >> this is not a woman who would jeopardize five children. >> reporter: but the pieces seem ily don't add up. schuler was heading home to long island from a family camping trip late last month. driving a minivan filled with
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young children. two of her own and three nieces. they left around 9:30 a.m., stopping at mcdonald's about an hour later, and then that part's a mystery. a few hours later at 1:02 p.m. schuler called her brother and said she felt disoriented. shortly thereafter, though, she got on the highway anyway and drove nearly two miles in the wrong direction before slamming head-on into another vehicle. a horrific tragedy leaving a string of deaths, schuler herself, four of the young kids in her van. in the other car, guy bastardi, known as the santa claus to his family. his father, michael, a doting grandfather of ten, and a close family friend. their car was hit as they headed to a weekly event, a family pasta dinner. diane schuler's 5-year-old son brian was the only person in her minivan who survived and he is
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still recovering from the accident. >> ann, thanks for reporting on this story. earlier this morning, matt sat down with the sisters roseann guzzo and margaret who lost both their brother guy and their father michael bastardi in this crash. also with them was their lawyer and matt started by asking how the family heard about this accident. >> well, i was waiting for my father and my brother to come to my house for dinner. i kept calling my sister because they're always on time. they're always on time. >> the sun night traditional pasta dinner. >> right. i kept calling margie, we kept calling their cell phone. we didn't know where they were. >> my brother, a tow truck driver came in and said call your mom, it looks like your uncle's car. >> they had been in an accident. >> right. so he called me and i called my sister and my brother-in-law saw the car on tv. he said it looked like my
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brother's car. we started calling the hospitals and everything. and from us calling the houses, the state police had gone into my dad's house, saw my number on the caller i.d. and he called my house. that's how we found out. >> initially this story made headlines because of the sheer loss of life, the tragedy of this. and then more headlines after that, that test results had shown that the woman driving this car diane schuler had twice the legal limit of alcohol in her blood and apparently was high as well. can you just give me a sense of your response when that element of this story surfaced? >> we were -- it was almost like we were getting the news for the first time. if you think of an accident, you may say, well, you know, this was an accident. but after hearing that, it didn't have to happen. we were very angry and upset. i mean this didn't have to happen. you know? she had a choice and she made a choice and this is what happens
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when you drink and you do drugs and you get behind the wheel of a car. >> yet her husband says she was perfect, that she was a great wife and mother, that she would have never done this. how do you respond to that? how do those two statements -- or that statement, how does it koes correspond to what you've now learned? >> you know what? i don't believe everything we hear from the schuler family. when he says about his heart is clear? my heart is broken at night. okay? i lost my father and my brother. my family is devastated by this. but i feel like if he's going to -- he's in denial. because somehow somewhere along the line you have to know somebody can drink like that. my sister and i can't drink like that. >> it was revealed that daniel schuler himself had been arrested for dwi back in 1995 after being seen driving erratically. you would think they would be even more vigilant or more aware of the dangers. >> right. we just still can't believe that
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she could get into the car with the kids. >> your dad was the rock of the family. i know that's how he's been described. your brother, guy, the santa claus, did kind things for a lot of people. i know you've been receiving condolences from all around the country. >> yes. especially people who they lost their loved ones through the same kind of tragedy, somebody who was drinking and driving. i'm amazed. you hear about it, but until you go through it, you know, it really is something that i hope that they come up with new rules or new guidelines or something. for moms, if they're going to drink or think about you're going in the car with your children. >> that again was matt with the bastardi family, as well as with their attorney. we'll be right back after these messages. beautiful... on the inside. my inner-workings a work of art.
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this morning on "today's woman," booster your metabolism. how many times have you blamed your weight on your sluggish metabolism? is it possible to give it a kick-start? jillian michael, best-selling author of "master your metabolism" as well as the strength coach on nbc's the biggest loser. this has been on the best selling list for 17 weeks. why is everyone so concerned with metabolism? >> because we as women think that we're either cursed or blessed by the genetic gods. i've been slow metabolism, there's nothing i can do. the new scientific information out there we know that's not the case. that by eating right and living
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a healthy lifestyle you can reboot your metabolism and fight aging and boost immunity. you can change your genetics. >> we want to blame it on someone. it is not our fault, we just have a slow metabolism. >> exactly. >> if you're okay sticking around for a couple of minutes, we're going to send questions your way. this is a skype question. what's your question for jillian? >> well, be what are the causeses of low metabolism and is there any natural way -- >> okay, there are absolutely natural ways to speed up your metabolism. one of the things you want to do is cut out processed foods, eat real food. very simple, vebgetables, fruit, whole grains, avoid processed foods, get your sleep, make sure
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you work out. >> try to do it naturally. >> absolutely. >> next up, monica from houston. monica, let's see ha monica has tos monica has to say. >> i was wonder forge your metabolism to use artificial sweeteners or real sugar? do you have any healthy tips or safe alternatives? >> what is the deal with artificial sweeteners. are they really that good for you? are they cutting calories that you're going to get if you don't use real sugar? >> let's keep this on a positive note. always go natural. a teaspoon of sugar has 14 calories. don't exceed 12 to 15 teaspoons a day. like 150 calories of sugar. it is really nothing. at the end of the day though, there are non-toxic low-calorie sweetene
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sweeteners, plant derivative, low calorie, gllow glycemic impact. >> you're better off using the regular sugar if those are your only choices. >> that's the take-away on that one. >> next up, a phone call from nicole. what's your question? >> hi, jillian. i feel like my hunger hormones are out of control and that's what interferes with my weight. what are some effective ways to control my hunger? >> is there such a thing as a hunger hormone? >> without question. your hunger hormones tell you when you're full, they tell you when to eat, they tell you how to store fat. this is so funny because i just created a product to naturally help you balance your hunger hormon hormones. it is called maximum calorie control. it's going in stores this week. take-away would be, get plenty of vitamin c because the stress hormone packs fat around your belly. get plenty of zinc, that creates a hormone that makes you feel full and it helps you stop eating and then eat a lot of
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fibrous foods because they inhibit a hormone which increases appetite. >> what about how often you eat it? that plays into it as well. >> the key is every four hours. no small levels throughout the day. that keeps your insulin up. breakfast, lunch, dinner, that's it. don't mess around. >> last one, an e-mail by janet. little rock, arkansas. janet wants to know, i've damaged my metabolism with years of yo-yo dieting and a poor dift soda and processed foods. is there any hope in restoring my metabolism or is it too late? >> it's never too late. it's never too late but it might take a little while to get your body functioning optimally. cut out processed foods, cut out diet soda. go back to integrated approach. all the tips we talked about
9:21 am
earlier. get eight hours of sleep. make sure you're taking time to enjoy your life because it inhibits those stress hormones that make you gain weight. smell the roses, play with your kids, get some down time. and exercise. exercise boosts fat-burning hormones, lower body weights. squats, dead lifts. >> another question from skype. nellie, what's your question? >> hey, jillian. i was wondering what are the best exercises to boost your metabolism? >> okay. women constantly are afraid to lift weights. so cardio isn't going to boost your metabolism like weight training will. weight training has something called afterburn which means long after you finished your workout your body will be burning more calories because of the fat burning hormones weight training releases. hit the lower body hard. lower body weight more fat burning hormone. >> it is a big misconception, people think jump on a treadmill for an hour and a half and
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you'll boost your metabolism. you say weight training. >> absolutely. >> jillian michaels, thank you. if you have more questions for jillian, head to still to come, the mom who couldn't stop putting on the pounds after the kids were born. she lost 101 of them. find out how. but first, these messages. my name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way.
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this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. police in south baltimore questioning a pair of men in connection with the murder over the weekend officers are right on the scene at the 600 block of cherry hill road around 9:00 last night to find the unidentified victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police say they have two men in custody but have not identified or charge to them. police are looking for a gun and the responsible for shooting that wounded a man just after midnight. the man was hit in the legs and abdomen. he is listed in critical condition. >> it is going to be a true artist a dog day today. it could be the hottest day of the year. mostly sunny skies, light winds out of the west. we are so hot because of this
9:28 am
well-developed ridge of high pressure not only in our neck of the woods, but all the way down the east coast. in new york, they are expecting a high of 95 degrees. there is a heat advisory in effect today until 8:00 tonight. it goes into effect at noon, simply because the real temperatures and heat index with the humidity will feel anywhere from 100 to 105 in central maryland. 40% chance of late day showers as the weak front gets through here. mid-80s by thursday and friday. >> we will have another update at 9:55.
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she feels very fortunate that she's had an incredible life and she's been given so many blessings. >> the voice of alanna stewart talking about her best friend, farrah fawcett. she helped the iconic actress document her valiant battle with cancer. she'll be joining us tomorrow live here on "today" to talk about the best friend that she lost. meanwhile inside studio 1a, i'm ann curry. here with jenna wolfe and lxtv's
9:31 am
sara gore is joining us because al and natalie are off today. we also have stephanie abrams here as well in for al. coming up in the next half-hour, michael jackson died the same day as farrah fawcett. we'll talk about the latest surrounding jackson's children. >> the godfather of michael jackson's three kids now claims to be the biological father of one of them. we'll find out why he's coming forward now and what the jackson camp is saying about everything. on a much lighter news, good news about growing older, about being middle aged. there are five things "prevention" magazine says we can do, mostly eat, to help feed our eyes, ears, heart and bones to stay strong and actually probably look younger because we feel younger. all about that. also ahead, this may not be on that list, but as a once in a while indulgence, the 21 burger from the same 21 subhere in new york city is a delicious treat.
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we'll have a chef in to reveal the secret so can you make it at home in your own backyard. did you see the size of that thing? >> it could feed all four of us. but i've had the 21 burger. >> they're tasty. >> darn tasty. a good burger once in a while. we should probably be paying attention to the weather on a daily basis. >> very hot from the mid-atlantic all the way into the northeast. talking about heat indices above 100 degrees. that's what it is going to feel like outside. also the threat for severe weather from pennsylvania, stretching back into the southern plains. how about as we look at the forecast, as we make our way >> sunny and hot today. heat advisory goes into effect at noon. 92 to market a slight chance of
9:33 am
>> of course the other big story is felicia. going to be making landfall in hawaii. >> tonight or tomorrow morning. >> beneficial rain. coming up we'll be talking about michael jackson's biological children specifically about paris. who's her father? about paris. who's her father? we'll find out right after this. y it comes from liberty medical. and now, it's not only where i get my diabetes testing supplies - but it's where i get my prescription drugs as well. see if you're on medicare, the cost of your diabetes testing supplies as well as your prescription drugs may be covered. liberty takes care of all the paperwork with medicare and sends the prescription forms directly to your doctor for approval.
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9:37 am
service? >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: but now former child actor mark lester, dfather of jackson's three children, says he could be paris' biological father. he spoke to the british tabloid "news of the world." >> paris has blue eyes and pale complexion, high cheek bones. it's been commented many times how similar harriett and paris are. >> reporter: lester who says he's consulting with lawyers maintains he has concerns about the well being of all of michael's children. >> i dearly want to remain in contact with those kids and i feel now this is the only way that i can ensure that. >> reporter: last week a judge awarded custody of the children to michael's mother katherine but not before a surprise appearance by the lawyer for jackson's dermatologist arnie klein. klein, who's been rumored to be the biological of michael's two oldest children, says he wants to be consulted about their health and education. last week michael's brother
9:38 am
jermaine disputed the rumors. >> you can look at the kids and tell that they arary michael's kids. >> none of the people that i'm aware of have any legal standing to assert any kind of claim of being a parent of these children, neither alleged surrogate mothers, nor sperm donor fathers. >> reporter: questions about the paternity of jackson's children comes as his estate rushes to close business deals that would generate millions. the state is valued at between $500 million and $2 billion but it is estimated that because of jackson's lavish lifestyle he died deeply in debt. last week, a judge green-lighted the sale of jermaine's rendition of "smile" on itunes and cleared the way for a batch of deals that will fill store shelves with michael jackson merchandise. >> that was nbc's george lewis. next, how to turn middle age to prime time. right after this. don't you eat activia?
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because adding almonds would be a plus. we'd be better off with less sugar. we traded milk chocolate... for the delicious taste of dark chocolate. also a plus. then we added 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants, vitamin e, and zinc. ♪ fiberplus bars from kellogg. fiberplus so much more. how would you like to live middle age to the max? it is not that difficult to stay youthful, healthy and vibrant if you follow some key tricks of the trade, or so says courtney smith. the executive editor of "prevention" magazine. she's here with five ways to maximize life's middle years. courtney, good morning. one of the things you say there are five aspects of middle age to pay attention to -- heart, vision, hearing, bones and balance and environment.
9:43 am
specifically you talk about our hearts. what's the new medical evidence telling us about how we should take care of our hearts? not just talking about cholesterol. >> it used to be worry about cholesterol but now you also want to ask your doctor if you are a candidate for a heart scan. a surprising number of heart attack victims actually have normal cholesterol. a heart scan measures calcium deposits which is another measure of damage and it may tell your doctor things other tests can't and tell your doctor, hey, we immediate to be more aggressive with lifestyle and medication. >> my doctor showed me this videotape. you can see your arteries on that videotape. that can influence your decision in terms of what to eat, how to eat, how often to eat so you can have a healthy heart. also you say there is new medical evidence that teaches something about how we should take care of our eyes. how can we help ourselves? >> it seems that certain nutrients are important for preventing or slowing the loss of vision with age-related
9:44 am
macular degeneration and problems like cataracts and glauco glaucoma. make sure you get your fill of vitamin c, e, beta carotene and zinc. women who take supplements with these slow the loss of vision due to age-related macular degeneration. we recommend food first. reach for citrus fruit like oranges for vitamin c, nuts for vitamin e, shell fish for zinc. >> are you saying if we have more of those vitamins we'll less likely to need reading glasses? >> you're less likely to suffer from age related macular degeneration. very serious eye diseases. >> you may still have to have reading glasses. >> yes. but that affects a third of all people so it is important to get your fill of those nutrients and a standard multi can help as well and vigorous exercise can also help reduce risk of these problems. >> there are some things you can also eat for your hearing? >> yes. in this case it is vegetables
9:45 am
that are important. we think it is loud sounds that damage those inner hairs in our ear, but we now know it is free radicals which unfortunately just accumulate as we age. those are toxic to the hairs as well and antioxidants from vegetables and also a standard multi-vitamin, those neutralize free radicals and can actually improve hearing loss at all frequencies. >> when you talk about the -- are we talking about free radicals that are just kind of in the air? >> no. free radicals come about from your cells aging, they're inside your system. taking in antioxidants, basing your meals around fruits and vegetables and as many colors as you can, because the wider variety of colors, the wider variety of antioxidants. >> sturdy bones and balance. i would recommend yoga but that's a big one. the older you get the less flexible you are. >> it's true. yoga, tai chi and dance also. those are all excellent for building strength and
9:46 am
flexibility and balance to prevent the falls. you know you need calcium but you also need to get protein. that's why dairy products are so important, because they give you the whole suite of nutrients for stronger bones. >> i love the idea that we should just dance more. >> yeah. because it is fun, vigorous exercise for your eyes, it is something you can do to other people so you connect with others. >> the fifth point which is very important, we talk about friendships. friendships are not an option in your view to having a healthy longer life. they are a requirement. >> they are. they are a necessity. one swedish study found in terms of preventing heart attacks, friendships are second only to not smoking. that is how powerful feeling connected to other people is for our health. women who have breast cancer are more likely to die if they don't have close friends than if they have ten or more close friends. you're correct that these are the most -- these are the best years of our lives in mid life where we feel younger, we look younger and this is the chance to get back.
9:47 am
the kids are often out of school and we have more time for ourselves. so it is time to reconnect. >> how do you do that though? i really think if you look at the rise in social media, it really indicates that so many people are so lonely and so what would be your recommendation in terms of how to get started, in terms of now that the kids are leaving the house, really fill your life with good friends? >> one recommendation is think of something you've always wanted to do, like take a dance class. invite some friends to go with you because it gives you the courage to try new things. don't hold back on things you've been wanting to do, like join that book club. friends make us happy. having one happy friend scientists show not only make me happier, it makes my own network happier. give yourself permission to say i am going to join the book club, go out to dinner, take time to do things that make me happy with peal people who make me happy and you'll grow old naturally. >> you'll find friends doing things you want to do as well.
9:48 am
be a friend, have a friend. courtney smith, a friend to us all, with some good advice. we'll be right back with the 21 burger. but first this is "today" "
9:49 am
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this morning in "today's kitchen," a recipe for the world famous 21 burger with the $30 price tag. it is not your average burger. executive chef of the 21 pub is here to share with us the secret to making this burger at home. why is this such a special burger? >> the burger's been around for a number of years but this has probably been around for five years. what's important is the meat we use. top ground, chuck, dry-aged 21-day dry aged beef. this is what you would eat --
9:51 am
this is corn-fed. this is going to give the burger all its flavor, make it special. let's add that to the bowl. you're going to get dirty here. >> okay. >> we've got f"my big fat greek wedding" -- fat from our top ground that we've saved. duck fat. >> duck fat makes everything juicy. >> you can go with bacon fat if you want to. >> let's do onion. you need onion in a burger. we'll get into our seasonings. we've got fresh thyme. season with salt. keep mixing. >> i'm slacking off. >> you're working now. black pepper. >> this is our spice blend. we do a spice blend, basically a pickling spice, mustard sends,
9:52 am
fennel seeds, pickling spice. you've had burgers with pickles? >> yes, i love pickles on my burgers. >> you can use a little bit of egg. not too much. just to help bind it up a little bit. you don't need to add the egg if you don't want to. we would mix all this up. this would go into a grinder. you must grind it fresh because we want all the spices, fat, onion all get minced together. our next step, the browned portion -- ground portion. buy a hand grounder. $40. you'll have a better quality meat. now we've got our ground beef here, burger blend. make a meatball the size of a baseball. >> with meatballs you don't want to overwork it. >> you're not because the grinder did all the work. get it tight. we'll put it in an old pie tin. >> looks like what i got with my betty crocker cookbook. >> it is almost the same size.
9:53 am
line this with plastic to help keep each burger the same size and also key them individually wrapped so now refrigerate those -- >> when you get this out it is like a hockey puck. >> so it is easier to deal with on the grill. brush a little flavored oil here. flavor with thyme. >> look how perfect that is. >> this takes eight to ten minutes per side. that's what we have here. >> that one's done. >> switch them out. what we normally serve ours with is a little bit of sauteed onion with some paprika,ov-dried tomatoes -- >> now you're trying to add the vegetables! we're talking about heart disease. >> she's up in arms over this. >> you have to add the 21 sauce,
9:54 am
spicy mustard blend with ketchup, gives it a little kick. >> thank you so much. i have to go to the 21 pub and have one. >> still to come, lisa kudrow. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. we are learning more about the
9:55 am
victims killed in the plane crash in carroll county. the plane went down around 7:30 saturday morning in a field a quarter mile from the keymar airport. the victims were from davidsonville and edgewater. the airport owner told reporters that one of the victims flu on the air strip two or three times a week. officials say that the cool summer so far have made crops of vulnerable to fund this damage. chemists have been monitoring the prince and find increased levels of they fungus. officials say could affect the economy. the backups can used to feed
9:56 am
9:57 am
♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> now let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> he to advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 tonight. 10 degrees above what is normal for this august 10. mostly sunny skies. humidity going to be a factor as well. real temperature is the heat index. 100 to 105 as to go to the i-95 corridor. cooling centers at the open because of the heat. we are dealing with unhealthy air around the city today.
9:58 am
92 tomorrow, a good chance of showers late in the day. maybe a thunderstorm or two as the front gets through here. >> we will see you back here for 11 news and noon. and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. made with the rich, delicious taste of imported olive oil. kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo.
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