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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 29, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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block of 36th street. both are expected to survive. the search continues for suspects. we will have more tomorrow morning. today would have been michael jackson's 51st birthday. the king of pop was born in gary, indiana on this day back in 1958. jackson died of cardiac arrest on june 25 just weeks before a scheduled comeback tour. thousands marked this day with public celebrations. earlier this week the los angeles coroner's office ruled jackson's death a hosm side. police are still investigating. family members of robert shindler, the father of the late terry shivo say he has died. family members say shindler died from heart failure
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earlier. her feeding tube was removed. he was 71. tonight seven people are dead and two other critically injured in southeastern georgia. officials are calling it the worst mass killing in glen county history. officers were called to the mobile home park. that is where they made the discovery. >> we are still in the process of trying to identify the victims. as soon as we positively identify each victim, the first think we will do is notify the feamings. >> it is not clear how the victims died or whether police are looking for a suspect. today authorities served the home of that man accused of kidnapping a california girl looking for clues into other crimes. authorities were at the home friday searching for evidence into the unsolved murders of several prostitutes. several bodies were found near
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why he worked in the 1990's. he and his wife were arraigned in court on 28 felony counts. four years ago today hurricane katrina rocked new orleans. tonight how the city is honoring its victims, and their renewal to rebuild. after three days, space shuttle discovery finally lifts off to the international space station. more of these spectacular pictures and the mission next. >> and some strong storms rolled through earlier this evening. right now most of the activity is centered on the delmarva. but we are still slightly well. but we are still slightly well. how does the rest
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>> booster ignition and lift off of discovery. >> always amazing. with that, the space shuttle discovery and its crew of seven lifted off from the kennedy space center a little before midnight after three delays. thunderstorms threatened to delay the launch a fourth time, but it cleared in time. it is loaded with 17,000 pound of supplies for the space station. the mission is scheduled to last 13 days. four years ago hurricane katrina devastated the gulf of mexico, leaving destruction of catastrophic pro possessions. today people in new orleans marked the anniversary with music, dedications and memreases. mayor ray nagin injoined the
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celebration. he unveiled this memorial plaque to all who died after katrina reached the crescent city on august 29, 2005. since the storm people are still working, determined to turn their houses back into homes four years later. >> i was born and raised in new orleans. this is where my parent, grandparents, everybody has lived. i love to call new orleans home. >> katrina is the bostonliest and one of the five deadliest hunches in u.s. history. >> well, as far as what once was danny, it completely dissipated. it is just area of low pressure we can barely detect well to our north. it wasn't a player in our weather. a front generated some strong showers and storms earlier. we had a severe thunderstorm warning for kent county and queen an as county.
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things now are starting to calm down. we could see a shower or two more after midnight, and then we are going to see more stable air tomorrow. you can see this dry air starting to move in here. that is good news. earlier you could see that bright blue. it has since dispatrioted. the tropics are quiet right now. there is a wave, but it is not showing any good signs of development. for us, we are going to be much cooler and drier as we head into the second half of our weekend and the first part of the week. temperature-wise it is still very humid. 75 downtown, 73 at the airport. we are 9 around easton, 77 in cambridge. as far as high, we hit 85 but still very humid to start the day. 71 was the low. this is deceiving, no precipitation. that is out at the airport only. however, if we look at the precipitation totals on the map from say thursday night through saturday morning, quite
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significant. check out aberdeen. more than seven inches of rainfall. we accumulated in some areas. in towson alone, three inches consume layed. it has been wet. burr we are going to exit that trend as we head into nicks week. partly cloudy skies for the rest of the night, slight chance of showers. 65 to 69 the temp range and the sunset at 7:42. tomorrow, things improving. partly cloudly, can't rule out a 20% chance of a shower to our south because the front is going to stall out. we are talking south of nap lass annapolis here. 83-87. we are going to be much cooler heading into next week, maybe into the 70 et cetera. there is the front. it made good head way through tonight and will continue to push to the east. it is going to stall just to
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the south of the state. that is why we will have a slight chance of a shower or storm tomorrow in southern maryland. for the most part, the front is not going to be a major player. more so we are dealing with the influence of the jet stream that is going to let cooler air dive in here. this cool air is going to feel almost like fall for next week. how much so? well, it looks like tomorrow after an 85-degree high, we are going to be back down to the mid 70 et cetera. 74 the high and not a cloudy 74. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. slight chance of a shore to the south again. and then all clear on wednesday. 77 and mostly sunny. we inch back up towards the start of next week into the low 80's. all in all, a nice seasonal pattern and a nice taste of auto early. >> the roifers look terrific. >> too bad the games don't count. count. joe flacco took his act on the
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>> the preseason may not count in the standings, but you would never know behaved on how the ravens' first teamers continue to play. for the third straight game they dominated opponent the three games, three wins. first possession, joe flacco to mason.
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it looks like he got in for a t.d. the ravens did not challenge. and it cost them. hauschka missed a a must-make. that may concern the ravens. joy flacco was fenmool. he completed 23-28 for 247 yard. you have to like this. kelley washington stepping up with a big catch in carolina territory. and then flacco finding heap who had four receptions. ravens on top 7-3, and they kept it up. later in the second quarter, magahee from a yard out putting the ravens on top 14-3. it could have been more, but the backups couldn't catch the football. jones drops it. interception for carolina. no worries though. the ravens win 17-13 despite that interception there. afterwards, joe cool. >> we are going to go out there and attack each defense the way we think we have the best shot of winning. i think over this preseason, we have tried to throw the ball
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around a little bit, and i think we have din a good job of that. tonight was just another example. >> more preseason. peyton manning up to his old tricks again the lions. hooked up with dallas clark. 7-0i7bdy. nothing like a preseason game that goes down to the wire. that td strike cuts it to 17-16. it is the preseason, and you don't want overtime. 18-17 lions win. is that an oxymoron or what? yes, the lions win. a double whammy no the orioles. first they were scheduled to play at the same time as the ravens. that will stop a lot of people from going to the rain. then it was delayed by rain. all that is too bad because you would like to have a full house when harold baynes was inducted to the hall of fame. adam jones returns to the starting lineup for the first time in a week. his sore back is ok.
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takes away extra bases right there. right before the rain delay the orioles grabbed the lead. he rips one deep to center. wigginton comes in. they continue playing. here is the game-winning home run. it looks like this is a gamer too. right now the indians lead the orioles 5-3 in the ninth. the yankees continue their stranglehold of the best record in baseball. a-rod gets back to his feet, fires to first and gets the runner. later the yankees flash the leather. how about cano getting down and dirty up the middle. he guns it to first and robs him of a base hit. they can knock it around. the yankees laid a whipping on the chicago pitchers. a-rod, home run number 475. the yankees romp. 10-0 was your final score. tiger woods started the third
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round in 17th place. too much ground to cover, right? please, tiger climbed up the leader board. he fired a 67. he goes from 17th to seventh. he is at minus 4, very much in striking range. paul cokeses in the 15-footer here. he is at 9 under. among those in the hunt, fred risch jacobsen with the birdie here. he is a ate 7 under, two back. the big story tonight, the ravens win, and they are 3-0 in the preseason. we will be right back.
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>> and taking a look at your seven-day forecast, tomorrow is humid, 85. slight chance of a shower to the south. then check it out. we are into the 70's, believe it or not. what a way to start september.
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really looking good. slight chance of light showers potentially around southern maryland for monday and tuesday. something to look forward to. >> absolutely. looks great. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. coming up later on qvc, at midnight, it's "appliqué fever with george ann bice." at 12:30, it's "belts, belts, belts." and at 1:00 a.m., it's "jewelry addicts late night nod-off." [ laughter ] but now a special message from senator john mccain and governor sarah palin. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> good evening. good evening, my fellow americans, i'm john mccain. >> and you know, i'm just sarah palin. [ laughter ] >> the final days of any election are the most essential. this past wednesday, barack obama purchased airtime on three major networks. we, however, can only afford qvc. [ laughter ] >> these campaigns sure are expensive. >> they sure are. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] they sure are. so tonight we come before you to give you some final remarks on our campaign. >> and as part of our agreement with the qvc folks, we're going try and sell you some stuff. [ laughter ] >> this has been an historic campaign. so why not remember it with our line of collectible products? such as -- ten commemorative plates that celebrate the ten town hall
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debates between senator obama and myself. they are blank. [ laughter ] he wouldn't agree to those debates. too bad. they're still nice plates. [ laughter ] >> and who wouldn't want the complete set of limited edition joe action figures? there's joe the plumber, joe six pack and my personal favorite, joe biden. [ laughter ] if you pull this cord, he talks for 45 minutes. >> i take the amtrak to work every day. then after work, i take it home. let me tell you something about joe biden. he's not going to back down -- >> it's great if you want to clear out a party. [ laughter ] >> or keep elk out of your yard. >> but we're not just here to sell products. we're here with a message. we're at a crossroads in american history. the leadership of the next four years will have many challenges,
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and i believe my experience and my leadership will make a difference. >> also, too, sorry. i need to remind you that there are only two minutes left in our washington outsider jewelry extravaganza. [ laughter ] >> are you someone who likes fine jewelry and also respects a politician who can reach across the aisle? if so, you can't go wrong with mccain/"fine-gold." [ cheers and applause ] it commemorates the mccain-feingold act and also looks great with evening wear. thank you, cindy. [ cheers and applause ] >> and what busy hockey mom wouldn't want to freshen up her home with sarah palin's ayers fresheners? ya plug these into the wall when something doesn't quite smell right. [ laughter ]
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also too, it's good because it reminds people about william ayers. [ laughter ] >> having trouble cutting through a tough piece of pork? not anymore. with john mccain's complete set of pork knives, they cut the pork out. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> so instead of going to one of those elite department stores with their liberal agendas and over-priced items and their gotcha return policies that violate your first amendment rights, why not do your holiday shopping with us? okay, listen up, everybody, i'm going real great now so keep your voices down. available now we got a bunch of these "palin in 2012" t-shirts. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] just try and wait until after tuesday to wear them. okay?
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because i am not going anywhere. and i'm certainly not going back to alaska. [ laughter ] if i'm not going to the white house, i'm either running in four years or i'm gonna be a white oprah. so, you know -- [ laughter ] i'm good either way. >> what's going on over there, sarah? >> oh, just talking about taxes. [ laughter ] >> look, would i rather be on three major networks? of course. but i'm a true maverick, a republican without money. [ laughter ] and i'm not like my opponent. my only showbiz connections are jon voight and heidi from "the hills." so i'm here on qvc, and like qvc, this campaign promises you three things. quality, value and convenience. >> and great deals on juicers. [ laughter ] >> so when you go to the polls
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on tuesday, remember -- country first. as a reminder, all undergarments are non-refundable, and live from new york, it's "saturday night"! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: it's "saturday night live." with --
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musical guest -- david cook. and your host -- ben affleck. ladies and gentlemen, ben affleck! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you very much. it's great to be back in new york hosting "saturday night live." of course, like many of you, my mind is on next tuesday and this incredibly important election. i've always been politically active myself. when i was a kid, my mom took me around to canvass for jimmy carter when he ran for re-election against reagan. and i even volunteered for mondale and ferraro. of course, they lost. but -- [ laughter ] we did a little work for dukakis, even, when i was in high school. in 1992 i volunteered for paul tsongas. [ laughter ] didn't win. and gore. and -- and kerry. hmm. [ laughter ] so -- basically my support has the opposite effect. so it seems the best thing i can do for the democratic party here
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is to stand here tonight and announce my endorsement of senator john mccain. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he's actually here tonight. he's a great guy. i can't wait to tell him the good news. i'm sure he'll be thrilled. we have a great show tonight. david cook is here. [ cheers and applause ] stick around. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: opening jars. every time it's the same old story. the twisting and turning. the aching and spraining. the scalding and burning. the swinging and striking. the panicking. and the dragging. the digging and burying. the lying and stalling. the resisting and tasing.
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the convicting and sentencing. the shackling and imprisoning. the studying and appealing. the plotting and scheming. the barking and the shooting. >> there's got to be a better way. >> now there is. thanks to jar glove. >> jar glove. the better way. oh. >> now only $19.95, plus shipping and handling. [ applause ] okay, welcome back. we're talking about hot topics and don't worry. we all made up during the commercial break. >> it was ridiculous anyway. so what if a 5-year-old wears makeup? it's cute. who cares? >> but just for the record, i never raised my voice.
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i was answering your question and my voice went up in volume. >> who said anything about you raising your voice? >> okay, okay. we've spent enough time on this. we have a lot to get to today. our guest host today, filling in for sherri shepherd, is the lovely jennifer aniston. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. hi. hi. thank you. hi. i forgot to say when i came out how nice everybody looks. don't be mad at me. don't be mad at me. >> please, you haven't seen me standing up. i look like i'm wearing circus stripes. >> no, that's not true. no. >> i look like i'm wearing scaffolding under my clothes. >> no, you're not at all. >> stop it, stop it. >> you look great. >> i just read something online, and i printed it out. eight shows ago, we were talking about senator barack obama, and i said the democratic party engaged in criminal activities. >> why are we talking about this? >> let me finish! please! okay? let -- me -- finish.


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