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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  September 11, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bands now moving into baltimore. the heavier rains today will be from baltimore eastward. we have a good am of rain activity over the city now. that's method cat shower activity. i'm sure it will mess up traffic out there with that wet pavement. let's see if anything is fouled up this early. >> right now, we are doing ok. add a little volume to the mix and we could have some problemings. south bound president will shut down, that is due to the run to remember. outer loop at bel air, we have a disabled vehicle that may be blocking a lane. we are doing pretty well aside from the fact that it is pretty
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wet out there. our live view at 69 # and white marsh. >> our big story this morning, police are searching for the gunman that fired in north baltimore tonight. >> police are still investigating the possibility that there may be a third victim in this case.
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one man shot in the head died. >> both men were taken to area hospitals. a short time after that, they got another call for a gun shot victim that appeared at the fire station. it's not clear if in a victim was involved in any of this. howard county police say a 49-year-old was stopped to make a left turn when he was hit by a truck and pushed across the
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double yellow lines and then hit be an juan coming car. >> a woman says she was sexually assaulted. she resisted and was struck in the head with a blunt object. >> two employees working for acorn were heard suggesting that the woman describe her job as performer. she questioned whether parts of the video was altered to smear the activist group.
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things can be put together to appear to be something totally different from what they really an. similar attempts were conducted in their offices. >> a columbia dentist is found guilty for running false prescriptions for pain killers. he used the identities of dead people and patients to get his hands on the drugs. >> a montgomery county struck where the officer found the victim asleep in his running cadillac. he says he was exhausted and pulled off the road to take a nap. he is preparing for reelection.
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>> president barak obama will lay a wreath at the pentagon today in memory of what happened today eight years ago. >> i want to say thank you -- >> highlighting support from healthcare's front line. president barak obama said on reform, it's time for results. >> if there are real concerns, let's address them and remofl them. >> we all make mistakes. he apologized quickly. >> wilson said top republicans told him to apologize.
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>> gop leaders were not sofened by the speech complaining they are still being ignored. >> through the entire speech, it appeared he is trying to rahm something through. >> my door is always open. he invited only democrats to the white house and urged them to line up behind the bill. >> at $900 billion that plan has no public option, buy coverage or be fined. >> we are going to get this health reform through and have it through thanksgiving. >> hundreds came out determined to turn this into a town hall. >> in minnesota, tomorrow, his
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goal to build an obama-backed plan. >> hi jackers took over four planes eight years ago. this is the first anniversary of the attacks that has been declared a national day of service. americans have been asked to help out in their communities. >> how do you plan to remember the 9/11 terror attacks. email your response to >> coming up three people escape death after a gas station explodes. >> a mother is arrested for
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letting her 6-year old drive her car and why she did it. car and why she did it. >> it's really wet out there.
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>> it's 60 downtown and raining. coming down pretty good. we had just under a half inch of rain so far. all right. let's look at our hd doppler radar. you see that yellow stripe running across the city down out over the bay. moving westward. it is the delaware and new jersey stuff producing thunder and lightening.
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we'll talk about the weather, your wet drive to work and what it will be like coming up today. >> a pennsylvania mom is behind bars after she let her 6-year-old daughter drive her car. she was teaching her daughter how to drive. she is suspected of being under the influence. >> a car smashed into a nation pump creating an scombloegs. you can see the one driver purchasing gas. nobody was hurt. the attendant is getting much
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praise after hitting a red button that cut the gas supply. >> the time now 5:11. coming up, the president ordered the chesapeake bay be cleaned up. >> time is running out for you to take advantage of the first-time home buyer tax advantage. >> a new acc
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>> upper 50's and low 60's across the area this morning. that will be consistent before we start to warm up a little bit. with the storm spinning off shore. it may take a while to get out from under it. maybe this afternoon, we can get a sun break and start to warm the temperatures up.
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you can see the warmest activity is on the new jersey shore line. the storm will start lifting. the influence will begin to pull away. it may take until saturday for the clouds to totally go away. the temperature range, we are trying to be optimistic. some of you may actually get up close to 70 for the high. that would be better off to the west and southwest. tornado watch at noon. on the bay, small craft advisories are out. the future cast, here's our storm spinning off shore. by 1:00 this afternoon, we are still under the influence of
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rain. we advance this to 6:00 this evening, the rain finally lists up into pennsylvania. stuff wraps around and swings back to the area. most of saturday should turn out to be just fine. here's the forecast. we should be well into the 70's. sunday looks like a good day. >> in this morning's consumer alert, we have information for those looking to take advantage of that $8000 real estate tax credit. a local realtor says it takes on average, three months to find a home. banks are looking to help creditors by restructuring
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accounts, lowering interest rates, and waiving interest payments. about 3 million customers received an account modification last year. >> the markets start off the day on an sombe note. >> at 9:25 eastern 5:00 before the opening bell. >> when trading does get under way, traders will look at a change at the top. effective january 1st, the leader stepping down.
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morgan stanley reported a third straight annual loss. the winning streak on wall street continues. stocks gain. we have future this is morning. a quiet looking slight but positive move today. >> reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon joined over local mayors to encourage americans to volunteer. >> michael bloomberg invited the mayor and a lot of celebrities
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to help jump sort the i participate program. >> we will do what president barak obama and the congress asked us to do and make america a country of service. >> the tv event is scheduled to run from october 19th- 25. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon will be our guest sunday morning. email your questions to sunday questions at >> the time is now 5:22. we'll look at your morning commute coming up.
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>> 11 news reporter has more details. >> the trick is going to be getting from talking about it to actually implementing these things. >> the chesapeake bay foundation is welcoming the new ep a's approach. >> the epa is stepping up and taking a real leadership role. they are talking about the right
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stuff. >> included in the new effort will be $638 million from the department of agriculture aiming at run off pollution from live stock. the new rule also be in place by 2025. this epa has said and president barak obama has said he wants clean water in the chesapeake bay. >> the bay foundation suggested the new system be up by 2015. >> it's just common sense. the most important part is account ability enforcement and penalties for those who break the law. >> the next mile stone for the project is november when the plan is released in greater detail. >> an additional 800 areas has been added for the area
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considered suitable for bow hunting. due to the success of last year's program. the area has been extended. it will enable anyone with physical disabilities to participate. >> deer hunting season coming up and you can hardly way. can you see me out there right? >> we have more coming up today. >> throw shootings in north baltimore last night but are they connected? thasz coming up. >> in washington, today marked. eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attack. we'll tell you how victims are being remembered this year, coming up. >> 9 forecast is just ahead.
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>> that rain making for a rough ride out there, we have sev
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