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tv   11 News Today  NBC  September 11, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the forecast as 11 news today continues right now. >> good morning happy friday. >> let's get a check of the forecast. >> last weekend, we talked about this coastal storm developing. north carolina got 9 inches of rain in one day. we are getting doused but not that much.
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the thunder and lightening is out there. more coming up in just a minute. streets are ponding up. we are hearing the left lane is closed as a result. right at wade avenue, south bound, 2 left lanes have closed. you will also have closures as of 7 can a.m.
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get being word of an overturned vehicle. that is weather related. a disabled vehicle coming in, an accidented reported. it is slick out there. really take your time as we travel. a live view of the jfx south of the beltway. that's the latest. back to you both. one man this morning has died.
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another was shot. police went door to door last night searching for clues in this case. police found two men suffering from gun shot wrounds. one man shot in the head died a short while later. >> they both were taken to area op. the 1:with a gun shot wround to the head died a short time later. >> a victim who appeared at the fire station; that victim was 19 years old. the other victim 128 years old and shot in the arm
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>> thank you. new this morning. city p.l.o.s have another shooting on their hand. police found a man suffering from multiple gun shot wounds lying on the i'd walk he was taken to john hop continues hospital but did not surprivate. >> police say the 19-year-old man approached the woman from behind and tried to drag her from >> after pleading guilty to federal charges of receiving child porn ago if i. a former band and middle school
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teacher. he faces state charges and would face a maximum of 25 years. >> we were over the scene last evening. he was stopped to make a left turn when he was hit by a truck. he was pushed over the double yellow line when he was announced dead on arrival. >> it may turn out the govern may have to cut another $100 million to $200 million to a budget that is already been cut by $700 million.
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>> discussion of raising sales tax or tax on gasoline and alcohol. >> two employees of acorn have been fired after they were shown offering tax advise to a man and woman posing as a pifrp and his prosecute. they suggested she describe her job as a performance artist and were given advice on how to employ foreign teen workers as
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departments. >> i don't know how that all was put together. things can appear to be something totally different than what they really are. >> across the country, people are recommending those who lost their lives eight years ago today. remembrances ra planned. we have a look at at day ahead. president barak obamaish you'd a proclamation declaring today as a patriot day calling on all americans to volunteer their services jochlt eight years
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after the 9/11 attacks, president barak obama marks the anniversary. meeting with victim's families and recommending their loved ones. mr. obama pauses for a moment of silence this morning at the white house. this year, the vice president will honor the fallen. the names will be read and bells running. >> in pennsylvania, the site of the flight 93 crash, this week, the lawmakers unveiled this
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week. >> victim family members are a bit concerned that some of this volunteerism will overshadow what should be a sol um n remembrance. >> send your response to our question of how you will
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remember today to >> coming up, the morning financial news. this rocket may look like it is going nowhere fast. it's an examine pel of america's next great idea. >> new jersey and delaware getting the heaviest rain. it is wet out there. it might tie up traffic. >> we have a long list of
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>> good morning, it's 6:13. 59 degrees downtown. it looks wet. there's a lot of water on the lense there. it's a bit out of focus. that storm finally got close enough to dump a lot of rain on the shore. delaware and maryland beaches, virginia beaches 4-6 eithers of rain. now rains in south new jersey and delaware. everything is move together wet west. heavier rains will move eastward. we've had almost an inch of rain since midnight. most of that has fallen in the past two hours. let's look at what the
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temperatures are. we mentioned 59 downtown. easton checks in with 59. frederick is 49 especiallydshee. finally pushed the rain here. it's taken all week to get to this point but here we are. >> the rain ends out to the west. this storm almost wants to be a tropical storm. it may have got tone that strength with different circumstances. it will continue to linger today. our forecast does call for clouds and rain. heaviest rain also be east during the morning.
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rain will linger during the afternoon. north, northwest winds, 70's will be an area of sun shooirn at all. flooding conditions are possible along coastal areas along delaware and parts of pennsylvania. the future cast shows this rain finally lifting northward, during the afternoon or evening hours. >> 69 today, well into the 70, near 80's tomorrow. game day, sunday, partly cloudy near 80. a good >> we are see ago a lot of
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problems due to the rain. getting word of an overturned back. >> we'll have closures as of 7:00 a.m. on south bound closures due to the run to remember. a couple other accidents to remember. aviation boulevard on amtrak way if you are heading out to the airport. >> north 95, a disabled vehicle on the left shoulder. some delayed. that's the latest. stan, over to you. >> taking a look at some top stories. the crew of space shuttle he
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kiss cover, the scrap landing attempts at the cape. if the >> the next step to man's return to the moon got a literal boost. this is video from the test launch of this rocket. the rocket can launch two miles into space in 2:00. >> federal agents and search dogs have been brought in to help in the disappearances of annie lee last seen tuesday at the yale lab. so far, they've heard of no
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evidence of foul play. >> in this morning's consumer a later, they hope a new program, gm will offer a 60 day delay. commercials directly appear to consumers who would like to try the vehicle. they can return their truck in 60 days. jane king has the story and more. we'll get a report on consumer confidence. a survey says a report will likely show confidence gaining for the first time in months.
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>> getting ready to cut prices on tide and pure laundry. they are planning targeted interreder vengss on the larger size tide. an attempt to boost sales as consumer >> the bloomberg maryland index has gained. >> hiring more facultiy to accommodate more students this sem he is center. >> primetime line up undergoes a
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major change when jay leno moves in from late night. if jay leno feels any pressure, it pales in comparison to when he first took over the show. >> this will be the first ever nightly hour of comedy on a major network. >> here, he's stepping into 9 unknown. saying there's more pressure on nbc than leno. >> if there's a cratering fame your, they will be behind the eight ball for a while. it's a huge risk but a smart
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risk. >> they say it makes sense to an alternative. >> we really think we have an opportunity to attract people back who would go to dvres or cable at dvr. if this show succeeds, everybody else will have to try it. it's going to save nbc so much money. >> in this case, leno may not even have to win. >> he has a point there. you can watch the premier of the jay leno show monday night followed by 11:00 news at night.
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>> are you ready for in football. highlights of that
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>> we have a mess out there weather wise. plenty of problems on the road. let's get you up to date on the morning road. we confirmed the overturned vehicle. it is south bound. we'll watch for the impact of
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that. outer loop of the beltway, watch for a left lane closure in that area. volume related delayed are starting to fall into place. we'll switch quickly to a live view of park heights where well see delayed. that's the latest. john has a look of the roads. >> in the northeast carol
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county. temperatures are only in the upper 50's at this stage. it is chilly and really wet. i'll have details of the forecast as we get into the weekend in just i minute. >> good morning. the ravens open their 14th season this sunday. carry collins. his team beat the stealers last year. stealers up 7-0. stepping up to drill one and ties the game at seven at half
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time. sending the game into overtime. fans are heart broken. in overtime, jeff reid u.n. loose him to a spraned knee. he is out 3-6 weeks. >> ed reid, the raven's all-star safety says the ravens will be ready. >> the gois come out and they are willing to learn. we understand as a team that this is a job but it is our
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profession ta to play football. gois buy into it. it makes it easy for us to execute. >> the raven all part of a busy day. 10:00 a.m. at the tent next to gate b. >> there's much more to come in the next half hour of 11 news today. three shotings and we'll have more on that story coming up. >> we'll update you on the long lift 6 accidents coming up. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good evening and happy purple friday to you. >> at least it is friday. the ravens are playing on sunday, we look forward to that. >> city police are searching for whoever opened fire on a crowd in baltimore. >> good morning. police are saying it's still early. >> officers received a call for discharging. when we got here, they found two
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victims suffering from a gun shot wound. there may be a third victim in this case. >> both taken to area hospitals. a short time after that, they got a call for a victim who showed up at the fire station. homicide detectives are here on the scene. the two surviving victims were an 18 and 19-year-old male.
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president barak obama will lay a week to remember 9/11. >> i want to say thank you. >> highlighting support from healthcare's front line. on reform. it's time for results. if there is real concern about any aspect, let's address them. >> the president seemed eager to move on from the out burres heard coast to coast by house republican joe wilson. >> we all make mistakes. he apologized quickly. i'm appreciative of that. >> they wanted me to address the
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white house. i did. >> throughout the entire speech, it appeared he was trying to rahm something through with politic power. >> my door is always open. >> he invited only democrats to the houston and. at $900 billion, that plan has no public option, requires americans to buy coverage or pay a fine. activists against it arener guyed too.
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his goal is to put out an obama-backed senate plan next week. >> the mayor joined mayors and celebrities to jump start the i participate program that officially jims . if you have questions for the mayor, send them in. send your questions to sunday questions at wbal >> good news on one accident. south bound on north avenue, we do have more information.
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south bound on the harrisburg express way. an overturned vehicle will the outer loop getting reports of information there. looking at some westside delayed falling into place. south bound president closed. between kwon way and charles and light. a quick look at traffic, a slow down heading to the park east. over to you. >> the heaviest rains east of us. there's the latest radar. down in the an a did you knowed
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al some pretty good rains at this point in the game. rains will be heaviest. it should be more showery. more on the forecast coming up. >> the time now, 6:38. 57 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- may soem at first like this teen is just monkeying around. in reality he's cashing in on his unique talent enter. >> we are stim taking
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>> we'll give you a few cute baby animal stories. the baby panda has been given a clean bill of health. gaining about a pound a week. they notice some webbing between his toes. that's something he got from his father. he came in with a cute milk mustache. >> a pair of rare snow leopards born back in bay it is estimated there are only 5,000-7,000
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living in the wild. >> you might want to consider letting your kids monkey around all they want. a ninth grade student is gaining fame for his unique talent. take a look. >> that's 134 year he has been intimidating all sorts of animals. one day, he was heard by someone who worked for a local audio company. they say the imitations are so good, they can fool the real thing. >> he did a rack un call and the
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racoons came out. >> for now, he's enjoying his first paid job. >> children have talents. coming up, we'll look at the morning headlines. >> as far as your morning commute. not so gr ieng. >> that storm is spinning off
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>> welcome back.
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a 19-year-old is in police cussed toy charged for attacking a woman near a bus stop. he approached the woman from behind and tried to drag her to a yard. he is charged with attempted first degree rape. >> one man is dead and two others received minor injuries. police say the 49-year-old stopped to make a left turn. his car was struck by a van. his car was pushed over the double yellow line and he was struck by another vehicle. the nation marks the eighth anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. the ceremony taking place near
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sound seer owe we'll prepare packages for soldiers overseas. >> we asked how do you plan to remember the 9/11 terror attacks? >> i lost my sister on that fateful day. my sister's husband had a video memorial made to her. i will never forget that day. may we never forget, united we stran. our school is hosting an annual freedom walk to remember all the people who lost their lives. several middle school student also read poems and essays. >> i will spend my day by researching other perspectives
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of this event. i feel the american people stim do n do not still know what really happened that day. >> several accidents to report thanks to the rain that is following. dealing with a crash on the outer loop north side. watch for an accident cleanup. you are looking for a pretty heavy slow down. south bound president closed by charles and light. that's due to the run to remember. 122 minutes drive time. here's a live view of traffic. 95 at white marsh where we have
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a pretty gk. >> if you remember on 9/11, it was absolutely stuning weather with crystal clear blue skies. the heaviest rain here in new jersey and delaware. most of the rain has fallen in the past couple hours. a couple areas in carol county, howard and shun a a runned al. moving into the far eastern portions of the maryland eastern shore. let's look at the current situation outside. it's cooler than it has been. along with middle river,
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steven'sville. here is the low pressure off shore. the circulation is pulling this rain in our direction. the rain reaches out where they have a few shou evers. clearing can is has some sun this morning. high pressure to the north. it's taken all week to this to this boint it is going to be in the neighborhood during the day today. that means rain chances are pretty high. on up until pennsylvania and new jersey. clouds are more showery later on. the high temperature today, there is a tornado watch until
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noon up through new jersey. all the thunderstorm warnings have ended now as the storm is moving to the east. watch the time line. it eventually shifts more up into pennsylvania. we start to dry out. we'll have some shower activity possibly on saturday before things clear out on sunday. the seven-day calls for a slow, steady improvement. sunday happens to be football game day. 80 degrees. rain chances persist today. we'll dry out a few days next week. >> baltimore city police are looking for a suspect behind a deadly shooting in other headquarters. >> good morning. this happened about 8:45 last
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night. one man is dead -- baltimore police went door to door searching for clues in this case. they arrived on scene and found. police are investigating that there may be a third victim in this case. they are sdil unclear whether that third victim is koekt connected. he drove himself to an area hospital. he is described as an 19 joer male. they are hoping witnesses saw something and will know something. >> coming up today on oprah, the
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kick off week continue was exclusive headlines. lisaling returns to the oprah show. all coming up today at 4:00 on oprah. and what is coming up today on the "today" show. >> the lawmaker who shouted "you lie" speaks out. what joe wilson is saying that could add to the controversy. >> a popular student at yale disappears >> and the south african track star whose gender is called into question. the results are in.
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we'll have more on that. we'll have more on that. >> just ahead, we'll need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love.
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>> rain always creates problems out there. watch for a crash there. outer loop being cleared. watch for an accident. also closures in affect. between con way off charles and light. a live look at traffic. it's really going to be a slow ride around the area this morning. a swim to remember morning, not
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a run to remember. rain chances continue today. heaviest rain this morning and east of baltimore. by game day, sunday, partly cloudy and 80. >> speaking of game day, go ravens. thank you for joining us. live
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