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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  September 16, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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there's a couple showers to the front of the city of baltimore and around the eastern shore. other than that, not too bad. we are going to stay in the 70's. 69 when you head to the bus. slight chance of showers. it's the most parte dry day. >> checking out traffic. pretty good shape despite the fact that the roads are wet. we have traffic lights out. i wanted to let you know about that. that's a busy intersection in the city. speaking of the beltway on the northeast corner, we are looking
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at a smooth ride. >> we begin with breaking news this morning. >> it happened in the 28 hundred block of orleans street in east baltimore. we'll go live for details. jo this all unfolded about 1:00 this morning. they were trying to arrest two drunk suspects. in the process, one pulled out a knife like object stabbing the officer in the back, the other officer pulled out a gun. because the officer was stabbed in the back was wearing a bullet prove invest, he was free from injury. both officers are on routine
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duty now. >> hearing from the sister of the suspect killed during a break in. 49-year-old donald rice was rummaging through a garage when one of the undergrad renters came down with samari swoerd. one swing was fatal to the man. >> police say citizens are entitled to defend themselves. legal experts say it is only self-defense if lives are at danger. >> a boy told police he sexually
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assaulted a girl will be treateds an adult. the risk of him reowe fepding is too great. the teen is accused of sexually abusing the girl after luring her from across the play ground to his home. >> sky team 11 on the scene just before 4:00. both drivers had to be cut from their vehicles and were flown to shock trauma. >> a two old girl is in the hospital after she fell off a horse. the toddler was flown to d.c. children's hospital with critical but not life threatening injuries. >> baltimore city officials are
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gearing up for a possible out break of the h1n1 virus. they are setting up clinics and ad campaigns to get the vaccine to those who need it the most. >> we expect there will be sufficient vaccine. it will be rolling out over a period of time. the first shipment will head out in the next few weeks to state health departments. you can find more information on the virus on our website at wbal >> we have the latest from washington. >> the finance committee
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chairman is cost gop backing will come. he released his healthcare reform measure without it. >> by the end of the day by time we go into committee, there will be republican support. >> tax insurers on high-end plan an rely on co-op to bring costs down. no public option. >> in pittsburgh, president barak obama rallied union members for reform. >> it's the fault of the broken healthcare system that's suck up all the money. >> the president still prefers the public option. >> late yesterday after house lawmakers rebooked joe wilson for his out burres.
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former president jimmy carter says race explains it. >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barak obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> that's totally wrong. >> when we are done here today, we will not have taken any steps closer to helping more american families afford hearth insurance. >> senator expects his committee will take up the measure next wook. iowa governor says gop governors have been brushed aside. >> a reminder that president barak obama is bringing his push to uflt of maryland tomorrow.
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doors to the comcast center is at 9:00 a.m. >> the city of rock vim is expanding the smoking ban to within 40 feet of play grounds. council members want to y consider a total ban. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, should government take this step? send your response. >> the murder investigation on y everyone le student. and how police hope to gain some
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evidence in the case. more on weather and traffic w
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skies. that's generating spotty shouters. let's take a look at your specifics for today. 73-76 will stay variable to mostly cloudy. for the most part, it will be cloudy. we are going to stay cool. tomorrow, a better chance of showers throughout the day. details on that, coming up. >> covering the nation, police executed two search warrants as part of the investigation of yale student. they are looking at an employee
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at yale as a person of interest. he was taken into cussed toy. police emphasize he has not been arrested nor is he considered a suspect at this point. they will continue to follow every lead in this case. police in california return to the home of the man accused of kidnapping jaycee and holding her for 18 years. he and his wife have pleaded not guilty to 29 charges of kidnapping, rape and false impressonment. >> a baltimore raven plans to open up a one of a kind entertainment plaza. what it will feature and where it will be located. >> checking on a soggy morning
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commute. looking good, we have a problem in the city because of a
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>> we have a problem in the city due to a traffic light out. we are hearing all lanes are closed. that's so they can fix the traffic light. for now, you are going to find some delayed in that area. looking good on the rest of the major roadways. not seeing any delayed. all the major roadways leading up to the beltway. a 5:00 ride from the 895 split. a live view at 95 at for the mchenry. looking good through the tunnel.
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>> a nice ride as well as we view the right side. that's the latest. let's check on the latest on the buses and the trains. >> good morning to you. >> looking good out on the rail this is morning. no delayed right now. light rail on time to krom well station. on time in east and west directions. due to a water main break repair. a 17 bus at corporate and international. we are the mta transit team. we had activity overnight on the weather front. right now, it's resting over the state. along in a boundary is where we are seeing a lot of spotty spou showers this morning. we have about a 30% chance of seeing some spotty shower today.
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other than that, variable cloudy and cooler. you can see it is 67 in altuna. going to be chillier as the day progresses. we are beginning things at 71 downtown and 69 at the airport. in the mountains of american marld today. in baltimore, heart of the state, charm city, it looks like a 75 degree high today. more clouds than sun. it will be variably cloudy the rest of the day. over on the shore, it looks like 75 as well. winds will be shifting to the northeast today at about 5-10 miles an hour. we'll be below the norm for the day. 98, the record was set back in 1991. the low of 41 was set in 1873. the forecast for tonight,
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scattered showers are possible, that front is going to stall just a bit to our south. winds neat at 5-10 miles an hour. it's just going to stall out a little bit over us. what's going to happen is the sfropt is going to stay here and lift a little more tomorrow. we'll see a potential for a disturbance. we are still spotty with some light shower activity. cloudy overnight and more of a massive moisture. tomorrow, 60% chance of showers. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. after that really cloudy day tomorrow, we'll start to clear out a little bit. saturday and sunday are looking good. we are in the mid 70's both days. it will be partly cloudy before
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we have a wet start to the next workweek. >> in this morning's consumer alert, many people who rework their mortgages anticipated up just as bad off or worse. many saw their payments increase. another 27% saw their payments go unchanged. lenders end up rolling late fees, back taxes and principal into the cost. many of these mortgages are sliding back into default. a new feature allows consumers the chance to avoid pumps on groceries and let's users track spending. google is rolling out a new feature called back flip. allows users to flip through a
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magazine or newspaper like a paper version. publishers have sufferer from loss in ad money. >> the way i read right now, several pages at a i time. >> as wall street pushes back, the white house looks for allies on main street. we have a look at that story and the rest of the news in blooum business report. >> we are talking about consumer protection this morning. blooum news has learned the con surm support is trying to conduct support with invitation only round table discussions.
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pan al participants say they are worried they have given the white house too much time to make a case against the protection agency. the congress has pledged to spend $2 million fighting the bill. >> stocks climbing higher on better than expected retail sales. stock futures pointing to a higher open. more concern about the rising cost of healthcare this morning. as soon as next year, a growing number of employers will start asking their employers to start working harder to raise the cost of premium. some may increase healthcare eligible requirements. one of the driving forces behind these trend that the cost of healthcare will continue to rise per employee in the next 10
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years. >> reporting for wbal tv 11 news. back over to you guys. i'll see you tomorrow and in the next hour. jo the time is now 5:21. 66 degrees on tv hill. we'll look at your morning commute coming up with traffic and weather together. game time not quite as simple for the ravens. we'll tell you why, coming up next. email us your answer. should local governments ban smoking near park play grounds. send in your response to
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destination, san diego this coming sunday to take on the chargers. ravens in an opening day win against the chiefs, tough to do that against san diego. the ravens will go out west looking for better results than they've enjoyed in the past. 1-4 in previous trips. they'll go a day early to adjust to the time zone. adjusting to the chargers calliber of play will probably pose more of a problem than adjusting their watches. >> i think it's always important to make sure you stay on a similar schedule. i think it's going to be good for us to get out there a day
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early. other than that, i don't think it changes too much, when the game starts, guys are ready to go. >> kick off sunday for the ravens in san diego 4:15, unless you are in san diego, then kick off is 1:15. you see how this gets confusing? >> a new state of the art entertainment center called m.v.p. the first like it in the country. ray lewis attend the the ground breaking ceremony. it will house upscale bowling allies, sports bar and private event room. >> that's where i would like to go, build and give back to this world. we couldn't do this without ray. he is the spirit and the man
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hind the whole project. >> to think this is something the community has never seen before. they are going to be blown away. he is running into the end zone. it is expected to be complete and ready to open in march. looks cool. a new defense attorney has been appointed to defending the man accused of killing angel pitcher. he could face nearly 55 years in prison for the crash that proved fatal. >> the time is 5:26. coming up in the next half hour, we are following breaking news from overnight. police shoot and kill a suspect after they say he stabbed a police officer. sdee tails are next. >> the i team uncovers details
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on how the city's top cop hopes to cut the budget with the least affect on officers and your safety. >> our weather is changing today. i'll let you know what short of change to expect coming up. >> no weather related incidents at this time. checking on your live picture at liberty. so far, so good here.
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>> good morning and welcome back. we'll get a check on weather and traffic. we'll get a little rain out there and cooler temperatures. clouds kept us at bay overnight. mild. things are


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