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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 20, 2009 11:30pm-11:35pm EDT

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and i wanna be inside your heaven, i wanna see the place you cry from, where the storm blows your way, i wanna be inside your heaven, take me to the place you cry from, where the storm blows your way, and i wanna be the earth that holds you, every bit of air you're breathin' in, a soothin' wind, i wanna be inside your heaven, whoa, wanna be inside your heaven ♪
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>> yo, yo, what can i say? you're forever in my dog pound. that was brilliant, man. you sounded amazing. i mean, you made me love the song, dude. it was amazing. amazing. great range. great vocal. great tone. props, baby. that was hot. that was hot. >> you went outside of your range on that one. i just fell in love with the song. i really did. i think you really gave it your all on that one. >> thank you, paula. >> my props to you.
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>> it's the only time i've seen your nerves throughout this competition. and this-- it obviously shows how much this means to you. i think you did outsing carrie on this song. and, bo, this may be the last chance i get to say something to you within the competition. and it has been, for us, an absolute pleasure having you on american idol. >> thank you. >> everything was a bonus from-- from that point on. so, you know, for simon to say i outsang underwood, that's pretty good. but i don't ever feel like i was competing against carrie. there was never a day that i woke up and said, "i gotta take her down today." you know, i always felt like my biggest competition was me. a lot can happen in two weeks. announcer: only revlon age defying makeup has botafirm to visibly reduce wrinkles by 87%, in just two weeks, while firming,
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for dramatically younger-looking skin. revlon age defying makeup. - mmm! - ( telephone rings ) this is kevin. hello. hello. pete, is this you? - ( stapling ) - ehh. announcer: for that one-of-a-kind crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery taste, get your hands on a butterfinger. nobody's gonna lay a finger on my butterfinger. you guys are idiots.
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you'll never have to call them to the dinner table twice


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