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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 18, 2009 3:05am-4:00am EST

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and featuring theegendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, wow. all right. thank you so much. thank you. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. i like the screams. hopefully, she's okay. [ laughter ] [ girl screams ] good. [ light laughter ] one scream means she's okay. two means she needs something. [ girl screams again ] that means she needs something. somebody she needs our help. [ light laughter ]
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you guys hear this? in a speech yesterday, new york governor david patterson said that new york will broke by christmas broke unless it begins cutting jobs. new yorkers were like, "good call, let's start with the governor." [ laughter and applause ] cbs news is reporting that president obama has decided to send 40,000 more troops to afghanistan. obama says it's all part of his plan to finally deliver on the campaign promises made by john mccain. [ light laughter ] that should work out. "sesame street" premiered 40 years ago today on pbs. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations to "sesame street." what a great show. [ applause ] what a great show, right? i mean, back when the show first started they didn't even know that the count suffered from ocd. [ light laughter ] that cookie monster had type two diabetes -- [ laughter ] -- or that big bird had a thyroid problem. [ laughter ] and that bert and ernie weren't
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just roommates. [ laughter and groans ] hey! i'm a big fan of "sesame street." i love it. but i'm an even bigger fan of the spinoff "sesame street: special victims unit." [ laughter ] huge day for video games, you guys. call of duty modern warfare ii was released. did you guys get that? [ cheers ] yeah, i heard it is super realistic, and if you do well enough barack obama sends you to afghanistan. [ laughter ] it's amazing. it's like don't play too well. the game has already sold twice as many copies as nintendo wii's new virtual hippie protest. [ light laughter ] that's a lot of fun. modern warfare ii is rated m for blood, drug references, intense violence and language. "m," of course, is for mature which is exactly what you think of when you picture two dudes in their 30s playing video games all day.
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[ laughter ] like, "oh, yeah, they're mature." federal experts say that the number of burglaries in big cities is way down this year because more people are unemployed and staying at home, so -- yay? [ light laughter ] i don't know how to react to that news. this is incredible. a man and woman in britain became the oldest couple in the world to divorce. they're both 98 years old. [ audience aws ] the most difficult part was explaining to the 76-year-old son that it wasn't his fault. [ laughter ] "come here, no, it was nothing you did." it was an ugly breakup. she found another woman's teeth in their bedroom. it was just like -- [ laughter and ohs ] "hey, who's" -- the couple cited irreconcilable diapers. that's how bad it was. [ light laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. oh, man, we got a big show tonight, the beautiful actress and host of this week's "saturday night live," "mad men"'s january jones is here. [ cheers and applause ] love her. we have a couple of fans of this next guy, pittsburgh steelers safety troy polamalu is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] he had a good game last night. animal expert jeff musial is here. he's got more exciting animals the share with us. [ cheers and applause ] and wale will be performing. he's awesome. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be great. he's got a new record out today. hey, do you guys like games of skill and chance that involve cured logs of pre-cooked meat? [ cheers ] >> jimmy: well, it's your lucky day, because it is time for "hot dog in a hole." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hot dog in a hole hot dog in a hole ♪ >> jimmy: well, welcome to "hot
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dog in a hole," the game where players compete against each other to see how many hot dogs they can throw through the mouths of famous people. tonight's edition, the stars of "twilight." now, let's see whose mouths we'll be throwing hot dogs into this evening. higgins! >> steve: well, jimmy, our first famed hole belongs to bella swan. played by kristen stewart she's ed's best friend and human to the end. and she may be the new girl in fork. but doesn't mean she'll be using one. she's kristen stewart and she's frantic for franks. next up is jacob black played taylor lautner. by day, he's bella's bud and by night he's an oh, so sexy werewolf. he's taylor lautner, and he needs to slam some tube meat. last, we have edward cullen aka robert pattinson. [ cheers ] he's the sexiest 108 year old vampire this side of the pacific. normally, he's sucking blood. but tonight, he's sucking down some wieners. he is robert pattinson, and he
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wants to suck your dogs, jimmy. >> jimmy: thanks you, steve. >> steve: dog! >> jimmy: there they are, the stars of "twilight" ready to gobble some hot dogs. now, all we need are the 3 contestants. higgins, who do we have tonight? >> steve: well, jimmy, tonight's contestants are -- pierre gibsom, kyle stautard and wendy marhamicka. [ cheers and applause ] get down here and get these wieners through those holes, "twilight" style. >> jimmy: very good, very good. welcome, hey. what's your name we're you from? >> pierre gibson, i'm from toronto. >> jimmy: very good. what does it say? fresh pair? fresh pair of jays? [ laughter ] >> no, nothing? >> jimmy: i don't know. i have no idea. >> jordans? i know what they are. >> jimmy: oh, jordans? >> yeah, michael jordan's shoes. >> jimmy: yeah, i call them "m.j.s." [ laughter ] fresh pair of "j's." really fresh. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, very fresh. >> jimmy: i totally got it, by the way. >> i use bounce, by the way. >> jimmy: what? >> i use bounce. >> jimmy: use bounce?
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>> you know, the fabric softener? >> jimmy: yeah. >> it helps the freshness. >> jimmy: in the freshness? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, i see, yeah. i thought you meant with this. >> well, both. >> jimmy: it smells fresh. [ laughter ] hey, what's your name and where you from? >> kyle stautard, i'm from utah. >> jimmy: yeah, utah. you ever own pair of jordans? >> actually, yeah. >> jimmy: pretty fresh? >> yeah, actually. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, pal. how are you? >> i'm good, thank you. >> jimmy: what's your name and where're you from? >> wendy, i'm from miami. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, very good. >> now, you've got jacob black back there. you confident that you can cruise your meat stick through that sexy hole? [ light laughter ] >> i'm cruising the meat sticks. >> jimmy: that's exciting. sounds like you've got hot dogs on the brain. okay, here's how the game works. behind you are some easy access wiener tubs. you're going to get 15 seconds to throw as many wieners as you can through these guy's holes. [ light laughter ] then at the end, the wiener winner will take home the big prize. you can javelin throw it, you can frisbee it, you can give it a couple -- fresh pair, throw two at a time. [ laughter ] throw two at a time, fresh pair. we call it the fresh pair of jay's over here. [ laughter ] "j" stands for "jimmy's
3:13 am
hotdogs." >> right. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] you guys ready? [ cheers and applause ] all righty, let's make some noise! here we go, turn around and start tossing your wieners, and don't stop until the clock runs out. ready, go! ♪ there you go, buddy. oh, my god! hey, you're doing good. hey! my god. you're nailing it. oh, my goodness. hey, all right, enough. stop. everyone, hold your wieners. i repeat, hands off your wieners. [ laughter ] i think we know who won, but let's look at what we just saw again at a greatly reduced speed. ♪ [ laughter ] let's take a dog there -- empty. bang, wow. that was great. let's check out the wiener tally. how many wieners flew through
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bella swan's hole? [ light laughter ] oh! six, seven, eight, nine? wait, what? one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight? is that eight? [ laughter ] >> i think there's another one. >> jimmy: is there another on that's not quite -- stick it all of the way through the hole whoever's helping out. there you go. get it in there. yeah, there you go. [ laughter ] so, you got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. eight dogs! very nice job. [ cheers and applause ] how many wieners cascaded through edward cullen's hole? ooh. five. five. five. [ laughter ] and how many wieners plopped through jacob black's hole? >> oh. >> jimmy: oh, my god. well, all right. well, we have a winner! let's bring out the grand prize! ♪ oh, my gosh. >> steve: well, jimmy, tonight's winner is a proud new owner of a old fashioned pop-up toaster.
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it's a toaster with the moster. and it's yours for winning "hot dog in a hole!" >> jimmy: there you go, buddy. that is pretty fantastic. and there's no losers here. nobody goes empty handed. as a consolation prize, we have these wonderful packages of the beef franks. [ light laughter ] here you go, my friend. there you go. hey, pal. how are you? >> great. >> jimmy: good. [ light laughter ] and also, you brought some t-shirts? >> yeah. >> jimmy: look at this, bonus. you get t-shirts and hot dogs. come on, this is unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for playing everybody. we'll be right back with animal expert jeff musial. come back to crazy animals. you won't believe it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ triple chocolate m&m's premiums...
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dark, milk, and white chocolate heaven. are we good? eh huh. m&m's premiums... in five fabulous flavors. continues to be a very special beer. six weeks after jim started the business it took the best beer in america award. nobody had tried an american beer that had that kind of flavor. twenty years off, jim is still obsessed with boston lager.
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sam adams lager continues to win medals all over the world. that's pretty cool. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. oh, wow. thank you for watching at home. i really appreciate it. you guys, our first guest tonight is an animal expert, who's back with more animals from all over the world to show us. please welcome jeff musial, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what is going on? the audience is -- >> the drum. >> jimmy: what's going on? he's about to attack everybody. >> no, no, she's okay. it's just the drum. quest got crazy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't think quest got crazy. what is -- i can see nails flying out. >> oh. >> jimmy: what is this? >> canadian lynx. >> jimmy: it's a giant cat. >> isn't he awesome?
3:19 am
>> jimmy: that's like a giant -- >> he's name is ace. well, i love the drum. he's not a big fan. sorry, but. found in canada. >> jimmy: he looks like he's ready to scratch my eyes out. >> he's abosolutely gorgeous, isn't he? his name is ace. you're a good boy. you're a good boy. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, yeah that's nice. so, where is he from again? >> canada, northern parts of the united states, he's got a big beard like z.z. top. the ladies are like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wait the ladies are -- and that's what the cat's like? >> yeah. shows the beard, he's like, "what's up?" and the ladies are like, "oh, he's hot. check him out." >> jimmy: yeah, i guess so. >> so, he pushes out the ear tufts so he can hear everything going on around him. >> jimmy: how many hours consecutively hours have you been awake? [ laughter ] >> now, about 48. >> jimmy: yeah, that's what i figured. >> i'm going to put him in, though. i got something else to show you. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> okay. it's going to be cool though. >> jimmy: yep, that thing looked like it was going to kill me. >> hang on. this is going to be awesome. hang on, like that. >> jimmy: okay. >> all right. now, these guys here, look at this. so cool.
3:20 am
look. [ audience ohs ] now, giant brazilian -- cockroaches. >> jimmy: why are you doing this? ah, ah! look at that -- oh, my gosh! [ laughter and ohs ] >> so cool. now, aren't they awesome? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, they're pretty cool. >> these guys, yeah, they're found in brazil. they're the biggest cockroaches in the world. they're bigger than the hissers. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: you put cockroaches on me? >> yeah, look it -- and the good news is i brought pregnant females. so, they can give birth at any time and you can take them home! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: get these things off of me. >> no, it's so fun! it's so cool. >> jimmy: are they laying eggs right now? >> yes, look it -- that's what she does. when move their legs, that's when start laying eggs. >> jimmy: ah! get it away! get it away! get away, seriously it's freaking me out. >> come on, all right. they're so cool though. >> jimmy: ah, you forgot on. >> no. >> jimmy: get it off, please. >> that's my gift to you. >> jimmy: this one's crawling off my neck. >> i'm sorry. [ laughter and applause ] aren't they cool? >> jimmy: why did we invite you back? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: this is insane.
3:21 am
>> it's a good time, isn't it? >> jimmy: yeah. >> giant cockroaches. are you ready for this? >> jimmy: yeah. you drinking water? >> yeah, watch this i can do it stylish too. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: this is ridiculous, stop. what else did you bring? this guy's unbelievable. >> bring him out, this is awesome. >> jimmy: oh, man. >> now, here. bring out the -- it's called a coatimundi. bring out your cologne. >> jimmy: kwata -- what? >> the cologne, you're cologne. on the side there. >> jimmy: my cologne? >> spray it on the side. what is that? you wear stetson? >> jimmy: you put this here. [ laughter ] no, you didn't. you brought -- i said bring your favorite cologne from home. you brought stetson. [ laughter ] she's a girl. she doesn't wear stetson. >> jimmy: first of all, explain what is around around your neck? what is that? >> it's called a coatimundi. >> jimmy: where's it from? >> jimmy: she only wears j.lo glow. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh. what's going on? >> now, watch this. watch this, ready? she's going to rub it into her tail. she loves it. watch. go, honey, over here. smell it, right here. she doesn't like it. >> jimmy: what you mean? so, do you want to try the stetson. >> no, don't touch her.
3:22 am
[ light laughter ] >> jimmy: what do you mean don't touch her? >> okay, sorry. [ laughter ] yeah, try stetson. spray it there. spray it there. >> jimmy: all right, i'm going to try stetson. >> they love the smell. okay, good, watch. she'll rub it into her tail. watch. she doesn't like to smell musky like a ferret or anything, so they'll rub it into tail, look. >> jimmy: oh, okay. [ audience aws ] >> isn't that cool, she loves your cologne, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's not my cologne! i don't wear stetson. >> yeah, you do. >> jimmy: it does smell pretty good though. >> you love stetson. >> now where do you find this -- >> in south america, you'll find them in like the rain forest. they're part of the raccoon family. and they're just such a neat, neat creature because they have a long nose for rooting around in the mud and the dirt and stuff like that. >> jimmy: she's rubbing the cologne into the tail? >> into her tail. to take the smell of jimmy fallon home. >> jimmy: stetson is not my -- okay. >> i said "bring your favorite cologne." and you brought stetson. and now you're denying it on air. >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. this is -- now, where would this normally hang out. >> south america, in the rain forest. you'll find them up in the trees eating fruits, vegetables. see, some people get in trouble. these guys will full blown attack you. like come at you -- like, rip your face off. but she -- [ laughter ] that's in south america, because people feed them.
3:23 am
they give them bread and marshmallows and stuff. and then they come right after you. you never take anything away from a coatimundi because they'll come at you full bore. >> jimmy: really? >> watch, give her something and take it back. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why would i do that? i'm not doing that at all. that's ridiculous. >> i got one more animal. >> jimmy: all right jeff, thank you. >> you ready for this? >> jimmy: oh yeah. >> this is going to be so great. now, i need you to stand up. >> jimmy: okay. >> this is so great. now, put your hands out. [ audience ohs ] put your arms out, and act like a tree, don't leave, get it? tree, leave. look at this! >> jimmy: all right, don't do this. don't do this -- >> yeah, look! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god. all right, don't do this. oh, gross. >> yeah! >> jimmy: oh my god! oh, my gosh. >> look at that, jimmy! isn't that cool? >> jimmy: well, i guess so. >> her name's popcorn. >> jimmy: feel like britney spears. [ laughter ] >> do you know any britney? sing a little, sing. come on, it's like -- ♪ i'm a slave for you go! do it. do it, jimmy, do it! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: why do you always make me do stuff. it's choking me. it's choking me. it's choking me! >> no, that's because she likes you. come on, jimmy. ♪ i'm a slave for you do it, come on!
3:24 am
>> jimmy: stop it dude. jeff musial everybody. january jones is up next. come on back. dude, this is crazy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. you know our next guest as betty draper on the big-time television show "mad men." starting friday, you can see her in the new film "pirate radio." and this weekend, she hosts "saturday night live" with musical guest black eyed peas. busy girl. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome january jones. ♪ i love i love i love my calendar girl ♪ ♪ yeah, sweet calendar girl, january you make me feel all right ♪ >> jimmy: it's all right. it's just -- >> it's a lot of hair. >> jimmy: it's yorkie hair, or
3:28 am
whatever the heck it was he brought out. or it might even be just from jeff. he sheds when he comes on our show. sorry about that. we should clean that hair off. i apologize. >> does anybody have a lint brush? >> jimmy: gosh, yeah, we can get a lint brush for you. you look gorgeous. thank you for coming on. >> thanks. thanks for having me. >> jimmy: and now you are wearing extra fur. peta's not gonna be happy. >> i know, peta's gonna be pissed. >> jimmy: yeah, but you're not wearing that. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> jimmy: how is it going upstairs at "saturday night live"? >> good. i mean, so far, we've just done the pitch meeting, and we did the promos. >> jimmy: okay. >> it's going good, though. it was really funny pitches. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and my first time, so i'm really nervous. >> jimmy: oh, no, you will be fine. did you have any ideas of your own? >> i wanted to do the "da bears" skit because i'm a big football fan. >> jimmy: the thing from, like, 20 years ago? [ laughter ] why don't you do the coneheads? >> da bears. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, i know it. first of all, they didn't go, "the bears." they snuck on some people and said, "da bears"? that's not how the sketch went at all, but i like it. >> well, that's how i would, you know, revamp it. >> jimmy: the great robert smigel wrote that.
3:29 am
very funny guy. >> i could be a, you know, wear a beard. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but they didn't like that idea. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what -- are you going to do, like, a "mad men" thing? >> probably. >> jimmy: right, you have to do a "mad men" thing. >> i mean, i left the pitch meeting saying, "just for you all to know that i can't sing, dance, play an instrument or do impressions." so -- >> jimmy: should be a challenge. [ applause ] >> it'll be good for them. >> jimmy: i think you'll be great. they're good writers up there. >> thanks. >> jimmy: "mad men" finale was this past sunday. >> yep. >> jimmy: i don't want to spoil it for any -- no spoiler alerts. i won't give anything away. >> it already aired. >> jimmy: huh? >> it already aired. >> jimmy: some people tivo it. >> oh. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] i usually give it, like, a week before i spoil anything. >> okay, all right. >> jimmy: right now, we are only on tuesday. >> i haven't seen it. >> jimmy: well, let me know. i think you know what happens. you're in it. >> i vaguely remember. >> jimmy: there is a big thing that happens at the end of that. >> yeah. i die. >> jimmy: no, you can't tell everybody. no, she does not die.
3:30 am
everybody is in shock. like, "what?" they're so mad. "you ruined my tivo, spoiler." any clues on what's gonna happen next season? >> no, unfortunately. i don't think the writers even know what they're going to do. we're always shocked each year that we get to come on back, you know, back on. >> jimmy: when did you stop filming "mad men"? >> we stopped -- >> jimmy: "mad men." >> "mad men." we stopped two months ago. >> jimmy: i say "madmen." >> say that again. "mad men." >> jimmy: "mad men." yeah. [ light laughter ] >> okay. >> jimmy: but you finished shooting "mad men." and then you -- what i would do is i would just go on vacation and just have a blast. >> i did. >> jimmy: but, no, you kind of didn't, though. >> well, i decided to go on a -- i don't know, an adventure, i guess. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i decided to get in my car, told everyone not to call me, you know, agents, what have you. and just got in my car with my dog, and i drove up to oregon. then i drove down to the redwoods because i have never seen the redwoods. >> jimmy: beautiful. >> they were big. >> jimmy: they were unbelievable, right? >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: squishy when you -- did you touch them?
3:31 am
>> no, didn't squish them. >> jimmy: stayed in the car? >> no. >> jimmy: you could have rented a dvd, you know? [ laughter ] "here's oregon. there's a redwood tree." >> they're in california. >> jimmy: oh, wait, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> and then my mom call and she said, "what are you doing? you should come visit." so i decided to drive to iowa from the redwoods. [ single person clapping ] >> jimmy: oh, really? >> woo! [ light laughter ] i'm not from there. >> jimmy: so you drove all of the way to iowa? >> yeah, i did. it took me five months. >> jimmy: five months. [ laughter ] that's where you've been. i was wondering what happened to you. we were all worried. we were told not to call you. >> five days. >> jimmy: five days, oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so you get there. >> yep. i stayed there for a couple of weeks and just hung out and watched the fall and hung out with my family. and then, on the way back, i got caught in a blizzard. there was a blizzard in october in utah. >> jimmy: that's right. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i remember reading about that. >> do you? >> jimmy: yeah. >> oh, okay. there was a bad blizzard, and i got stuck.
3:32 am
and we were going, like, eight miles per hour on this highway, freeway, whatever. >> jimmy: did you pay money for it? >> for what? >> jimmy: the highway. >> no. >> jimmy: then it was a freeway. >> okay. [ laughter ] is that how that works? >> jimmy: that is why people don't travel. me and you should go away for five months. wouldn't that be fun? me, you and the animal expert. it would be great. >> is he really an expert? >> jimmy: yeah. >> okay. so we were going 8 miles an hour, and i saw a snowplow ram into a semi and go off of the road. and i thought that i was probably going to die, but i didn't. >> jimmy: you ate your dog? >> no, i didn't eat my dog. >> jimmy: i'm just kidding. i'm just thinking, what if you had to survive? >> i finally got to this little town that was, like, eight miles away from this crash. it was called beaver, utah. >> jimmy: beaver, utah? >> i was stuck in beaver. >> jimmy: yeah. >> for a day and a half. [ light laughter ] yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: unbelievable. yeah. whew! [ laughter ] [ scattered applause ] >> it was an amazing town. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah.
3:33 am
>> jimmy: what is the population of that town, do you think? >> i don't know. i don't think it was very big. i didn't venture out. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. yeah, absolutely, very small. >> and there was a restaurant called "restaurant." >> jimmy: it was called restaurant? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? that's an original name. >> yeah. and then, i noticed on the way out that the high school is called the beavers. go, beavers -- in beaver. >> jimmy: really? very original. >> they're a very creative town. >> jimmy: yeah. but in the meantime, though, you filmed a movie? >> no -- what movie? >> jimmy: "pirate radio." >> oh, yeah, well, i filmed that last year. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you do another movie after that one? >> not yet. >> jimmy: you are, like, living in the future -- am i healthy in the future? [ light laughter ] but "pirate radio." >> yes, "pirate radio," i shot that last year. >> jimmy: very british. >> it was very british. >> jimmy: but it comes out now, this year. >> yes. in america. it came out a while back in the u.k.
3:34 am
>> jimmy: yeah. well, we are here in new york, in america. and your movie is coming out now. >> right. >> jimmy: but it's about a bunch of deejays in england from the '60s that wanted to hear some rock 'n' roll, and it was banned or something? >> it was banned -- these rogue boats would play. they would -- all the deejays would be on the boats, and they'd broadcast it from the boats. >> jimmy: like "pirate radio." >> "pirate radio." and i don't know why they couldn't play rock 'n' roll. i guess it was bad. >> jimmy: it was like "footloose," probably. >> yeah. oh, that town. it was probably beaver. >> jimmy: beaver, yeah. it was set in beaver. yeah, absolutely. but you play kind of an interesting role. >> i play an american girl, who, kind of comes in and breaks up the camaraderie on the boat between two of the deejays. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i marry one to get to another one. okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and it starts a huge fight on the boat. >> yes. >> jimmy: and this is richard -- >> you got to have a goal. >> jimmy: yeah. this is richard curtis, who did "notting hill." >> mm-hmm.
3:35 am
>> jimmy: "four weddings and a funeral." >> "love actually." >> jimmy: "love actually." >> "girl in the cafe." >> jimmy: "girl in the cafe." he's a funny guy. >> yeah, he's a really funny guy. >> jimmy: we have a clip of the movie. here it is, "pirate radio," january jones. in theaters friday. >> i'm so in love. >> hmm. would that you were. >> gavin's so fantastic. >> oh, isn't he? isn't he just the greatest, the coolest guy? >> yes, he is. i guess that's why i'm in love with him. >> koala bear, when you said that you were in love with him, there might be a translation. what do you mean by that? >> jimmy: exactly. very good. [ applause ] now, i have read, like, in the press that you are doing -- in the press that you're doing for all this, it said somewhere that you're a beer pong champion. >> among my friends, yes. >> jimmy: well, that kind of got me all riled up. >> i know, but i heard about the way you play beer pong. it's not beer pong.
3:36 am
there's no pong. it's just cups, and you throw a ball in a cup. that's not beer pong. >> jimmy: oh, no,hat's beer pong now. >> i think it's called something else. >> jimmy: it's called beer pong. >> the way i play it, you have two cups, and you have a setter and a server, and there's two teams. it's actually a game, not just -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: let's see who is playing a game right now. >> i have to do it? >> jimmy: the challenge is on. right now, let's do this! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: throw it in a cup, and swoosh? that's it? here we go. so far, i am one win and five losses. you can take that down. i've beat betty white. i beat betty white fair and square. so if it's so easy -- >> ivanka trump beat you? >> jimmy: yeah, ivanka beat me twice. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right, january jones. here you go. you get first throw, if it's so easy. first one to two. when it lands in your cup, you have to drink the beer. is that the way you play in your little game? >> yeah, except the beer is all the way to the top. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: unbelievable. all right, pal, you go for it.
3:37 am
let's go. ♪ >> oh. do i get to go again? >> jimmy: oh, yeah -- you go now. i go now? here we go. >> you don't even know how? >> jimmy: oh, yes! >> do i take the ball out? >> jimmy: you take the ball out, and then chug that half. you know, like they do in beer pong. >> it is literally, like, a millimeter. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> do i take it away? >> jimmy: yeah, off to the side. let's go. this is when i get my second win, you and betty white. [ light laughter ] >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: do you want to throw another one, try it again? >> no, i don't play like that. >> jimmy: there you go. come on, pal. >> jimmy: yes! [ cheers and applause ] my second win!
3:38 am
january, are you happy for me? you're so happy for me. january jones. "pirate radio" is in theaters friday. and tune in to "saturday night live" this weekend. troy polamalu joins us next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ meet bob. bob's helping us see where it's easier to find money. in there, or when you compare auto insurance prices at esurance. [ laughter ] fill out one easy online form for real-time prices from esurance and other leading companies. then, esurance helps you buy from the place that saves you the most! how much ya got? $53. good work. but esurance is a better one-stop shop to find cash! drivers who compare rates at esurance save $451 a year on average. [ crowd cheering ] find your cash in minutes at esurance.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. hey, our next guest was in denver last night, leading the pittsburgh steelers to a big win on the road against the broncos. please welcome two-time super bowl champion and perennial all-pro troy polamalu, everybody! ♪ ♪ just let your soul glow just let it shine through just let your soul glow ♪
3:42 am
>> jimmy: yeah. that is what i am talking about. how are you, buddy? >> i am good, thank you. thank you for the hairy chair, by the way. >> jimmy: do you know january jones? >> now i do. >> jimmy: yeah, january is a big fan. >> january: i am going to geek out a little bit. >> jimmy: are you geeking out right now? >> january: a little bit. >> jimmy: she loves, like, sitting in cars and watching football and stuff. >> january: no, when i'm in a car, it's sirius radio. >> jimmy: oh, sirius. but you are such a fan of troy, you told people that you were going to be troy for halloween. >> january: yes. >> jimmy: and they made a mock -- some sports guy made a mock-up of what you would look like. that's pretty good right there. [ laughter ] >> i think that the steelers fans would like that. >> jimmy: steelers fans would dig that, right? now, buddy, what a game last night. and now you're here. thanks for making it here. i appreciate you coming. >> thank you. >> jimmy: god, you guys have some great fans, too. people are going nuts out there. [ cheers ] they've got the terrible towels. [ applause ] yeah, see the towels going around? yeah. i mean, that's amazing that you
3:43 am
came out here. thanks so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: it was a crazy game. was that exciting for you? >> yeah, definitely. monday night games are always big. they're fun. >> jimmy: yeah, they're always good. i mean, i want to talk about -- you are on the cover of madden ten -- >> no! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's a madden curse. i have to talk about the curse. >> no, don't talk about it. >> jimmy: you got to talk about it. >> you can't talk about it. >> jimmy: i have to talk about it. this is like when that guy put that snake around me, i have to do this. there's a curse. look at larry fitzgerald. he's over here. he got injured. he was out a couple of games. and then you got injured, my man. the madden curse exists, maybe? >> i don't know. we'll see. we'll see how the season ends. >> jimmy: i mean, you're kicking butt now. but, i mean, you can't even break the curse. it happened. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but you're a super-strong dude, so you can just come right back and rebound off it. >> well, see, that's why you have to have head & shoulders and counteract the madden curse. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: that's true, yeah. >> i'm sorry. i had to put the plug in. >> jimmy: no, no, please. >> now the plug's out. i can talk about real stuff. >> jimmy: no, we want to hear
3:44 am
about this. it's very soft. it's very, very nice. >> thank you. >> jimmy: we have a lot of great pictures of you with your head & shoulders right there. look at this. there you go, there. and that's you getting your hair curled right there. [ laughter ] that is perfect. what do you do? it's troytackles -- >> >> jimmy: and what is going on? >> well, head & shoulders and i are teaming up with operation once in a lifetime, which is like a make-a-wish for soldiers that are coming home from overseas, for veterans. and we do everything from helping a soldier with his daughter that is sick from a blood disease, as well as helping somebody start a new album. so it is a really cool little program. >> jimmy: and you want people to just go on the site and donate money? >> yeah, just click on donate. you can donate one dollar, you know and -- >> jimmy: a dollar. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i will do more than that, actually. absolutely. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i will go on there. and then, you seem like such a nice, soft-spoken, sweet guy. then you go out there, and you
3:45 am
just crush people's brains. [ laughter ] dude, you are an animal. i mean, you are unbelievable. i could never do that in high school. could you ever teach me just how to get in there and just tackle somebody? >> i will try my best to teach you. >> jimmy: you could? >> jimmy: yeah. all right. go to to learn more about operation once in a lifetime. when we come back, troy will teach me to tackle like an all-pro. and january, you, too? and january, too. come on back. thanks, buddy.
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody. we're back with steelers fanatic january jones and steeler all-pro troy polamalu who's going to teach me how to make a bone-jarring tackle. you intimidated? >> i am. >> jimmy: i mean, look i got a height advantage. it makes me feel tough. [ laughter ] this is how i go clubbing, by the way. i just carry my helmet with me. this is the thing i read about, you don't work out with weights so much. >> no, not really. >> jimmy: no. gosh. but i mean, but what do you do? >> january: yeah, so what do you
3:49 am
do? >> well, naturally, i'm samoan. so, i'm naturally pretty big, but i don't know, i just do a lot of stretching and different things like that. >> jimmy: it's all stretching and stuff like that. >> somewhat. >> jimmy: gosh, i got to start stretching. [ laughter ] that's insane. all right. you got to show me how to do this. now, what do i do? i got to get my protective gear on. >> well, you got to get your helmet on first, of course. >> jimmy: absolutely, yeah. hey, what's up? i'm so clubbing. [ cheers and applause ] "yeah! what's up man, how you doing?" [ laughter ] i say, "how are you doing?" that's what i yell. [ laughter ] i don't know why i yelled that. what do i do? i get behind -- what is this thing now? >> okay, this is a tackling sled. >> jimmy: oh yeah, i've seen this in the movies -- and then, the coach, if they're bad, they make people do the up -- one up and down. >> yeah. >> jimmy: up and downs where you -- you do a push up and then you go like -- [ laughter ] >> well, it's actually it's a little more complex than that. it's an old martial arts technique started by sensei lombardi -- [ laughter ] oh, it's not a joke, it's serious.
3:50 am
>> jimmy: oh. [ laughter ] what? >> you see, the teams that have taken this most serious, as the steelers have, have been successful, of course. >> jimmy: so, he is a sensei? >> yeah, so, i'm going to teach you what i have learned. >> jimmy: all right. here we go. i'm so excited. master, should i call you master? [ light laughter ] sensei? let's so sensei, what do i do? >> well, honestly, i'm not a very good tackler, so i would just try to hit this thing as hard as you can. >> jimmy: what are you talking about? [ laughter ] not a very good tackler? all right, so, january, you get up on this thing. and then, where do i hit it? >> i would try to hit it as low as possible. >> jimmy: really? like down here right low? >> yes, depending on how big they are, but i would probably start about right here. >> jimmy: okay, right there. and you get on the back of that thing? >> and you got to get a running start though. >> january: am i going to fall off? >> jimmy: all right. >> i'm going to hold on right here. >> jimmy: "for saturday night live's" sake. here we go.
3:51 am
all right, ready? all right. here we go. ♪ >> jimmy: get ready. [ cheers and applause ] oh, my gosh. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's do some up and downs. how do i do up and down? >> just flop on your belly and jump up as fast as you can. [ laughter ] down. >> jimmy: like, down now? >> yeah, now you come up. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that was pretty good, coach. thank you. [ light laughter ] >> that's all right. >> jimmy: troy polamalu, everybody. we'll be right back with the performance of wale, there he is in the playstation 3 room playing uncharted 2. what's up wale? [ cheers and applause ]
3:52 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody and thank you for watching. our next guest is a really talented rapper from washington, d.c. who, today, released his debut album "attention deficit." he's here tonight to perform the song "pretty girls" with a little help from the roots, please welcome wale! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ girls i ask 'em do they smoke ask'em what do they know ask'em can we go ♪ ♪ pretty girls ♪ sunshine in the air perfume everywhere girls are everywhere ♪ ♪ a lime to a lemon remind you of the sky when i'm in and we on cloud nine for that minute ♪
3:56 am
♪ admire your style and your physique and i ain't trying to critique but you deserve ♪ ♪ a good drink so what's up what you sippin' on it's no problem ♪ ♪ black and gold bottles like i'm pro-new orleans ♪ ♪ but shorty i'm far from a saint but i got two a-mex's that look the same way ♪ ♪ wale, d.c., that's me my prada say prada the prada say fila and i ain't gotta tell you ♪ ♪ they know about me come to d.c. and i can make you a believer ♪ ♪ see, baby i'm a leader they always from a libra ♪ ♪ and i ain't trying to lead you wrong sugar i need ya ♪ ♪ so would you please listen to what i'ma need from you not for tonight but for tomorrow's amnesia ♪ ♪ pretty girls i ask 'em do they smoke ask 'em what do they know ask 'em can we go ♪ ♪ pretty girls sunshine in the air perfume everywhere girls are everywhere ♪ ♪ pretty girls
3:57 am
a lime to a lemon i'm dying to limit i get the pretty women ♪ ♪ to respond to the rhythm i'm a bona fide legend my rhymes so forgiving ♪ ♪ it ain't gonna take me but minute ♪ ♪ she gonna be all up in it did it cross my path i ain't superstitious i make a church lady ♪ ♪ some say two religions she's got to think i'm with it your mom's got to dig it ♪ ♪ even told me that no when i was trying to kick it ♪ ♪ these pretty girls try to make pens you can lick it ♪ ♪ but it's a long line you will have to take a ticket ♪ ♪ you pick a destination we can go somewhere and live it ♪ ♪ if i can make a rhyme i know i can make a living ♪ ♪ out there on a different continent but my compliments i love them chicks with a lot of self confidence ♪ ♪ i can sit in a kitchen it's like chocolate pretty girls in the world keep on rocking it ♪ ♪ pretty girls i ask 'em do they smoke ask 'em what do they know ask 'em can we go ♪ ♪ pretty girls sunshine in the air perfume everywhere
3:58 am
girls are everywhere ♪ ♪ clap clap okay just clap clap okay just clap clap everybody clap go on clapping ♪ ♪ okay just clap clap okay just clap clap the ugly girls be quiet ♪ ♪ okay just clap clap okay just clap clap okay just clap clap ♪ ♪ okay just clap clap okay just clap clap okay just clap clap ♪ ♪ okay you have 'em in amazement switchin' four lanes in that 09' range ♪ ♪ while i'm sippin' that trey trying to get splashed on i'm on my way ♪ ♪ it's like this all day ♪ okay my names wale they probably know me from the you know boss in my hugo ♪ ♪ floss like my toother my flow is on pluto them rollins ain't put on ♪ ♪ they can have a beat ♪ yeah shorty that's g tokyo spinners ya shorty that's g ♪ ♪ please get hip to that new d.c. i'ma pg, i ain't gonna keep them ♪ ♪ and i be with you so i got b.b.c. ♪
3:59 am
♪ even if i didn't i gonna ball like it's raining ♪ ♪ now shawty this is what i need from you ♪ ♪ not for tonight but for tomorrow's amnesia ♪ ♪ pretty girls i ask 'em do they smoke ask'em what do they know ask'em can we go ♪ ♪ pretty girls sunshine in the air perfume everywhere girls are everywhere ♪ ♪ pretty girls sunshine in the air perfume everywhere girls are everywhere ♪ ♪ pretty girls sunshine in the air perfume everywhere girls are everywhere ♪ >> d.c. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. wale, that's what i'm talking about. that was great. wale, everybody! check out his brand new album,


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