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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i promise you, he absolutely believes feeling lucky is going to win this race. >> good evening, i'm rod daniels. the eyes of the racing world now shift to bell mont. what a week it's been, the day's festivities culminated with a spectacular race but no triple crown winner. >> you are looking at looking proved an ironic name. couldn't find a good trip on the track and kept losing out. not because he gave up or had a bad jocky just winning horse races hard if you don't cop a break. kentucky down the stretch, a
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surprising new shooter. good stretch he couldn't quite find it. >> you are lucky to get hit. you know every time he had those, he came back. he's got a great mind. he's just a really great athlete and one of the best horses i ever had.
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>> "meet the press," last year, as you know, attendance was a little disappointing. today, more than 95,000 pex kim to the gates here scoring the preakness former glory. >> a lot more preakness this year than last year. fans came back to the infield. a change to the alcohol policy kept many long time visitors away. this year for an extra $20, in fielders got a red mug and could drink as much as they wanted. they are happy with the compromise. the great deal, you can get all you can drink and a concert. >> i appreciate it. there's more people out here had year than everything. today it is more.
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>> admitting the in field wasn't as crazy as in years past. safer than the in field. no beer canceling or fights, really. >> still some an ticks of course and something a little sent i mental. >> i proposed to my girlfriend. she said yes. fans are glad to be back in the in field for a day of races. >> somewhere where all your friends get together and you hang out for a zay. >> the crowds here are a lot of fun. they are more responsible. reporting wbal tv 11 news. >> you can relive the preakness
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stakes by going to our website where we posted today's coverage. behind the scenes moments. if you attended, we'd like to take paurt in our on line survey. what did you think of this year's in field situation? better or worse? go to wbal now where an early morning fire has a community in mourning. state fire marshal's office confirmed three children were killed in a home in the northeast. happened around 3:30 this morning. the children's mother survived. she was burned over 17% of her body. neighbors say the community is heart broken.
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>> damages so far estimated at $350,000. sky team 11 brought these pictures in around 8 p.m. tonight. piles of wood caught fire. only got worse after coming in contact with propane and gas tanks. officials are now searching for a cause. >> a 32-year-old man stabbed around 1:30 this morning. unable to make it. police have yet to find his attacker. >> do you recognize the woman? 28-year-old is missing and baltimore county police believe she may have been victimized. officials aren't releasing any details. jennifer was last seen around 4 a.m. on friday. contact baltimore county police if you have information.
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>> another case of animal abuse to report. a group of kids beat a pit bull puppy to death. several golfers spotted the case and chased the kids away. we called the shelter and gave them all the information we had on it. >> baltimore city animal control now investigating that incident. an update now on the dog attached with a machetti last week. the pit bull mix is back with her family tonight. vet says she'll never be the same. they had to repair a collapsed lung and right wrist. they have arrested a neighbor in the attack. the 33-year-old is charged with n maul mute ligs and
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trespassing. trying to get a hand l on that oil leak in the gulf. more adjustments are needed. >> amazing. absolutely amazing. better late than never. these soldiers are back home. emotional reunions are coming up. >> just to the west, we see some rain. we'll talk about how that may affect our weather tomorrow or next week. all coming up. at the moment, we have clear skies.
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>> plan b, which is the 5,000 foot sife on tube fell short. this comes as the second of
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interior caul caught up. >> the frame shifted so they were unable to make that connection. they had to bring the frame and tool back to the surface. we have a huge responsibility and mission to make sure the wild life resources of the gulf coast are protected. >> teams are planning a second try after adjustments are made to the tube. >> the white house is asking the presidential library to speed release of the documents elena kegan, serving in the clinton white house from 1995-1999. documents are expected to be released this summer. president barak obama selected her to succeed john paul stephens.
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hundreds of police officers join president barak obama in the tribute to their fallen comrades. a look at today's national peace officers co-mem operation. >> storming to the southwest, >> storming to the southwest, we'll talk about how it affects
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>> members of the 1035 g air lift group returned. an emotional reunion. >> a fantastic event especially with my lovely pregnant wife. expected home on thursday but the trip was postponed when that is stubborn volcano in iceland started spewing again. >> this national peace officer's day started back in 1962. we have that story. >> at the u.s. capitol, a
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memorial for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty president barak obama joined in. >> each among american's finest. >> gunned down inside a washington area coffee shop are among the nails being added to the memorial >> the car bombing attempt serves as a chilling reminder that these dangers are unlike the generations that came before.
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broin moore, wbal tv 11 news. >> now honoring the names of nearly 19 fallen officers dating back to 1972. >> now, your 11 weather forecast. >> today, almost too good to be true. >> high of 78 at the airport. a couple of degrees above the average. the low today at the airport, 62 and 68 which is the low this morning. no rain here with us. >> let's take a look at what we have as far as temperatures right now. 59 eastern. westminster, 63. york down in the 50's now. cumberland with 51.
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cooler air trying to selt in. clouds coming our way too. take a look at this. we have clear exercise all over the city here. off to the north and west, high thin clouds beginning to move in to the picture. we have rain making clouds. a good chunck of west virginia right now. we expect that the rain will dry up in the mountains. some of the high cloudy necessary is blowing over. a few sprinkle s south of us is a possibility tomorrow. if the warm air had been pushed down south will come right back up as this storm system in the
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coast region comes our way. a lot of moisture and a slow mover. prevending it from moving right out. our forecast tonight going to pick up some scattered clouds. soon to be cool. the if tr cast shows that moisture we have down there this evening. we pick up some clouds. that stays surpressed to the south. that air is really too dry up here. if you watch the time frame, more rain make it's more serious. by monday morning, rain is moving into the area. several waves of rain come our way monday into tuesday. our forecast tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sun. a few sprinkle s to the south. it should remain dry tomorrow. light east to southeast winds
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69-73. cooler tomorrow because of the winds. and the cloud deck. northeast winds 5-10 knots. water temperatures now in the mid 60's. seven-day forecast. generally, we pick up a bufrpbl of clouds. only in the 60's on monday and tuesday for highs. 50 $for lows. on begin, off again rain. these don't look like great days. we need the rain. we are a little short for the month. it would be nice to have a little more scattered out. wednesday to thursday, we have rain chances. friday and saturday, we dry out again. temperatures bounce back up to near 80 degrees. down the stretch becomes. we'll talk more about the preakness. did i tell you, the orioles going for a fourth consecutive
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win for the first time this year. can it happen? >> james won $200,000. finally your last number tonight is 121. your power ball. you match this one, you win. 20.
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>> we'll never know if the jocky jump bell made the difference. now, just praise. garcia wasn't as surprise the
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as anyone about it. near, a preakness champion. >> he's going to win a triple crown. i didn't sleep that night. well done, not so much of a championship variety. all kinds of hopeful about bouncing back. copping one taking care of austin curtis. bottoms hello. sole owe shot. just enough. the second home run of the game. 12 g of the year. pulling up reign, operating
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trying toold on to the job. he doesn't have a grip. a three run shot giving the indians a lead. more for good measure. ncaa lacrosse under ways today. dismantling 20-5. scoring today including mount strstr mary. honored with a movement silence. her thoughts heavy in this game. behind the though from the grief. the big shot. more in the second. moving the ball. up and on target. virginia in the second round. loyola today rally all the way
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back. 10-9. murray. the game tying goal. we have over time. a triple over time. the big red out. there's your game winner. heart break for the half. moving on 11-10. picked off by hol amman. into the house it goes. a 5-4 lead. a separation process. in the right side. 6-5 maryland. welcomed to college park.
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that's the lewis impression. breathing easier, now on to the second round. owned to the post season until today. the first time for max in front 3-1. a lot of goal tending erry. a really nice move in front. the goal and duke in front 5-3. 12 seconds to go in the first 12 seconds to go in the first half.
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>> a last check of the weather. >> a little rain in southwest and western virginia out there. we'll pick up some of those clouds. 71, the high tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle to the south. rain chances really kick in monday and tuesday. only in the 60's for the highs. we don't get into the rain chances. >> thank you for joining us.>> now a message from the people who ruined our ocean. >> i'm tony hayward. >> and i'm tim probert


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