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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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>> it is difficult. >> governor o'malley says he has a plan to give the oyster a comeback not seen in decades. under the new regulations, the state would more than double the number of oyster sanctuaries and expand the amount of anchorage businesses to cage and grow oysters. >> none of this is easy, but we are informed and guided by science and we stick to what we know, we can make a better day for the oyster, as we have already brought about a better day for the crab. >> broda oysters is an opportunity for more farming jobs and a cleaner bay. oysters naturally filter water. >> it is an exciting day. thanks to you, at 100 years of oyster mismanagement will be turned around today. >> there was a six-year environmental impact study. it could generate $25 million in
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economic impact of the next several years. the officials make no promises the plan will go exactly as planned. >> when you are dealing with mother nature, there are no guarantees. i would say that we are very hopeful, because we have based this on the best science available. >> these regulations could go into effect by october. however, the state wants to spend about $40 million a year on the plan. right now it only has about $10 million a year ready to go. >> now to the latest on the gulf oil spill. bp said it will make another attempt to plug the gusher next week, where frustration is overflowing in washington, where some wonder if the government should do more to deal with the disaster. nicole is live with the details. >> this is a live look behind me at that oil leak. the white house saying is doing
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everything humanly and technologically possible to assist bp. beneath the water, a video feed shows more oil spewing into the gulf, as outrage overflows on capitol hill. >> the american people are justifiably outraged that this is continuing. >> lawmakers pressed scientists for more information about the impact. among the concerns, chemical dispersants being used to break up the oil. >> would you print it in your swimming pool? would you take a bath in it yourself? it is harmful to you, what is going to do to attend a fish? >> they warn callous animals are at -- countless animals are at risk. scientists estimate enough oil to go from new york to
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washington round trip. it could express -- could stress from the u.s. to argentina and back. the company will soon attempt to plug the gusher for good with heavy mud. the white house says it is optimistic, but is coming under fire about whether the government is doing enough. >> we have taken every step. we have pushed relentlessly for bp to do what is necessary to contain what is leaking. >> the procedure that bp plans to use to close up this blown out well is called a cocktail. the company was going to try it this weekend, but officials say it will not happen until at least tuesday. >> realistically, what can the white house to, if anything, at this point? >> this was a white -- a hot topic at today's white house briefing. press secretary robert gibbs says that ultimately, bp is responsible.
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>> we have continuing coverage of the gulf oil spill on our website. go to and click on "national news." >> a pilot is being treated for a broken back with after his plane ran off the runway. state police they happen near private residence. the cause is still under investigation. police are investigating an accident that killed a candidate for county executive. about 7:00 last night, officers say steven wright's suv hit a utility pole after it ran off the road in bellaire. he had been challenging david craig republican nomination this november. according to his facebook page, he was on his way to right to life meeting at the library just prior to the crash. >> is very tragic, whether or not you are running for office.
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our sympathies go out to his wife and children. >> police say they do not believe he was wearing a seatbelt. steven wright was 50 years old. >> police say a vehicle caught fire not long after the crash. police are withholding the victim's name until the next of kin have been notified. the cause of the accident is under investigation. friends of a man killed in a hit and run say they want justice. a rally was held this afternoon on north tower street in baltimore. friends and co-workers knew him as speedy. >> speedy was a great guy, very funny guy. he was a hard worker. he did not deserve someone to run him over in the middle of the street and just leave him laying there like an animal or
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something. >> if you have any information on this hit and run, you are urged to call baltimore city police. a bizarre accident in frederick county. authorities say one adult and child were injured when a car crashed into the roof of a home in myers bill. -- meyersville. almost 12 hours later, the car was still on the roof. they were treated for non life- threatening injuries. the woman lives in the home with other members of the family. no one else was hurt. >> a friday afternoon committing mass. traffic backed up after a tractor-trailer caught fire in anne arundel county. authorities say the truck was packed with cardboard fed the flames. fire spread to some nearby brush. there are no reports of any injuries. >> of baltimore mother is
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outraged after she found her 4- year-old daughter walking with other children and adults after their bus was in an accident. barry simms is live in northwest baltimore with details. >> shortly after leaving this elementary school, the bus got into the accident. there were 32 children on the bus. apparently, they just aren't walking home with no adult supervision. -- they just started walking home with no adult supervision. that includes a 4-year-old girl. from now on, the bus is - one passenger. she will now get to write in a car to and from school. >> there will not be another bus incident for my child. >> ms. love resist to allow heard daughter to ride to the bus to and from the elementary school. she became concerned because the bus was late dropping off the girl. she learned the bus was involved in a minor accident.
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>> i went to the scene of the accident, and my daughter was not on the bus. there were four kids on the bus, and the rest of the bus was empty. >> she says the bus driver told her it was his first day on the route, and he allowed the kids to get off and walk home. >> she was not supposed to let them off the bus without notifying the school and the parents. >> she and neighborhood residents began calling her daughter's name and down her walking near a bar. texted area is very bad. it is a known drug area and known for gang violence. it is just and save all the way around. that is just negligence. i cannot understand. >> we asked the bus service for comment. a spokeswoman declined. but said she did complain to represented of the bus company. >> when you have bus drivers letting the children off the bus, something has to be done. she simply apologized and said
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it would not happen again. >> along with the children and the driver, there was an aide on the bus. an investigation is underway, and the school system has instructed the contractor that the bus aide is not to work with any school students pending the outcome of this investigation. >> crews are working to repair of water main break in east baltimore. officials with the department of public works say cold spring lane will most likely remain closed until tomorrow morning. more than a dozen apartments are without water. >> the executive producer for law-and-order svu is in town for graduation, and we caught up with him. we have the exclusive on what is coming up on the show, next. >> to of the world's premier soccer teams will compete in baltimore.
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see the international spotlight shines on, later in sports. >> cloud cover beginning to move into maryland, and wet weather just to our best that could impact the weekend. we will check the forecast coming up. 85 degrees at the airport and 84 downtown.
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>> our sister station hosted their annual crab feast for listeners this morning. 25 lucky listeners join the crew for crabs for breakfast. residents in harford county help celebrate clean commute month by cycling to work. the gathered in bellaire for
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contest. contestants had a chance to win prizes and network with other riders. >> a hollywood producer might seem out of place at a university graduation. he is actually a doctor. kim sat down with him and got an exclusive look at next season. >> 160 students graduated from the university of maryland medical school friday. there keynote speaker came spragustraight from hollywood. he is the executive producer of law and order svu and also happens to be a harvard-educated doctor, who uses his medical training in his work. >> we do a lot of medical stories on "svu."
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we try to raise questions at the country is facing, in terms of medical and ethical issues. >> his work gives him an unique perspective from the medical field. he says the doctors are good storytellers. he says his message for the graduates extends far beyond the walls of the hospital. >> you will shaped and reshaped by stories of major discoveries. you will be caught in the battle of cost containment and struggle with competing interests of your patients, health insurance companies, and those who have access to your care and those who do not. >> while he was in town, we asked him what happens next season on "as the new" he gave us -- on "svu" and he gave us a sneak peek. the new season will air this fall on wednesday nights at
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9:00, right here on wbal. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the beginning signs of a weather change as a cloud start to block out some of the sun today. increase in humidity on a warm friday, 87 degrees, 12 degrees warmer than -- warmer than normal high. the morning lows were relatively mild, too. apollo -- pollen count continues in the high range. temperatures are still quite high, 86 in college park, 81 and gaithersburg. hagerstown at 83. western maryland has clouds and showers nearby, helping keep them a little cooler. down at ocean city, a rather
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cool 71, 10 degrees cooler than an assault very. that is the impact of the sea breeze that kicks in in the afternoon -- color than at salisbury. the sea breeze drops the temperature on the beach. it will happen again tomorrow. bigger showers and storms coming into western ohio. tonight, just cloudy skies and mild temperatures. 56-63 for the overnight low. the slow-moving area of low pressure will impact the day tomorrow, sunday, and maybe into monday and tuesday of next week. it is sitting out here in illinois right now, moving toward us tomorrow and address on sunday and monday. it will move across the mountains and then drift down to the south. that will happen as the showers reach into the mountains and across central and eastern maryland tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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watch how the showers pushed to the south. a few lingering showers in the area monday and tuesday, but most of the rain will be down in the carolinas as we get into next week. the slow-moving storms stall and trip to the south. once the unsettled weather gets here, it will be here for a while. a little cooler than today, but a little on the muggy side with that southeast wind. 63 with its thunderstorm possible out in garrett and alleghany counties. some showers arriving near the bay tomorrow afternoon, 76 degrees. the lower eastern shore might hold on to dry weather the longest, but it will be cool on the coast as the sea breeze kicks in. showers are likely tomorrow night into sunday. waves running around 1 foot, and the bay water temperatures
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ranging through the mid 60's. the best chance for showers over the weekend is saturday night and sunday. the rain gradually tapers off monday and tuesday, and then wednesday the warmer air comes right back, partly cloudy and 84. around 85 on thursday, 86 on friday with a slight chance for a thunderstorm. >> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> war roster tinkering for the orioles today. it will not transform the team into a winner. interleague play, the battle of the beltway. the series is tied at 12 apiece, as you look back at some of the action yesterday between the orioles and the nationals. the biggest difference from a year ago remains records.
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washington has picked things up to an even 500 record in 2010. the orioles hope to end a couple of losing streak to nine. david hernandez has lost his last 11 decisions going back to last season, including a loss to the nationals. the difference border there -- a different story for washington starter scott olson. the ravens always bring football back to m&t bank stadium once august rolls around. for a second year in the role, the ravens have stadium authority and have teamed up to bring football backed earlier. they will host another international match between manchester city and entered milan will take place on july 31. organizers hope another success will position baltimore as a potential venue.
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most fans do not get terribly excited about the middle rounds, but the more you see the players the ravens got this year in the middle rounds, the more you get excited about this year's draft. that is number 88, dixon wears no. 80. a, zero at tight in will give defense a lot more to account for at that position than just todd heap. karen has the benefit of breaking in, knowing the value of todd heap. >> i played in the all-star game. the little technique things will come in handy for you and you just learn from the coaches and the great players around you. constant learning. >> after securing the no. 2 pick in the upcoming nba draft, the
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philadelphia 76ers' locked up their no. 1 pick at head coach. ironically, he is also the no. 1 pick from the 1973 draft. doug collins takes over, replacing 80 jordan. collins and the last six seasons working as an analyst. unlike most places where you had better win or the fans will not like you, collins goes to philadelphia knowing that in philadelphia, no one will like you, no matter what you do. tom tasselmyer has the forecast, coming up.
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>> in use study shows yoga can have a profound effect.
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is the bottle tax dead? there may be a solution to solving the budget problem, but can it really work? we will
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>> a little rain must fall on
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the weekend every now and then. 76 tomorrow with showers mainly in the afternoon and evening. off and on shoutershowers sundan wednesday is a nice looking day. mid to upper 80's thursday and friday. wednesday is a beautiful day. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you at a
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