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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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killed. the gunman is on the lust loose. a man was shot and killed in the front yard of his own home. police say it happened in the 700 block of railway avenue. a reporter live at police headquarters with the latest. kim? >> well debra, police don't have much to go on in this case. they found a man lying in his yard dead shot multiple times and they only have a vague description of the suspects. >> i heard the hospital flying around and i saw a spotlight, i was looking out the windows and it was going, seemed to be moving over every street and shining the light. i was scared, e didn't know what was going on. >> for people in this neighborhood soon found out. police say around 2:30 saturday morning a 40-year-old man was shot and killed in his own front yard, in the 7,000 block of railway avenue. he was shot as many as nine times. >> i'm shocked. i can't believe that. i mean, like i said, there was
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break-ins and everything but not this. that's awful. >> everything usually happens on the other side. usually this neighborhood been quiet since we lived here. we moved in 12 years ago. >> the family and friends identify him as lee martin, the owner of the bar next to his home. that's scare by np nothing happens. >> miss don't have a motive or suspects except two unidentified men running away from the area after the murder. neighbors say that concerns them and they'll take extra precautions to make sure they and their families are safe. >> we lock everything, you can't leave your car locked, you got to double check everything. >> we let our kids play on the street and maybe on the next one. i think we'll probably make sure they stay in front of the house now, even in the daylight. >> and if you have any information about this murder both -- the police want to hear
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from you. reporting live. wbal news. >> and heen while homicide detectives are busy with another shooting. it happened last night just before midnight in the landsdowne area. an unidentified man was found shot along the lane. he was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after. no word on the suspect or possible motive. new tonight, two florida men are behind bars charged with the shooting death of a baltimore man. police in batch say steven lansford ran into a lobby at 3:00 suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. lance ford was in florida attempting to make a drug deal. a bad tour when a moifer opens fire and police say he was responding to his car alarm when he found the suspect inside his
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off duty vehicle. the officer reportedly confronted the suspect a opened fire when he noticed what looked like a knife. >> no struggle, once the suspect approached the officer he incapacitated him by striking him in the right knee. >> police say charges are pending against the suspect. the officer involved in a 10-year veteran and this is the fourth city police involved shooting this year, compared to eight last year. and the police are investigating the death of a 6-week-old boy in laurel. officers responded to the 8100 block of edge rock way shortly before 9:00 this morning for the report of a death, homicide detectives were notified. however, at this time, a cause of death has not been determined. >> we have been watching rape trying to move in from the west on the radar and it came in this
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evening, one band went through and generally less than a 10th of an inch measured and now another line of showers and some thundershower active is moving in. taking a look at the radar, i'll circle the baltimore area and the beltway and down in washington, the capital beltway. you could see this line is to the west, hagerstown to frederick and down into northern virginia. there's thunder and hinet. and it'll approach the bay in the next hour. hour and a half. and we'll see more of this kind of activity on again and off again, right through tomorrow and into monday as well. bring you details on the instaweather forecast in a minute. >> all right. thank you. a tragic fire in cecil county claimed the lives of three children and severely burned their mother. a fund-raiser tomorrow will raise money for funeral expenses as the family is left mourning and stunned. >> one of the worst tragedies you could ever imagine. and -- you know, we're just, just trying to lean on one
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another and get through this. >> as tears welled up, miranda johnson talked about losing her two nephews and niece and 5-year-old aiden and 6-year-old tucker and shana crassen all killed in a fire last saturday at this home in northeast. saturday afternoon, they invited neighbors to a fund-raiser sunday, the same neighborhood where a memorial of teddy bears and flowers sit in front of a charred home that destroyed the family. >> it was a quick moving fire and she caught it 317. they responded at 3:30 and the house is engulfed. >> all the fire marshall will say is the fire started in the living room. all three children died from breathing in too much smoke. family members say, even though the fire took three young lives, they will live on forever in their memory. >> i have a picture of shana from my wedding. she's in a pink dress and cowboy boots. i'm going to go buy pink cowboy boots to remember and that picture is getting prominently placed in my house.
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>> i'm trying to get a grip on everything and still hasn't hit home. like, -- every time i look at my 4-year-old i can't even breathe because i think about the -- the kids you know. a funeral services for the three children will be held tuesday. they're survived by their mother and a 10-year-old brother travis who was not home when fire ripped through the home. >> and a dinner will be held sunday at 2738 bigs highway in northeast, and the cost is 10 dollars and the trust fund is set up at p.n.c. bank. you could make a donation at any branch. >> it has been over a month since the start of the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico, but b.p. is day as way from trying to cap the well. and vess els are slowing slowly being moved to the spill site along with top kill and that's the process of pumping mud into the leak to jam it.
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it'll be sealed with cement, until that happens, the vicious cycle continues. >> it is going to keep coming and going to be a wave after wave and it'll be cleaned up and the next day you go back and reclean it up. >> b.p. hopes to begin capping on tuesday. >> coming on -- coming up on 11 news, the strategy and traciing frauts. and the americans from iran return home empty-handed and speak out about loved ones behind bars. a teenager becomes the youngest person to climb to the top of the world. this story straight ahead. >> another line of showers and a little thunder headed this way, our instaweather plus forecast, just ahead. new kenmore elite multi-motion washer. how does that work?
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swings...steps... and tumbles. better than just circles. pbht! what?! sorry. [ male announcer ] get 15% off all appliances plus up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears. life. well spent. >> an emotional trip for three american mothers who returned home from iran today without their children. the young americans are being
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held in an iranian jail accused of being spies. the hikers claim it was an accident when when they crashed into soil last july. and the mothers say it is hard to see them accused of something they did not do. >> the emotional strain on them and loneliness and it is difficult and they can't understand why they're still in jail. >> and the mothers were allowed to visit with their children for 10 hours over two-day period. they hoped to at least make a face-to-face appeal for their children's release, to iranian leaders but to no avail. a >> troops could be pulling out of iraq, but additional support is needed in afghanistan that message from president obama today as he addressed graduates at west point. mr. obama said the taliban insurgency will turn to new tactics and american forces muss strengthen the afghan government and security poreses. the president is expected to lay out his first national security strategy next week. >> and an american boy has quite the story to tell when he
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returns home to california about his trip to the top of the world. and 13-year-old jordan romero climbed 29,000 feet and today he became the youngest person to reach the top of mount every rest. he then called his mother. his plan is to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents. rocker bret michaels suffered a brain hemridge and this week -- hem ridge, and this week it was a heart problem. >> a band of showers overnight and we'll talk about the details. it's rollback time here at walmart,
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>> well it could be an apprentice finale unlike any other. $250,000 in charity will be at stake. one of the two celebrities may not be there in person. mark about barber explains. >> it is going to be amazing and one of you will become the "celebrity apprentice." >> w-when donald trump holds the board room friday night he'll be face-to-face with holly robinson. >> she's tough as nails and smart and no games. >> trump could be staring at the other finalist, brett michaels
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in a tv monitor. >> he's very competitive. he wants to be there. >> after a pair of medical setbacks, his appearance may have to be via satellite. >> there's things going on that he needs to take care of. it means a lot to him. >> the lead singer suffered what they termed a warning stroke earlier this week and that led to a discovery of a hole in his heart that will require surgery. >> we want him to get better. >> and these recent setbacks come after a month after he suffers a brain hemorrhage. >> 50% of the people that had what he had, which was an explosion in the brain, they don't make it to the hospital. >> michael who is is diabetic tick has been competing on behalf of the american diabetes association. >> i want to see this disease gone. michaels learned his 9-year-old daughter, rain, also suffers from the condition. but trump insists michael's troubles won't be a factener
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deciding a winner. >> if i did it on that basis, i would lose credibility. i think bret would want it that way. if he doesn't do as well, he wopt make it. >> trump's decision comes sunday night. mark barber. a michaels is out of the hospital, however, doctors say he's not yet made a full recovery. he's being treated on outpatient basis to keep additional blood clots from forming. >> your instaweather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> and getting a close look on the doppler radar, over baltimore right now. nothing happening, maybe a couple of sprinkles out of the clouds. another band of showers is approaching from the west. so here's howard county. it is west of how -- howard county. there's lightning in some of this, west of the district of columbia down here. this band is coming in, and the previous one gave us anywhere from -- from 100th to 600th of an inch of rain around the area. let's look at numbers that we collected during the day today.
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that rainfall, 1-100th at the airport. and there wasn't much at all, a lot of sprinkles and height assures. took a while to get the pavement wet. 7 was the high at the airport and inhear harbour high. and there was enough sun to drive the temperature up. 76 is typical for this time of year. kehl see more clouds, probably toughtory warm up during the day tomorrow. and especially with the activity. and 69 right now, annapolis and it is 6 at cambridge and 63 at ocean a they have been in the 60's all day long and rather cool there with a breeze coming off the water. 66 at westminster and out at pred rick and 64 and at oakhand, it is the 50's all day long because of the clouds and the rain. here's the satellite image with that -- that new band of rain shower activity moving in out to the west and again, this here, this area in the northern virginia is that thundershower activity, coming in.
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we're dealing with a upper level weather disturbance. the surface reflection of it. the low pressure center, the line, the trough which is a particle front. it is dissipating but the upper air feature will be with us. and monday it will pull out and another complicating factor moving in and fair weather to the west and that comes in sometimes tuesday to wednesday. one complicating factor in this is out in the drop picks, there's a disturbance out this. and not going to be a hurricane, it doesn't look like. the atmosphere isn't set up for that. but this disturbance is expected to be pulled westward and gets in the lower portions of the atlantic about the middle of the week and may get rain close to us. we'll have ts how that plays out. questions coming up here in the next few days. overnight, cloudy and a few scattered showers and rumble of thunder. and northeast winds at 2 to 6 miles an hour. 70, 74 tomorrow.
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toughtory warm up and clouds and scattered showers and maybe a thunder clap or two. and east winds at 7 to 12 miles an hour. and sunset is fairly steady at 8:20 in the evening. voters in the bay, and northeast winds and 5 to 10 knots in the open waters of the bay and we look at the futurecast and you see the rain activity. and coipped of just toying with us. as it sits over the area all through sunday, and into monday before it finally pulls out of the picture. so our instaweather seven-day forecast, 72 sunday and 75 monday and rain chances are highest tomorrow, start to back off monday, and south of us tuesday and then we warm up next week. what you got tonight. last we chatted the orioles were in an interesting game with the nationals and getting help from washington, whether or not they could take full advantage of, and that, that coming up next in sports.
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>> upon occasion i have been a little critical of the orioles this season, not as much for their losing, rather how they failed to entertain. it is much easier to watch a team lose when they score runs. ther they entertained and showing that robin is racing. look at that. and bottom three, willingham getting a good look at brad and liking what he sees. and monster mash to left. the two-run shot, and his seventh of the year and game tied at 2-2. top four, adam jones, and back
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to work again. and a little different. morgan has bead and drops the ball and takes it to the home run. it is not. there was a tantrum and almost throws his glove and providing a heck of an example what not to do in baseball diamond. jones gets the little league two-run home run and tie wigginton. and tradrble guy and he doesn't run hard for it. two-run shot and fourth r.b.i. on the day and it is 636 had orioles and the fun is done for baltimore and two runs in. and brad bergersen out and out goes the ball from dunn and base hit scores a pair and four in the inning. that's enough. nationals even the series and the match sunday, 135. in philadelphia, dice-k matsusaka, having his way with the best lineup in the league. and we tested those. and no, no, and 7 2/3, no hit ball against the phils. it is a gem broken up by howard and werth and utley.
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and castro, with his on-base percentage. and no matter the outcome, they get the win 5-pop >> and set up perfectly for maryland. the lacrosse tourney that never failed to beat, a trip to the four, and a final four to be played in baltimore. notre dame not interested in following the script an and a tremendous record of wins and losses and never over in the championship hump. irish on the break and see it to beady and he had a bunch of moves and he scores. notre dame out. turk stained a rally. john haas, behind the net and little layers. 5-3 maryland trailing at haft. and third, plenty of princeton. coming out fighting and greg crabs. and he'll do it. and back up to three and difficulties follow the broadcast and like ways for maryland's offense. and 7-5, and the season comes to
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an end. and ncaa women are much better-yard for maryland, and top seed knocks off penn advancing to the final four and they got the winner of james madison and syracuse on friday. the virginia women and their first road game sense the death of yardley love lose to north carolina. and that ends the cavaliers season. and inter milan up for a friendly at the stadium. not sure about the teams knowing this, inter milan, very good. and get ready for a yellow and blue invasion. inter milan and bayern munich and look at the header, give-and-go. don't see that a lot. he finishes it off and second half, 66 minutes, looking for more. and crossover and not my booth, your booth. sfill 1-0, and remember the crossover, and that's even better. look at that, goodness, great
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move and the finish. there's two goals and intermilan wins the championship. to celebrate the victory, coach jose pereno will probably leave the team. all star night, nascar. for the to put your best foot forward. oh, dear. and came tony stewart representing the night. it is a million dollar first price, racing in charlotte. take a hint, other sports and make your all-star exhibition interesting and give the participants money. mark martin and logano and wrecked sideways and the winners, kurt bush he's okay and wins the million
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>> all right. we're about a month away from summer officially starting. >> we're getting spring showers in our forecast here. and some tonight and a few more tomorrow, and maybe a rumble of thunder and 72 the high and rain chances begin to taper off tuesday and monday we'll see scattered stuff too and it won't be a washout just scattered. and end of the week looks dryer and warmer, though there could be a shot of activity. >> and thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 5:00 starting tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] the following is a message from the president of the united states, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ]


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