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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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demonstrators vowed to protest. under arrest is made in the -- until an arrest is mad e in the trayvon martin case. a committee as stunned as they try to make sense of two deaths in the same week. >> they are trying to wrap their heads around this tragic weekend. two students died and their fellow students found out about it on twitter and facebook. >> you wake up the next morning and two kids are dead. >> the first happened at 2 in the morning. the student was walking
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northbound when he was hit by a car traveling in the same direction. the search continues for the driver of that car. >> i was out with my friends, we woke up this morning and i heard about the one student and the hit and run. then, there was reports of another one. >> almost 12 hours later, the body of a second student was found inside of a unit at the towns and place apartments. police say the 27-year-old was found by his roommates. he had a cardiac arrest but the medical examiner is still trying to determine how he died. >> townsend is a fine school. we have not had anything like this happened. >> both students were active fraternity members. >> this is really disconcerting to me because i did not know them personally but the greek community is like a unified
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state. if onit happens to one of us, it happens to us all. >> there will be a vigil on campus sometimes monday evening but the details are being worked out. >> police say the car that hit bailey as described as an older model silver or white box the car. does it make you feel better or worse knowing that one of the one in mega millions jackpot tickets were sd here in maryland? the record-breaking $640 million ticket, meaning someone you may know, maybe mega mega rich. flocked to this
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7-eleven after it they learned that one of the way tickets was sold here. find to >> dreaming, lord, please let it be me. i need new glasses. >> all day, people who bought their tickets here could not wait to return to the store. the store that sold the winning ticket. >> it was a quick pick and there was only one ticket purchased by the player at that time. >> the winner by just one ticket. everyone had big plans for that anonymous individual. >> they should have an organization, a school, or a church, to do something good. >> and i hope that the winner needs the money. >> thank you, baby. i am going to get it right now. >> whatever the real winner
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does, the owners are saying, oh, thank heaven. >> this store because they sold to the winning ticket, they get a $100,000 bonus. >> lottery officials are ready to process the bunning claim - - e winning ticket. >> there were two other winning tickets sold in kansas and illinois and. so far, none of the winners have been identified. all in all, americans spent one and a half billion dollars for a chance to hit the jackpot. four tickets in maryland were sold that matched the first five members -- the first five numbers. here are the winning numbers. 2-4-23-48-26-23.
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although they did not win the jackpot, our facebook viewers were still please. great attitudes. let's get it checked out on the weekend forecast. >> kind of a cloudy day to day. the sun trying to break in from the west but it was really not successful. now, we have gone overcast here in town. it is difficult to see the clouds in this particular view they are generating some thunderstorm activity down around norfolk and virginia beach. that one little whether maker kept us cloudy all day and is pushing to the south. we will have some fair weather
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for a while. there is another system at the great lakes and it comes in tomorrow. we will see how it plays out with the insta-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you. now, to an update from a story that we brought you at 6:00. george wells was shot and killed by a baltimore city police officer. officers were called northeast baltimore for a report of a disturbance. police said the suspect fled the scene and his description was given out to officers on patrol. >> an officer saw the suspect. as the officer went to apprehend the suspect, a struggle ensued. the suspect drew a weapon, the officer fearing for his safety fired one round and the suspect was hit. >> in northeast baltimore,
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officers responding to a shooting on the 900 block of valley street. a 59-year-old was found with multiple gunshot wounds. police are investigating but there are no suspects or motives. tensions continue to rise in florida after the shooting death of trayvon martin. thousands of protesters gathered outside of the police department calling for the rest of george zimmerman. among the crowd, reverend al sharpton who said that the case was centered around racial profiling. >> he came from our school and he was friends with a lot of people, people really close to him. >> zimmerman said he acted in self-defense when he shot martin. martin's death has sparked outrage around the world. in london, england, demonstrators protested in front
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of the u.s. embassy. many say that their countries have experienced similar cases and they want to show their support to martin's family. >> we are sending our solidarity and sending the message to the government. we are not taking this lightly to kill our people. we are making our voice heard. >> a special prosecutor is now investigating the shooting. coming up, how a right wing meeting in denmark turned violent. a teenage boy's dream date cancelled, we will tell you why. cancelled, we will tell you why.
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>> violence in denmark after leftist protesters disrupted a right wing meeting. they gathered to protest what they say is the islamization of europe. they started being each other with sticks. police swarmed in and arrested people. in mali, 20,000 people gathered as a leader called for understanding among more groups.
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military junta leaders say that they will come up with swift proposals to restore constitutional order. a new jersey teenager has called of his dream date with to the swift that because he wanted to. the 18-year-old is battling leukemia and he started a facebook page asking swift to his prom. she could not make it. she asked him to go to the academy of country music awards. his family said that he is staying positive. still to come, marching for faith. hundreds take to the streets of baltimore for an annual pilgrimage. we will take you long for the walk. >> a little bit more rain in the forecast we will see some sun as well. the forecast and details just ahead.
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>> the national weather service is experimenting with a new system which is aimed at scaring people into seeking shelter. most people did not heed early
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warnings during severe tornadoes. warnings would include such phrases as "complete destruction of entire neighborhoods is likely." >> i guess that will get your attention. we will have to wait and see how that works out. the best thing is to get the messages. we have a severe weather system coming up but this is not something that is in our forecast but it is springtime. the number of severe storms goes up. there are severe storms to our south. it is mostly in northeastern north carolina right now. that system is pulling out of the picture and responsible for pulling up clouds today. the next system, there is some rain running way out of the system. this will be the next one to come in tomorrow night. kind of in between this one and this one. some fair weather for a while. other systems are way off to the
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west. they will affect our weather in the middle of the week. today, the temperatures were held down a little bit because of the cloud cover that we had. we were 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. 57 high at b.w.i. marshall. our temperatures slightly below average for the season. there was a trace of rain here very early this morning. temperatures right now, annapolis, 40 degrees. part income of 44, 45 in westminster, 46 in frederick. temperatures in oakland have dropped into the 30's. there are some low clouds around the area. these rain making clouds are off to our southeast. the low pressure system that generated that and gave us the threat of rain earlier today has now pushed further south and looking in -- and will continue to slide off towards the atlantic. overnight tonight, this will
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dominate our weather. this is before this next system comes in. this is the one that will generate the next chance of rain. we will see a lot of clouds overnight tonight. it is kind of chili, 30-44. partly cloudy skies on average. towards the late afternoon or evening, a thundershower could crop up. that chance could continue overnight sunday into monday. 62-66, the high during the day tomorrow. 5-10 knots on the water. a 1 foot shop on the open water. they water temperatures are in the low 50's. the highest rain chances during the daylight hours are often are northwest and southwest pennsylvania and out in far western maryland. temperatures will be in the 60's. towards the end of the day, these rain chances will start to spread toward the bay. it is more of an overnight forecast. here is the future cast, this is
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to display what is going on. the greens that you see around here now, a picture of more clouds than anything else. we are generally dry until we hit the end of the afternoon. these will clear out by monday morning. denver in pretty good shape until late on the day on tuesday and that will be the next cold front to come in and that will boost the rain chances. here's a look at the forecast. 64 for the high tomorrow and 65 on monday. overnight sunday into monday. everything should clear out and it looks like a dry day. a high of 65. by tuesday night, another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. 66 for thou hide. notice, the dry weather wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. temperatures would be around 64 the high. >> thank you. practicing the power of faith in numbers. hundreds of baltimore teenagers
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and young adults did just that as part of the 19th annual youth and young adults pilgrimage. a big event marks the start of holy week for catholics. participants gathered downtown and marched 3 miles to a local catholic church. >> who is surrounded by so many people. we are not fearing to walk through the streets of baltimore. that was so fantastic and it was something that you don't really understand. >> this is simple to say to the people that may not believe in god, wow, look at all of these kids that are doing this. >> the pilgrimage started in .enver in 1993 > >> friday, opening day. we're almost there.
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they faced the pirates. >> here are tonight's winning power ball numbers, 5-14-36-54- 58-27.
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>> the final for saturday, the blue bloods on the stage. kentucky and louisville. the bluegrass state was pumping. louisville for some reason in orange uniforms. the game was tied up, 49 apiece. this was a fabulous freshman for kentucky. that was impressive.
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the player of the year was also the player of the game, anthony davis. 14 rebounds, five blocks. kentucky knocks out louisville, 69-61. who will they face, ohio state or kansas? the final four in in orleans. ohio state would jump out well in this game, they are up 19-11. they are up 30-17. right before the first half ended, travis beats the buzzer and it would prove big as kansas goes on to win by a final of 64-62. kentucky and kansas will play for the championship monday night. meanwhile, the buckeyes were in baltimore as well with lacrosse to face loyola. it was a tight game.
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big crowds sought a good show. that has become the norm this year. the senior missed almost all of 2011 with a bad knee. the buckeyes came back. no muss, no fuss. low yolo with a fast break. -- loyola with a fast break. they beat the buckeyes 8-7. a rematch of the 2011 title game, virginia and maryland. in the the first quarter, maryland turns it over. i am not sure that they saw the shot, three-one, virginia.
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this goes the length of the field. the third quarter, maybe this is part of the plan. six-five, maryland in front. in baltimore's own, i don't know how he did it but he did it. three goals and five assists, virginia gets the wind in college park. u.n. pc opens up with a play and a win over hartford. five goals, three assists to match with 8 points. considering where chris was in terms of performance that confidence, you have to say that he has enjoyed significant progress. you start the season at norfolk. that is progress with the rotation. about 90% to open the season friday against minnesota in
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camden yards. this started well, two scoreless innings. a former orioles ace, 13 assists with baltimore now the pirates' ace. we use that term loosely. you're a backup catcher for the three-run shot followed by j. miller. this one cannot be settled. 6-6, tie. the orioles this season with six ties. go figure. the forecast after this.
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>> what we're looking at here is april. the temperatures will be closer to the average. the normal high is up around 60 or so. a rain chance late sunday and late tuesday, both days with daytime hours fairly dry. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ good evening. welcome to "on the record." i'm greta van sustern. [ cheers and applause ] it's been one gop debate after another this election season.


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