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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> from sunrise services to traditional catholic mass, americans celebrate easter. the archbishop talks politics and religion. remembering mike wallace after a legendary career in broadcasting. >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00.
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>> we begin with breaking news out of hartford county. firefighters are still on the scene of the brush fire that has threatened more than 50 homes. the fire started before 1:00 this afternoon. sheldon dutes is live on the scene. >> the fire is under control. firefighters say it could smolder for another three days or until it rains again. the fire affected more than 18 acres. firefighters say 60 homes were under a temporary evacuation order. that has been lifted. no injuries have been reported on the scene. this is an active scene. the cause is under investigation. though low humidity -- below is unity and wind have made it hard to fight the fire, but it is under control.
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they will be monitoring it for the next three days in case anything flares up. that is the latest from the scene. i will have an update tonight at 11:00. >> it is a day of celebration for christians all over the world, including in baltimore where thousands gathered for services. one service was particularly meaningful for local clients. cardinal o'brien's celebrated his last easter mass as archbishop of the basilica. cardinal o'brien says the service was not about him but the resurrection of jesus. it is fitting this time of year when so much new life is bursting from winter. he reflected on his time with the baltimore archdiocese. >> it has been a great ride in the four years. people have been wonderful. i have great satisfaction in the service i have been able to render. >> he was a true rock of faith
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in baltimore. he is a great guy. >> was elevated in rome on february 18. he was head of the archdiocese for almost five years. the next catholic archbishop made his first appearance on "meet the press" talking about how diversity contributes to a moral consensus that underlies our laws. >> in all of our diversity, our faiths contribute to a moral consensus that underlies our laws. the more we build that moral consensus about the dignity of human life, solidarity, the common good, the more we will be able to find ways of talking across the partisan divide. i think religion has a huge role to play. we have to watch out getting
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instrumentalist one way or the other. >> he is currently the bishop in connecticut. he will be installed as the 16th archbishop in may. pope benedict prayed for peace today. he celebrated mass with thousands of christians in st. peter's square at the vatican. he prayed for a new start to the mideast peace process. the crowd grew to well over 100,000 people by the end of the ceremony. the first family attended easter sunday services at st. john's episcopal church. the president, first lady, and their doctors walked from the white house -- and their daughters walked from the white house to the church. in georgetown, texas, tim tebow attracted a crowd of 30,000 people to an outdoor easter service. hundreds of school buses shuttle people to the stage where services were held.
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he answered questions and talk about staying true to his beliefs. >> what ever happens in life, good or bad, whether you are the hero or the goat, you know someone has a plan for your life. it is a special plan. we can trust that. you have hope in that. then you have peace in everything you do. it brings a lot of joy to your live. >> he was recently traded to the new york jets after leaving the debt for -- after leading the denver broncos to the playoffs last season. >> along a different flavor today. we picked up some scattered clouds today. the wind was gusting. that has caused some problems in the area. the first half of the week, we will have breezy conditions. you can see a band of showers in
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pennsylvania and new york state. that will stay to the north of us. the front in wisconsin has more rain. that may ride south and is in our forecast in a few minutes. >> police in tulsa, okla., have arrested two suspects in the shootings that killed three and wounded two others. police arrested jacob england >> investigators have yet to determine if the attacks were racially motivated. they are looking at the facebook page where he posted about his anger about his father being shot by a black man. they're expected to be charged with three counts of first- degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. mike wallace is being
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remembered as a fiercely aggressive interviewer who was proud of his intimidating demeanor. he died last night at the age of 93. we take a look back at the career of the broadcasting legend. >> he was a tv giant who cut the rich and powerful down to size. >> i am wagging my finger at the president of china. >> on cbs, wallace grilled the chinese president and the ayatollah khamenei. i heard president sadat say american television that the imam is a disgrace and a lunatic. >> when he asked questions, the world waited for the answer. >> some of our great leaders would not have been great television personalities. parks but he was in a career
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that spanned six decades. >> i am ready any time. >> he had a knack for making people squirm. not even friends were safe. he asked her questions that occasionally cracked the facade of newsmakers. whouintessential newsman covered his century like few others, dead at 93. he reportedly said he wanted his epitaph to read, "he was tough, but fair." >> still ahead, is the violence in syria coming to an end? rebel leaders say there is no guarantee. we will have more on the struggle for peace coming up. north korea plans to launch a satellite into space next week. this has other countries
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concerned. concerned.
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>> the deal appears to have collapsed in syria. the government is demanding a written agreement that rebels stopped fighting for government forces withdraw from cities. the main rebel group is rejecting the demand. the peace plan calls for troops to withdraw by tuesday and for the truce to start 48 hours after that. activists say there have been more than 40 additional deaths today in the continuing violence. nearly 40 people have been killed in an nigeria. police say a suicide car bomber detonated explosives in a city that sits on the dividing line between the christian south and muslim north.
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it heavily damaged nearby churches as worshippers gathered for easter services. north korea has put all three stages into position for controversial missile launch. it says it is launching an observation satellite off the northwestern coast. the u.s. and others are warning it would be considered in violation of bans against missile activity. selected journalists were allowed to see the missile today. >> north korea is showing an unprecedented degree of openness. if future days are like today when we were taken to see the rockets on a military base, this should make for an interesting change. >> they will test missile technology. to date could test missile technology -- there are concerns they could be testing missile technology to hit the u.s. and others. >> springlike conditions will
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continue. the waves do not look back on the beach. it is breezy on the boardwalk. the temperature is now 68 degrees. ♪
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>> here is your forecast with john collins. >> we have a few clouds but they are not the remaking tight. they are to the north of us.
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just a few sprinkles and showers. there is a storm in canada pushing rain through new england. the northern half of maine is getting snow. it is cold enough up there for that. this will come through dry and blustery. clouds should clear out later tonight. there is another disturbance in the midwest that will come through tomorrow. that may give us a chance of rain. we could use the rain. it is too dry. i do not think any of these chances of rain will be significant. let's take a look at current conditions outside. it is 68 at the airport. the barometer is down. the wind is gusting to 25 at the airport from the northwest. it is 70 at the science center. 26% humidity.
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the barometer is down. 74 was the high at the airport and inner harbor. when the ratings are the same, that is an indication of right -- windy conditions. the lows today were 38 and 50. it is 73 in annapolis. it is 70 in cambridge. 68 in ocean city. it is in the 50's in far west maryland. here are the clouds associated with the rain. use of the ocean city picture, no clouds at all. -- use of the ocean city picture, no clouds at all. this will push rain into new england. rotating around this other storm in central canada, the other disturbance will come through tomorrow. we will get a higher chance of scattered showers activity.
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ker wel not be the soa need. the wind will diminish. it will pick up tomorrow. it will average 10 to 20. gusts will be stronger. we will see partly cloudy skies by afternoon. showers developing toward the end of the day, at least a chance of it. the red flag warnings exist all over our area during the day tomorrow, even up into pennsylvania and on the shore. -- 10 to 155 to knots. tomorrow will be in the 60's. tuesday and wednesday and thursday, we will only be in the 50's. the chances of rain are off and on, widely scattered. no guarantee will get anything. if you do, it will be light. we will try to warm up at the end of the week with scattered rain chances for the weekend. >> no one expected this from the
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orioles pitcher. we're only three games in, but we will take it. jason flirting with history. jason flirting with history. we will show yo
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>> from the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the biggest concern for the orioles was supposed to be pitching. you have to wonder what the fuss was about. they allowed a grand total of just one earned run in the opening series. today jason hamel fullerton with history against the twins in the series finale. the birds getting off to a good start. he goes deep, his first of the season. jason making his debut in the
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third. one of his five strikeouts on the afternoon. bottom of the sixth, some breathing room. wilson filling in. look at this. a double to the wall. that will score a pair of runs. the birds lead 3-0. he had a no-hitter through seven innings. in the eight, morneau spoils the fun with a shot off the wall in right field. he has a double in the no- hitter. look what the next batter does. he scorches one to left field. this is a double. it brings home morneau. things are getting interesting. johnson came in for relief in the night to close it out. the birds when -- win 3-1. the story today was jason and
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his near no-hitter. >> i was calm threw the whole thing. the pitch in the eighth was not bad. he hooked it out of reach. we were able to finish the job in the eighth. >> everything is going wrong for the yankees. they lost their starting pitcher for a month to shoulder issues. then the range set down the potent yankees' lineup. some awful defense early. poorly played. longoria will score. a triple. just like that, it is 1-0 rays. pena had an awful spring batting
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barely above a hundred. his third homer of the season. rays sweep the yankees. the blue jays taking on the indians. carlos santana was doing the hitting. he does deep to center. not a bad way to celebrate his birthday. that gave them a 1-0 lead. he was just getting started. he does it again. a missile to right. the indians win 4-3. santana is 10 for 17. not bad. all eyes were on phil mickelson. he was tied with tiger woods and arnold palmer for the second most behind jack nicholson's --
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jack nicklaus. watson was just one shot off the pace. phil has some work to do. his 3 behind the leader. it was a great day for golf and basketball. rose was back in the line. it did not matter. miller was on fire. tying up forces over time. he gives the knicks the lead. the bulls would get one last chance. he could not get points 30 and 31. his shot was no good. knicks win the game beating the bulls 100-99. highony with the season o of 43 points.
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what we're going to try to stretch another day out of this -- >> we're going to try to stretch another day out of this. there will be a chance of rain tomorrow. it will be near 74 the high. in and out of the rain chances tuesday and wednesday. it will be cooler in the 50's and then back into the 60's. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> followed breaking news and weather any time at stay connected with us on
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