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tv   Today  NBC  April 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. it's the 18th of april, 2012. that, by the way, is a live look at olympic stadium in london, where the nations of the world will gather 100 days from today for the opening ceremony of the 2012games. we've got a countdown clock active in our plaza right now. the excitement building. we had some fun with some really elite athletes this morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. not one of those elite athletes. >> ah. >> who we saw just a couple of minutes ago. are you all right? >> no. it's really mostly just humiliation more than anything. >> but certainly a could have
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been a lot worse. >> how could it have been worse? >> that was the baby hurdle. >> by the way, it's the first time you did it. so come on. give yourself a break. >> we're here with al roker and tamron hall joins us, as well. what else is happening? >> we're going to meet a bunch of new athletes, current around former olympians next hour. we're also going to be checking out the olympic fashions we're going to be seeing also the closing ceremonies outfits. >> that's exciting. and we've got our "today's money 911" crew all assembled, ready to address your questions. our money 911 team has advice on whether it's better to pay off student loans or save for a down payment on a house with your tax refund. plus what to do with an upside down mortgage and what you need to know before cashing in an i.r.a. >> am i the only one cold? >> get a coat that actually buttons. >> that doesn't even have buttons. >> it's got nothing. >> okay.
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>> anyway, speaking of other embarrassing things, "today's health," your embarrassing health questions answered from smelly breath to smelly feet to saggy breasts, we're going to cover some of the common issues that people are afraid to ask their doctor. plus the reality is, so many people want to ask. >> that's just one person. >> i'm doing the dirty work for you. >> great. >> shall we main nameless. >> natalie is standing by with the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. officials in texas say a woman has been charged with capital murder after a mother was shot to death and her newborn son was kidnapped. the 3-day-old boy was found safe about six hours later. the shooting happened outside a pediatric center outside houston where the mother had taken the boy for a checkup. witnesses say she got into an altercation in the parking lot with a woman who opened fire, took the infant, and sped away. the suspect is being held without bond. the "l.a. times" is publishing controversial photos showing u.s. troops posing with the bodies of afghan suicide
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bombers. defense secretary leon panetta says the photos are from two years ago and do not represent the values or professionalism of the vast majority of u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. an investigation is now under way. the pentagon had asked the paper not to publish the photos. today, top military and diplomatic officials from the u.s. and nato are mapping their way out of afghanistan, meeting in brussels, they're working on plans to pull away from the front lines and hand over combat operations to afghan officials after 2014. the u.s. is already drawing down troops from afghanistan. the director of the secret service is handing his agency's prosecution scandal over to an independent government investigator. on tuesday, the scandal in colombia widened to include ten u.s. servicemen now under investigation, in addition to 11 secret service agents. according to u.s. officials, some of the secret service personnel under investigation have been offered a polygraph test. they were in cartagena setting
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up security in advance of president obama's weekend visit. a police official in central georgia said a kindergarten girl was handcuffed for her own safety, as well as that of his officers. 6-year-old selesia johnson was accused of throwing a violent tantrum at school last friday and knocking over furniture in the principal's office. she was cuffed with her hands behind her back, and taken to a police station where her aunt picked her up. officials say the girl will not be charged. the man accused of last year's massacre in norway is refusing to give details about the militant group he claims to belong to. the trial is now in its third day in the bomb and shooting massacre that left 77 people dead. he claims to have carried out the attack on behalf of the group knights templar. and a new role for angelina jolie. after serving more than ten years as a goodwill ambassador for the u.n. high commission on refugees she's been named now a special envoy. she will meet with government leaders and diplomats, focusing
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on large-scale crises that result in huge numbers of refugees. five minutes past the hour right now. let's turn it over to al with a check of your weather. >> thank you so much, natalie. let's see what we've got for you as we take a look at these temperatures. we had on monday in the northeast, temperatures upper 80s to the low 90s. a lot of records. then a front moved through and yesterday temperatures for highs only getting up into the mid 80s in boston. everywhere else, 50s back through buffalo, watertown, 70s down in washington. today, whoo, big difference. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, a stiff breeze. it feels even chillier. rest of the country, plenty of cold weather back through the great lakes, also into the pacific northwest. nice and warm as you get through the southwest, on into texas. >> good morning. temperatures will turn much cooler on this wednesday. we will be in the upper 50's and
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low 60's. we have ♪ time now for "today's money 911." it's where we answer some of your biggest financial questions. we've got our panel of experts this morning, jean chatzky, "today's" financial editor, and the author of "money rules." david bach is the founder of finish rich and the author of "debt free for life." and farnoosh torabi is the host of financial assist on yahoo. we're going to start off with skype, say hello to sally coming in from arizona. good morning, sally. >> good morning. >> what's your question? >> i have a question about
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earning interest on my bank account because, of course, it doesn't earn any interest in the bank. and i wondered if tax liens on real estate is a good way to go? >> david? >> i don't even know what that means. >> okay so what's a tax lien? first of all, a tax lien when you don't pay your taxes, guess what the government does? they come and slap a lien on your property. but the government doesn't want to wait for you to pay them so they auction those liens off to investors. now from what i've seen, most great tax liens are gobbled up by bigger investors. by the time someone small like you goes out and says i've got $5,000 and i want to buy a tax lien often what you're getting is garbage. so the rates can be very, very low and they're not liquid investments. so, if you've got a small amount of money, and that's what they told me in the green room, i think it was $5,000, i don't think you should be doing a tax lien. i think you should be putting that money somewhere very safe like a certificate of deposit. so rates are very low. you're looking at 2%.
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i'll give you some other things you can do. you can look at a short-term bond phone. low duration bond fund has short-term bonds in it, not a high rate of return but it's a better rate of return than cds. or look at a couple other funds under preferred stock fund, the symbol is psf. the dividend yield is about 6.5%, 7%. i also like a high yield bond jmk symbol, that's about 7%. but again, do your due diligence. those are riskier funds but they're liquid. so you can buy them and also sell them. >> all right. let's move on. thank you so much, sally. the phones now, we've got karelin from winter garden, florida, calling in. good morning karelin. >> good morning. thank you for taking my question. >> pleasure. what's your question? >> my mortgage is upside down with a 6.75% rate. i have an "a" credit rating and never missed a mortgage payment. wells fargo is stating that i'm not eligible for the a.g. settlement refi due to investor
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code of wxalt-2007-pa2. what exactly does this mean and what are my options? >> carolyn, could you be a little more specific? just kidding! >> clarify for everybody. the a.g. settlement refi was added to the new $25 billion settlement program between the state attorneys general and five of the biggest banks in this country, including wells fargo, which is her bank. what this letter is telling you, carolyn and i contacted wells fargo on your behalf and i learned the following. in order to qualify for this particular settlement refi, one of the criteria, among many, is that your loan must not only be serviced by wells fargo but it has to have been originated by wells fargo. unfortunately her loan was originated by a separate third party private mortgage company. it's still owned by them. so with this new program you don't qualify, unfortunately. and a lot of people are in her shoes. about 10% of wells fargo's loans
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are not theirs. they're owned by an outside third party. what you could do and this is what wells fargo has told me to tell you, and they're going to call you, is that you should stay in touch. frankly these rules could change. and the people that you talk to, the education, unfortunately, is kind of thin right now because the rules are changing, they're new. stay in touch, talk about maybe an alternative program. of course, this is a harder option, you could take, which is to pay down your debt so that you have some equity, so you can qualify for a traditional refi, which we know we need at least 20% equity. that's a harder thing to do, but stay in touch with wells fargo. >> thanks so much. now let's get one more call in from alicia, from mark center, ohio. good morning, alicia. >> good morning. >> your question? >> my question is, i am bart of an i.r.a. which put me in a higher tax bracket. i am 60 years old, and i thought if you cash an i.r.a. in at 59 1/2 you don't have to pay taxes on it. was my taxes done correctly
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since i inherited this when i was 60 years old? >> so you're a little bit confused. if you're above age 59 1/2 you don't have to pay penalties. but you're still taxed on the money that you pull out. and because you already pulled the money out, you do have to pay the taxes. for everybody else, who is inheriting an i.r.a., and this happens a lot, you can stretch the withdrawals over your life span. so that's a better way to not get hit with the taxes all at once. >> not just a little bit confused, totally confused. >> that's okay, alicia. jean skat ki, david bach and farnoosh torabi. thank you very much. still ahead from morning breath to unpleasant smelling feet we're answering some of your most embarrassing health questions. then later, no more boring days. going green gets a makeover with color house wares. man, i'm glad aflac pays cash. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans?
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>> this morning on "today's health," your embarrassing questions answered. certain medical issues that aren't exactly easy to bring up with your doctor, so lucky for you, we have our own dr. on call this morning. dr. roshini raj is "today" contributor and author of "what the yuck." dr. raj, i love that. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is reality. some of the things we're going to hit on, people will say i have that problem but they've never asked their doctor about it. >> yep, it's just so embarrassing. >> the first one, why does my stomach rumble really loudly, even if i'm not necessarily hungry. >> okay. it happens to all of us at times. basically our intestines are always moving. they're supposed to move. that helps move along food for digestion, helps move along gas and air. but there's certain foods in your diet that can make really rev up that system. >> such as? >> broccoli, beans, cabbages can produce a lot more gas in your intestines, you're going to hear that moving around. and caffeine is going to get your intestine contracting which will also cause more noise. there are hormones released when
9:16 am
you're hungry, but also after you eat to help the intestines move more. >> should you worry about it? >> well, if it's kind of a chronic issue that happens once in awhile i wouldn't worry too much about it. but if it's unusual for you, sometimes in rare cases it can be a sign of something else. >> all right up next. why do i wake up with bad breath? what causes -- i always think of those commercials when someone wants to kiss in the morning and you're like no way. >> actually. so this is an issue of having too dry a mouth. saliva really helps us wash out bacteria in our mouths so when we sleep our saliva production goes way down. and that means bacteria are really able to multiply and feed on the little food particles that are left in your mouth most of the time. >> the solution is to brush your teeth before bed. >> blush your teeth and floss, drink a glass of water before you go to sleep. if you wake up in the middle of the night, drink another glass of water. and avoid alcohol because that can also further dehydrate you. >> next up certainly an embarrassing question for women, but i'm going to ask it for all of my sisters out there.
9:17 am
my breasts are sagging, what should i do? i would think a better bra. but apparently that's not the issue. >> part of sagging is a normal part of aging. unfortunately the ligaments that hold up our breasts tend to overstretch and sag as we get older so the brethss themselves are going to head south. there are some things you can do. first of all a good bra is important, mostly when you're exercising because there's a lot of motion with the breasts. >> a good sports bra. >> really important. quit smoking if you smoke because that can decrease the elasticity of your skin and those ligaments. and if you're overweight you want to lose weight. the more weight in your breasts, they're just going to sag. >> what about those breast creams, i see these -- >> yeah, there are creams -- >> they say they tone this area. >> there's no cream that's going to affect that. >> what about sleeping in a bra? >> it's not really been shown to work. but exercises that increase your pectoral strength can help the appearance of sagging. >> do push-ups. >> exactly. >> last but not least, what can i do about dark undereye circles and what causes them?
9:18 am
is that because people wake up too early for work like the folks around here? >> it's not just due to fatigue. some people even if they get a great night sleep have the dark undereye circles. part of it could be genetics. but it could be a sign of allergies, nasal congestion. certain medications, even some birth control pills can do it. >> do you talk to your doctor? >> but you can try some things first. try a nasal decongestant. cold compress on the eye can decrease puffiness. as we age we get hollowing of the skin there. there's some plumbing creams or even some fillers if you want to go that route. but there are things you can do. >> get to the source of the problem. >> don't assume it's lack of sleep. it's not always. >> and i'm going to get on those push-ups. >> all right. >> dr. roshini raj thank you so much. up next a sneak peek at what the u.s. olympic team will be wearing at the summer games in london. flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you...
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london is brought to you by p&g. proud sponsor of moms. >> all morning long we have been counting down to london, the olympics now just 100 days away. time to get a sneak peek of some of the olympic fashions that team usa is going to be sporting. for our first look we've got natalie, savannah, tamron and yours truly. >> look at these. >> i feel like i could run faster. >> official sponsor. >> that's right. >> really good for sporting activities. >> you've got the team usa. >> and you've got the miss conda. >> these are the london lens. >> ah-ha. >> you can change the lens out. i can't even figure out how to do it. but you can change the lens. >> that's right. >> i have the usa radar. >> nice. >> all right. >> we're going to look at some of the looks that are providing
9:23 am
to the american athletes. these are for the clothing ceremonies i believe. >> come on out here. >> so cute. >> first we've got diana. you've got crisp white blouse, u.s. olympic team -- >> tae kwon do. >> and her brother. >> steven. >> and my son takes tae kwon do. >> how excited are you guys? is it great to be part of not only the team but to go with your brother. >> it's always a great experience to have my older brother and my olympic coach. >> it's a family affair then. >> if you get in an argument who wins? >> she always wins. you know it. >> all right. you guys look good. >> thank you. >> let's check out some of the village wear we've got. >> and here we have olympic gold medalist swimmer rebecca, and hopeful ali, olympic silver
9:24 am
medalist in water polo tony, and decathlete brian. this is village wear. red, white and blue. >> they're customizable so you can actually just the track jabates, the dresses, you can put your name on them and personalize them? >> right. real quick we wanted to show you guys what they looked like so we brought a shirt out for al. >> oh. >> great. >> customizable olympic polo. this is what people can use. starts out today, they can get online and check it out. that's kind of what they look like. >> very nice. >> do you have real names on the shirts or do you do crazy nicknames? >> i have mine. >> nice. >> excellent. >> you represent real well for us, okay, we're so excited. >> hopefully it will be warmer when you're wearing it. >> this is not summer weather right now. thanks so much, you guys. it was great. >> 100 days to go. >> thanks so much. >> and coming up we're going to meet some americans who walked away with gold the last time the
9:25 am
games were london. they were 64 years ago. can you believe that? we're going to meet them right after these messages. ♪ [ lopez ] the red white and blue means so much to me. it means opportunity it means anybody can attain whatever they want to do just 8 years ago i was in a refugee camp and i didn't even have a country now i had a country that i was given the flag to carry in opening ceremony everything is possible this is what red white and blue means to me. what does it mean to you? ♪ what does it mean to you? (belhi.ings) good morning. big news. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry... and banana/blueberry. we're telling everyone. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. try some. mmm! two flavors. in harmony. yummy.
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four nutritious grains and two big fruit flavors to make your day bunches better.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we are looking forward to heavy rain, about what happened during the day. today, it just a few scattered rain showers. 30, 40% chance. a lot cooler than the last couple of days. close to 70 on thursday and
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ ♪ on the radio stereo ♪ >> one of the great songs of all-time. you cannot get it out of your head. back in 1994 in san francisco, the band has been going express ever since. infectious songs like tracks with jupiter and calling all angels. they've got a new collection out. they're going to be here to give us a sample tomorrow right here on "today." >> nice. >> oh, it is? want to see it? no. >> mean tile, i think -- >> looking forward to warm up. coming up this half hour, going green, and vibrant colored. usually don't go hand in hand. these days say bye-bye to bland
9:31 am
old beige, environmentally friendly styles are bolder and brighter than ever. look how cute. everything from pillows to welcome mats, even running shoes. we're going to show you these green products that are pretty cool. >> i like the running shoes. >> green products that aren't beige. we like that. also ahead, as we mark 100 days until the summer olympics we're looking back at the last time london hosted the games more than six decades ago. right after world war ii. it was the first olympics after world war ii that they cansing 1940 and '44. team usa collected more than 80 medals then. and this morning we've got a real treat. we've have four gold medalist from the '48 games including the first asian-american, and the first african-american woman who earn gold medals. so we're honored that they're joining us here today. >> yeah. >> the history of the olympics. >> really. >> it's remarkable. >> that's cool. then we're going to head to "today's kitchen" and we are headed back to school, cooking school. going to get a jump on summer with a lesson in grab. three different ways. it's going to be very crabby morning up there in the "today" kitchen.
9:32 am
>> oh. >> mr. metaphor, two can play at this game. >> all right. >> full steam ahead. >> oh, i know. >> we rack our brains here. >> try to keep it interesting. >> i know i'm getting on the wrong track here. let's show you what's going on as far as our forecast is concerned. wet weather today in the pacific northwest. sunshine in the southwest. we've got some showers along the mid-atlantic coast, into the southeast. heavy at times. sunny but chilly here in the northeast. tomorrow we are looking at a wet day along the southeastern and mid-atlantic coast. rain along the pacific northwest coast. heavy rain in the upper mississippi river valley. mild, a little more mild in new england with plenty of sun shb. downright hot in west texas into the southwest.hw >> we could use some rain. maybe some light rain showers or sprinkle. 30% chance. mostly cloudy skies.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you, al. coming up next, going green. while it doesn't have to be boring we're goi to show you the hottest trends in house wares that are good for the environment. right after this. you didn't think, did you? [ chuckles ] you didn't think what life was gonna be like for me? mom, dad. for your son. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] it's a snack like nothing else. kraft milkbite bars are a calcium-rich mix of real milk and delicious granola. find me in the dairy aisle -- please.
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sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey i've got just the whole grain fiber to help keep her full so she can stay focused. rock. she'll be ready to rock. right here! [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal helps keep your kids full and focused. now available in cinnamon roll flavor. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. this morning on "today goes green" good for the earth doesn't have to be mean earth tone. environmentally friendly products come in many vibrant shades and styles these days.
9:37 am
"today" contributor and author of "flip for decorating" elizabeth mayhew is here with the hottest, colorful, green products. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's often bland, beige, oatmeal when you go green with some of these products. >> not anymore. this is like all cool stuff that will bring color and be good for you into your home. >> and good for the environment? >> okay, so these are very cool. these are made out of the rope that maine fishermen used to use to tether together the lobster nets. well, it happened to be very bad for marine life. so now they've switched to a totally different kind of rope. but this company, the new england trading company, takes the old rope, rather than putting it into landfills and weaves it into a great-looking striped door mat. and it's perfect as a door mat because obviously it's meant to be in the ocean, so it's all-weather. >> absolutely. now this flip-flop mat? >> so this company takes the leftover scraps from making flip-flops and turns them into mats. so you can get these at both
9:38 am and also remodern. what's great about it, they're very cushy like a flip-flop so they'd be great in front of your sink in your kitchen. very comfortable. >> if you cook a lot and you're standing around. perfect. next up. >> so you've got to have, you think of green living, seeds are a wonderful thing. i think these would be an amazing mother's day gift. basically it's the hudson valley seed library which harvests all organic seeds. and actually hopes to keep them all alive, in the seed library. but what i love is they've commissioned all of these artists to do the covers of their seed packets, and they compactaged with the removable sticker that you can then take and frame, so they're colorful and they'd be really cute addition framed in a kitchen. you get two things for the price of one. >> the garden mom. next up bamboo, which is so popular with organic and environmentally friendly. >> bamboo is the fastest growing plant. in some places it can grow three feet a day. so it's a great renewable resource. >> these looks like they're melamine or plastic but they're
9:39 am
made out of bamboo, so they're completely biodegradable. you can even put them in your dish washer. you get a set of four so one of each pattern. >> and storage never looked so good and friendly for the environment. >> great in a kid's room, made from recycled cotton canvas. and it's also dyed with soy based dyes so nothing bad for the environment. great, you know, collapsible, put -- >> can you wash this? >> you can wash it, as well. >> and storage bins? >> these are so cool because they're actually made out of paper. but they're super durable. if you go to you can seen see a video of the 200 pound guy jumping on top of them. you can stack them. they come in nine different colors. great for a kid's room, as well. >> then storage jarred glass. >> we think of recycled glass as being very popular. this artist takes recycled glass bottles,00 cuts them, hand hands them and makes canisters or really pretty colored bottles that are joined together and beautiful vases, they're even
9:40 am
like an art collection. >> it's like color blocking. >> these are from, as well. >> and a little pillow to pop your home? >> right, these are all pillows made out of natural jute and burlap and the artist uses non-voc paints to do the dots. even the filler that's inside, you can attest to it it's squishy. but it's made out of recycled water bottles. >> even the feel of the texture is not so rough. you don't want a rough pillow just so it's environmentally friendly. >> and a little fun with the polka dots. >> now to the running shoe. >> okay these are super cool. they're from brooks running, and they are made out of multiple things like recycled rubber. recycled compact discs, recycled water bottles. these shoes actually have 26 parts put to them which is to make the shoe as opposed to the average running shoe which is 54 parts. so they've actually really tightened down -- >> and they're durable. >> come in all these bright
9:41 am
colors. it's pretty amazing. >> this looks right up my alley. >> this is a shopping bag. it's from a company called art techniquea. they have partnered up with an advertising firm where they take all of the recycled ibmboards and they make these bags out of them and they die-cut them. it holds up to 3 pounds. if you go to the farmer's market. and you're using something that would normally go into a landfill. there's no glue used. >> you can even sit some of your tomatoes and onions on the storage shelf in your home and still looks cool. >> absolutely. hang them in a closet with the potatoes. >> now baby and mommy. >> so diapers, 500 million diapers go into landfills a day. and it's estimated it takes 500 years for them to break down. so this company called g-diapers, has come up with this system where you buy the little pant, it comes in all different colors, and then you buy inverts which are completely biodegradable. you can flush them.
9:42 am
you can put them in the garbage or you can put them in your come post and they totally break down. and they also do wipes, as well. you cannot flush those, but they are biodegradable. >> you just insert? >> you insert a little layer, a little liner. >> the cutest thing ever. >> and it's so much better for the environment. and that's essentially there's just a little liner that goes in, and your baby stays wet -- not wet, dry. >> but this is great because it's a combination of kind of the old cloth diaper with the innovation of disposable. >> exactly. and it's all online from g-diaper. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you very much. >> up next another color we're seeing, gold, as we count down to the olympics in london. we'll meet some olympic champs from the last summer games 64 years ago. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word. you have yet to master the quiet sneeze. you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts.
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as we celebrate 100 days to go before london hosts this
9:46 am
summer's olympics we want to introduce you to four extraordinary americans who competed in the last london olympics. that was in 1948. so 64 years ago. and these athletes walked away with gold. ray luck, alice coachman, sammy lee and mal whitfield. good morning to all of you. what an honor to have you here. ray, let me start with you. you earned this gold medal playing on that basketball team. >> correct. >> team usa. i imagine, and you went on to play professional basketball. i imagine it was nothing, though, quite like representing your team. do you remember what it was like walking into wembley stadium? >> yes, i do. to be an olympian was a dream come true. but what i remember most is the olympic awards ceremony, in wembley stadium. here we have 80,000 people in the stands. we have the victory stands. they award you a gold medal. they play the national anthem. they raise the american flag.
9:47 am
and there's a moment in time that you never forget. it lasts forever. >> not even 64 years later. you never forget that. >> so proud to be an american. >> there you go. and alice, you won the gold medal for the high jump. and you're the first african-american woman to walk away with gold. what was that experience like for you? >> it was fine, fine to have the king to award me the gold medal. >> king george, that's right. >> and i went through and they played the national anthem, it was all over with then. >> there you go. i know you made your mom and dad proud. we talked about that. sammy, you were a diver, also the first asian-american to win gold. did you know you were going to win? >> well, i went up to do my last dive, i thought give me 16 years to tell you i hope i don't blow
9:48 am
it. fortunately i did a dive that won the gold medal. the second time in the history that man walked on water, i achieved my gold medal. >> there you go, good answer. all right, and mal, you earned three medals at the 1948 olympic games in the 800 meters race. and how confident were you that you were going to win? >> a few -- a few medals. >> a few medals. just three. >> well, a thousand medals. >> just three medals. but you all unbelievable accomplishments. congratulations again. you know, it's an honor to have you all here as we celebrate olympic history, past, present and future. thanks again. >> thank you. >> nice to have you. your grandson right here. looks just like you, by the way. right there. isn't he a handsome young man? very proud of grandfather. coming up next a little taste of
9:49 am
summer. we're going to show you how to make crab cakes three different ways. that's coming up in "today's kitchen."
9:50 am
9:51 am
"today's kitchen" is brought to you by hellmann's. make it real. make a difference. >> this morning in "today's" cooking school, crab, three ways. >> chris kimbell our teacher, with simple and mouthwatering crab recipes. >> only nalie could have made it -- >> i'm exhausted running up those stairs. >> it was olympic. >> chris kimbell the editor of cook's country magazine the host of america's test kitchen one of the best tv shows on cooking on tv. >> why, thank you. >> it truly is. we are talking about some of the best eating. we're talking about crab. >> okay. >> three ways. >> get the jokes out of the way. >> no, no, no.
9:52 am
>> first thing you want to know, you want large lump crab. when you get it home sometimes it has a fishy smell. >> right. >> it's nothing wrong with the crab it's just what happens when it sits around so we soak it in milk for 20 minutes and it actually completely makes it perfect. >> for 20 minutes. >> 20 minutes in milk and all that smell goes away. we add a little bit of tomato. this is crab louis which was invented in 1904 in san francisco. simple salad. has crab, scallions, tomato, and then it has a dressing which is very typical. which is mayonnaise. hot sauce. >> oh. >> ooh. >> worcestershire. >> a little more hot sauce. >> there you go. >> that's it. >> so you're going to put this on now, put this on this plate. on here.
9:53 am
like that. okay. >> that's got a lot of heat to it. and a lot of these recipes mix the mayonnaise which the crab which makes them a little bit, you know, lady luncheon. >> it's not crab cake. >> it's a crab salad. >> this is from a restaurant, a hotel in seattle, the mayflower and they came up with the concept of a flee layer crab salad. the first thing we're going to do is make a little bit of dressing with mayonnaise. >> that's a basic vinaigrette you have there? >> vinaigrette with some mustard, put the crab in like that. >> perfect. >> now what you can do is take the avocado, and take one-third cup, fill it with avocado. >> okay. >> put that as the base. that's a three-inch mold. >> flatten it in there a little bit? >> so this is actually very easy to do. it's my go-to, let's impress the guests kind of thing. >> and it seems so easy. >> yep. and just flatten that out. >> flatten that one out. now you want to add a third cup
9:54 am
of this. diced peppers, celery onions, a little bit of heat in there. yeah, put some in there. >> nice job, natalie. >> very good. >> i'm impressing the guests. >> you are. >> now we're going to actually tap this down. >> you just need the food mold. >> you can use a tuna fish can on the top. don't use a cat food can. >> that would be bad. >> a little frise on top. and one or two -- >> now you're really going for the impressing. >> look at this. >> perfect. >> this is so neat, isn't it? >> okay. >> top that, tamron. take that. >> i can't and i won't. but my oil is heat being up. >> you put those in. you can start cooking those. >> start cooking. >> so crab cakes have a problem it's all binder, all eggs, so we are making a binder of shrimp. >> shrimp? >> amazing. >> right. we're going to process that for about -- >> all in one pan? >> yes, put four in that pan.
9:55 am
you can also, a little bit of cream goes in to it, too. >> mm-hmm. >> a little cream. >> we mix that up a few more seconds and what we have here is really, it's a shrimp binder instead of bread. >> okay. >> and then we have a little bit of lemon juice. >> all right. >> watch my cooking space. >> mustard? >> okay, watch -- >> watch. >> it's a food fight. >> and then? >> that goes in here. then these you let sit for 30 minutes and refrigerate. >> why? >> well when you cook them they hold together better. >> chris kimbell, thank you so much. hoda and kathie lee coming up with julie andrews. >> all right we're going to eat now.
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