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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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why he said, there are so many chemicals in their. -- chemicals in theire. >> residence for forced to evacuate as heavy claims produced a thick smoke and fumes. after about two hours, the fire was under control. now the focus is on chemicals inside the burned out eastern plating warehouse. texas soon as you see the sign says plaiting, you know -- >> as soon as you see the sign that says plaiting, you know that is the nature of the business -- a sign that says plating. everything appears to be ok. >> we know that we have acids on site and we do have some base corrosive materials on site. we have an air monitoring perimeter set up. all those results have been negative. we are monitoring the water. >> some of my neighbors have
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newborns and they were all concerned about if the smoke was dangerous. we have been assured so far that everything is ok. >> some homeowners were about fumes acid fired a permit to come into their houses and run test. hazmat units hundred homes and said the results were negative. bids are for now is the structural integrity of the building. once firefighters -- the big concern for now is the structural integrity of the building. >> right now, what you are looking at, firefighters who were trying to demolish that warehouse building so they can make sure it is say for them to go in there and get the containers that are half full of sulfuric acid. the hope that will be able to recover those tonight so they can get the neighborhood back to normal. >> just a few hours ago, skyteam
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11 was over the scene of a collision between a school brusque -- between a school bus and a box trucks. it happened in dundalk. police say to students and the driver were taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. we are told a truck ran a stop sign crashing into the bus from dundalk high school. there were 15 students on board. there is no word on the identity of a man killed in an early morning shooting in northwest baltimore. it happened just before 4:30 near park heights avenue. police said the gunman suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. there is no word tonight on suspects are possible motive. >> maryland's civil rights leader carl snowden has been charged with marijuana possession. he was arrested on marijuana charges after a vehicle he was then was pulled over for broken taillight.
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his attorney said recently he planned to take a sabbatical. he is the leading force in the case against county executive john leopold. a second arrest tonight in the st. patrick's day weekend meeting of a visitor to baltimore, on camera. the man was beaten, robbed, and stripped of his close. >> 20-year-old shayona davis is now behind bars, charged with armed robbery. david collins is following the case and joins us from the newsroom. >> davis was accused of being the victim with her high-heeled shoe. both police and prosecutors considered her high-heeled shoe a blunt force trauma weapon. 20-year-old shayona davis released from bail on $750,000
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bond. following a bail review, the district court judge considered her a substantial an extreme risk to the public. she faces four charges, including armed robbery. video on youtube captured davis being a victim with her high- heeled shoe. >> prosecutors and detectives reusing the charge of armed robbery. the youtube video reveals davis was there from the beginning. someone tried to remove the victims lot. court testimony indicated that davis has a 1-year-old daughter, she is unemployed, and lives with a grandmother and two sisters. someone announces "let's get his car keys." when he walks away, get punched in the face and falls back and hit his head against the sidewalk. police credit a break in the case to public outrage and citizen input.
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>> we are just relieved that people have stepped forward and given police intelligence that we were able to transform into an an arrest warrant. >> court testimony indicates davis has a substance abuse problem and agh the issues. the judge ordered that davis had no contact with the beat them. police are looking for two other suspects. >> they are really asking for public assistance, yet again, the case was broken by public assistance. people saw how outrageous that video was an immediately picked up the phone and log on to their computers. they were able to help investigators identify the individuals in the picture. >> court records indicate davis has been arrested at least twice before. she was found guilty of second- degree assault back in 2009. she was arrested december 23,
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2011, for second-degree assault and false imprisonment. last week, investigators but that case on hold. a preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for may 15. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one of the brothers recently acquitted of animal cruelty charges in the burning death of a pitbull will spend eight years in prison for attempted second- degree murder. travers johnson pleaded guilty to an october 2110 incident in which she reportedly fired shots at a man standing 2 feet away from him. luckily, the victim survived the shooting. trevor's johnson is expected to receive about 14 months credit for time already served. vers johnson. >> a victim was down more than a year after her disappearance. her boyfriend was arrested shortly afterward in connection with the case.
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he was found guilty by baltimore city jury. he was sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison. >> an update in the trial of two brothers accused of being a black teenager while never a good watch your in baltimore. the brothers said they were up acting in self-defense when they accosted a 15-year-old in the orthodox jewish neighborhood. a judge will hear motions tomorrow on another postponement because the reason comparisons to the trayvon martin case. he was released on $100,000 bond. zimmerman may be residing outside of florida for safety reasons. the mall, the police chief in the city where trayvon martin was shot -- meanwhile the police
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chief has been asked to step down after criticism of the bar must decision not to arrest george zimmerman. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney hit the campaign trail with marco rubio at his side. rubio is considered a possible vice presidential pick. speculation is building about a running mate. sally kidd has tonight's commitment 2012 update. >> mitt romney says there is no short list just yet. the process of selecting a running mate is just getting under way, but that has not stop the speculation. >> mitt romney, the next president of the united states. >> romney and rubio campaign together ahead of tuesday's primary. romney says his campaign is just beginning to get the criteria
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for presidential pick through cracks we've not had a discussion at a putting together a list were evaluating various candidates. >> i am not talking about the process any more. >> rubio said he was not interested in the prospect several weeks ago, but seem to leave the door open to the possibility. >> another name getting a lot of buzz is ohio's senator rob portman. >> he has budget experience, he is the top fiscal executive in the bush and administration. >> several others are being considered. other big names include indiana governor midge daniels, paul ryan, tim pawlenty and
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louisiana governor of bobby jindal. no doubt the speculation will continue. we may not have an answer until sometime in august. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the word was reaching for was resignation, not resigned and. -- not resignment. winter in the middle of spring for certain parts of the state your >> will tell you which areas are under a winter storm warning. >> after a devastating fire, aharles village pub is open again. >> the ravens general manager says finding another big play for this year presents more challenges than most people realize. >> we are not done with that big storm that rolled up the eastern seaboard over the weekend. skyteam 11 shows cloudy skies
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and showers. 46 at
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x. it has been 15 months since a two-alarm grease fire practically leveled the the charles village pub. rob roblin was there for the grand reopening. >> it looks great. that fire was 15 months ago, and it was devastating at the time, but look behind me and you can see the folks are having a good
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time, and they are here enjoying a cool one. that is the way it is supposed to be here at the pub. the word was out, the charles village pub is open again. >> we work really hard. it is little surreal that we are actually here and doing it. we actually had customers coming in. >> it is great. >> at 11:00 a.m. the doors open to customers. although it is the same old pub, it is also a lot different. >> i get to walk around and show everybody that is not the old controls river pub. -- charles river pubb. >> it was 15 months ago when a kitchen fire burned uncovered. for customers, just great to have it open again. >> it just has that local home feel whenever i come here.
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>> for the old employees, they are also back. it has been a long 15 months. >> we have a close family year, the employees and customers. doesn't feel like the same place, but it does. >> there will be a formal grand opening in about a month. >> from 84 degrees a couple of days ago to snow this monday in amounts of western maryland. parts of the area are looking at 7 inches of heavy, wet snow of the higher mountains as part of a massive nor'easter. it is just unbelievable to go from heat to coal that fast. >> -- from heat to cool that
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fast. >> so for the snow has not been a problem on the roadways, but after sunset in garrett county, some of it may stick to i-68. you are going westbound, be on the lookout for that. anywhere from 2-5 inches of snow likely. parties we have mainly rain showers. an indication that some of the higher hilltops in carroll county and frederick county and even northern baltimore and hartford counties could see some real snow mixed wit rain. -- some brief snow mixed with rain. yesterday, a few inches of rain fell across the area. to play 5 inches of rain was fairly common yesterday.
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highs today just barely made it to 50. the normal is 67 degrees. we were almost 20 degrees colder than normal for a good part of the day. look what the rain did to the pollen count, almost completely washed it out. 39 in westminster. up here to the north and west of baltimore, the temperatures will drop into the 30's this evening. in far western maryland, this notion are inevitability is there. a winter weather advisor in allegheny county. a couple more hours of snow before it begins to wind down, and then skies turn partly cloudy around here. 35-43 degrees overnight. the new factor in the west winds
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gusting to 30 at times and the windchill drives it down into the 30's. swirling mass of clouds and moisture across the mid atlantic and the northeast. that will slowly move away allowing the drier weather in the middle of the country to move in. it will not be like the summer warmth that got into the dakotas. 81 degrees in the van -- in denver right now. it is 101 degrees in phoenix. for a couple of days, we still have to deal with the gusty winds and chilly temperatures, although we will see more sunshine tomorrow and wednesday. thursday it does look like a chance for rain. 55-60% tomorrow, a small craft
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advisory on the bay for bus at 25 not. the shower start to taper off to a 20% chance on wednesday with a high of 50. on the lower eastern shore, the storm is pulling away but it is still a busy day. tomorrow, 60 degrees and 61 on wednesday. we are back into the mid 50's year on wednesday. there may be some more rain to deal with over the weekend. >> the ravens have plenty of areas they would like to address in this week's nfl draft. the ravens rack 29th in the first round. trading of for a receiver looks less likely because general manager ozzie newsome considers
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the the current -- hardest position to represent. >> i have played receiver. even though you get a chance to catch and run and stuff like that, and certainly other things that go into the decision. can you be press coverage, and so many other things. you cannot take away from the quarterback position. that is the toughest thing. >> the new orleans saints have already lost their head coach for the season and their assistant head coach and general manager for part of the upcoming season. now they face potentially harsh new accusations. there is an eavesdropping device
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that allowed him to it listen to sideline conversations between opposing coaches between 2002 and 2005. lewis already faces an eight- game suspension. this could get much bigger than just football. they have reportedly begun preliminary investigations. the nfl has not commented on the allegations. the orioles return home tomorrow night. compared to where they stood on this date a year ago, you can see some improvement. the orioles have put themselves on pace for a 91 -- winless season.
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we have not seen that since 1997. tom is back with a crazy forecast.
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>> we will continue to look into the second arrest in the beating of a baltimore tourists. who the 20-year-old suspect is and how she is connected to that crime. obama wants to combat high gas prices. we'll sit down with an expert
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lexus seven-day forecast, cool, would not as cold tomorrow -- >>, the seven-day forecast. >> we did get some rain that we needed. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. >> we will see
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