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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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prostitution scandal. there is a connection. >> it is reported the agent at the center of the scandal is arthur of -- sheldon is live there with more details. >> we have been here for four hours and have not seen anyone coming out of the house. we are the only news crew but there were local and national news crews out here. people say this is a quiet neighborhood and they appear to be concerned by the attention. cnn has identified arthur huntington as one of the agents in the hotel room when a dispute over playing an escort erupted. he this year. after checking property records, we found and arthur huntington listed as an owner of a home. when we arrived, we found this marker in the front carter = =
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-- garden. someone opens the door and closed it when they noticed our camera. i tried to get a comment from whoever opens the door but nobody responded when i knocked. his neighbors say the family had not been on the block for long. several said they did not know them personally and one man expressed concern about the news crews in the neighborhood. eight surveys -- secret service agents are out. delegations are still under investigation but home as security secretary janet napo9litano says it appears to be isolated. in response to the scandal, the secret service has tightened its policy and is limiting how much secret service agents can drink and where they are on service. >> after a time of fiscal
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abuse, elizabeth smart says she is ready to shine a positive light on others. she was the keynote speaker for chairs the child that the child protection or in this event today. she described her objection at the age of 14 and she spoke to a 11 news. >> one is seems like there are no more miracles, every case investigated comes to a sad ending, but not all of them and sad. mine was a happy ending. i know there are many judging who have the same happy ending waiting to happen to them. >> smart had started the elizabeth smart foundation with her father. she says they are working on resisting aggression defensively. covering everything from kidnapping to bullying. bail tonight for the teenager
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accused of killing phylicia barnes. >> now michael johnson is charged with first-degree murder. kai reed is in the news from the latest. >> a lot of the testimony focused on conversations between phylicia barnes and michael johnson before the team disappeared. >> i know in my heart that something happened and he was a part of it. >> friends and family expressed relief after a judge denied bail for michael johnson. calling him a flight risk and a threat to public safety. >> if you are guilty, it is come " -- going to come out. >> the testimony reveals that they traded as many as 500 text messages during the summer before she went missing. barnes also called a sister that johnson made her uncomfortable and she did not like how he looks at her. she died from ecstasy asian and say witnesses reported seeing
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johnson carrying a -- die from asphyxiation and witnesses reported seeing johnson carrying a bag from his apartment. >> there is a circumstantial case against him. text messages, him and moving out of an apartment. it does not rise to the level of an arrest. >> more correspondence reveal detailed conversations between johnson, his brother, and a new girlfriend after phylicia barnes's body was discovered. johnson said maybe i should give my two weeks notice and leave the country, go to prison. everything will hit the fan and i do not think i know how to deal with it. >> prosecutors have video of johnson buying a storage bin at walmart and they say that he removed a gps system that will be put on his car during the course of the investigation.
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>> a florida judge's says he needs more information before considering a request by the state to raise george zimmerman's bond. he claims he shot a teenager in self-defense. the state made the request after his attorney disclosed his client has more than $200,000 in a paypal account. they account was used to save for his defense and living expenses. the judge said he would need to see who had control over the account. >> police have made an arrest in a stabbing near lexington market. troy harrison is charged in the death of cortez lemon officers found him lying on the sidewalk was stab wounds to the chest and stomach. he was taken to the hospital but
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died. police have not released the motive. a 20-year sentence for a former teacher who had sex with three students while on the job. a judge suspended all of the 20 years but seven. authorities say jeffrey spears that students on and off high school grads between november 2009 and october 2011. basketballjv boys' coach. he will be on probation for five years. >> it witness testified in a trial against eli and avi werdesheim. the witness said he saw the alleged victim's swing a piece of wood at one of the brothers when he was confronted about trying to open doors to cars in the neighborhood. the witness may be the only other person besides the alleged victim and werdesheim to have seen what happened. violence in a building that was considered safe.
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a mother stabbed her daughter in front of a social worker. >> the child is in fair condition and now state officials say they are beefing up security. >> the department of human resources offers concerns for pretty diamond who was stabbed multiple times by her mother. >> our thoughts and prayers remain with the child. >> how did thomas get a night security? >> there is a metal detector you have to pass through. the suspect walked through the metal detector. her back was a search. we believe the knife was concealed. >> she came to the office for a supervised visit with her daughter. a social worker was in the conference room. she became agitated when the hour-long session was ending. she pulled the knife from her purse and stabbed the baby.
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thomas said, "i hope my baby is dead. hockney up. if i cannot however, no one will parap." >> these are the facilities where there are unsupervised visits of children. the idea that those bags must be checked before your lap to have a visit. from my perspective, if you do not have the bag in the room, it reduces the chances of this event occurring. >> and workers can have a second worker in the room and a security officer outside the door. a private firm provides a security right now. >> our plan is to keep them on board. we believe the changes we are making are sufficient to enhance security. >> he also commands a staff for intervening. he said some acted perot quit without regard to their safety. -- heroically without regard to
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their safety. >> in a case that stems from the pit bull attack on dominick, his parents sued the owner of the dog who attacked and injured the boy. the victim had to prove the owner knew the dog was dangerous. the decision said the showing an owner knew the dog was a pit bull would be sufficient to file a lawsuit. >> courtney upshaw has had a heck of a 2012 so far. he won the mvp in the championship game plan for alabama and now he gets to play professional football in baltimore. jerry sandusky joins us from the training facility with more on upshot. it sounds like a steal in the second round. >> i think that was the strategy.
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he could have taken up shop yesterday. instead he traded down to the second round. the reagans will reap the benefits tomorrow when they get the extra pick they selected by moving into the second round. i know it is complicated. here is the good news. we finally have some names to put with these numbers. the three players selected, courtney upshaw, with their second pick, who selected kelechi osemele out of iowa state. and then be traded up, sending a fifth round pick to atlanta to move from seven spots and select bernard pierce. the head coaches excited about all of the players but really likes the arrival of kelechi osemele. he is a competition creator on the offensive line. >> that would be a possibility.
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left guard or right tackle. i think if we will let them compete and see who does better wear. it gives us some competition and we like that. >> coming up later, we will let you know which one of these players refers to as a junkyard dog. more on that later in sports. >> collecting dna from someone arrested is now on constitutional this week. police are discontinuing the use until the ruling has been appealed. >> more closures to come on the jfx. we will tell you where and when. >> a globetrotter stops and on some students. what they've learned from the athlete. >> what weather to our west
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which will impacted part of the weekend. the forecast details are coming up. right now is 48. 56 downtown.
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>> summerlin the court to appear struck down a law saying that dna collection act is honest and institutional -- unconstitutional. >> here is kate amara who spoke with a police about the change. >> an unusual directive from the baltimore police chief on friday. he ordered his department to stop collecting dna evidence from suspects arrested for
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certain crimes. the move is a day -- a direct result from a ruling from the court of appeals which struck down part of a state law allowing police to collect dna samples from people charged with violent crimes. law enforcement clause a detrimental. >> these samples are helping us get violent offenders off the street. >> the appeal was filed by alonzo king jr., arrested in 2009 for assault. at the time of his arrest, a dna sample was taken which turned out to match a sample collected from a 2003 rape victim. that it provided the probable cause for a grand jury indictment of king for the right. for more dna was collected through a search warrant and he was ultimately convicted and sentenced but he appealed sank his fourth amendment rights were violated and the states highest court agreed. they said that he had been the victim of a search because he had already been identified
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through photographs and fingerprints. the court said police had no legitimate need for a dna sample and that it was collected unconstitutionally. it is a ruling that has sent shockwaves through law enforcement. >> a police department is concerned about the ramifications of this ruling. >> martin o'malley says the dna collection act protect residents and he believes there are strong grounds for appeal. >> state police have halted their dna collection procedures. the attorney general's office is revealing -- reviewing the ruling. they are adding more lane closures to the expressway near 29. starting at 6:00 a.m., to left lanes -- two left lanes of
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closed until noon for repairs. acing the left lane blockage will be in effect until construction is complete. that is expected to take up to eight weeks but could extend beyond that. >> hard work paid off for some students in carroll county today. a former harlem globetrotter visited the school after a fourth grade class wrote letters. begging him to come and get the students excited about learning. he talked about his book which helps young people make the connection between learning and their lives. students say his high-energy was something special. >> it has inspired me that i can do big things when i grow up like he did and i can do what i want to do. >> administrators were so and pressed with a book that they are trying to get one and the hands of all 450 students there.
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>> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> we have almost had a week of cooler than normal temperatures. six days in a row. the latest stretch of weather as temperatures below normal. not bitter the cold but 61 degrees. our official weather station, eight degrees cooler than normal. the morning low was 47. we are on the edge of that allen could dip below that in the next 35 minutes before midnight. pollen counts are categorically high. tree and grass pollen, 135. not quite as high as we have seen a drop the spring. the recent shower activity help to keep that down. so far, skies are clear but the clouds are not far away, showing up and down our satellite energy -- imagery.
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until the blanket of clouding gets here, temperatures will continue to fall. up into northern sections along the pennsylvania mine. 30 in western maryland. that includes frederick and carroll counties and frost advisory southwest of baltimore. much of the eastern shore, frosted visor's were temperatures could be in the 30's. 45 downtown baltimore. mostly clear skies. some of the serious clouds arriving tomorrow morning. this blanket of cloudiness will spread over the area tomorrow keeping temperatures on the cool side on the south side of the system, we're seeing some thunderstorms and tornadoes being reported. i do not think we will get into the warm sector. it will be a chilly rain for us.
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you can see the showers into indiana, ohio, cincinnati, just about ready to work their way into the southern appellation. some light rain moving in. it will be a chilly rain. i would not be surprised to see some wet snow as the temperatures drop. sunday morning the storm leaves rapidly. that is why sunday may turn out to be a decent day. we will get some sunshine backing here for sunday afternoon. -- pat in here for sunday afternoon. the wind is shifting to the southeast on the bay with waves around a foot. in western maryland, temperatures will be in the 40 and start to move up on sunday. on the eastern shore locations, showers mid to late afternoon. continuing tomorrow night. on the lower eastern shore, the rain will get there late afternoon tomorrow. then move out in the middle part
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of the day on sunday. below normal temperatures through the weekend. even monday morning is going to be 37 to start the workweek. 66 monday afternoon and we're back to 70 on tuesday and wednesday. by the end of the week, temperatures may push into the 80's. >> i am gerry sandusky, a day of wheeling, dealing, and drafting. it sounds like someone who will fit in perfectly in this team's locker room. you will hear why in sports. >> it is friday, april 27. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $88 million. you must match these numbers and the mega bob. let's see if we can make your millionaire.
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5, 47, 2, 46, 445. 37 mega ball. tuesday's at#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
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>> now 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the baltimore ravens select courtney upshaw. >> former raven's kicker matt stover making the celebrity appearance to announce the pick in the second round of today's draft. their first pick in the 2012 draft in exchange for an additional fourth round pick from the minnesota vikings. they get the same guy today they could have had 29. they now have courtney upshaw.
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the defensive coordinator calls him the kind of guy who can step in to the defense and pick up some of the slack left behind by the departure of jerry johnson. courtney upshaw is a big kid. the ravens think that his style will sit in with their style of defense. with their style of defense. >> he plays like a junkyard dog. he is a physical player. we are excited about that. a lot of guys can rush the passer. upsetting the edge is one of the most important things and we feel like he can do that. >> the ravens have their second second round pick. they used it to select kelechi osemele out of iowa state. the competition has guarded been
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mixed up. he could fit in at left guard. or he could fit in at right tackle. everybody had better raise their game on the offensive line. the ravens traded up once again, selecting bernard pierce, a running back out of temple. he figures into the backup position. so far, we have seen the raven's traded down, a trade up and its tomorrow we will see more picks because they open up with two fourth round picks tomorrow. back to the studio now with people in gilbert to us rest of the sports. >> the orioles enjoyed a 5 game win streak moving in with oakland. it won 12 of their first 19 but competed harder their opponents. tonight, outdone by --
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two run homer, 1 lead. 2 outs. wow. sometimes you have to take that and move on. 5-2 the final. getting fired up for a triple crown season. what better place than this farm. it gives maryland a state treasurer for the sport. right now there are 30 horses on a course. including this one. >> we would be running around pimlico screaming. live on nbc. what could be better than that?
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we will maintain our sense until the cameras pack up and leave baltimore. >> that would be a fine celebration on the third saturday in may.
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>> cooler temperatures through the weekend. a little bit of rain and mostly
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to marron night, late afternoon. the first part of the day tomorrow will be cloudy and then the rain should get out of here on sunday morning. sunday looks nice to be outdoors. back into the 70's and 80's toward the end of next week. that is the month of may coming in next week. hard to believe. >> and the kentucky derby. >> the tonight show with jay leno is next. thank you for joining us.
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