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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  April 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> new details emerge in the murder of police shipboard's >> change is underway at a social services office. the latest in a secret service scandal. >> the ravens make their first pick in the nfl draft. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> i am lisa robinson. >> we would get to our top stories in the day minute. first, we will check outside with our meteorologist john collins. >> it is a little chilly out
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there. mid 30's out there. it is almost winter-like. you may need a winter coat early this morning it will be tough to warm up today. this weather system is coming in with showers. you can see on our radar a little break coming our way. in clouds moving into the area. a shower activity with it. this is the leading edge. at the moment, the air is dry. the first of that rain may evaporate before it hits the ground. it is not on our doorstep, but it is definitely coming in. war towards midday into the afternoon, the first of the showers could be west of us. the rain chance will increase to the afternoon. it is this afternoon and tonight the prime targets for rain. details coming up.
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>> a judge denied bail for michael johnson calling him a flight risk and a threat to public safety. >> the 28-year old is accused of murdering a north carolina teenager. >> i know i in my heart that something happened and he was part of it. >> police a barnes friends and family were outside the courthouse after judge denied bail to michael johnson, calling him a flight risk and a threat to public safety. >> if you are guilty, it will come out. if it does not come out in the wash, it will come out in the rent. >> johnson and bonds traded as many as five protect messages during the summer before she went missing. barnes told her sister that johnson made her uncomfortable and she did not like how he looked at her. prosecutors say the teen died from asphyxiation and mrs. reported seeing johnson carrying
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a 35 gallon storage bin from his sister's apartment to his car. a lawyer acting as johnson's attorney called the state's case circumstantial. >> there is an extremely circumstantial case against him. text messages, him moving out of her apartment. it does not rise to the level of an arrest. >> war correspondents revealed in court detailed conversations between johnson, his younger brother, and a new girlfriend and six months after barnes body was found in the susquehanna river. barnes said maybe i should give my two weeks notice and go to brazil. the way things are going, things will hit the fan. i do not know how i will deal with it. >> prosecutors say they have video of johnson buying the storage bin at walmart. they also say johnson removed the gps system belize but on his car during the investigation.
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>> another stab her baby inside a facility. gary sims has more on the changes in place to make sure it never happens again. >> department of human resources secretary ted dallas offers concern far this eight-month old who was stabbed multiple times by her mother. >> our thoughts and prayers remain with the young child. >> how did she get a knife through security? >> there is a metal detector you have to pass through. the suspect did what to the metal detector. her back was searched. the bag was concealed in the lining of the bag. >> thomas came to the office are a supervised visit with her daughter. according to a report, she became agitated when the session was ending. she pulled the knife from her purse and repeatedly stabbed the baby. as other social workers came to help the child, thomas said, "i hope the baby is dead.
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locked me up. if i can not have her, no one will." be a chess is tightening security. what these are facilities where there are supervised visits with children. before you go to the metal detector and before you are allowed to have a supervised visit, if you do not have your back in the room, it produces a chance of an event occurring. >> case workers can have a separate social worker in the room and a security officer outside the door. a private firm provide security right now. >> right now our plan is to keep them on board. we believe we are enhancing the security. >> the command staff for intervening in today's attack. he said some acted heroically without regard to their personal safety. >> prosecutors are asking a florida judge to release bond --
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repeal boughn for george zimmerman. the request was made friday after zimmerman's attorney disclosed that his client had raised $20,000 on a web site created for his defense before his initial bond hearing. it was called an oversight, but the martin family attorney said that zimmerman committed perjury. >> his testimony -- if his testimony was in the indication for what is to come at this trial, the line has already begun. >> the judge is not indicated if he would increase the zimmerman's bail saying he wants to know more about the money. >> that the market continued yesterday in a man accused of beating a baltimore team in 2010. on the stand friday, a defense witness who was the first person to arrive on the scene and may
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be the only party who saw what happened. the witness told the court he saw the team acting suspicious before the confrontation, at one point throwing a piece of wood at the brothers. >> new development in a prosecution scandal involving the secret service. maryland is reported to be at the age of the project at the center of the scandal. >> cnn has identified arthur huntington as one of the secret service agents in a hotel room where the dispute with a colombian as court erupted. huntington -- after checking local property records, we found eight arthur huntington. when we arrived at the home, we found a wooden marker in the front garden with the huntington's inscribed on it. someone opened the door and
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immediately closed it. i tried to get a comment from you ever open the door, but no one responded when i knocked. neighbors declined to go on camera but said the family had not been on the block for long. several said they did not know the huntingtons personally. so far, eight secret servants -- secret service agents are out, one has lost security clearance. allegations are still under investigation, but homeland security secretary janet napolitano told a senate panel the incident appears to be isolated. >> the governor says it is a law that protect citizens, but the maryland court of appeals struck it down last week. police say it is putting their work putting criminals behind bars in jeopardy. we spoke with police about the change. >> an unusual directive on the
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baltimore county police chief on friday. he ordered his department to stop collecting dna samples from suspects arrested for certain violent crimes. the move got a direct result of a ruling this week from the maryland court of appeals which struck down part of a state law allowing police to collect dna samples from people charged with violent crimes. law enforcement called the ruling detrimental. >> these samples are helping us get violent offenders off the street. >> the appeal was found -- filed by alonzo king. he was arrested in 2009 for assault. at the time of his arrest, a dna sample was taken that matched a dna sample collected from a 2003 rape victim. that hit provided the sole probable cause for a grand jury indictment. more dna was collected to a search warrant. king was ultimately convicted and sentenced, but he appealed
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saying his fourth amendment rights were violated in the state of the highest court agreed saying king had been the victim of a warrantless search because he had already been identified through of photographs and fingerprints. the court said police had no legitimate police for a dna sample and that it was collected unconstitutionally. it is a ruling that has sent shock waves through law enforcement. >> the baltimore county police department is extremely concerned about the ramifications of this ruling. >> gov. martin o'malley said the maryland dna protection act protect residents and he believes there are strong grounds for appeal. >> maryland state police have halted the dna protection -- collection procedures. >> the time is 5:10. are you worried that your cell
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phone could be causing you cancer? we have details and a new study ahead. >> first, rain is moving our way. we ever forecast next. --
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>> we are getting rid of the rain. friday was great. today, rain in the forecast. you can see it on the radar. the leading edge is just coming into west virginia. it is probably going to amount to more than sprinkles. starting to come into the area. in the area is fairly dry. the initial stock probably will not amount to more than a few sprinkles, but at the day goes on, the root of the system will get closer and our rain chances will be going up. eventually, rain is in the picture today. i do not think it will be a washout or anything like that.
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the whole weekend is not involved in rain either. more on the forecast in a minute. it is chilly this morning. 38 at the airport. 49 downtown at the inner harbor. 76% humidity. barometer rising. we are beginning to see clouds moved in. 61 degrees was the high it today at the airport. 62 at the inner harbor. typical temperature this type -- time of year is 69. another day below normal yesterday. we are beginning to shave off those unusually warm days we have had. 44-51 the lows yesterday. no rain. right now, look at some of these readings. annapolis, bay water temperatures are in the 50's. 36 -- 42 at edgewood.
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frederick's down to 34. almost freezing. it is right around freezing in far western maryland. there is a frost advisory for the northern half of the eastern shore. that will be in effect until 9:00. a freeze warning of far carroll county, frederick county, and points west. that until 9:00 this morning. temperatures shift just a little bit. here is a larger view of what is going on with the storm system prius is leading edge is just coming into west virginia. this is just the tip of the iceberg. it will be moving eastward during the day today. by evening, the low pressure center will move into southern indiana. warm front just to our south. that means we do not warm up that much today. most of the rain will be north. our forecast, cloudy, cool today. a shower developing.
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our check -- a higher chance this afternoon. 55-64 the highs. north winds the gumming south- southeast on the bay. 5-10 knots. seven day forecast -- 57 today. a little warmer tomorrow. any rain chant disappearing by daybreak. 62 the high. tuesday until at least wednesday morning, rain chance. then we warm up by the end of the week. >> there are more closures in effect in less than an hour. we will tell you about it. >> if you have nothing taking up space in your medicine cabinet, we will tell you where the leak -- were you can safely get rid of them. >> the harlem globetrotters bring
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>> in the report by the u.k. health protection agency says there is no evidence linking cell phones used to cancer. there is no definite link brain function or infertility. if you have any unwanted or unused prescription drugs, now is the chance to discard them. today is national prescription take-back day. it is an opportunity to get rid of unwanted or expired prescription medication. there are 5000 sites across the country or you can drop off expired drugs. this is the fourth year the dea has held this event. officials say it is important because getting prescriptions out of the home can prevent an alarmingly high rate of
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incident. >> the most abused drug this side of marijuana in america today. >> university of maryland police department will be hosting a site today from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. for other sites, go to johns hopkins hospital is moving patients and doctors into its massive new building this weekend. they will move into the $1.10 billion clinical powers which features a technology as well as rooms and surgical suites. starting tomorrow morning at 7:00, make sure you had to 1800 orleans street instead of the current location. that antwrens will be closed. the hospital will be open to the public tuesday. the harlem globetrotters paid a visit to a student at a local elementary school. first, here is a look at some events going on around town this
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weekend. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> love it, learn it, live it. it is a message he hopes will resonate in and out of the classroom. >> it was an in-your-face school assembly with a former member of
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the harlem globetrotters. his name, charles smith. his basketball ability about the only thing that impressed students and staff here at carroll county elementary school. smith came to provoke -- promote his book which helped young people make the connection between learning and living. >> love what you learn. live on what you learn. and then be a leader by example. love it, learn it, live it. you can do anything you want to do. the students deserve the credit for bringing this basketball legend to campus. they did it with the power of pen and paper. >> we integrated the riding curriculum. each grade had an argument to persuade him. and here he is. >> we wanted him to come to our school and inspire kids.
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>> has it worked? have the students been inspired? >> it meant a lot to me. a lot of kids will be inspired. they will be able to do whatever they want to do. >> that is what motivated smith to write his book and to follow his own dreams. >> i wanted to build a baseball field. i was not old enough to play little league. the kids in the neighborhood did not have a baseball field. >> school administrators were so impressed with the book and its message that they are trying to put one in the hands of all 450 students. that will take a lot of the nation's. -- a lot of their nations. -- a lot of donations. >> the time is 5:26.
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>> , a smart winter survival story. that is coming up. >> the headache keep getting worse. we will check out your weekend plans next. quite today, clouds, cool, and some rain out there.
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>> live, local, late breaking -- this is wbal 11 news. >> liz take another look outside with john. it is chilly out there. >> yes, it is. there is some chilliness that can be in april and we have hit it this morning. we still have a chance in the next week or two. also coming in is another system. the roots of it are back in the midwest. it will take a while for all of it to move through. the first indications are of sprinkles in the area in western maryland showing up on the radar. a lot of this is not hitting the ground. the more significant rain chances for actual rain whipping things down will be this
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afternoon and overnight tonight. this morning, you might be able to get away with something outside, but you will have to wear a jacket, a sweater, something like that because it is a little nippy out there. >> take a look now at our top stories. get ready for more lane closures. from 6:00 a.m. until noon, the two left lanes in each direction will be blocked around 29th street. the workers will install crash barriers. once the lane closure is lifted at noon, one left lane will remain closed for safety reasons. that work is expected to take up to eight weeks. the driver of a truck that overturned on the beltway is expected to be ok. it happened on the north down route around noon on sunday. it was closed for some time as it occurs -- crews work to clean it up. the driver was taken to northwest medical center for
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treatment. a maryland court of appeals ruling will almost certainly lead to more controversy over pitbulls. the case stemmed from a pit bull attack on a 10-year-old in townsend. the owner of the dog had to prove -- the victim had to prove it he knew the dog was dangerous. >> a dramatic day at the criminal trial of john edwards. opposing attorneys tussled with the judge over whether to admit into evidence a sex tape of the former provincial candidate. the prosecution's star witness wrapped up his testimony after five days on the stand. >> during his fifth day of testimony, andrew young told the jury the last time he met with john edwards he feared for his life. edwards attorney pressed young about that meeting in the carolina back woods and the sec tape featuring the presidential
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contender and his mistress. asking him "were you afraid there was a gun or tape recorder?" young answered, "both occurred to me." he painted his good friend as a liar fueled by greed. the defense was able to turn this from a trial of john edwards to a trial of andrew young. they say it was john who orchestrated the nation's to hide his mistress's pregnancy, but kept the money for himself. he admitted he took the trip to disney and went skiing in aspen. young also said he used to wonder about the dollars to pay for a pool in home audio system. >> instead of this money going to rial hunter, this money stayed with andrew young. john edwards knew nothing about it. >> young completed his testimony
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shortly after launch. prosecutors called his wife to the stand. >> the secret service has changed the standard of conduct in the wake of the prostitution scandal in colombia. under the new rules, no foreign nationals are allowed in to -- into agent's hotel rooms. they cannot drink alcohol within 10 hours of being on a protective detail. those standards go into effect immediately. >> the house passed and sent to the senate a bill to keep student loan rates low. the report the fight over how to pay for it. >> both political parties agree student loan rates should stay at 3.4%, but they battle bullion the house. it is an election year, but do we have to fight about everything? the answer is yes.
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republicans pushed through their plan to pay for college loans by cutting women's help screens. >> there are multiple sources of funding of programs that can address women's needs. >> democrats raised the roof. >> 4000 women die every year from cervical cancer. >> take the money crumple millionaires and rich corporations said democrats. >> shut down the giveaway of taxpayer dollars to the oil industry. >> president obama would veto the republican's plan. democrats say he actually won today. the state campaign-style events at three colleges in battleground states. the president needs to give to back him in november. democrats claim this is what forced gop lawmakers to ok cheap student loans. >> the republicans have stated
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because the president -- folded because the president made the issue too hot to handle. >> entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain. >> the top republican frustrated. mitt romney went to college in ohio. students and women the focus of both sides at the campaign heats up. >> she endured physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her adductors for nine months. nasa wants to help other children in similar situations. -- now she wants to help other children in similar situations. >> we do have a little unsettled weather in the forecast. the forecast details for the t
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>> can years ago today the worst tornado in maryland history ripped through. businesses and homes were destroyed by two hundred 50 miles per hour winds. the monster twitter killed five people. it was strong, especially by east coast standards. there are a number of events to commemorate the anniversary. it includes a walking tour. -- it is a walking tour. people are invited to share their stories. >> now, your weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> that storm was quite a storm. tom and i were working that night. it was all concentrated south.
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we watched every moment on radar. that tornado, one killed, 122 injured. winds 122 miles per hour at the port -- core of that tunnel. 650 yard wide path. 24 miles long. one order $14 million in damage. -- $114 million in damage. here is what is going on outside right now. rain in our forecast. nothing severe today. 38. a chilly start to the morning. at the reading at the airport. inner harbor checks in at 49 degrees. 76%. that is a relatively dry atmosphere. you the clouds of the top of the picture. there are some clouds began to drift in. the barometer is still high. at the moment, the winds are calm.
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normally, easterly wind. annapolis, 45. 37 eastern. 38 southbury on the boardwalk. 37 was mentor. some frosty conditions once you get away from the bay. it is 36 at frederick. freezing in oakland and frost bird right now. freeze warnings in effect what of the city. that includes carroll and frederick counties, points west, and upper pennsylvania. the blue shaded area, a frost advisory. these advisories and warnings are in effect until 9:00 this morning keep your tomato plants inside for a while. here's a look at the radar. the slightest shade of green, a few little sprinkles in the panhandle of western virginia and western maryland. maybe at the ridge cap, one or two snowflakes.
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the significant activity is in west virginia, ohio, and indiana, and back into the upper midwest. here is the entire picture. the root of the storm is in the west. it will move eastward and bring water to our direction. we say -- weast de stuck in the cool air. the war front to the south of us where we saw overrunning precipitation running up over on top of the chilly air locked in over us right now. shower activity continues into the nighttime hours on saturday. the range and to increase during the day. 55-60 the high. generally cloudy and cool is not raining. shower activity will be scattered around the area. it will not be a total washout. here you see the range and to increase and pass across the area overnight. just a few periods of it. through sunday and monday,
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relatively dry. monday, we pick up clouds at the end of the day to set up for the next door. 57 today. what whether developing, especially this afternoon. wrapping up by daybreak. when the sun breaks through on sunday, not a bad day. a dry day on monday. by tuesday and wednesday, range and to go back up again, but the temperatures rise as well. by the end of the week we will be around 80. >> the space shuttle enterprise is going into retirement. it has arrived its new home in new york. >> it made the trip on a 747 and made a flyby of the statue of liberty. it will now be part of the intrepid and space museum in manhattan. >> an american icon over one of america's iconic skylines. the space shuttle enterprise delighted millions of onlookers as it made its way to its new homes in new york city. sitting on top of nasa's
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modified 747, enterprise flew over manhattan, passing by the empire state building, a brown cero, and the city's famous bridges. provided a moving backdrop reappoint >> it is a once in a lifetime thing. you see something special like that, you have to grab the moment. >> early in the morning, enterprise left its home for the past 27 years. the space shuttle discovery will replace the enterprise at the smithsonian, part of nafta's retirement plan for the fleet of space shuttles. while the enterprise never flew in space, it served as a training shuttle and will be on public display at the intrepid museum starting in july. >> we want to educate the public and inspire our youth. we are so proud the enterprise and all that she had done and all that she represents will carry out this mission going
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forward. >> when they said we were getting enterprise, i was the happiest guy in the world. this is the one i really wanted. enterprise release showed me how to do it. >> enterprise showing the people of new york in america the lasting legacy of the space shuttle program. a former anne arundel county choke -- teacher earns his fate after being accused of having sex with three of the students. >> after she was deducted from a bedroom 10 years ago, elizabeth smart talk with 11 news about how she is making a difference now. >> first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> jeffrey spears has learned his fate. he was accused of having sex with three girls. he has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. a judge ruled to have all but seven of those years suspended. he will be on probation for five years. if he violates that, he will have to serve the original sentence. >> it was one of the most well- known child of dutch in cases in recent times. elizabeth smart kidnapped in 2002, but remarkably found and returned home nine months later prick -- nine years later. smart has worked nonstop to make
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children safer in this country. she came to share her story of hope and spoke exclusively with 11 news. [no audio] hopefully we will be hearing that in just a moment.
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>> now, 11 sports. >> the baltimore ravens select courtney upshaw, outside linebacker, alabama. >> matt stover and direct -- introducing the ravens top draft pick, courtney upshaw. he is something special. he is one of the players on the new some look at and said he would be there at 35 and we can
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take as our fourth round pick. the director of player personnel picks them pretty well. >> that is one of the things about him. he plays like a junkyard dog. he has a strong punch. he is a physical football player. we are excited about that. it is not an easy position to play. we feel he can really do it. >> upshaw will be tasked whipped replacing jerry johnson who did that so well for so long. also in the second round, the ravens took a tackle who will probably play guard for the ravens, mayb. he is out of iowa state.
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he ran wild, more than 180 yards. he found the in some time and again. now he may cheer. five more picks later today in the fourth through seventh round. he did not have his best stuff against the athletics. two outs. two-run shot. oakland took a three-run lead. a shot up the middle. lookit this play. the out at first. job well done. they are playing at 600 ball, but they fell by a final 5-2. but this evening, a very special event at camden yards as the
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orioles unveil the frank robinson statue. that is around 5:00. gates will open at 5:00 if you want to open that -- checked that out tonight at camden yards. >> 5 akaka 53 and 39 degrees. >> the judge called him a threat to public safety. the latest details. >> the secret service prostitution scandal and its connection to maryland. >> we are getting clouds in the area now. eventually, a chance for rain showers.
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>> senator ben card-in and
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barbara mikulski have co-sponsored a bill to protect children from bullying. maryland is one of 45 states with a clearly-defined policy. lawmakers are doing their part. prevention is the next step to provide a safe online environment for our teens. for more information on cyber-bullying, go to and click on "hot ho
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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a moment. first let's take a look outside with meteorologist john collins. what has happened to spring? >> i know. >> actually, over the past few days, our temperatures have been a little below normal. on the whole, the month was still running above average. you would not be able to tell that from the last couple days.
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>> we're spoiled. >> that's right. also our rain chances have been a little higher. we're beginning to catch up on that deficit. and and we'll have more opportunity later today as a new storm system is coming in. we've had this on-again, off-again kind of thing. today we have rain in the forecast again. on radar -- well, i have to explain this. from hagerstown westward into garrett county, what you are seeing on the radar is just a couple sprinkles. in the dakotas and illinois, that's real rain shower activity. tomorrow our rain showers will be going up. it won't be a wash-out by any stretch, and even when it does start raining, it will just be scattered showers. i'll have details coming up. >> our big story this morning, a judge denies bail for michael johnson calling him a flight risk and a threat to public safety. >> the 28-year-old is charged


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